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Last Updated: 15 June 2021

You bought the sleeping bag that you dreamed of for several years. Its fresh, synthetic smell drives you crazy, and you pack it ten or twenty times a day, carefully examining its zippers, pockets, and puffs. But when you try it on yourself, you find one funny detail: a pillow is not provided in a sleeping bag. You’re in a panic. What to do: buy the best camping pillow or make the best camping pillow with your own hands?

Let’s get this out of the way; we are not here to tell you how to sleep better: with the best camping pillow or without it, in which unbelievable positions the spine bends and which smelling salts must be taken at bedtime to forget about the cushion, etc. This article is for those who sleep with a headrest and wants to sleep with it both at home and on a camping trip. So, let's look at the best camping pillow models available on the market.

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Best Camping Pillow


The best camping pillow is absolutely essential for comfortable sleep. However, this item can also be used for other purposes – each type of cushion has a specific function. They can be classified according to several criteria: form, material, content, functionality. Depending on these properties and after reading a camping pillow review, select the product you need. Accordingly, such camping accessories can be divided into several types.


An inflatable camping pillow is the brightest and most convenient representative of sleeping means for tourism. Its greatest advantage is that in its flat form it is the size of a thin wallet, and sometimes even smaller. It is inflated with the mouth, without the help of additional pumps and provides a comfortable and healthy sleep. In the morning will have gone down, hidden away in a backpack for the next night.

Inflatable models are made of durable, soft-touch material, which is pleasant to touch. The fabric is completely hypoallergenic and doesn’t cause irritation in children or people with sensitive skin. The light model can be folded compactly, inflated literally with a few breaths, and has a soft embossing in the face area.

Teton Sports Camp Pillow

Compressible Foam

Such models can be compressed or rolled into small packages. They are inflated rather quickly as soon as you need them to sleep. They occupy a small space if they are compressed, but they may be heavier than the previous type.


This type is ideal for tents and RV camping when you don’t need to hike. They can be folded up to a smaller size, but they are still a bit bulky for a backpack.

Down or Poly-Fiber Filled

A down and poly-fiber camping pillow compresses better and returns to its original shape easily. It is also lightweight and the best choice for camping.

Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow Premium

Travel Pillow Case

While on hiking trips, when everything is carried in a backpack, cushions, as a separate item, are rarely taken. As a rule, hikers simply put a bundle of soft clothes under their head. Such a headrest doesn’t weigh anything since we carry these things in our backpack in any case, and it’s great that they have a second use. To prevent a pile of clothes from leaving, and having a cushion be a bit more pleasant to the touch, you can use a travel pillowcase.


When choosing the best travel pillow, attention should be paid to characteristics such as weight, compactness, and thermal insulation, all of which are important if you want a good night’s sleep.

A glorious tribe of tourists is a strong and friendly family that organizes trips through the valleys and hills, even climbs into the mountains and descends down fast rivers. These are hardy people capable of doing many things. Therefore, they need special equipment to get a good night’s rest, and the best camping pillow is a must-have.

The whole trip depends on what kind of sleep you get. If a person sleeps well, he or she will be full of energy. Everything will feel good, healthy, and balanced the next day. It is for this reason that the most successful people pay much attention to the choice of bedding, where the cushion plays the main role. And even if destiny did not smile at the person before, after choosing a suitable headrest good sleep can bring about changes for the better. So what are the main factors to consider when choosing a camping pillow?


How can you choose the right size for the best camping pillow?

Fitness Insanity Ultralight Inflating Camping Pillow
  • First, this bedding should not take up much space. Otherwise, it will be inconvenient for adopting a natural body position.
  • Second, it is necessary that the cushion is not lost during rest. People who turn over a lot at night may sleep worse because they move their heads from the pillow to the mattress. As a result, headaches can occur.
  • Finally, the height of the cushion affects the location of the body when a person is sleeping.

You need a model that provides you with ample head and neck support in a way that’s suitable for your head.


When you are traveling with your backpack, which is filled with different necessary things for camping, you don’t need to carry around any extra weight with you. That’s why it’s better to choose the lightest pillow possible.


Be sure to buy a product with the full warranty so you can easily alleviate any potential problems.


Rest should not be deprived of amenities and comfort; the best camping pillow will become your companion on a hike or road trip. It’s always convenient to use the best camping pillow on the way. The muscles of the neck and head need to relax and have a good rest after a busy day. It is also impossible to allow the head to lie on a cold stone or the ground at getting a good night’s sleep. A well-known American manufacturer of tourist equipment, Therm-a-Rest, offers you the ability to have a comfortable sleep while camping or in a car. The advantage of their best camping pillow is its excellent compressibility, which helps make room for other things in the backpack. In its unfolded state, this is a full-fledged pillow 10.1 cm thick, which perfectly supports the head, neck, and shoulders. The material of the top is polyester, and soft foam plays the role of filler. This model of the best camping pillow is suitable for machine wash, which is one of the main benefits of this product.

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When camping, you can hardly take along a bed, a soft cushion, or a warm blanket with you. However, the concept of rest includes a comfortable sleep. For a very comfortable rest while out in the wild, special travel mattresses, headrests, and other comfortable things have been invented.

The best camping pillow comes in different shapes and sizes. The most common at the moment can be considered the classic rectangular models and C-shaped. Sleeping with such a headrest is sweet and strong because the head is in the correct position. At the same time, safety and comfort reach a maximum level. The best camping pillow has a healing effect, which is another argument for why you should buy it. The travel product has the following characteristics, confirming its therapeutic effects:

  • Orthopedically correct form
  • Natural material
  • Pleasant density

Many people think of sleeping on the ground in completely different ways, and a couple of nights can be endured, putting your head just on the mattress without a camping pillow. Well, not even on the mattress, but with a hand under the head.

The idea is not quite sensible, however. In contrast to the warm home bed, the earth (surprise!) is solid, and the mattress does not remove this feeling. As a result, your head will be deeply uncomfortable, and your neck muscles will be numb, if not completely sore, in the morning. Put your hand under your head – it will come out of the hood, it will press down with your head to the ground, it will go numb and freeze (after all, you sleep in thermal underwear, as recommended, without any warm jackets). So we do not recommend sleeping without a cushion.

If the manufacturer does not provide any special instructions for its product, then you should wash it by hand. Pour liquid detergent into a large container with warm water. Stir the product, but do not foam it. Immerse the cushion into the water and hold for 15-20 minutes. Pull it out and press gently. Pour clean warm water into the tank and rinse the cushion. You need to rinse without unnecessary mechanical effects, but at the same time carefully. Not a single gram of detergent should remain. And that’s all; now you can start drying the cushion.

A camping pillow is used not only for trips to the great outdoors. They are often used by motorists and truckers during long road trips, as well as by travel enthusiasts. For many tourists, travel and camping pillows are interchangeable. But in reality, travel models are smaller, and if you can use the best camping pillow instead of a travel one, you shouldn’t use the latter as a camping cushion.

For a more comfortable and relaxed vacation, there are special camping headrests. All of them are distinguished by the fact that, when folded, they are compact enough and take up little space during transportation. What exactly to choose is rather a matter of personal preference. Some people like high and slightly stiffer camping pillows.

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