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Reviews & Conclusions: What’s the Best Bagged Vacuum of the Year?

Last Updated: 01 July 2021

It would be great if you had an opportunity to test plenty of options and choose the best-bagged vacuum created for your place. You would try them on different floors, curtains, and other applications. You would compare all the functions and pick a new vacuum cleaner that will serve long with no falters.

But even if you could afford this, it wouldn’t be reasonable because no one wants to throw the money away on trash before they find a decent option. Besides, imagine how much time it would take. It is full-range research based on the series and series of experiments, learning manuals and review, and constant housework.

Luckily, you don’t have to do it at all, as we have already taken care of it. Good vacuums have always been in demand. Companies, reputable and new, keep launching more and more models every year, so we felt our duty to compare the top 2020 products in this range. This way, we have come up with a chart of the best vacs and thorough instructions on how to choose among them.

Home Maker Guide created for informational purposes only. Thus, we neither endorse you in any way to buy specific products in our reviews, nor making you act like it’s written in our guides. We are reserving the rights for you to make your personal decision.



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Advantages of a Bagged Vacuum

TOP 10 Best Bagged Vacuum: Comparison Chart

Best Overall: #1 Best Seller In Commercial Indoor Upright Vacuums - Oreck Commercial Xl Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner, XL2100RHS Review

Oreck Commercial Xl Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner, XL2100RHS

What we seek in the best upright bagged vacuum cleaners is the power of suction and minimal weight. Unfortunately, most offers only have one of these features. However, there are several exceptions, including Oreck XL2100RHS. It is positioned as a commercial cleaner, but it works perfectly in residential use. Very lightweight (no more than nine pounds) and remarkably powerful, this appliance will make any cleaning a vacuum should do. It picks up everything from dust and small debris to irritating pet hair that normally wouldn’t come off your rug that easily.

This is an excellent powerful vacuum cleaner in the upright segment for cleaning commercial spaces and homes.

Why We Like It

  • XL bag size can contain a lot
  • Has a low profile design with side edge brushes that allows you to vacuum under furniture with ease
  • 36 feet long cord
  • It has a bumper that spares your walls and furniture

Elite Pick: Germany-engineered - Miele Electro+ Canister Vacuum Review

Miele Electro+ Canister Vacuum
667 Reviews
Miele Electro+ Canister Vacuum

Miele is known for the quality and durability of their products. This best-bagged vacuum is easy to use, laconic, and super effective. It has three extra brushes of different forms to help you clean the most tricky spots in your house. The suction is astonishing - it can make up to 1,200 W. The vacuum cleaners HEPA filtration will ensure that there will be next to no allergens left after a thorough cleaning with this appliance. Besides, there is an additional filter in the vacuum to protect the motor and increase its longevity.

We don't suggest that the best-bagged vacuum should cost as much. But if you want to feel what it's like to deep clean your house really quickly, you should try it.

Why We Like It

  • Manufactured in Germany by a reliable brand
  • Easy to store and doesn’t take much space
  • Removes all dirt like a hurricane
  • Messless bag change

Industrious: Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner
11,811 Reviews
Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner

A mixed floor vacuum cleaner combines a canister and a bad. Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G is one of the best-bagged vacuums of this type. The motor has a power of 12 amp. That is why ‘mighty’ is not just a part of the name. It is the key characteristic of the appliance. Among major applications, the manufacturer indicates picking up pet hair. And indeed, their product does it with no trouble. The nozzle is equipped with a brush for cleaning your carpets more efficiently, but the vacuum is equally efficient for tiles and wood floors.

The Eureka bagged canister vacuum is a multifunctional device that is more than worth its price.

Why We Like It

  • Collects all the dirt, debris, and dust in seconds
  • Compact and light for home use
  • It’s easy to empty reusable bags
  • The blower port is excellent for outside applications

Long Runtime Cordless Unit: Oreck Pod Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Bagged Review

Oreck Pod Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Bagged
75 Reviews
Oreck Pod Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Bagged

A sophisticated design of Oreck POD Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner will impress every buyer. But the appliance has more advantages. It is rechargeable, so you can use it anywhere without worrying about a power source. Besides, for a cordless vacuum, it is awesomely strong. It doesn’t only handle dust and debris but rather large elements as well, thanks to an exquisite pick-up technology. This is one of the best lightweight bagged vacuum cleaners for sure, suitable for daily cleaning as long as you don’t forget to charge it. If you do, the interface will remind you about it

This device by Oreck will meet the boldest expectations from a bagged stick vacuum cleaner, though its price is rather high.


