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Reviewing The Best Bench Grinders For Home Use

Last Updated: 02 July 2021

For carrying out large scale hardware projects, the best bench grinder goes a long way. Often the finishing touch can influence the whole project. The grinding tool can help deliver that perfection in the finish. From polishing to sharpening a tool, there are many other ways in which you can use this one as well. A quick search for bench grinders would give you endless results. In terms of the speed, blade settings, safety features, and other aspects, the options can all be very confusing. Some of them are designed with powerful features that might only be useful for professionals. Some are entirely convenient for a DIYer. Be clear about the type of projects you would be handling with the grinder. Given that you are spending a lot of money on buying on, don’t you want to pick from the best ones? So here we get to the details of 10 such efficient options in this segment.

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How To Choose The Best Bench Grinder

The 10 Best Bench Grinder Reviews

Best Overall: For Maximum Precision - WEN 4276 2.1-Amp 6-Inch Bench Grinder Review

WEN 4276 2.1-Amp 6-Inch Bench Grinder
1,278 Reviews
WEN 4276 2.1-Amp 6-Inch Bench Grinder

For home users looking for an easy to use tool which also comes with powerful features, this is a natural choice. It is performance-oriented and comes as a 6-inch regular variant perfect for home use. The option to choose between 60 grit wheel and 36 grit wheels is a useful feature. The latter can be used when you need to remove the material of the working piece quickly. From tool sharpening to removing debris off surfaces, this tool works like a charm. The many features and the functional interface together make this an impressive choice.

If you need something powerful and performance-oriented, then consider this best bench grinder.

Why We Like It

  • The lightweight form factor is one of the strongest design aspects of this product.
  • The 2.1A motor works quietly
  • The work light is a handy addition for the price segment
  • The 3450 RPM shows in the speed at which you can complete the job at hand

Long Motor Life: Superior Power -DEWALT DW758 8-Inch Bench Grinder Review

DEWALT DW758 8-Inch Bench Grinder
607 Reviews
DEWALT DW758 8-Inch Bench Grinder

This Dewalt bench grinder is suitable for both home use and industrial applications. Therefore, you get a multi-utility tool for the price paid. Despite the power built into the design, the cast iron casing is maintained to be compact. Part shaping, rust removal, and cleaning are some of the purposes for which the tool is useful. The 12 ½ inch wheel spacing makes this one suitable to handle even the larger workpieces. Its power shows in the consistency of the finish observed in polishing surfaces.

For all those times where you need precision grinding of smaller objects, this product works really well. Its versatility makes it suitable for long term use.

Why We Like It

  • The overload protection safeguards the powerful motor on this one
  • Tool-less adjustment of the guard helps save time while performing the grinding job
  • For tool sharpening projects the large-sized tool-rest is a welcome addition
  • This is a sturdy, durable and long-lasting option

Fuss-free Design: SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch Bench Grinder Review

SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch Bench Grinder
360 Reviews
SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch Bench Grinder

This is a cost-effective choice for home use. It is a useful option for sharpening small tools and handle small polishing works. There are wheels for both coarse and medium grinding effects. Small eye shields prevent flyaway’s from the wheels so that not to harm a user. The RPM on this 6inch diameter wheel variant is 3450. For reasonable pricing, this one comes packed with a lot of features that are found usually on the top-rated products.

For those who have the ergonomics of the tool as a priority, this model is one of the best bench grinders. Safety features are impressive on this one

Why We Like It

  • The LED work lights on this Skil bench grinder are neatly integrated into the design
  • Tool-rest adjustments are easy
  • The smooth rubber feet on the casing provides a good grip and adds to the safety of the product
  • The design is overall stable and practical for beginners

Powerful Slow Speed Option: Rikon Professional Power Tools 8” Slow Speed Bench Grinder

Rikon Professional Power Tools 8” Slow Speed Bench Grinder
227 Reviews
Rikon Professional Power Tools 8” Slow Speed Bench Grinder

This Rikon bench grinder makes a durable tool for someone who users their tool frequently. The overall design and the wheel weights are all well-balanced. Therefore, it feels smooth to use if you are a first-timer with grinding tools. The eye shields are sufficiently large and fully transparent on this wheel grinder. Therefore, without obstructing visibility, they do a great job of preventing fine particles from injuring the users. The right wheel helps with the coarse grinding projects with its 60grit wheel design. For more excellent finishes, there is the 120grit left wheel.

If you need a smooth-running tool, then this Rikon product is the right choice. It also happens to be a low maintenance option for beginners.


  • The motor works without any struggle and the noise for the power delivered
  • This one doesn’t have heating issues even when you have to use it for a long time
  • The locking key on the on/off trigger switch is a useful safety feature
  • The rugged build quality gives the users confidence in using this product


  • The tool rests feel a little out of place in terms of the quality of the overall build, and they are not easy to adjust either

Heavy-duty Tool: Jet 578008 1 hp 8 Industrial Bench Grinder Review

Jet 578008 1 hp 8 Industrial Bench Grinder
80 Reviews
Jet 578008 1 hp 8 Industrial Bench Grinder

Versatility is what makes this product one of the best bench grinder. It takes care of all types of tool sharpening and other projects big and small with ease. This industrial bench grinder comes with a power switch with a safety key like the previous one on our list. The CSA/CUS certified design also comes with sealed bearings. Therefore, these do not get worn off too soon. It leads to reduced chances of friction and less tiresome maintenance routines. The overall construction quality of this product matches the kind of powerful projects it can handle.

