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Best Belt Sander: Give a New Look to Hardwood Floors

Last Updated: 15 June 2021

Polishing is a process that includes manual or mechanized handling of solid materials: metal, granite, glass, wood, and many more. For a lot of time, wood has been treated for the same purpose: to build a house or solve other problems. To properly process a wooden surface, as well as to give the finished product a look, it is common to use different equipment, including a belt grinder. Belt grinder, as a rule, is used in the final stages of production, when the parts are subjected to final handling. Such devices are convenient to use in furniture production and a variety of wood products for consumption. That’s why we have compiled a list to help you find out what the best belt sander is for you. Besides, you’ll find a comprehensive Buyer’s Guide in this post, which will narrow down your search.

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Best belt sander types

TOP 10 Best Belt Sander: Comparison Chart

Best Overall: Innovative Design - Makita 9903 8.8 Amp 3-Inch-by-21-Inch Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag Review

Makita 9903 8.8 Amp 3-Inch-by-21-Inch Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag
555 Reviews
Makita 9903 8.8 Amp 3-Inch-by-21-Inch Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Bag

This best belt sander made by Makita is a very robust tool. It was designed with a good motor. This belt sander has an ergonomic design, so it's a straightforward and handy tool to use. It is made of quite resistant materials; for example, a shell is very stable because it has aluminum-based components. Also, vibrations that usually cause discomfort in the hands are reduced. Therefore, it provides a work environment with greater precision and free of fatigue. The weight of this tool is 3.5 kg and requires a voltage of 240 volts. If you are someone who values excellent tools, you might want to consider this one.

Summary: Compact and easy to use, the Makita is a powerhouse according to the best belt sander reviews and outclasses other competitors due to its price per performance.

Why We Like It

  • Comes with a free dust bag
  • One of the best sanders for woodworking
  • Power-efficient

Heavy Duty Sander: Flawless Performance - Makita 9403 4 X 24 Review

Makita 9403 4 X 24
1,365 Reviews
Makita 9403 4 X 24

Something that always worries us when doing sanding works at home is a large amount of dust that is generated with wood. That's why Makita has come up with another best belt sander. With the micro filter system, the amount of dust produced is reduced drastically. This system is capable of sucking dust into the tank as soon as it is formed. For the convenience of the user, the tank is transparent so that it can be seen easily when it's full. So, you'll empty it at the right time. This belt sander might interest you if you are willing to save a buck while getting a product that will last you for a long time.

Summary: If you are tight on a budget, the Makita 9403 comes in handy because of its micro filter system and performance. It is the best belt sander for a small price, which is always great for consumers.

Why We Like It

  • Decent power for household work
  • Does not drain a lot of power
  • Ergonomic design

For Beginners: CRAFTSMAN CMEW213 Review

301 Reviews

The CRAFTSMAN CMEW213 is powered by AC power. It is equipped with a long cable and has a low weight of 6.6 pounds. The power of this best belt sander is 800 RPM. Its size is 3in. x 21in, and features tool-free belt release. An ergonomic and straight grinding arm adds comfort during your work. This belt sander might be great if you are a beginner.

Summary: This is the best belt sander if you are a beginner thanks to the long cable and its low weight that makes it so maneuverable. The ergonomics make it even more appealing for beginners.

Why We Like It

  • Comes at a great price
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight

For Professionals: Genesis GBS321A 3-Inch-by-21, Cloth Dust Bag, Variable Speed Review

Genesis GBS321A 3-Inch-by-21, Cloth Dust Bag, Variable Speed
262 Reviews
Genesis GBS321A 3-Inch-by-21, Cloth Dust Bag, Variable Speed

Thanks to a new damping system that implements this belt sander, vibrations are largely eliminated. Obviously, it has light vibrations, but compared to other models, this model has an advantage. It has a handle system that allows you to control the motor intensity. It is an essential factor to treat different areas or materials (some areas need more intensity than others). Besides, it has a built-in automatic system that places the bands in the center of the plate. One of its most outstanding advantages is that you can change the bands quickly and without complications. Overall, this is an excellent solution for professionals looking for a portable and useful tool.

Summary: This is the best belt sander for those who seek to get work done efficiently and quickly due to the power of the motor and outstanding features. Being able to change the bands quickly is a must for pro-level tools.


