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8 Best Above Ground Pool in 2022

Last Updated: 06 June 2022

We always desire for a happy, fun and frolic time with family at home. Every other season can be made entertaining at home with family. However, managing the summer season becomes difficult certainly. We wish to chill and fun-filled swimming pool time at home. In this regard, getting an in house swimming pool is just not affordable by all the people.

In the current scenario, we get registered to a club and get children playing once a week or so. However, it is subject to appointments and availability. What can be an effective resolution? How about getting an above ground pool?

It has all the features you are looking for in a swimming pool. It is safer, stronger and reliable as well. It is a great way to stay happier and enjoy swimming and fun time with family at home!

Here we have reviews about ten products and the guide to the right product.

Handy Home Master created for informational purposes only. Thus, we neither endorse you in any way to buy specific products in our reviews, nor making you act like it’s written in our guides. We are reserving the rights for you to make your personal decision.



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Rolled Wall Aluminum Pool

Top 8 Best above Ground Pool: Comparison Chart

Best Overall: Super-tough Sidewalls - Intex Metal Frame Pool Review

Intex Metal Frame Pool
3,463 Reviews
Intex Metal Frame Pool

Top-rated above ground pools have strength, safety, stability, and durability in the right proportion. This is just one of the best in that kind. It has laminated PVC sidewalls for strength. Krystal clear cartridge is deployed for the filter pump. You can enjoy this pool with clean water. The size is 12 ft x 30 inches. It has an enhanced safety feature. It has a ground fault circuit interrupter that responds if an electric current is in contact with the water. It immediately shuts off the system.

This product is considered one of the best above ground pools for kids. It is safe and secure and does not allow for any accidents.

Why We Like It

  • The drain passage can be easily connected to the garden hose for getting it drained away
  • It can hold up to 1700 gallons of water
  • It has a dual suction system for relatively good circulation
  • Easy to assemble and maintain as well; needs flat surface for setting up
  • Light in weight

Great Functionality: Uniquely Designed Frame - Intex Ground Cloth & Pool Cover Review

Intex Ground Cloth & Pool Cover
2,294 Reviews
Intex Ground Cloth & Pool Cover

Best above ground swimming pools are renowned for their unique function. This is such a product with all the necessary requirements. It has very high quality galvanized steel that is combined with a uniquely designed frame for strength. It also has a high-quality precision system that enhances the durability and reliability by all means. This product is rich in quality and very stable in its outlook. Rust resistance is provided as an ultimate resort to keep the inner and outer coating safe.

It is a wholesome product with all the necessary above ground pool accessories. You can just get it as a package and feel comfortable and secure while playing.

Why We Like It

  • It contains a 110 — 120v sand filter pump with 1200 gallons per hour flow rate; very efficient in working
  • It is clean; includes a pool cover and ground cloth
  • Includes ladder; high impact slip-resistant steps which are coated with a corrosion-resistant frame
  • Strong leg end caps provide grip and stability

Good Reliability: Intex Prism Frame Pool Set Review

Intex Prism Frame Pool Set

Swimming pools above ground are getting people crazier. It has many advantages over regular ones. And this product proves it all right. It is constructed with extreme precision and has a prism frame of 10ft x 30 inches. It has 3 ply materials for durability. It is puncture resistant as well.!! It has powder-coated steel tubing for strength and elegant appearance. The cartridge filter has Hydro Aeration technology for enhanced circulation and filtration. It increases the clarity of the water surface too.

The pool above ground for your relaxation is certainly an advantage with such strong and elegant products.

Why We Like It

  • Relatively simple and easy to assemble the product
  • It is ready for water in just 30 minutes and can contain 1185 gallons of water
  • Clear cartridge filter pump provided with a pump flow rate of 330 mph
  • Looks elegant for your home décor

Rich Foundation: Lake Effect Meadows Reprieve 24' Round Above Ground Swimming Pool Review

Lake Effect Meadows Reprieve 24' Round Above Ground Swimming Pool
154 Reviews
Lake Effect Meadows Reprieve 24' Round Above Ground Swimming Pool

Steel above ground pools is preferred big time. This product has resin-coated steel with extreme protection. It is galvanized for preventing it internally and externally from rusting. It has a unique bedrock liner, which gives you the experience of being in a real lake with its stone visuals. It is hand folded to avoid wrinkles anytime. This 24 foot above ground pool can be installed easily in no time with just an initial one time setup, and it lasts forever.

The manufacturers have strived hard and brought a unique product with relative safety features in place.


