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Finding The Best Bidet Toilet Seat In 2022

Last Updated: 06 June 2022

Did you know that 57 toilet tissue sheets are used on average every single day by a single person? We don’t even want to do the math and figure out how much a city or a state uses in toilet paper per day. Toilet is one of the commodities we take for granted and this really shouldn’t be the case due to the clear correlation it has to deforestation. But there is a solution and we can all benefit from it and remove the need for toilet paper altogether. The bidet toilet seat keeps you clean without wasting any toilet paper and it does not cause any immediate discomfort like the toilet paper does.

We understand that bidets are a large unit and it is a strong possibility that your bathroom simply cannot accommodate a unit that size. Or maybe you aren’t willing to shell out the price asked by the bidet manufacturers. And those two reasons are the main reasons for which the top rated bidet toilet seat can be found in the market right now. The demand is high and the supply is just starting to build up. We are very aware of how difficult it is to choose the best bidet toilet seat 2022 and this article was created in order to aid you in the selection. Below you will find out bidet toilet seat reviews.

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How Do I Know What Size Bidet Toilet Seat to Buy

TOP 10 Best Bidet Toilet Seat: Comparison Chart

Best Overall: ALPHA BIDET Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat Review

The first entry on our list comes from ALPHA JX with their elongated bidet toilet seat. It has a wide array of features and can perform most tasks required out of a bidet toilet seat. The water heater comes with an on-demand feature because it does not have a water tank and can provide warm water whenever prompted. The bidet itself is almost invisible due to the super slim design and the fact that it does not produce any sound.

ALPHA JX are one of the few home bidet toilet seat manufacturers that can claim that they have over a decade experience. The luxury model JX represents all that experience placed into one product and it shows.

Why We Like It

  • White LED light that can be used during nighttime
  • Very straightforward way of using the unit with a included remote control bidet toilet seat
  • The unit can self clean making it highly hygienic
  • Aluminum water nozzle that can perform both a rear wash and a feminine wash from the front
Best Value For Money: SmartBidet Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets Review

While it didn’t secure the first place on our list the SmartBidet SB-2000 does offer the best value for money from all the toilet seat bidets we are featuring because it has the best bidet toilet seat attachment. This is due to the plethora of features and the quality of the product all the while maintaining an accessible price. There are 3 different wash functions that all benefit from osculation: her front and back and his back. The water pressure can be adjusted on five different levels while the temperature can be adjusted on three different levels.

Installing the electronic bidet toilet seat takes but a few minutes and it offers unparalleled levels of hygiene and comfort. The design is highly appealing and makes the unit blend in with the bathroom design while maintaining an affordable price tag.

Why We Like It

  • There different heating levels available for the seat
  • 5 levels available on the warm air dryer
  • Energy saving mode available
  • The product installation is very simple and you do not need to call a professional for the task
Best First Time Purchase: TOTO Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat Review

The next entry on our list comes from TOTO with the SW2034#01 model that has all the prerequisites to be the perfect entry level purchase for users that are just now trying out bidet toilet seats. The water cleanse is designed to ensure that it offers perfect results for both men and women due to their front and rear cleanse. The heated seat coupled with the warn air dryer complete the mandatory elements of a top notch bidet toilet seat.

The luxury electric bidet toilet seat plays a great role in continuously improving the atmosphere and in turn offering a much needed quality of life improvement. Toilet paper will become a thing of the past with this toilet seat bidet installed.

Why We Like It

  • The mounting hardware is included and the parts required to install the water connection are also within the delivery package
  • The water supply within the toilet is put to use via the misting feature and the bowl will be perfectly clean and sanitized
  • The wand comes with a self-cleaning function both inside and outside
Best Bio Feature: BioBidet Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat Review

What sets apart the BioBidet Ultimate model from the previous entry on our list is their dedication to providing a product that is eco friendly. Energy star mode will greatly diminish the electricity required to operate the unit and toilet paper will not be required anymore. These are two great features that will have a positive impact on the environment. And to ensure that there will be no issues with the unit they have also included a 2 year limited warranty for their bio bidet toilet seat that covers manufacture and another 2 year warranty that covers the parts and labor.

Great price tag that incorporates a bidet feature while also having the added feature of having a heated seat. Installing the unit onto the toilet should be fairly accessible even to individuals that are not familiar with DIY projects.


