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Best Cordless Battery Powered Screwdriver Reviews: Consider Top Models 2021

Last Updated: 15 June 2021

Cordless Screwdrivers are machines that are used for commercial as well as domestic purposes. The different models and features available can be a little confusing. Therefore, for a more detailed understanding, this article has incorporated all the information you need before you buy the appliance. It is important to note that different brands have come up with useful and unique models.

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TOP 10 Best Battery Operated Screwdrivers : Comparison Chart

Best Overall : Ultimately Portable Lithium-ion Cordless Screwdriver - DEWALT DCF610S2

690 Reviews

The DEWALT DCF610S2 features a small form factor and lightweight body, allowing for amazing portability. It makes this model the best cordless screwdriver 2021 based on all the cordless screwdriver reviews out there. It comes in at only 6 and ¼ inches long, so you can fit it into tight spaces very easily, giving you that extra bit of flexibility. Moreover, it comes with 3 LED lights so you can still see what you are doing. The battery is a 12-volt lithium-ion pack with 1.1 Ah, and it only takes 30 minutes to charge. Moreover, the screwdriver delivers 160-unit-watt output, multiple torque and speed settings, a reverse option, as well as a belt-clip.

Overall, the biggest selling point of this cordless screwdriver is that it is very easy to carry around and use in tight spaces. The small form factor and LED lights really help when you work in cramped areas with low visibility.

Why We Like it?

  • 3-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Great price-quality ratio
  • Designed to last
  • Belt clip for extra portability

Powerful: Great Battery - NoCry 10 N.m Cordless Electric Screwdriver Review

NoCry 10 N.m Cordless Electric Screwdriver
2,183 Reviews
NoCry 10 N.m Cordless Electric Screwdriver

The WORKPRO Cordless Power Screwdriver is very easy to handle. It comes with an adjustable handle at 90 or 180 degrees so you can access tricky spaces without any hassle. It also comes with LED lights for better visibility as well as a USB charger so you can charge your screwdriver on-the-go. To top it all off, it has a forward and reverses switch for screw removal, as well as a spindle lock for manual screw and better control.

This automatic screwdriver is smaller compared to the one higher in the list, at the cost of certain flexibility. However, it is still a good option if you want a small form factor.

In short, this is the best electric screwdriver in its class. You can take on many projects at home without worrying about the versatility this cordless screwdriver provides. A screwdriver with an extra bit of flexibility for complicated tasks.

Why We Like It?

  • Small form factor
  • Affordable
  • Easy to recharge
  • A full refund or free replacement guarantee from the manufacturer

Best Small Form Factor Cordless Screwdriver : Milwaukee 2401-22 M12 Review

Milwaukee 2401-22 M12
718 Reviews
Milwaukee 2401-22 M12

The Milwaukee 2401-22 M12 boasts one-handed operation and textured grips for better handling. It is also very light, so prolonged use is not a problem. The LED lights help illuminate dark spaces, and there is also a light indicating current battery life. Its adjustable speed allows you better control over the tool, and it can do an impressive 500 RPM speed. The torque is at 100 in./lbs, which is very powerful for a cordless screwdriver this small. This is a great tool for a variety of DIY jobs — from assembling furniture to something as mundane as drilling a hole for a coat hook.

In all, this is a solid rechargeable screwdriver. It is a good starting option for many in-home projects as it can take on most, if not all, of them.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Has a battery fuel gauge
  • 1/4-inch hex chuck
  • Five-year warranty from the manufacturer

One of The Best Cordless Screwdrivers 2019 : WORX WX255L SD Review

2,182 Reviews

The WORX WX255L SD is the kind of tool that allows you to tackle many different projects in a short time. This model comes with screw-holder attachments so you can use it with only one hand because it holds screws in for you and catches them as they fall. The device comes with LED light, so you get that extra bit of flexibility in tight and poorly-lit spaces. Plus, the cartridge itself stores 6 bits, so you can have all the bits you need at hand and access them very easily.

This is probably the best cordless screwdriver to get if efficiency is the key. It supports the one-hand operation and other convenient features that allow you to work continuously.


  • Small form factor suitable for tight spaces
  • Powerful battery – 4V Lithium battery with up to 18 months of charge
  • Affordable
  • Simple, intuitive use


  • Only one speed setting
  • Integral battery – cannot be swapped

Best Versatile Cordless Screwdriver 2018 : TACKLIFE SDP50DC Review


The TACKLIFE SDP50DC is a special one. For one, it as a right angle adapter, which allows you to drill in screws in tight spaces at 90 degrees angle. It is lightweight, portable, easy to handle, and use. It comes with LED lights to help in low-visibility settings, is USB charging compatible, and has battery lights to let you know how much charge you still have left. Besides, the model is very compact and weighs only 1.9 pounds, which makes it a perfect fit even for inexperienced DIY makers.