For all those who use their grinder often, Jet 578008 can easily become a go-to choice. It features rugged construction and longevity to suit your needs.


  • This one comes at a great price for a heavy-duty bench grinder.
  • The Jet bench grinder works without lags or struggles on the motor
  • Even while using it at the maximum power the motor humming is quite low
  • The large-sized adjustable eye shields are efficient to use


  • There are no work lights included

Good Ergonomics: ATD Tools 10558 8 Review

ATD Tools 10558 8
46 Reviews
ATD Tools 10558 8

Even with heavy jobs, this bench grinder works at a consistent speed; there is enough power to get the work done quickly. The eye shields on this one are practical. They offer the most reliable protection in the segment. Made of shatter-proof material, these are also large enough to block the fine chipped particles entirely. Adjustments of the shields are also easy. These shields also come with a magnifying option.

With a sensible work light design and easy controls, this is a great bench grinder suitable for both beginners and pros.


  • The dustproof switch works accurately
  • For the intense application, the cooling tray comes handy
  • The spark guards provided along with the tool rest add to the safety
  • The work light is flexible and bright


  • The first few seconds after starting the motor, there is a lot of vibration

Practical And Budget-friendly: WEN 4282 4.8-Amp 8 Review

WEN 4282 4.8-Amp 8
400 Reviews
WEN 4282 4.8-Amp 8

Like the first Wen bench grinder on our list, this one is also suitable for those with a tight budget. This is an 8” variant that can be used for industrial applications as well. It also features both 60 and 30 grit wheels for moderate to coarse adjustment of the finishes. It features easy adjustment eye shields. The solid build and durable quality on this make it a long-term purchase. The tool rests are small, but the positioning and the angle of rest are convenient.

If you need a bench grinder with a lot of functionality benefits, then WEN 4282 makes a decent choice. Its reasonable price tag is an added plus.


  • This one doesn’t vibrate too much and therefore feels more solid while operating
  • There are cooling trays included
  • The LEDs integrated above the wheels are bright
  • The 4.8amp motor instantly delivers all the power you need


  • The tool rests appear a little low in the quality in comparison with the rest of the device

For Beginners: DEWALT DW756 6-Inch Bench Grinder Review

DEWALT DW756 6-Inch Bench Grinder
342 Reviews
DEWALT DW756 6-Inch Bench Grinder

This is the best bench grinder in the price segment for carrying a beginner-friendly design. There are small design details that make the configuration of the desired modes easy and the operation smoother. It features rear exhaust ports that provide a noise-free and consistent service. There is large aluminum tool rests that are sturdy to hold even more massive instruments. There are plenty of ways to customize the operation to suit your needs, but all of them require tools like wrenches.

Are you someone who has never handled a bench grinder before? Then this handy option can give you a good start in learning how to use one with confidence.


  • The powerful induction motor on this makes it a suitable choice for small projects and large ones as well
  • The speedy delivery of the wheels is good enough for all types of DIY projects at home
  • It features a durable casing and builds quality
  • The 12 ½ wheel spacing makes it possible to work on large objects


  • The eyeshield vibrates much and sometimes sways out of place when the machine is operated at maximum power

Feature-rich Design: CRAFTSMAN 921154 6 Review

CRAFTSMAN 921154 6
82 Reviews
CRAFTSMAN 921154 6

There are many adjustable elements on this Craftsman bench grinder. The tool rests on this are some of the best in the market. The practical design of the spark guards adds to the safety of using the machine. With precise adjustments, they make it easy to sharpen even the smaller bits. It might appear a tad bit overpriced for the overall quality and power it delivers. However, it packs a punch when it comes to features like say the inclusion of a handheld wheel dresser.

This bench grinder is designed to impress those who are looking for a fully customizable work companion. It carries a lot of functional features.


  • This is an affordably priced option for those looking for a basic variable speed bench grinder
  • Addition of a water-cooling tray is a plus, and it can provide instant cooling
  • The eye shields are surprisingly large on this and fully transparent
  • For added stability and to reduce vibration the design features a wide base


  • The lamp is wobbly and doesn’t stay in place while the motor is running

Smooth finish: RIKON Power Tools 80-808 Bench Grinder Review

RIKON Power Tools 80-808 Bench Grinder
38 Reviews
RIKON Power Tools 80-808 Bench Grinder

For those who need a smooth finish of work without spending too much elbow grease, this one works well. There is a sturdy cast iron casing to make this one durable. It might appear a bit too expensive for the kind of features and the power you get on this. However, it feels stable while operating thanks to the superior grip provided by the rubber shoes on the casing. It also includes valuable elements like an eye shield with magnification. The tool rests feel solid and can conveniently be adjusted.