  • Comes with a dust bag made from cloth
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Cheap


  • The handle might not be manageable for everyone

Well Built: BUCKTOOL BD4603 Review

353 Reviews

This 120V machine from BUCKTOOL was conceived for heavy workloads that typically take hours and require powerful equipment. It is perfect for sanding large surfaces since it has enough power (1000 W at max power). Although it is adjustable, which allows sanding various materials, you can fix it to a table or other surface. It is a powerful machine perfect for sanding a lot of material in a short time. So, if you are looking into heavy-duty belt sanders that will deal with a lot of work, you might want to consider this professional belt sander.

Summary: Getting a lot of work done has never been easier with this best belt sander due to its disc combo and the fact that it can cover a lot of surfaces in a short time.


  • The belt can be removed
  • Cast aluminum base
  • Easy to clean


  • Weighs a lot more than other sanders

Top Mini Sander: WEN 6502T 4 x 36 in. Belt and 6 in. Disc Sander Review

WEN 6502T 4 x 36 in. Belt and 6 in. Disc Sander
1,264 Reviews
WEN 6502T 4 x 36 in. Belt and 6 in. Disc Sander

This mini belt sander stands out for being quite sturdy and small, with a force of 750 watts, equipped with an automatic belt system, which significantly facilitates the desired job. It has a very easy-to-use design, so it will be very convenient to work with it. Another advantage is that it is equipped with shock absorbers that reduce the vibrations of the tool entirely. You can perfectly perform work on any surface, adapting to most materials used. It also has microfilters that are responsible for storing in a tank the dust produced when sanding materials.

Summary: Smart, compact, and with a decent motor, this belt sander manages to keep a good workflow in every environment, thanks to excellent engineering.


  • Can be tilted up to 90 degrees
  • Small and powerful
  • Cast iron base


  • May not fit properly to some surfaces

Top Handheld Sander: WEN 6321 3 in. x 21 Corded Belt Sander Review

WEN 6321 3 in. x 21 Corded Belt Sander
1,429 Reviews
WEN 6321 3 in. x 21 Corded Belt Sander

This handheld belt sander is a very versatile model; it has 6 levels of speed to work according to what you intend to do so that you can perform work with speed from 170 meters per minute to 250 meters per minute. It has a power of 600 watts. With it, you can carry out work on different surfaces. This tool can be used in 2 different ways, namely fixed or portable; this way, the work will be easier to perform; depending on use, you have to give it. The size of this belt sander model is 47.2 cm by 17 cm by 14.8 cm and weighs approximately 3.1 kg, which makes it very easy to use the tool.

Summary:WEN 632 is an excellent solution for a portable sander because of its small size and its 6 levels of speed. The 600 watts of power should be helpful too if you are doing little household work.


  • Weighs less than most tools
  • Ergonomic design
  • Advantageous price


  • Only two years of warranty

Most Eco: SKIL 7510-01 3 X 18-Inch Belt Sander Review

SKIL 7510-01 3 X 18-Inch Belt Sander
1 Reviews
SKIL 7510-01 3 X 18-Inch Belt Sander

If your goal is to have a handheld belt sander with excellent performance and also with a great price, this is the most economic but with which you can perform the work you need to do. It comes with an additional handle of considerable size and very fixed, which allows it to be held without issues and without inconvenience. Besides, as the work is being carried out, the waste that the sander is expelling is aspirated, allowing the work area to be clean. Overall, an excellent solution for those who want to save a couple of bucks on their electricity bill.

Summary: A reliable motor with eco-friendly features that will ensure you are keeping the work area clean, and you are getting work done in the meanwhile. This belt sander consumes a lot less power than other machines.


  • Raw power
  • Can be adjusted
  • Sold at a competitive price


  • Drains a lot of power

High-tech: TACKLIFE 3×18-Inch, 13Pcs, Bench Sander Review

TACKLIFE 3×18-Inch, 13Pcs, Bench Sander
3,171 Reviews
TACKLIFE 3×18-Inch, 13Pcs, Bench Sander

The benchtop belt sander from Tacklife is a cheap belt sander that manages to keep most of the strengths of its big brothers. With an output of 600 watts, it is enough for a hobby workshop. The fact that it comes with two vacuum adapters and a dust box makes it even more attractive. The grinding surface of this handheld belt sander is 3 x 18 inches and thus performs moderately in comparison to other machines. In spite of this, if you do not want to work on substantial wood, metal, or plastic surfaces, this product is suitable. Overall, this cheap belt sander is an excellent solution if you are willing to save a buck.