In short, this cordless screwdriver is one of the best screwdrivers you can get on the market thanks to its added flexibility. Besides, this model offers the best cordless drill combo kit among others.


  • High speed at 200 RPM
  • Comes with 30psc driver bits
  • Convenient 1/4-inches chuck size
  • Has an anti-slip rubber cover


  • Integral battery – not swappable
  • No torque or speed adjustment

Simple Yet Effective: BLACK+DECKER 4V MAX BDCS20C Review

1,737 Reviews

The BLACK+DECKER (DCS20C) features a comfortable, no-slip grip and small form factor for ease of use. Its compact design allows you to perform operations in cramped spaces. It delivers a powerful 180 RPM and 35 in-lbs of torque, which is surprisingly powerful for a screwdriver this tiny. The battery is just as powerful with a lifespan of 3 to 5 years. The device also works from a direct plug and ensures easy access to tight places. For such a low-voltage model, DCS20C is surprisingly powerful.

In short, this lightweight cordless screwdriver is simple yet effective. It is versatile and capable of taking on many in-house projects with ease.


  • Quiet operation – you won’t wake your neighbors
  • 2-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Very affordable price


  • Integral battery – cannot be swapped
  • Torque and speed cannot be adjusted

Affordable: BLACK+DECKER 4V MAX BDCS50C Review


The BLACK+DECKER BDCS50C may look lackluster, but it packs in just as many features to make it a viable option. It has a rotating bit cartridge for easy access, a magnet for holding extra screws, and LED lights for better visibility. It delivers 180 RPM which is enough for many DIY tasks. Its compact size and minimal weight allow using this tool in tight places, which makes it a good fit for a variety of home projects. In short, this battery-operated screwdriver is the best starting option as it is the best cordless drill under 100. In fact, it is the best cordless drill under $50, making it stand out from every other auto screwdriver.


  • Long battery life
  • Works even on tough materials and tough-to-reach places
  • Affordable cost
  • Has a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer


  • A bit bulky
  • Not powerful enough for big jobs

Durable: Metabo HPT DB3DL2 Review

Metabo HPT DB3DL2
424 Reviews
Metabo HPT DB3DL2

The Metabo HPT DB3DL2 is just as versatile compared to everything on this list. It features an adjustable handle in two angles – 90 and 180 degrees, 21 clutch settings, and a drill setting for better control and precision. The tool has LED lights for better operation in dark spaces. It boasts a small form factor and is lightweight, allowing you to handle it with ease. The total weight of this tool is around one pound, which makes it a good fit even for inexperienced hands.

In short, this battery-powered screwdriver is a great starting option for novices who just got started on home DIY projects. It offers a wide range of flexibility, so you should have everything you need at hand.


  • Forward and reverse switch for screw removal
  • Adjustable clutch and drill settings
  • Sturdy 44 in. lbs torque motor
  • Up to 600 rpm drilling speed


  • Speed cannot be adjusted
  • A bit expensive

Huge Battery Life: TECCPO Cordless Screwdriver Review

TECCPO Cordless Screwdriver

By coming with a 2000 mAh battery, this cordless screwdriver ensures you will get at least 300 charges in its lifetime.

It has a quick charging sweet function that will make sure the charging process goes flawless and in no time. What we also appreciated about this model is the rubberized handle that has all the grip that you need in order to finish your project safely.

Thanks to its fast release chuck you will have an easy life when changing the solid connection and the bit.


  • Huge battery life
  • Versatile functions
  • LED torch on the bottom


  • It can only be charged by using a 4V USB adapter

Best 8v Cordless Mini Screwdriver 2020

DEWALT 8V MAX Cordless Screwdriver Kit, Gyroscopic
  • The cordless screwdriver features motion activation variable speed and reversing control for precise fastening control
  • Motion activated variable speed 0-430 rpm of the rechargeable screwdriver is made for fastening into wood, plastic, and light-gauge metal
  • The powered screwdriver allows illumination in confined areas without shadowing
  • Battery charge status on tool notifies when to charge packs
  • 1/4-inch hex allows for quick screwdriver bit change and holds 1-inch bit tips

Points to Keep in Mind Before You Buy a Cordless Screwdriver

The machine is favored by experts and professionals. This is because it has many unique features and advantages that minimize human effort and maximize productivity. We shall discuss some of those here

  • 1. Convenience
How Do Cordless Screwdriver Work

You cannot always use a corded device. Wires and cord restrict your movement. You cannot use corded appliances without a power supply. To understand better read some of the cordless screwdriver reviews on websites and articles.

