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Finding The Best Brush Cutter For Small Trees On The Market

Last Updated: 15 June 2021

When you live in a beautiful country house, it will look much better surrounded by a well-groomed territory. To equip the area around the house with a neat lawn, trim the bushes and trees evenly, or curly you need the best brush cutter for small trees. This useful tool will help to decorate the territory around your mansion and will make it nice-looking. Why do you need this brush cutter? Mainly because it is small, durable, and able to trim in places that are inaccessible to a lawnmower. But before buying this tool you need to get acquainted with all different types of trimmers. So, the information below should be very helpful for everyone, who takes care of the garden.

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Best Brush Cutter For Small Trees
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Top 5 Best Brush Cutters For Small Trees: Comparison Table

Best Overall: Top Blade - TrimmerPlus BC720 Review

TrimmerPlus BC720
  • Straight shaft design: pro-style design allows for easy trimming under shrubs and low branches
  • 4-Tip Steel blade: reversible blade with cutoff guard gives it power to slice through heavy brush
  • Included J-bar and shoulder strap: added features for easier use and more control during your yard job
  • : 2-year limited
  • Compatibility: fits Attachment capable Units from Troy-Belt, Remington, Craftsman, yard machines, yardman, Snapper, Bolens, Murray, Ryobi, Green works, Kobalt and most other major brands. Inner coupler tube Diameter: 1. 65-Inches. Drive Shaft connector: Square shape, 1/5”, Female

Hardworking Design: Great Versatility - Husqvarna 128LD Review

Husqvarna 128LD
  • Features a 28cc 2-cycle engine which powers the 17 inch (cutting width) trimmer head
  • Trimmer engine runs on a mixture of unleaded gas and 2-cycle oil (2. 6 oz bottle is included, see bottle for mixing instructions)
  • Easily release new trimmer line as you work by tapping the trimmer head against the grass to activate the Tap 'N Go line release feature
  • Have no worries when it is time to replace the trimmer line - the T25 trimmer head is designed for simple and easy line reloading
  • A translucent fuel tank allows you to visually monitor your fuel level as you work

Great Precision: WORX 20V Cordless Grass Trimmer Review

WORX 20V Cordless Grass Trimmer
  • No-Load Speed 7600/min.Cutting Diameter 12 inches .Line Diameter 0.065 inches

For Beginners: BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX String Trimmer Review

Powerful: Blue Max 52623 Extreme Duty 2-Cycle Dual Line Trimmer and Brush Cutter Review

Blue Max 52623 Extreme Duty 2-Cycle Dual Line Trimmer and Brush Cutter
  • 2 in 1 Brush Cutter/Trimmer
  • 2-stroke, recoil starting system
  • Anti-vibe handles.Straight Shaft. Features : Antivibration, Attachment Capable
  • Ultra lightweight dual spool head.Note: Correct position is with the lever in the “on” to start and the “off” to run
  • Product Weight (lb):17. Refer instruction manual before use.

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need To Know About The Brush Cutter For Small Trees

Main Benefits of the Best Brush Cutter for Small Trees

The best brush cutter for small trees works where the lawnmower can’t be used. Small areas of grass, hard-to-reach areas, the edges of lawns, flower beds that border the fence, the grass around trees, poles. All this is the territory of brush cutters. Depending on their type and power, they are ready to cope with different tasks of maintaining landscape design.

Compared to classic lawn mowers, these tools have their advantages:

Main Benefits of the Best Brush Cutter for Small Trees
  • compact design;
  • exceptional mobility;
  • operation in hard to reach areas;
  • economical consumption of gasoline or electricity;
  • low level of noise;
  • lightweight;
  • affordable price.

Thanks to these qualities, the trimmer of this type are considered to be the most rational assistant of the gardener.

Tips for Buying the Best Brush Cutter for Small Trees

If you have already decided that it is the brush cutter that suits your goals, then follow the tips below that will help to make the right choice:


If you are choosing the tool for large areas, prefer the best heavy-duty brush cutter with a power of 1000 watts. For a small territory around the cottage, choose models with an engine of about 500 watts or even less.