If getting a professional grinding result effortlessly is your goal, then this RIKON variant can get the job done.


  • If you are using dust collectors, there is a practical dust port provided
  • The wheel guards on the machine are broad enough to add to the safety
  • The low-speed operation on this works without too much noise
  • It doesn’t vibrate too much for any of the application


  • The light is not bright enough, and so it proves to be a futile addition

Buyer’s Guide

Once you have the bench grinder reviews, do not feel overwhelmed with the choices. Here is how you can choose something that actually works well for your requirements.

How to use a bench grinder?

How to use a bench grinder
  • Start with understanding the various parts and their purpose
  • Decide on the wheel you wish to use based on the desired finish
  • Stand in front of the machine holding the subject to be refined with both the hands
  • Move the item quickly and straight to prevent overheating
  • Place it in water or the cooling tray
  • Do not let the object rub against the sides of the wheels as this can damage then wheels

How To Choose The Best Bench Grinder

To begin with, there are two main factors to consider based on which you can narrow down the choices

How To Choose The Best Bench Grinder
  • The application
  • Budget

Once you have narrowed down your options, pick one that falls into the suitable type, as listed above. From that list here are the features to consider to make sure that you find the most suitable machine for your work

Wheel dimensions

The 6 inches wheels are often sufficient for home DIY projects. You would need an 8 inches variant for industrial applications. The price varies based on this feature.

Speed settings

Stay away from high-speed wheels if you are a beginner. These are much more difficult to handle and can lead to safety issues for beginners. Most home users might find slow grinding tools and variable speed options to be suitable.

Speed settings Bench Grinder

Tool rest

Having a tool rest is not sufficient. It should be practically sized and also easily adjustable.

Materials that you can work on

Wheel materials and overall power determine the recommended materials that can be sharpened or polished with these machines.

Safety features

Eyeshield, spark guard, wheel guard, and trigger button locks are among the critical safety features in the machine. Having a stable and tough build that doesn’t wobble while operating is another essential consideration.

Best Bench Grinders Types

Variable speed bench grinders

Here are the most popular types of bench grinders in the market:

Variable speed

As the name indicates, you can easily alter the speed of grinding. This allows full customization of the finish. You can choose 6 inch or 8-inch blades in the variable speed variants.

Automotive option

It is known for its stability and can be used to work on metal parts confidently. It helps handle large scale projects where the tool has to run continuously.


Predominantly used for processing wood; it does a great job as a tool sharpener. With this variant, it is all about precision.

Woodworking bench grinders

Mini bench grinder or portable option

With a small electric bench grinder, you can get work done wherever you like. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry them around. It is suitable for carrying the machine to the project site.

The grit size determines the result like fine, coarse, or medium. Based on the material of the grit here are the types you might find:

  • Ceramic
  • Silicon carbide
  • Aluminum oxide

The wheel configuration also varies. Based on the shape of the wheel the following types are available

best bench grinder
  • Cylinder wheel
  • Tapered wheel
  • Straight wheel
  • Diamond wheel
  • Saucer wheel

Along with the best bench grinder 2021 choice, you would also need a suitable bench grinder buffer and the best cordless drill to complete your DIY workspace. This helps you handle any project small or big with better efficiency.

Our Recommendation

In terms of the durability, convenience of use, ease of maintenance, and all other aspects that home users would look for, the WEN 4276 Bench Grinder is the best choice. It is an all-rounder that is not just easy to handle but also suitable for some heavy-duty workpieces. Its solid construction also means that this one comes with a long-wearing design. As a first bench grinder, this one, therefore, makes a great choice. Given the expense, pick a durable one while choosing the best bench grinder 2021, and you would be able to handle your tool sharpening needs for years together. Check out more such exciting reviews at HomeMakerGuide.

Before getting into the details of how to choose the best bench grinder for you from this list, here are a few frequently asked questions about this tool.

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Remove the lawnmower blade and move it back and forth along the wheels. Make sure that you make swift and precise movements. This prevents removing too much metal off the edges. Use the current angle of the blade tip as the guide for the direction of motion.
From construction to manufacturing and machinery maintenance, there are many places where this product is used. For homeowners, these are useful for sharpening tools of all sizes and even the blades of cutting and other power tools. Some critical bench grinder uses are in the field of carpentry. The power and wheel dimensions, you can choose based on your requirements. Keeping your budget within the limit, you can easily find plenty of choices out there. Find a good woodworking bench grinder and combine it with the best wood router and you are good to go.
  • Choose the right type of product based on your requirement
  • The wheel dimensions are the other significant considerations
  • Once you have shortlisted your favorites in terms of the budget, the power of the motor also matters
  • Pick one that comes with safety-oriented features
If you are an average home user looking for something essential for your DIY projects, there are plenty of reasonably priced options. For a factory setup, an expensive one might be a worthy buy. Even for the professionals involved in hardware project-related jobs, it might be worth spending on a feature-rich variant.
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