  • 2. Ease of use

Small cordless drills/screwdrivers are usually lightweight and easy to carry. Therefore, it will not take a lot of effort to carry around these useful appliances.

  • 3. Multi-purpose

The machines can be used for different purposes. As mentioned above you can try out DIY projects with these handy tools.

  • 4. USB charge

Many models come with a USB charging option. This means that you can charge your rechargeable screwdriver with the help of a laptop or a computer. You will just require a USB cord and you can recharge the batteries wherever you want.

Is it Branded?


Dewalt cordless screwdrivers are sturdy and easy to control. These appliances allow you to renovate or modify your walls. The job is done within a few minutes and without wasting any extra energy. These cordless machines are heavy duty and you can carry it wherever you go without any trouble

Black and Decker

Black and Decker are one of the best screwdriver brands that manufacture and sell several types of tools that are used for heavy-duty work. You can trust Black and Decker cordless screwdrivers to do your job perfectly. They make tools that can be handled effortlessly but when it comes to performance, these machines are incredibly good.


The company joined the industry in 1924. Since then, Milwaukee Tools have manufactured several dependable and durable products. Milwaukee cordless screwdrivers are one of the best cordless screwdrivers for electricians in the market. Though the company is famous for its huge variety of products, the cordless screwdriver has won appreciation from all around the globe.


Bosch manufactures heavy-duty tools like best screwdrivers for electricians on an industrial level. The company is a well-known name among professionals and is widely loved for its reliable and sturdy products. Bosch cordless screwdrivers have completely revolutionized the industry and experts have become fans of the product.


The company makes the best cordless screwdriver and sells different types of appliances. You can find simple domestic appliances that are needed every day, as well as complex industrial tools that are dangerous and require training to operate. Lowes cordless screwdrivers are one of those tools that you should not be messing around with. The machine is powerful and can cause some serious damage if not handled carefully.

Size Securing Method of Chuck

Types of Screwdrivers

Selecting the right design is important when it comes to screwdrivers. A wrong design can completely damage your walls and you may have to do a lot of extra work to restore the damage. Before buying the appliance consider the frequency of use. Do you want to use the machine regularly, occasionally, or seldom? Companies manufacture different models some are for domestic use others are for industrial use. According to the nature of the work, the models will change. You may buy a straight, right-angled, or pistol electric screwdriver depending on your requirements.

How Powerful Should the Tool Be?

For screwdrivers, power is measured in volts. If you are wondering how much power should your driver have, we have an answer. Screwdrivers that have a 4 to the 6-volt range are best suited for domestic purposes. Tools below 3.6 volt may struggle with tougher materials. If you want some heavy-duty work around the house with a screwdriver, buy a machine that is a 12 volt cordless screwdriver and you are good to go. However, the heavy-duty tools often range from 120 volts to 240 volts. Read cordless screwdriver reviews if you want to know more.

High Versatility

What Battery Does the Tool Use?

Cordless screwdrivers usually have 3 types of batteries – lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries. If you use the device a lot invest in some of the best lithium-ion cordless screwdrivers. Cordless devices run on batteries therefore, you can pay extra attention to what batteries you are using and what the battery life is.

  • Simple Batteries
  • Some appliances use single AA batteries. These batteries are easy to find and have decent battery life. It is best for domestic use and lightweight drivers.

  • Batteries that Are Included in the Device

Built-in batteries can be recharged. Before using the appliance make sure you charge the batteries. The built-in type has a considerable amount of battery life. If you are someone who uses drivers regularly, go for built-in battery power screwdrivers

  • Replaceable and Removable Batteries

As the name suggests, these batteries can be removed from the device. You will find many models that use removable batteries.

Does the Tool Generate Enough Torque and Speed?

Chainsaw sharpening tricks

The Torque and speed are related to the power of the machine. The higher the power more will be the torque. The force of the machine and the tightening power is usually referred to as the torque. The speed and torque are 2 extremely important factors when it comes to buying the best cordless screwdrivers. Torque is denoted by the unit Newton Meters and speed is recorded with the help of the unit known as rotation per minute or RPM.

If you need quick results or if you are working on a surface that requires immense pressure make sure you invest in a good device that has high torque and speed. Powerful appliances may have torque as high as 20 Nm and a speed of 500 RPM.