Summary: While it does lack some features, it is clear that the best thing about this sander is the price. Besides that, this is a decent belt sander with proper functionality.


  • Easy to use
  • High-tech dust collecting machine
  • Sold at a good price


  • Some users claim the handle is slippery

Great Portable Model: Aikeec Mini Belt Sander Review

Aikeec Mini Belt Sander
224 Reviews
Aikeec Mini Belt Sander

This portable belt sander from Aikeec makes an excellent solution for those who want a product that does not occupy more space than needed. Even the first impression suggests a high-quality belt sander, and indeed we will not be disappointed. Particularly noteworthy is a practical and durable steel body, and a set of 10 abrasives is also included. It is possible to regulate its speed by up to 900 RPM. Overall, this best sander for wood is suitable for anyone who does not have big workloads.

Summary: This belt sander is an excellent tool for portability and power, all at the same time. While you cannot have the best of both worlds, it manages to provide some power.


  • Great price
  • Easy to transport
  • The cable is long enough for big distances


  • Not suitable for people who seek raw power

Buyer’s Guide

What is a belt sander?

The best belt sander is a simple yet very effective surface finishing tool. In comparison to eccentric grinders, delta sanders, or angle grinders, belt sander carries most of the material in a short time. The preferred field of application is the processing of large wood surfaces, but also concrete, lacquers, and metal alloys can be sanded off excellently with the appropriate sandpaper. If you want to perform excellent work, to grind tight corners and angles, the belt sander is an unsuitable device.

Benefits of a belt sander

A belt grinder is a practical grinding machine that you can use in many ways. With top-rated belt sanders, you can grind different workpieces without much effort. The best belt sander is nowadays part of every essential equipment of a workshop. For a little money, you can equip your home workshop with this versatile tool.

How to use a belt sander

How to use a belt sander

Although using a belt sander may seem easy, for those who have no experience in it, it can be a complicated task. When you are going to sand any surface, especially wood, you have to prepare it. It is about making sure that it is well fixed so that it cannot jump when you make contact with the sander. The best belt sander has a handle that allows you to have greater control when using it. It helps the posture, which is usually firm and with the legs slightly apart, to facilitate the movement of the upper body. Place the machine on the surface, holding it firmly, and start making slow round-trip movements that are smooth and similar on the surface. This will allow you to obtain a uniform finish.

What is Belt Sander used For

The best belt sanders have several interesting applications. They can be used to reduce the thickness of a material, polish a surface, or sand rough and splintered surfaces. Other possible applications are to match poorly made cuts, build decks, and remove materials quickly. Using the best sander for a deck can help you do it faster and easier.

How to Choose the best belt sander

What do you plan on using the belt sander for?

What do you plan on using the belt sander for

It is the first question you should ask yourself before purchasing the best belt sander. Such tools come in different shapes and sizes to fit any work. Without further ado, let’s look over some things you should keep in mind when buying a sander.

Motor Power

The speed at which the tape moves in the belt sander is called tape speed. From this parameter, conclusions can be drawn on the maximum performance. A high belt speed allows fast and smooth grinding with less pressure. At slower belt speeds, the processing takes longer, but depending on the material, a lower speed is required so that the heat is limited. On uneven and rough surfaces, the slower run is a hindrance.

Size of the standing platform

Size of the standing platform

The strip area indicates how large the entire surface of an abrasive belt is. The paper is always slightly wider than the device’s sanding plate. Therefore, the indication of the belt surface is not the same as the grinding surface of the belt sander, because, with some paper grades, the grain size does not reach the edges.


Another critical aspect of any tool is how much does it weigh. While the usual belt sander machine will not exceed enormous limits, they tend to be pretty heavy, especially if they have a lot of power.

