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10 Best Benchtop Belt Sanders Available In 2021

Last Updated: 08 July 2021

A belt sander is an effective tool that uses an abrasive belt to set smooth surfaces. A belt sander helps in giving the wooden pieces a flat surface, shapes the rough areas and prepares it for further processing. There are two types of belt sanders, handheld and benchtop. Our focus in this article will be to guide you buy the best benchtop sander. A benchtop belt sander is portable, handy, and affordable and comes with a wide range of features. So let’s delve into the article to know more about how to find the top-rated belt sander.

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Top 10 Best Benchtop Belt Sander: Comparison Table

Best Overall: #1 Best Seller in Power Combination Disc & Belt Sanders BUCKTOOL BD4801 Bench Belt Sander Review

BUCKTOOL BD4801 Bench Belt Sander
  • Sanding belt and disc were directly driven by the motor shaft, maintenance-free, you don't have to adjust the belt tension, change damage belt like before
  • Motor direct-drive design can increase 25% sanding efficiency than the traditional design. 3/4 HP total enclosed induction motor supplies silent but powerful output
  • The belt can work at 0 or 90 degrees depending on the needs of your project, the driven drum allows for sanding of curved work-pieces. Quick sander belt replacement design & humanized track control
  • Sturdy cast aluminum base with rubber foot prevents vibrations. 2 dust ports allows a dust-free operation when connecting with a dust collector. To ensure a better experience, we suggest matching with our Y-Fitting Hose
  • Two-in-one sanding machine includes both a 4 x 36-inch belt and an 8-inch disc. Angle adjustable work table with miter gauge used on both sanding disc and belt

Minimum Vibrations: #1 Best Seller in Power Belt Sanders - WEN 6502T Belt and Disc Sander Review

WEN 6502T Belt and Disc Sander
  • Two-in-one sanding machine includes both a 4-by-36 inch belt and a 6-by-6 inch disc
  • Belt tilts anywhere from 0 to 90 degrees
  • Sturdy cast iron base prevents any heavy vibrations
  • 4.3 Amp motor provides up to 3600 RPM
  • Tension release lever provides for simple changes between sandpaper grits

Quiet: Makita 9403 Belt Sander Review

Makita 9403 Belt Sander
1,365 Reviews
Makita 9403 Belt Sander
  • Quietest belt sander in its class: only 84 decibals
  • 4 inch wide belt with a speed of 1,640 feet per minute for fast material removal
  • Labyrinth construction seals motor and bearings from contamination
  • Large front grip is positioned for operator comfort. Variable speed control dial : No
  • 13 pounds; 1 year warranty

Heavy Duty Base: WEN 6515T Belt Sander with Sanding Disc Review

WEN 6515T Belt Sander with Sanding Disc
  • Two-in-one sanding machine includes both a 1-by-30 inch belt and a 5-inch disc
  • 2.3A motor provides up to 3160 FPM for the belt and 3450 RPM for the disc
  • Sturdy heavy-duty base prevents walking and wobbling during operation
  • Features two separate dust ports for maximum vacuuming efficiency
  • Includes a miter gauge, an 80-grit sanding disc, a 100-grit sanding belt and a 2-year warranty

Great for Knife Sharpening: Aikeec Mini Belt Sander Review

Aikeec Mini Belt Sander
224 Reviews
Aikeec Mini Belt Sander
  • 【MINI & TINY】- It is mini and tiny, very convenient to do your work everywhere you want with this little partner. The belt size is 330*10mm and the machine size is 175*110*140mm
  • 【MATERIAL & FUNCTION】- High precision, solid material, Complete CNC machining. Built-in double bearing, non-slip, while avoiding dust entering the inside of the machine and damaging the bearing
  • 【ADJUST TIGHTNESS & VERTICALITY】- The workbench can be freely adjusted the angle. You can adjust it with the most suitable angle you want, enjoying the most comfortable condition
  • 【HIGH SPEED & STRONG MOTOR】- Mini but the motor is super strong. No-load speed: 4500-9000RPM. This machine can satisfy you and work great in grinding metals, wood, acrylic and other materials
  • 【REDUCE NOISE】- This mini machine will not produce much noise. The noise is 75-85db and can be acceptable by people. It will not influence the ears of operators and people around

Great for Small Projects: Rockwell RK7866 Belt/Disc Combo Sander Review

Rockwell RK7866 Belt/Disc Combo Sander
  • [HORIZONTAL & VERTICAL SANDING] The spacious 4” x 36” belt platform raises and lowers from 0-90° to accommodate almost any project
  • [BEVEL EDGES] The sanding table adjusts from 0-45° for smoothing out beveled edges—you’ll have the nicest picture frames in the business
  • [HEAVY INDUCTION MOTOR] Powerful 4.3-amp motor provides plenty of power to sand down all your woodworking projects
  • [EASY BELT CHANGES] Quick-release tension lever lets you easily change out sandpaper grits for different projects
  • [SAFETY SWITCH] Prevents accidental starts so you can confidently leave your shop when you’re done for the day and not have to worry

Good Dust Collection System: WEN 6524 Oscillating Belt & Spindle Sander Review

WEN 6524 Oscillating Belt & Spindle Sander
  • Features 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1-1/2 inch and 2 inch sanding drum sizes and one 4 x 24 inch belt
  • Operate with belt speeds up to 1575 FPM and spindle speeds up to 2000 RPM
  • The 3.5-amp motor oscillates the belt and spindle 58 times per minute with a 5/8-inch stroke
  • Onboard storage maintains organization of all accessories and sandpapers
  • Includes a beveling work table, five throat plates, four rubber sanding drums, one belt sanding attachment and six pieces of 80-grit sandpaper (one for each size spindle/belt)