  • Dual nozzle making the unit the perfect fit for a family – due to the posterior and frontal was feature.
  • Comfort is streamlined due to the heated seat that comes with an adjustable range
  • Pulsating massage feature powered by bubble infusion
  • The lid has a slow closing feature in order to avoid any unpleasant issues


  • The dryer while it does function properly also has some blind spots. This will force you to use a limited amount of toilet paper from time to time.
Best Electronic Heated Seat: SmartBidet Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets Review

The SmartBidet puts on the market the SB-1000 model that has one of the most advanced heating systems for the toilet seat. Just as we got used to all the models that we have featured on the list so far you can expect a self-cleaning nozzle and is capable of functioning from three angles – her front, her back and his back. 5 different adjustable levels on the warm air dryer completely remove the need for toilet paper. The unit goes into energy saving mode when it is not in use.

The unit is so easy to install and has an acceptable price tag that you just can’t pass it up if you take into consideration all the features it has and the convenience it brings.


  • Skin sensor incorporated capable of recognizing when someone is seated on the toilet and proceeds to heat the seat accordingly.
  • Warm dry air completes the process
  • Installation can be done in a straightforward fashion
  • The whole array of operations can be controlled by remote control


  • Due to the nature of the interaction between heat and plastic over extended periods of time there have been reports that the toilet seat will slowly begin to slide to the sides
Best High End: TOTO Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with EWATER+ Review

The toilet seat bidet from TOTO stands out from the items that we have featured so far due to a larger array of tasks it can perform and the fact that it has the best bidet toilet seat attachment available. The lid has an auto-open and auto-close function that we did not encounter on other previous models. On top of this innovative touch we can observe a nightlight that has the purpose of improving the bathroom visit. Warm air dryer coupled with an automatic air freshener complete this luxury gadget that is a great choice for a future purchase.

The TOTO bidet toilet seat can be a great addition to any bathroom design and it will complement and blend without any issues. The elongated model that comes in the cotton white colorway simply has a luxurious look to it.


  • EWATER+ patented process that effectively cleanses the toilet bowl after usage
  • Quick installation that can be done by someone with no experience in the field
  • Designed with people that low mobility in mind
  • Comfortable and user-friendly control panel


  • As you have probably guessed by now the only downside to the TOTO toilet seat bidet is the larger than average price tag. However, as far as we are concerned it is worth every penny
Best Design : TOTO Electronic Elongadet Bidet Toilet Seat Review

The younger brother of the previous TOTO unit we have featured the SW2044 holds its own ground. It comes equipped with a highly useful remote control that can either be moved around the house or can be wall-mounted close to the smart bidet toilet seat. The remote control allows you to personalize the entire process based on your needs offering a great versatility. The SoftClose lid is designed so that slamming will need to take place. Purchase the SW2044 will translate into an immediate upgrade to your current bathroom setup by adding unparalleled innovation and state of the art technology.

The simple streamlined design coupled with the accent placed on ecology make this luxury bidet a wise purchase. The WASHLET comes with the guarantee that toilet paper will not be wasted from the purchase onwards.


  • The unit is elongated and has the option to be mounted while also having the hardware required to perform the connection
  • Heat seat, warm air dryer and instant air freshener after use are all expected features for such a high performance unit
  • The want has self cleaning capabilities


  • The issue with this unit is a little bit embarrassing. The warm water bidet toilet seat will only supply hot water for about 30 seconds and afterwards it will turn cold
Best Fit For Northern American Bathrooms: Brondell Bidet Toilet Seat with Oscillating Stainless-Steel Nozzle Review

Brondell Swash SE400 comes recommended due to its manufacture in the US and the fact that it embraced and adapted to the North American market like no other product on our list. And exactly this attention to detail and acute awareness of the toilets within the US make it so that its sleek design and the calculated shape match perfectly with the surroundings. A hidden button can be found that is actually a storage room that doubles as a mask for the water and power outlets within the heated bidet toilet seat.

The functions are exceeding the budget allocated for this unit which makes it a great purchase. The seat lid due to the fact that several mechanisms are incorporated within can be used as a stool when performing some tasks in the bathroom.


  • Intuitive features that are user friendly
  • Read and front washes can be performed
  • Advances features while still maintaining a budget price
  • Maximum hygiene and durability are a guarantee


  • The heating unit that comes with a tank will encounter issues when it comes to maintaining the water temperature for longer periods of time
Best Warranty: Brondell Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat Review

We introduce on our list the second entry from Brondell, a company that drew its inspiration from the Japanese bidet toilet seat industry. And this product comes with all the features you could ask from a state of the art toilet seat bidet. The water tankless water heater provides an uninterrupted stream of hot water upon request, the seat becomes heated once it is in use and the air dryer is highly effective at removing all moisture. All these features and the unit is still incredibly easy to install and can be done without having any prior handyman experience.