  • Coping strips and interlocking rails fit the equipment tightly
  • Very safe and secure product; ideal for enjoying summers very cool
  • The strong foundation that can manage any soil conditions


  • The liner is too thin; fear of breakage makes it slightly uncomfortable

Affordable: Intex Backyard Above Ground Swimming Pool Review

Intex Backyard Above Ground Swimming Pool
1,383 Reviews
Intex Backyard Above Ground Swimming Pool

The small above ground pool is a preferred choice among the people who are working professionals. It is a great way to relax and enjoy family time at home with children. This is a circular product with a 10ft height and 30-inch height. It has a Metal Frame Set for strength and durability. It is relatively easy to assemble and maintain. You can enjoy it outdoors, and it perfectly fits the home décor. When placed on a level platform or a patio, it is just the best.

Swimming pools above ground have the advantage of convenience and safety always associated with it. This product is considered best in that regard.


  • Perfect and sturdy for children
  • Filter arrangement goes well with a deluxe pool maintenance kit
  • Cost-effective and rich in quality


  • It does not have a pump and any associated provision

Strong And Spacious: Intex Rectangular Frame Above Ground Baby Splash Pool Review

Intex Rectangular Frame Above Ground Baby Splash Pool
23,238 Reviews
Intex Rectangular Frame Above Ground Baby Splash Pool

It is an Intex Rectangular Frame Pool with extending advantages. It keeps you cool and helps you enjoy a summer vacation, especially. It is just easy to assemble and hardly takes about 30 minutes to assemble it completely. It is made with durable steel frames for support and strength. It has a super tough material that is being laminated throughout the sidewalls and reinforced with an all-round band. The dimension is 86 x 59 x 23 inches and weighs 32 lbs only.

Above ground swimming pools of this kind are best suggested for beginners and children to play safely anytime.


  • The legs stand firmly wherever placed
  • It can connect to a garden hose easily; can drain water from any house area
  • Fits six people easily
  • It is powder-coated for prevention from rust and also retaining its elegant features


  • Emptying the water is slightly difficult

Extremely Safe: Intex Rectangular Frame Above Ground Backyard Swimming Pool Review

Intex Rectangular Frame Above Ground Backyard Swimming Pool
3,293 Reviews
Intex Rectangular Frame Above Ground Backyard Swimming Pool

Rectangular above ground pools have the extreme advantage of placing it anywhere in an organized building. This product reasonably serves this purpose best. It is great for outdoor fun and frolic with children. It is relatively, effortless and simple to set up. It has uniquely designed frame for extreme durability. It is highly reliable and can be used extensively for a long time. The product measures are 216 x 108 x 25.6 inches.

It is an elegant option with all the necessary properties. It has a good and self-sufficient pump attached to keep it lively.


  • Inner and outer encapsulating powder coating for ultimate resistance to rust
  • Sand filter pump
  • User-friendly, cost-effective and worth the price


  • Drainage can be better designed

Strong And Sturdy: Bestway Steel Pro Rectangular Above Ground Swimming Pool Review

Bestway Steel Pro Rectangular Above Ground Swimming Pool
574 Reviews
Bestway Steel Pro Rectangular Above Ground Swimming Pool

Best above ground pool as this is considered safe and sturdy for children and adult usage. The side walls are made with three different layers, which makes it extra durable and safe. The inner layer is made up of polyester mesh, which is laminated to the PVC layers present in the exterior. The heavy gauge makes it powerful. It is effortless to set up and maintain. It can be easily packed and stored during the off-season. The metal frames have corrosion-resistant properties that let it stay in the designated structure for a long time.

Above ground pools, reviews suggest that a lightweight material with strength and durability lasts longer than expected, and this is a good choice.


  • It has a built-in flow control drain valve; it can be drained away through the garden hose.
  • It hardly takes 10 minutes to assemble the entire product
  • It can hold up to 317 gallons of water easily
  • Lightweight in nature; yet very strong


  • It does not have a filter pump included with the product

Buyer’s Guide: All you need to know about the best above ground pool

Every product that you get requires a sufficient amount of research. Be it the solar path lights or the Above Ground Pool; the rule remains the same. The Above Ground Pool Reviews would have given you a fair idea. Here we present to you some additional effective information.

Benefits of using Above Ground Pool

Benefits of using Above Ground Pool
  • One of the most essential advantages is affordability for common people. Everyone can experience the pool experience at home in a budget-friendly manner.
  • It comes with all the expected safety features that we need not worry about accidental falls, especially with children.
  • There are many options and layouts to choose from. This makes Above Ground Pool suit our home décor conservatively. We also have the above ground lap pool.
  • If you have sufficient and suitable space, installation becomes very simple and easy.
  • Above ground pools with decks can be maintained easily with affordable and safe materials.

Above Ground Pool vs. In-Ground Pool

Above Ground Pool vs. In-Ground Pool
  • Terrain and house surroundings not always favor the construction of In-Ground Pool. A lot of money needs to be spent on changing the structure to get it done. When it is a down slope or up slope, getting the necessary materials also becomes difficult. However, it does not matter in the case of an Above Ground Pool.
  • The soil may not be suitable for the construction of In-Ground Pool. If it is sedimentary, digging becomes difficult. If it is near the sea, dewatering becomes necessary to alter the water table accordingly.
  • The Above Ground Pool is always safer, affordable, and easy to install and use compared to In-Ground Pool.