This parameter also depends on the area. For most models on sale, it ranges from 20 mm to 55 mm.

Protective Functions

Modern brush cutters for small trees are often equipped with systems that prevent the machine from jamming and overheating. If you are going to cut the grass on the large area at once, choose gas-powered models with the protection from overheating.

Engine Location

The lower location is more common – the engine here is usually lighter in weight. However, the top arrangement of the motor gives other advantages. The most important one is the ability to work with grass of high humidity and high height. Also, such tools provide a large mowing width.

Ergonomic Handles

Handles of the best walk behind brush cutter always make sense. The tools equipped with ergonomic handles won’t get you tired. Also, pay attention to the presence of soft padding cushions. A good example to consider will be Blue Max 52623 Extreme Duty 2-Cycle Dual Line Trimmer and Brush Cutter.

Cutting Systems

As a working body the modern cutting tools may use the following tools:

  • Spool with fishing line
  • Plastic blades
  • Steel blades
  • Circular blades

The best brush cutter blade for small trees is made of steel. It perfectly copes with the thickest bushes. A good model to consider is the TrimmerPlus BC720. Another example of the blade to consider is circular. It is similar to a circular saw blade and can cope not only with the thickest grass but also with fairly dense branches of small trees.

Types of Brush Cutters for Small Trees

Today it is possible to choose between a wide variety of brush cutters. They can be electric and gas-powered. Both types have their pros and cons and we will see what they are below.

Gas-Powered Brush Cutters

Many mansion owners do not want to think about which brush cutter is better, so they prefer gas-powered models, and there are reasons for this. The advantages of gas mowers include the following qualities:

  • Powerful engine, which easily copes with any grass, but with small trees as well. This is very important for those who grow some berry bushes in the yard.
  • The best brush cutter blade easily copes with any task.
  • Autonomous power makes gasoline trimmers mobile, not tied to housing or electric power sources.
  • Most models are equipped with universal fasteners for cutting and other types of mechanisms.
  • At the same time, even the most popular gas-powered models have their negative characteristics:
  • It is always necessary to have a spare canister of gas because it can often and suddenly end.
  • Experts do not recommend using a gasoline tool for cutting wet trees since moisture is harmful to this equipment.
  • Fans of a comfortable stay will be unhappy with the loud noise made by the gasoline engine. It bursts so hard that you need to work with it in earplugs.

Still, if you need the best heavy duty brush cutter, choose between several gas-powered models. They are always more powerful despite a loud noise. A good example of such tools will be a Husqvarna 336FR. This model is not too expensive, but it can perform numerous tasks in the garden.

Electric Brush Cutters

Electric brush cutters also have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s describe their positive characteristics first:

Electric Brush Cutters
  • Even the best professional brush cutter, which is electric, produces less noise than any gas-powered tool. So when working with an electric tool in the early morning, you will not wake your neighbors.
  • An electric cutting tool does not require fuel for work. It will be the best choice for people who want to breathe fresh air in the countryside.
  • The tool is not heavy, so women can work with it. Besides, light trimmers are more maneuverable.

If you choose a model with an upper engine like Husqvarna 128LD, you can mow the wet grass.

There are also some drawbacks of electric models, which are the following:

  • Such tools tend to overheat, that’s why it is necessary to stop working from time to time and let the tool cool down.
  • Be ready to depend on the length of the electric wire. When the area on which it is necessary to mow the grass is located at a considerable distance from the house, a problem arises. In these cases, the use of a cordless tool is more convenient.

Final Word

Now you understand all the specifics of choosing the best brush cutter for small trees and will be able to buy the ideal option for your purposes. We at homemakerguide believe it doesn’t matter, which model you prefer, it should be from a reputable brand. In this case, you will protect yourself from possible problems that may occur. Good luck and let your backyard shine of beauty.

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