Convenient for Beginners: Grizzly G1015 Knife Belt Sander Review

Grizzly G1015 Knife Belt Sander
  • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
  • Although we call this a -Inch Knife Belt Sander -Inch it is actually a very versatile sander with many different woodworking uses
  • Auxiliary arbor accepts buffing wheels sanding drums or flap wheels
  • Belt can be changed in seconds with quick-release mechanism

Top Light Duty Option: POWERTEC BD1030 Review

238 Reviews
  • Powerful 1/3HP Induction motor for optimum sanding outcome
  • Adjustable belt tracking ensures true alignment
  • Removable back plate facilitate sanding on curved or irregularly shaped work
  • 0 Degree - 45 Degree tilting table for precise angle sanding
  • Rubber feet absorb vibrations for stability

Versatile Model: Palmgren 81061 Review

Palmgren 81061
282 Reviews
Palmgren 81061
  • 1/3 HP, 120/240VAC motor, 3.5/1.75 amp, 3500 RPM
  • 2-Inch x 42-Inch Belt speed 4400 SFPM
  • 6-Inch PSA abrasive disc, 3500 RPM
  • Belt arm operates vertically and horizontally

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need to Know about the Best Benchtop Belt Sander

How to Choose the Best Benchtop Belt Sander?


How to Choose the Best Benchtop Belt Sander

The motor power of a bench belt sander ranges in between 1 to 6 amps. If you want a belt sander for light to medium work, then invest in a 4 amps’ power sander. But if you need a bench belt sander for metal, then opt for the one with 6 amps’ power.


The base of the benchtop belt sander must be made of good quality material. The base should have a tilting work table and also a bevel gauge. These features will help you remove the material from stock at any angle.

Belt Size and Speed

The belt size is an important factor while choosing the best benchtop belt sander. The ideal size that our experts suggest is a belt that is 18 inches long and 3 inches wide.

We suggest you invest in the speed of either 1,500 RPM or 2,300 SFPM. But a wiser decision will be to invest in a variable speed benchtop belt sander as it is more versatile.

Dust Collection System

An effective dust collection system is highly important. According to the best benchtop belt sander reviews, it is claimed that the dust produced by a sander while woodworking can cause multiple diseases especially those related to the lungs. Therefore, you must invest in a good bench belt disc sander.


It’s always good to invest in a product that can perform versatile jobs. The best sander that can do versatile works is one with a vertical disc. It helps you to carve sharp edges, shape a point and sand like a pro.

Brands to Know

Brands to Know

We have shortlisted for you a few well-known brands who deliver their best according to the best benchtop belt sander 2021 rating.

Makita is a brand with its headquarter in Japan that manufactures the best sander for removing paint and woodworking.

Wen is well-known since 1951 for delivering the best tools. It manufactures high-quality bench mounted belt sander.

Other good brands include Grizzly, BLACK+DECKER, Bucktool and Rockwell.

Best Benchtop Belt Sander Types

  • Stationary: Stationary belt sander stays fixed mounted on a tabletop. It is usually three feet long and 4” wide. In this, the work-piece is brought to the sander for sanding.
  • Portable: Portable belt sander can be carried till where the cord extends. Choose a secure workplace while using this. Unlike the stationary sander, the portable sander has to be presented to the work-piece.

Benchtop Belt Sander Safety Tips

Benchtop Belt Sander Safety Tips
  • Learn how to properly use a belt sander.
  • Use safety goggles and also a protective face shield while working.
  • Wear a specialised dust respirator mask to avoid breathing issues.
  • Cut off the power supply before making any adjustments or changing the belt.
  • Keep a distance from the sanding belt while working.
  • Clean the motors at a regular interval.

Best Benchtop Belt Sander FAQ

What is the Purpose of Benchtop Belt Sander?

A benchtop belt sander helps in shaping, sanding and finishing either wooden or metal work-pieces. The work done by the benchtop depends on the speed too. You must be careful while choosing the speed of the sander. Bench belt sander reviews show that quicker rotations remove a desired amount of metal in lesser time.

Can I Place a Bench Sander on Any Surface?

Best Benchtop Belt Sander Types

Yes, you can place it on any surface but make sure that the surface is regular and is strong enough to bear the vibration. If you invest in a base, then buy a strong one. A weaker base will require multiple repairs. Strong base or benchtop also ensures your safety. If you are a beginner, then we do suggest you invest in a base and not try working on any random surface.

Can I Use a Bench Sander Indoors?

You can use it indoors only if you are comfortable with the dust that will spread everywhere. We suggest you invest in a vacuum attachment when using the sander indoors. Disc sanders come with the best dust ports. We advise you to invest in a feature like an adjustable dust shoot too. That will help you decide the direction of the dust port.

What Kind of Materials Can I Run through My Bench Sander?

You can run through your bench sander wooden materials and non-ferrous metals. But remember that non-ferrous metals often clog the grinding wheels. Clogging of the grinding wheels prevents you from sanding soft metal later. So, if you want a sander for soft metals, then do not use it on non-ferrous metals.

Verdict and Our Recommendation for 2021

We hope that this article was able to give you a clear picture of the best benchtop sander that you need to buy for yourself. Do visit homemakerguide.com to find the best benchtop belt sander 2021. Their genuine product reviews will help you find the best product on the market.

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