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What is Bass Headphones Frequency Response?

Last Updated: 06 June 2022

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You must possess an initial knowledge about headphones frequency response when you are intending to search for a new headset. It will be much easier to choose a new headset if you can comprehend the curve or graph frequency response. Our creative team has prepared this article to give you an idea about what is frequency response in headphones and what are the best frequency response for headphones. We will also give you some practical tips on how to buy good bass earphones according to your audio priorities.

Headset Frequency Response and Frequency Response Graph

Headset Frequency Response and Frequency Response Graph

First, it’s highly essential to get an idea of frequency response and frequency response graph.

If you are wondering — What does frequency response mean for headphones? — here is our tutorial. Frequency response can be understood as the minimal and the maximal tone that your earphones can produce. This information is specified as 15 hertz-25 kilohertz, for instance. The deviation data can tell us about the precision of the earphones concerning sound audio reproduction.

The Frequency response graph will give you an idea about the precision of sounding across the entire range. This info is rarely specified by the manufacturers. Still, it’s possible to receive this info if you make a request to the company of the manufacturer. But you will be able to obtain a frequency response document only after you purchase the earphones. This document contains information about the frequency range and about the deflection. Small deflection indicates that you have a good frequency range for headphones.

Bass Frequency Response for Your Headset

The minimal frequencies of the sound spectrum are the bass frequencies. All the tones within 20 hertz to 250 hertz are regarded as bass tones.

Low-bass frequencies. They are of 20 hertz to 80 hertz. They produce all this thump and thud. Many people give preference to a bit raised low-frequency response. If you are among those people, choose the earphones with the best frequency for bass of approximately 3dB.

Medium-bass frequencies. Frequencies from 80 hertz up to 200 hertz are defined as the medium-bass frequencies. They impact the bass harmony, beat, and rhythm.

High Bass frequencies. The frequencies starting from 200 hertz to 250 hertz are regarded as the high frequencies. They can give more softness to the melody, making it complete.

The Implication of Bass Frequencies in Music

The spectrum of bass frequencies is highly essential (but not identically) for what you are listening to. For instance, if you intend to use your earphones to watch films, your earphones must possess a good bass response. If you intend to use your earphones for podcasts, you don’t have to think about how to get more bass in headphones. The basses are not so important here.

The bass frequencies are extremely significant for music. Various people like various music and different bass manners of reproduction but for those who are wondering how to make your headphones have more bass, here’s our recommendation. Don’t combine extremely bass music with low-frequency headphones not to spoil the pleasure of listening to the music.

The Best Bass Headphones for You

If you intend to know what is a good frequency response for headphones — the best-explained answer is to find balance.

Headset with Precise Bass Response. Those who prefer to listen to the melody the way it was intended to sound must pay attention to the headset with a precise bass response. Extended bass response will also be good for you. Pay attention on Sennheiser HD 4.50, Marshal Mid ANC, or on Audio-Technica ATH-M50x if you are searching for a budget headphones option.

Bass-heavy headset. There is a lot of information about the best bass headset in 2022 that can be found on the web. Our top 3 are Skullcandy Crusher, Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 and Sony MDR-XB950B1

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