Track centering systems

This function ensures the straight running of the sanding belt on the sanding plate. Without automatic alignment, the belt can more easily break or come off the rollers due to the grinding motion. Not all belt sanders have automatic centering, but this feature is noteworthy as it increases the yield of abrasives and allows for sufficient work. On many models, a knob on the front of the belt sander holds the belt in the correct position.

Variable speed

The speed of the compact belt sander is one of the fundamental issues when deciding on a team or another. Its importance is because of the speed, and the possibility of regulating it will determine the tasks for which you can use the sander. Besides, using faster speeds means you will need less time for the same job.

Dust Extraction

Think about it: there is not a single sandering product that will not create dust at some point. Airborne dust in the air irritates the eyes and can cause lung diseases and allergies by inhalation. The grinding movements cover the working area with abrasion, whereby the sanding belt picks up the dust and “clogs” the grain. Look for an integrated dust bag or the option to connect a vacuum cleaner.

Easy belt changing

The faster the belt moves, the more material is removed. Keep this in mind for sensitive materials as high speeds inadvertently remove too much of the surface. Modern belt grinders can usually be set to different speed levels or are equipped with electronic speed control. The best belt sanders all have this thing in common.

Best belt sander types

Best belt sander types


The handheld sanders are probably the most popular ones because of their portability and the fact that they tend to be smaller than the rest of the tools. While they cannot be sanding belts for metal, they sure do an excellent job when it comes to wood.


The best belt sanders tend to be often used in a high production environment and tend to occupy a lot of space and produce a lot of power. So if you are someone who doesn’t care about space and only needs raw power, this might suit your needs.


Unlike any other electric belt sander, the in-line belt sanders are accustomed inside a box-shaped frame that keeps it in a low-profile chassis. They are usually made from plastic or rubber and are suitable for planning doors.


This type of belt sander is mostly used in professional environments and is made to do work quickly and easily.

Safety Tips

Safety Tips
  • For safety, consider wearing a mask and glasses to protect yourself from dust, as well as earplugs, and maybe use porter cable profile sanders.
  • Hold your piece of the skein to the table with a sergeant to avoid efficient sanding.
  • Always work in the direction of the veins.
  • Don’t worry about generating pressure or supporting weight on the machine. Wood belt sanders are manufactured so that their weight is centered on the base and thus give greater control when sanding.
  • Move belt sander constantly to avoid further roughing of material on only one side of the wood.

Verdict and Our Recommendation for 2021

belt sander efficiency

With that being said, we can clearly see that the Makita belt sander 9903 makes for a great due to its robustness and efficiency in all kinds of woodwork, and it sure is the best belt sander 2021 for the money. It is suitable not only for beginners but for professionals as well. Thanks to this belt sander efficiency, we have selected it as the top machine for this list.

We, at HomeMakerGuide, hope that this article has helped you to figure out what belt sander can help you save numerous amounts of work and finally achieve that perfect look for your wood that you desired. You may want to check the best wood router to make your job easier.

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The sanding belt change system is an aspect you should not overlook when buying the best sander. We recommend that you opt for a device in which the replacement process is quick and easy. Fortunately, today, most of the new models already incorporate systems to facilitate this task.
Unfortunately, because the belt sander is suitable to work only with wood, you will have to use a product that is designed for metal to sand it. You can instead use saw horses and a good metal sander.
Most definitely, a corded belt sander can be used for hardwood floors if that is what you require it for. While there are lots of options available right now, be sure to use a stationary one to complete the job faster and without any injuries. Using the best cordless chainsaw and will have a big impact on your floors.
The best way to use a cordless belt sander on a dock is to make sure you are using a particular type of machine meant for this type of work. After you have set everything up, you should be good at when using the correct machinery. You can also get away with it by using a porter cable bench sander.
The differences lie between the types of sandpaper spun by the drums, which are designed differently for every model. While orbital machines are great towards removing paint or artifacts from the wood, the other ones are great for giving it a polished look like you were using the best cordless chainsaw.
How We Tested

All products on the list have been tested over the span of a few months by our experienced reviewers and have been given a rating based on their day to day usage and performance. Besides, we learned lots of the best belt sander reviews and customer reports. That’s how we got to know 10 best belt sanders and choose our winner - Makita 9903!

All the ratings were given fairly, and the tests were conducted in a professional area.

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