Additional Attributes

When it comes to heavy-duty and versatile tools like screwdrivers, the list of available features is long and solid. Depending on what your needs are, several extra useful features are available in some cordless screwdriver sets. Options like Spindle lock and Swivel head should be considered before buying the appliance. If you tend to work a lot at night, you may want a device that has a light built into the model. This will allow you to work efficiently in dark places. Fast charging batteries are another useful feature available in some cordless electric screwdriver models. If you use your screwdriver a lot then buy a model that has a good battery life and easily rechargeable batteries.

Why Is a Cordless Screwdriver Required?

Size Securing Method of Chuck

A cordless screwdriver is a useful tool that will allow you to do simple and exciting tasks at home. You can also use the appliance for your DIY projects. Some of the projects that you can try out during this quarantine with a cordless screwdriver are, build a treehouse, make a small dog house or assemble furniture. The tool is easy to handle and you can try out interesting things with a lightweight driver.

Best Screwdriver: The choice of Electricians

SKIL Cordless Screwdriver with Circuit Sensor Technology
  • FOR EVERYDAY USE — This cordless electric screwdriver is your go-to for small projects.
  • CIRCUIT SENSOR TECHNOLOGY — Patented technology safely detects electrical current in outlets, switches and fixtures
  • EASY TO USE — Change to forward or reverse with a turn of the collar.
  • FORGET DOWN TIME — A rechargeable lithium-ion battery keeps this tool charged over an extended period of time.
  • READY TO GO — Power up your cordless screwdriver anywhere with micro USB charging.

The best cordless screwdriver for electricians is the number one choice for professional usage. Electricians prefer products of the best quality and easy to use. Their important and dangerous work demands the sturdy tools of the best brands.

What Models are Best for Computer Repairing?

POWERGIANT Mini Electric Screwdriver
  • 【Upgraded and Newest Design】57-in-1 mini screwdriver set design, equipped with a storage case, its 4 corners and cover with magnetic, convenient for holding 55pcs screwdriver bits and 1 pcs extension rod.
  • 【Small & Powerful】This small cordless screwdriver has rotate speed in 150r/min, automatic/manual mode with 0.25-0.35/3N.m torque and works continuously for 2 hours, which has totally power enough for your electronic repair working.
  • 【Multi-Purpose Uses】Comes with 55 precision bits and 1 extended bar, various screwdriver bits of different specifications can meet different needs easily. Suitable for the quartz watch, regular household appliances such as cameras digitals, radios, tablet PC, smartphones, drones, joystick, some eletronic products etc.
  • 【Work Light & USB Charging】360° Shadow-less lighting design, embed 3 LED lights to brighten the working area. Wireless design, powered by 260mAh rechargeable lithium battery, 30~40 mins charging time.
  • 【Package Contents】1 Mini electric screwdriver; 55 precision bits; 1 extension rod, 1 Magnetizer, 1 magnetic pad, USB charging cable; storage case; 30-day money back guarantee and 12-month warranty. If you have any issue, please feel free to contact us in the first time. We will solve this issue for you without any hesitation. It is a very suitable birthday/ Thanksgiving day/ Christmas/ valentine's day gift for familys and friends.

Along with fun DIY projects you can use a mini cordless screwdriver to repair your computer as well. It is extremely difficult to find a person to assist you with the job, especially during the lockdown. Therefore, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. To repair your computer or laptop you can use a screwdriver with a speed of 150+ RPM.

Some Important and Common Questions: Answered

Can a Cordless Screwdriver carry out the functions of a drill?

Yes, you can use cordless devices as a drill bit for more precise jobs a screwdriver set will not work as well as a drill. Read cordless screwdriver reviews to know more.

High Versatility

Can cordless screwdrivers and drills be used Interchangeably?

Screwdrivers have less powerful motors and are not as strong as drills. Cordless drills have comparatively larger motors that are capable of producing more power, torque, and speed. Unlike a drill, you can use a screwdriver for tight spaces.

Our Suggestions for 2021

According to us, some of the best cordless screwdriver 2021 are made by such well-known brands as DEWALT, Milwaukee, WORX, and BLACK+DECKER. All reviewed products are great for small home projects, some of them can deal even with the toughest tasks. Overall, if you love DIY projects and are bored at home, we suggest you buy one of the best cordless screwdriver 2021 models so that you can make interesting things at home. Instead of wasting time, pick up a model, and start making a cot for your baby, a house for your dog, or a treehouse for yourself.

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17 March, 2021
My first screwdriver was Dewalt 12v - nice and reliable tool. I use it for a daily basis in my garage. It has speed trigger by the way. Recently I'v bought my second one recently - M12 Milwaukee and what i would like to say this one is a little bigger but more powerful and will do anything I've needed. The Dewalt is smaller and less powerful. I would recommend Milwaukee it has a much more extensive lineup than Dewalt.