  • Effortless assembling
  • Looks like a part of the decor
  • Very sturdy
  • Top-notch performance


  • POD inserts are filled quickly
  • Very pricey

Forceful: Hoover Commercial Windtunnel 13 Review

Hoover Commercial Windtunnel 13
2,249 Reviews
Hoover Commercial Windtunnel 13

When you want the strongest suction vacuum cleaner, turn to commercial models, no matter whether you are going to use it in the store, hotel, or home. They are traditionally more powerful than ‘home-use’ ones, and Hoover Commercial WindTunnel C1703900 proves this point. WindTunnel mechanisms are responsible for removing the dust and fragments that sit deep in your carpets. The wheels won’t fail you because they are made of top-notch urethane. The handle reclines and is attached in one movement. The cord of this vacuum cleaner with a bag is 35 feet, which is more than enough, and it is orange to reduce people’s tripping on it.

Hoover has always been known for creating good vacuums that people can rely on, and this one is not an exception.


  • Excessive suction that doesn’t decrease over time
  • The bags are easy to assemble
  • Is perfect for multiple surfaces
  • Can be adjusted to different carpet height


  • The hose is rather short, though it’s really heavy-duty

Great For Pet Hair: Kenmore Elite 31150 Pet Friendly Bagged Upright Beltless Vacuum Review

Kenmore Elite 31150 Pet Friendly Bagged Upright Beltless Vacuum
1,579 Reviews
Kenmore Elite 31150 Pet Friendly Bagged Upright Beltless Vacuum

If you’re searching for the best bagged upright vacuum that will not SMELL, don’t search in a low-price segment. Cheap cleaners will smell like dust or, even worse, oil, as their filters are not sufficient. This is not an option for sensitive noses, kids, those with allergies or asthma. Kenmore Elite 31150 Bagged Upright Beltless Vacuum is a way out. And its price is not that high, given that you get the full protection of allergens due to three HEPA filters. They call it animal-friendly because there will be no trace of your dog’s or cat’s hair after cleaning whatsoever.

This bagged vacuum is a great deal for pet owners and everyone who wants to have their home neatly swept.


  • Three motors to triple the power
  • Three HEPA filters to minimize the pollution
  • Three-in-one solution for every surface in your home
  • Long cord


  • Comparatively heavy

All-surface: Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum Review

Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum

A lot of people prefer lighter and more compact vacuums because they are mobile and save a lot of time and effort. Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum 4122, is a corded cleaner that stands among the others for being extremely lightweight. Moreover, its design allows one to maneuver the appliance in the smallest spaces. The bag simplifies the process of cleaning your vacuum and is capable of holding up to 2 liters. The vacuum will indicate it when the bag is full. As compared to bagless cleaners, this one will keep its suction properties much longer.

It is a small quality vacuum with enormously strong suction and at an excellent price.


  • Unique mechanisms rewind the vacuum cord
  • The wand is retractable
  • Suitable for all surfaces
  • Affordable


  • The hose is not connected too tight, so you should avoid extreme movements

Triple HEPA Filter System: Kenmore 600 Series Friendly Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum Review

Kenmore 600 Series Friendly Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum
5,136 Reviews
Kenmore 600 Series Friendly Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum

Kenmore keeps trying to produce the best-bagged vacuum for pet hair, and their attempts are worthy. Another HEPA-enforced household helper on our list is Kenmore 600 Series Bagged Canister Vacuum with Pet PowerMate. We wouldn’t say it’s lightweight as it is, but in comparison with other floor options, 22 pounds is not that much weight. The device has a telescoping wand to reach far into the deeps of ‘under-couch’ areas. It features 28’’ cord to give you more freedom. The vacuum has three more tools in a pack: an upholstery, bare floor, and crevice brushes.

One of the most powerful vacuum cleaners by Kenmore takes the cleanness of your home to a new level!


  • Cleans all the pets’ hair from carpets and hard floor
  • Easy to adjust the wand
  • Triple HEPA filtration
  • You can keep additional brushes IN the cleaner to save space


  • Some might find the button placement inconvenient

Quality Attachments: Bissell BigGreen Commercial Bagged Vacuum Review

Bissell BigGreen Commercial Bagged Vacuum

A good vacuum cleaner with a bag is irreplaceable for everyone who dislikes that canister vacuums lose suction. Bissell has come up with a new model of such cleaners, and they have definitely succeeded. Their commercial model has a powerful 10-Amp motor, but it goes rather quietly (67 dB). The hose is long enough, so you won’t have a problem cleaning far corners and even ceilings. It has 5 positions height adjustment for more convenience. The bags are replaced effortlessly, and there is no additional mess.

This multi-surface vacuum cleaner is a good purchase for one’s home. It will assist you long and be a great helper.


