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Best Bluetooth FM Transmitter for a Car?

Last Updated: 06 June 2022

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Are you looking for a hands-free Bluetooth adapter that you can put into an old car that doesn’t have Bluetooth? Do you want to do that via just a simple cigarette lighter? I’ve got one here that I’ll review. Hopefully, this will help somebody! I got mine for Christmas, and I’ll write an in-depth review because I’ve been using it and I’ve been really liking it. First of all, I have this device right here so I can take it to step by step. I’ve got a cord, and it’s got two ports in there to let you power up your devices if you need to charge your phone or whatever, which I really like. It’s a 2.4 amp, and then this is a QC 3.0.


I don’t know what that means, I believe that that’s the faster-charging port though. There is a single cigarette lighter plug right there. Moreover, this is considered a car wireless mp3 device, and it’s made by Sumind. It’s an FM transmitter, so basically you plug this into your cigarette lighter, and then you Bluetooth it to your phone and the Bluetooth connects every time. I’ve never had a problem with it – whenever I start the car the thing says ‘waiting for pairing’ and then it’ll say ‘paired’ whenever it’s paired, and then you just tune it to the radio station using the little buttons on the side. You can tune in on the same radio station that pulls the signal from the FM transmitter and then you can use it mainly with music apps and podcasts.

It works great with the Apple iPhone podcasts app, and they’re great, I haven’t had any problems. The transmitter does accept calls too, so if you’re getting a call and you want to have your call come through Bluetooth speakers, it does have a little hole right there. If you look closely, you’ll see that right there is a tiny microphone and so that way you can go hands-free calling. It’ll light up, you press the button, and then that’ll get the voice going through it. It will pipe it in through your car speakers, which is super cool. I really like that! All in all, it is a great device – you can also use this volume adjustment. I just leave it at whatever the default is, and I use my car’s stereo to turn up the volume up and down.


I will note this is probably more on the podcast side, but some of the podcasts that I listen to are not loud. Maybe whenever they record the podcasts, the volume is low or just the volume comes low in my car. Therefore, I have to turn it up kind of loud to be able to hear podcasts, but music is a little bit different for some reason. It works great, it’s also got small skip buttons there so if you want to skip between your songs or your podcast you can click the buttons right there. They allow you to skip forward or move back or whatever.

If you have the product, you can go ahead and plug it in, and you can hear what it says whenever it’s pairing and all that. Let me plug in the phone, so I can continue with the review.

When you hit ‘play’ soon, you hear that it’s kind of low in the beginning. You need to turn it up right there. You can pause it using another button right there and like I was saying there’s a little dial to turn up and down the volume. Then, if you want to skip, you can jump right there, and this changes your radio station up and down the frequency line. So I got mine to 107.7, and that’s how it hypes through. I have a 2010 Honda Accord, and it works great in there it should work with any car as long as it’s got a radio in it so definitely recommend it!


I want to say it was about 20 bucks or so. It’s relatively inexpensive, and it does a great job if you’re going to listen to podcasts and music in your car. I would say the quality is pretty decent and it seems very durable. All in all, it does a fantastic job, and I really recommend it!

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