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Last Updated: 26 April 2021

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Today I will be unboxing and reviewing this Anker Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard. Let’s get started.


Although not as great as Apple’s packaging, Anker always has nice and neat packaging. You will first want to slide off the front cover to unveil the cardboard box underneath. Then pull the flaps, and lift the lid up. Now that you’re in the box, the first thing that you’ll see is a keyboard front and center. Next to the keyboard is a USB Type-B micro or commonly referred to as a micro USB in a smaller box. Pull the keyboard out of this box and the Styrofoam sleeve. Under the keyboard is some documentation including a starter guide, Welcome Guide. The Welcome Guide gives a list of what is found in the box, keyboard shortcuts, and charging instructions. The other sheet of paper is for customer service recommendations for whether you are satisfied or unsatisfied with the product.

How to Pair to macOS

Now for how to pair your keyboard to your Mac. The first thing you want to do is make sure that the keyboard is in pairing mode by checking for a blue blinking light in the top right corner of your keyboard. If it’s not in pairing mode, click the FN + Z button at the same time. And the blue link light should start blinking. Now that your keyboards in pairing mode, open system preferences on your Mac by going to the Apple logo in the top left of the menu bar and going down to System Preferences. Once opened open the Bluetooth preference pane and if it’s not already, enable Bluetooth connections to your Mac by clicking the “Turn Bluetooth on” button. At the bottom of the list once your Bluetooth is enabled, if it wasn’t already you should see Anker and then the name of your keyboard. Click connect next to your keyboard and it’s ready to use. To remove the keyboard at any time from the list click the X to the right of the name in the preference pane.

How to Pair to Your iOS Device?

You can pair this keyboard to your iOS device like an iPhone or iPad. First, just like pairing to your Mac, the keyboard has to be in pairing mode. If it’s not already, you can do so by clicking the FN or X keys at the same time. When in pairing mode, there will be a blue blinking light at the top right corner. Now that the keyboards in pairing mode, open Settings on your iOS device, then go to Bluetooth preferences which can be found under Wi-Fi. Make sure that your Bluetooth is on by looking for a green switch. If the switch is grey, then tap it and it will turn green and be on. Once again the keyboard will appear at the bottom of the list labeled as Anker then the name of the keyboard. Tap on it to connect, and it will be moved to the top of the list and is ready to use. To remove the keyboard from your iOS device click on the “i” next to the device name, then tap on “Forget this device” and there you go.


Now time for the review. This keyboard may be one of the best wireless Bluetooth keyboards I’ve used in a long time. The keys are perfectly elevated for the best key travel, and they’re not slippery you like my MacBook Pro keyboard. Although it’s missing a touch bar like my MacBook, it makes that for it by giving the users some of the most useful and used shortcut functions. By looking at these shortcuts, you can definitely tell that is made with iOS in mind. The iPad is where I can see it shine the most. Unlike keyboard cases, it is not as flimsy, and let’s use whatever keyboard case you like. Speaking about flimsy, this keyboard is a very solid piece of plastic. Its wedge design provides a perfect elevation for typing. In the wedge is a battery that can last half a year or more. When the keyboard is not used for two minutes it will go to sleep to save the battery. To wake it up from its slumber, click any button and in less than 30 seconds it will awake, be paired, and right to use. It is so quick you won’t even notice. This is a truly amazing keyboard. Never have I ever used a keyboard that was so well optimized and simple to use. For the people that hate Bluetooth, you may like this device. This keyboard has taught me that Bluetooth itself is not the problem. It’s how manufacturers decide to implement it in their products. And I think Anker did a great job implementing it.

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