  • Cleans various carpet types with automatic height settings
  • Neat design
  • Wide-nozzled not to miss anything
  • Great for commercial use


  • Warranty is only 90 days

Extended Above-the-floor Cleaning: Hoover Windtunnel Max Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner, With Hepa Filter 3060 Review

Hoover Windtunnel Max Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner, With Hepa Filter 3060
2,249 Reviews
Hoover Windtunnel Max Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner, With Hepa Filter 3060

The suction of Hoover MAX Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner is good as it is. But the manufacturer has made the vacuum even more productive by implementing its renowned WindTunnel system. The appliance has a lengthy cord and a retractable wand. This makes it very easy to maneuver. Due to HEPA filters, the exhausts of the vacuum don’t stink like a pile of dust, and the overall cleaning becomes more sanitary. One of the most pleasant parts is hidden in the bag section design. Just imagine, you don’t have to touch the bag full of dirt when you change it!

Hoover’s top-rated bagged vacuums are adequate for home chores and not expensive at all.


  • A giant bag with 2.9 liters capacity
  • HEPA-filtered bags included
  • Well-thought design
  • Average price


  • The friction design of a telescoping wand sometimes feels impractical

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need to Know About the Bagged Vacuum

The Principle of the Bagged Vacuum Work

As it is clear from their name, bagged vacuum cleaners have a dust bag. It is a disposable or non-disposable container for dust and different kinds of dirt. Most modern bags are complemented with HEPA filters that ‘catch’ the smallest particles and leave the air clean and vacuum exhausts odor-free.

Advantages of a Bagged Vacuum

Advantages of a Bagged Vacuum
  • They are more hygienic. If they are correctly constructed, the bag doesn’t let any dust get back into the air. It is not just a container, but an extra filter as well.
  • They are easier to empty. Most bagged vacuum reviews mention that the top-rated models require next to no effort to change the bag.
  • They are quieter. It becomes one of the major arguments in picking bagged vs. bagless vacuum cleaners. Dustbags partly absorb the sound, so these models don’t roar as loudly.
  • They have more bag capacity. It means that you will not need to clean them as often as the bagless ones.
  • They don’t perform worse when they get filled. Other vacs only perform to the max when they are empty. The bagged ones don’t have such restrictions.

What to Pick: Bagged vs. Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

The choice of vacs of various configurations is extensive, so you should ground your decision on your needs and experience. We have already enumerated the pros of cleaners with bags. So, if you want a more powerful and less noisy device, you should at least try a bagged one.

Choosing the Best Vacuum

Allergies and Asthma

These conditions require one to live in a clean space. And vacuuming is an essential part of preventive therapy. That is why it is crucial to choose a vac that will not just pick up small parts from the floor but will also absorb and hold the smallest parts of allergens.

Choosing the Best Vacuum
It has been proven that bagged devices are much better for this purpose. Remember that, if you or anyone in the family suffer from allergy or asthma, you have to clean as often as possible. So, it is reasonable to select appliances suitable for daily use. To do the chores quickly and will less strain, we would recommend to check out lighter models. In this particular case, it is better to purchase the best cheap vacuum that weighs less than a heavy, expensive one. As an alternative, you can combine both: a compact one to use on the daily and a heavier, more powerful for occasional deep cleaning.

Maximum Bag Capacity

On average, the bag capacity can vary from 2 to more than 4 liters. It is up to you to decide on the actual size, but if you choose a cleaner with smaller bags, make sure that you can easily restore them. Bags for some models are harder to find, and they are more expensive than others.

Weight Size

We’ve said already that lighter vacuums are perfect for everyday cleaning, but this is not the only factor you need to think about. The peculiarities of your space also play a great part. For example, a better vacuum for stairs will be of a different weight than that for large halls. It is a matter of convenience, of course, but it’s not fancy. No one needs to overstrain their body with an inappropriate device, given that today, you can choose whatever you need at a reasonable price. Don’t forget to consider the storage you can dedicate to your vacuum cleaner, because you will have to keep it somewhere anyway. If you don’t have enough room, you’d better buy a smaller canister or an upright vac.

Floor type Pet Hair

Floor type Pet Hair

Most contemporary devices are good for all kinds of floors. It is achieved with their multifunctional accessories. Hardwood floor vacuum bristles are sort and have no roller. A carpet brush is much tougher. Using basic models, you can roll a carpet brush off to clean the hard floor. Some other vacs have a particular brush for each surface. When you have to deal with stubborn pet hair, you will use a brush suitable for the surface cleaned. It will be much harder to pick up the hair if your vac has an excessive exhaust. It will blow the hair away, and you will have to catch it all the time.