You know how that say that you cannot understand something until it happens to you? When it comes to this bidet it couldn’t be more relevant. You need to try it to be able to comprehend the difference it can make.


  • Improved hygiene without having to replace your toilet
  • Cost effective due to the fact that spending on toilet paper will not be mandatory
  • The Swash 1400 is guaranteed by a warranty for a period of 3 years
  • Deodorizer included and can be replaced when depleted


  • The upgrades on the unit are not so substantial if we keep in mind the previous model. The price tag however is somewhat larger
Best Manual Unit: Kohler Elongated Manual Bidet Toilet Seat Review

The only reason the toilet seat bidet from Kohler is last one on our list is due to the fact that it has to be manually operated in order to function making it the only non electric bidet toilet seat. However, as far as we are concerned this is an advantage not only because of the considerably lower price but also due to the fact that you won’t need to use batteries or make sure that there is an energy outlet in your bathroom. The handle is conveniently located on the side of the seat and after each use the wand will automatically self clean with this non electric bidet toilet seat attachment.

If you want an affordable bidet toilet seat and you do not mind operating a lever to make it work than the Kohler K-5724-0 might just be the perfect match for you.


  • The unit can be attached quickly and makes for a straightforward installation
  • The hinges on the sides enable you to remove the unit without using any tools
  • Once removed the bidet seat can be cleaned on all sides
  • Both elongated and round bidet toilet seat models are available


  • None

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need to Know About the Best Bidet Toilet Seat

Can you add a bidet to a regular toilet?

Can you add a bidet to a regular toilet

Bidet toilet seats are designed to be attached to all the common toilet set designs out there. The important aspect you need to consider when purchasing a bidet toilet seat is if your toilet has an elongated design or a round one. Most products we have featured on our bidet toilet seat reviews list can be mounted on either toilet variant.

Bidet Toilet Seat Benefits

The most obvious benefit that stands out is the fact that you won’t need to purchase toilet paper ever again. And it’s not just about the money, there’s also an eco conscious element that should weight heavy in the decision balance. The other benefit will require you to experience the product in order to fully understand its effectiveness. However, we strongly recommend such a product after having experienced its true potential.

How Do I Know What Size Bidet Toilet Seat to Buy

This might come as a surprise but figuring out the size required for your bidet toilet seat is actually a very simple task. All you need to consider is if you have an elongated or a round toilet. With that out of the way you will only need to make sure that you order the bidet toilet seat that fits on the design you have at home.

Does a Bidet Toilet Seat Require a Hot Water Connection?

No, they do not. A hot water connection is not needed because toilet seat bides come equipped with a water heater. Most of the time it is a tankless water heater that means you can receive hot water on demand. There are some models that have a small tank attached to them that heat and store the water within as a bidet attachment. Just make sure that there is a working water outlet close to the toilet but that should not be an issue.

How to Choose the Best Bidet Toilet Seat

How to Choose the Best Bidet Toilet Seat


The size of the toilet greatly dictates the range of size available for bidet toilet seats. Due to that very reason you can expect little wiggle room between models. The elongated model hovers anywhere between 11.5 by 8.5inches give or take half an inch on each measurement. The round models dimensions lay somewhere between 9.5 by 8 inches. The variable dimension range will not affect the installation of the unit or what bidet attachments you could add.


The bidet toilet seat market has grown to be highly competitive in recent years due to the abrupt increase in demand. This lead manufactures to be forced to use the highest quality materials in order to remain competitive. You can expect anything from plastic to aluminum and steel and different variables of these materials.

Number of Nozzles

If the toilet seat bidet you are considering for a purchase only has one nozzle look away. The toilet seat bidet you will purchase must have two nozzles. The purpose of the nozzles is to spray water and perform the cleaning. One of the nozzles is directed at the rear and the other one is front facing. If a bidet does not have a front facing nozzle it means that ladies will be unable to benefit from the product.



As a rule of thumb an elongated toilet bowl has about two inches over the round variant. The purpose of adding these two inches is to increase the target area and to minimize drip. If we were to make a bidet toilet seat comparison between the elongated and round models the elongated model would score better.


The round toilet seat model is slowly fading away due to the inherent flaws it has. The target size is narrow and splashing is a common occurrence. This makes it much less sanitary than its elongated counterpart.


Remote Control
Remote Control

The remote control is meant to improve user satisfaction and increase accessibility. It mirrors all the functions available on the control panel but enables you to perform them from a distance.