How to install an Above Ground Pool?

Above ground pool reviews suggest that you follow these simple steps:

How to install an Above Ground Pool
  • First, find out an excellent area to place your above ground pool.
  • Level it entirely for good stability.
  • Lay down the bottom rails and connect it to make the foundation
  • Include the pool base
  • Fix the pool wall
  • Add the uprights on the bottom plates for strength
  • Attach the liner and the stabilizer rails
  • Fill it with water and enjoy it.!!

These steps will, however, be explained in the given instruction manual for your comfort. Follow as directed. Use tools like lawn edger only if desired.

How to choose the best Above Ground Pool?


Choose a size based on the area you have as free space at home. There can be medium or small yards. On average, the size of the above ground pool ranges from 10 to 20 ft.



For having some fun and relaxing time with kids. Best backyard pools are generally oval in shape.


Can be used just to relax or have it as an above ground lap pool if it is large.


Suits for considering it as a professional swimming lap
People rarely prefer square above ground pool.

Pool Height

Choose the height based on the necessity; if it is for children or adults. Height ranges between 30 and 55 inches.


Consider your budget. The price ranges from $50 to $5000.

Portability and Storage

If you are a frequent traveler, ensure it is light in weight and easy to store it as well.


Look for safety measures like the reliability and durability of the material. Check the depth and safety before you consider if you have children. Keep it clean and hygienic always. Use a shower cleaner if required.

Best Above Ground Pool types

Best Above Ground Pool types

Semi — In-Ground

This type includes the pool that is buried halfway into the ground. It best suits when there is no level ground around.

Hybrid Above — Ground Pool

Combines resin and steel. Steel offers strength and resin gives a classic look.


Most affordable material and durable when it is rich in quality. It is unable to rust resin poles and so preferred for an above ground saltwater pool.

Rolled Wall Aluminum Pool

Rolled Wall Aluminum Pool

Deploys a single layer of aluminum material. It is dustproof and rustproof as well.


Most preferred material as it is sturdy, long-lasting, and highly durable.


Great option for short term usage. They are easy to install and cost-effective at the same time.!!

Maintenance of Above Ground Pools

It is relatively simple to maintain the above ground pool. You just need to run the filter system almost every day. Ensure water is below the skimmer and check the water pH and nutrient levels to protect yourself from bacteria. Use a standard deck cleaner. Keep the skimmer clean and tidy all the time. Brush and vacuum it while dry.

Above Ground Pool Accessories

Here are some of the best-required accessories

Above Ground Pool Accessories
  • Ensure to have the Pool cleaning brush and the leaf rake skim net for a hygienic surface all the time.
  • Debris skimmer to get rid of frequent soil debris
  • Clarifier for clogging minute particles to be removed
  • Water test kit to ensure the right balance
  • Skim bag to filter the water entering

You can also look for outdoor motion sensor lights for extra elegance to attach it to your above ground pool.

Verdict and our Recommendations for 2022

Intex Metal Frame Pool is considered the best and finest in terms of stability and durability. The laminated sidewalls provide the necessary strength. The filter pump is highly efficient, and you can always enjoy the refreshing water. It has safety features enabled and prevents any kind of electric accidents. The drain system is designed well, and the dual suction system gives good circulation as desired. It is light in weight, easy to assemble, and maintain. It is safe and secure for the kids. If you are looking for an efficient above ground pool, consider these factors along with the budget. The best above ground pool 2022 should suffice these properties. We at HandyHomeMaster are always there to assist you in this regard.

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On average, it can last for about 10 – 15 years. However, the liners may have to be replaced in 5 – 10 years or so.
Yes, you can certainly swim in an above ground pool through the experience cannot be so real like the real swimming pools or other water bodies. Well, above ground pools with deep ends can be a good option for kids.
It is highly recommended considering the above ground pool maintenance for beginners that the water be changed once a week.

Follow these simple steps to winterize even cheap above ground pools, yet highly reliable ones:

  • Take the external accessories from the pool, ladder, and other items like the hose pipes.
  • Learn to adjust the water hardness levels, pH, and alkalinity.
  • Clean the pool and remove the debris in it.
  • Reduce the water level until the filtration system.
  • Cover the pool wholly and tightly. Remove and store the filter and the pump system.
Get it drained and dried completely first. Fold on the liner and roll it completely. In order to prevent the surfaces from sticking, you can apply some powder.
How We Tested

We had checked the products based on the following points:

  • Reliability — We ensured the product is very safe to use especially for the kids
  • ·Durability — The extent and number of years it is stable were analyzed
  • Manufacture — The design and construction with safer and rust-free materials were reviewed. The corrosion-free coating was also checked
  • Size and shape — The size and capacity and the foundation to withstand the gallons of water were verified.
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