Automatic Sealing Mechanism

To prevent dust and allergens from getting out of the vacuum, some companies use progressive auto-sealing mechanisms. These are usually utilized in combination with one or more HEPA filters.

Extra Brushes

Extra Brushes

Brushes do matter. Especially if your vac can only use the ones of the same brand. In this case, they should be available in the market or come in the initial package. The most common additional brushes are the ones for:

  • bare floors
  • upholstery,
  • and crevices.

Type of Filtration

Usually, bagged vacs have a combined filtration: HEPA filters, also used in the bagless offers, are complemented with a bag that is actually a filter itself. Cheaper options don’t utilize HEPA technology, which might be dangerous for those with asthma and allergies.

Noise Levels

Noise Levels

All vacs have different noise levels. Some companies make it their priority to lower it. For example, the best Dyson vacuum cleaner hardly outputs 70 dB. However, some of the top bagged vacuums by other manufacturers try to keep up and keep reducing the noise level from year to year. One of the most successful from this point of view is Hoover that has products just as quiet as Dysons.

Powerful Motor

It is responsible for the overall performance of your appliance. The most powerful motors on our list are 12 amp. Some models have two or even three motors to increase their force.

Extra Features

Extra Features
  • Cordless & Corded. Cordless vacs give you maximum mobility, but they have to be often charged.
  • Specific aims. As you might have noticed, some products have tags, like ‘hard floor’ or ‘pet-friendly.’ Take them into account when you buy the main or additional vacuum. For example, if you already have the best robot vacuum for pet hair, you won’t really need another pet-friendly device. Instead, choose something for your other goals.
  • Signals and interfaces. Different kinds of notifications telling you that the bag is full or your vac has to be charged are extremely useful.

Customer Service Issues

A lot of reviewers recommend the product (more or less) but do not recommend the company. This paradox can be explained by poor customer service. No one can guarantee that you will get a new product with ALL the details or that some of them won’t go out of order. For such cases, the support team has always to be in touch.

The Types of the Best Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

Upright Vacuums

Upright Vacuums

The fundamental characteristic of such vacuum cleaners is its configuration. It consists of a suction pipe with a built-in motor and dust collector. At the lower end of the structure, there is a nozzle with a brush, and a handle is at the top. The segment of upright cleaners features both corded and the best cordless vacuum models. Their compact size allows saving more storage space.

Canister Vacuums

While vacuuming with such an appliance, you only need to hold a flexible hose with a brush, which is much easier than to hold an entire vertical vacuum cleaner. It is better suited for cleaning difficult spots, including those that are not on the floor. The structure of the best bagged vacuum cleaner with a canister is more reliable than that of the vertical ones. Plus, despite the great power, their motors are a little quieter.

Care and Maintenance

Care and Maintenance

As with all home appliances, it is vital to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This way, your vacuum will live longer and won’t let you down when you need it the most. You may have any questions, like:

  • How should you clean it?
  • Or how often should you vacuum with it?

Consult the manual first before you google it. Various models need different maintenance.

Verdict and Our Recommendation for 2021

After the profound study, we, at HomeMakerGuide, have found the best bagged vacuum 2021 for carpet and hardwood floors. This year, it is Oreck Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner. Powerful and commodious, it is great for commercial use but doesn’t lose any points at home either. This best bagged vacuum will serve long and help you keep the floors spotless. Other vacs on the list are a little behind for several reasons. Some of them are very pricey; others are less efficient or multifunctional. They all have their good and bad points, like any other product in the market. On the other hand, you can be sure that if a product is in our top 10, it meets the highest requirements for bagged cleaners.


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Yes, they are more than sufficient for this type of surface. Nozzles of the advanced bagged vacuum models are totally safe for hardwood.
They don't. The suction is equal, no matter whether the bag is full or empty. Bagless cleaners, in turn, lose suction power, as they get filled or accidentally shattered.
All the bagged vacuum reviews stated that cleaning a vac like this is not hard. When the bag gets full, you just replace or empty it. From time to time, your vacuum will need a more thorough cleaning and propelling. Whenever you start doing it, make sure that you unplugged the vacuum. Some cleaners, on the other hand, have a self-propelling function, which makes your life even more comfortable.
The best-bagged vacuum 2021 offers are animal-friendly. It means they are capable of collecting pet hair. Also, they have superior HEPA filters to eliminate the possibility that any allergens that it might bare will remain in the room.
How We Tested
Homemakerguide has asked ten families with kids and pets to test each of our top vacs for a week. Commercial models were additionally tested by shop and hotel staff to ensure they fulfill the primary goals. Based on the data collected, we have positioned all the products in our chart. Thus, our best-bagged vacuum 2021 list is reasoned by our audience's feedback, prices, and reviews that we studied on various websites.
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