UV Lights

Most models that we have featured on our list have a variant of UV light available. This can come in handy during the night and it also happens to look great. A black bidet toilet seat UV light scheme can also be purchased although it is harder to find.


The toilet seat bidet has a heating function that warms up the seat prior to usage. This makes so that you won’t have to deal with the horror of placing your nether regions on a cold and unpleasant surface. This can be remote control so that the seat is warm and ready for when you need to hand business.


A hot air dryer is installed in the same region as the nozzle without overlapping. The role of the drying unit is to remove moisture and eliminate the need for toilet paper. If you however prefer to use a bidet toilet seat without a drying function then you will be very interested in our article about the best toilet paper.


Just like for a normal toilet the bidet toilet seats come equipped with an deodorizer. You can either activate it manually as needed or it will trigger itself after the drying process has finishes

Ease of Installation

This topic is paramount when it comes to purchasing home equipment and hardware. We have some good news on the subject. You can expect the whole installation process of a bidet toilet seat to be simple, straightforward and not time consuming. Anyone can do it just by following the instructions. It’s like following the instructions on how to plunge a toilet. Put it in and press.


When it comes to price you either want to stay in a strict budget and you will select the best option suitable for you or you want the best product available. You can find various price ranges within our article starting from the low priced manual bidet toilet seat from Kohler or the luxury products from Brondell and their bidet toilet seat with dryer. We have only featured products that are optimal when it comes to value for money.

Best Bidet Toilet Seat Types


Electric Toilet Seat

Electric toilet seat bides perform all their tasks automatically using electricity. It’s highly convenient and all you need to do is relax and let it perform. You do need to change the batteries once in awhile or have a power plug located nearby.


Non-electric units are operated by a lever and perform their functions when said lever is activated. While not as convenient as their electric counterpart you do save on energy and you do not need to have spare batteries on hand. Another important aspect regarding the non-electrical variant is that it can turn into a portable bidet toilet seat due to the simplicity of its installment. You might run into a minor but sometimes infuriating issue with the non-electric bidet toilet seat. The bowl will sometimes not remain spotless after use like with the other models. However, we have you covered on this matter and you can consult our best toilet bowl cleaner article to get new info.

Verdict and Our Recommendations for 2022

Believe it or not since the start of 2022 there have been quite a few major products that have hit the shelves. The current review list is updated to reflect the current market offer. We have received a raving review from our editor on ALPHA BIDET Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat and upon further inspection and comparison we realized that it really deserved to be crowned the best rated bidet toilet seat. If you currently own an elongated toilet then we see absolutely no valid reason not to purchase this unit. And if you have a round toilet? Then we suggest you go ahead and purchase an elongated toilet just to accommodate this unit because it is that good. Everyone at HandyHomeMaster, including our editors, hopes that this article will prove to be handy and that you now have a better understanding of what needs to be considered and what makes a bidet the best bidet toilet seat 2022.

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It greatly depends on the model and how many features it has but the good news is that you do not need to be a plumber to get the work done. Just read the DIY installation manual that can be found within the packaging for all models and follow the instructions. You should be done in an hour tops and your automatic bidet toilet seat will be ready to be put to use.
Straightforward and intuitive is the name of the game. First things first you will need to do your business. Once you are done browsing Facebook and it's time to go on with your day, this when the battery operated bidet toilet seat kicks in. You can either press the wash button on the control panel or use the remote control if available. Now you enjoy the experience and adjust the settings to best fit your needs. After that its dry off time – if your unit has a warm air dryer you won’t even need to stand up. And that’s it, from start to finish an enjoyable effort free experience.
Due to its nature the best bidet toilet seat can only be returned or exchanged if it is still in the packaging. The risks associated with such home appliances make it impossible for the manufacturer to resell the item therefore returns are not allowed. If something however stops malfunctioning and your unit is still in warranty then that can be fixed or you will receive a new unit.
How We Tested
As you probably know if you have read some of our other articles we make it our mission to make sure that we thoroughly put what we review to the test. We wouldn’t dare to offer you information that we have not gained by having the actual product and testing it. This is why we use our editors, or as we like to call them guinea pigs, and we supply them each with one of the products in the list. We understand that it is hard to compare when you only get to experience one of the products but that’s where we come in. We objectively collect all the information from them and we put all the products face to face in a severe comparison. Once we have figured out the best product and the ones that follow we go right ahead and write up this article so that you can benefit from our tests and comparisons.
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