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Best Dandelion Killer Products In 2022

Last Updated: 06 June 2022

When it comes to your garden, getting rid of dandelions is important. They are weeds that can damage the ground and leave your prized plants growing worse. That is why you need to purchase the best dandelion killer. You will want something which allows killing dandelions in a lawn without killing grass because lawn weed control needn’t be about destroying the garden. You only want to kill dandelions. Here in this guide, we will take you through the best dandelion killers 2020. We’ll keep you posted with everything you need to know about this item so that it works in your garden.

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Liquid dandelion killer

The 10 Best Dandelion Killer

With so many products out there, which will you choose? Fortunately for you, we’ve done the hard work. We’ve extensively reviewed hundreds of products on the market to see which are the best. Here are our top 10 best dandelion killer 2022 products.

Best Overall: Top Performance - Ragan & Massey Grass and Weed Killer Review

Ragan & Massey Grass and Weed Killer

This weed killer for lawns is our top choice due to ease of application and value for money. You can use this best dandelion killer well on grass and many other surfaces in the garden. The formula works well to get rid of the dandelion and other weeds very quickly. Users love how the weed killer for lawn kills weeds and dries up very quickly, so this is an all-round excellent choice for your garden!

Why We Like It

  • Can cover up to 13.5 ft²
  • Great value for money
  • Excellent glyphosate formula solution

Effective: Economical Choice - Roundup Weed and Grass Killer Concentrate Plus Review

Roundup Weed and Grass Killer Concentrate Plus

This is an ideal grass weed killer when you want to protect your flowers. This top-rated weed killer can also be used around large shrubs, fences, and patios. It is a great product to use in large areas where garden plots are to be prepared or lawns need replacing. It is a highly efficient product and wilting will occur in 2 to 4 days after application.

Why We Like It

  • Highly efficient
  • Becomes rain-proof in 30 minutes
  • Quick results

Best Natural Dandelion Killer: Green Gobbler’s Vinegar Based Grass and Weed Killer Review

Green Gobbler’s Vinegar Based Grass and Weed Killer

The best feature about this dandelion killer is its certification for organic use. It means that it will not harm many plants around due to its natural formula with vinegar. The chemicals used in this best natural dandelion killer vinegar are not toxic and are safe around the garden, particularly for pets.


  • Very powerful
  • Non-toxic
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee


  • May not work as fast as other products

Best Dandelion Killer Spray For Lawns: Ortho Nutsedge Ready-To-Spray Review

Ortho Nutsedge Ready-To-Spray
952 Reviews
Ortho Nutsedge Ready-To-Spray

Ortho has created a wonderful dandelion spray that won't kill grass and does not require any mixing with water. A lot of users surprised how easy it is to apply this. The formula is powerful and can kill up to 50 different types of weed.


  • Requires no mixing
  • Does not kill lawns
  • Eliminates purple nutsedge


  • Slow rain proofing

Best Weed Killer That Won't Kill Grass: Compare-N-Save Concentrate Review

Compare-N-Save Concentrate
5,458 Reviews
Compare-N-Save Concentrate

This wonderful product is easily mixed with water and perfect around landscaping. It contains a lot of glyphosates which is absorbed easily by weeds, killing them quickly. You don’t have to use much of the product, only 1.5 ounces for every gallon of water.


  • One tub can make up to 10 gallons of solution
  • It can treat up to 3000 feet
  • Results in 2-4 days


  • The weedkiller can be absorbed by other plants

Ideal For Fence Rows: RM43 43-Percent Glyphosate Plus Weed Preventer Total Vegetation Control Review

RM43 43-Percent Glyphosate Plus Weed Preventer Total Vegetation Control
2,330 Reviews
RM43 43-Percent Glyphosate Plus Weed Preventer Total Vegetation Control

This dandelion killer for lawns works wonderfully to remove dandelions around fence rows, farm buildings, and gravel paths. It contains glyphosate and imazapyr which work very well together to remove dandelions and most noxious weeds. You can also use the dandelion tool removal on non-crop areas as a spot treatment for fines, brush, and weeds.


  • Great against noxious weeds
  • 1 gallon can treat over 17,000 ft²
  • Works for a year


  • Someone on the pricey side

Best Herbicide for Dandelions: Bonide Products Herbicide Review

Bonide Products Herbicide
344 Reviews
Bonide Products Herbicide

The manufacturers have created a dandelion herbicide which after application works very quickly to resist rain. This is great if you want a weed killer that won't kill flowers. The best herbicide for lawns is wonderful in the way that it will not damage the grass. Rest assured that your lawn can be safe.


  • Quick rain proofing
  • Powerful formula
  • Ready to use, no mixing is required


  • Not much product in each container

Versatile: Southern Amine Weed Killer Review

Southern Amine Weed Killer
1,260 Reviews
Southern Amine Weed Killer

Southern has developed a great dandelion killer for lawns which works for a lot of turf, broadleaf weeds, and pastures. Each bottle contains 3.8 lbs per gallon which is highly economical. A lot of users have praised this best weed killer for dandelions for its use in the yard since it only takes 3 tablespoons for every 5 gallons of water added.


  • Economical
  • Easily applied across a large area
  • Fights with different types of weeds


  • limited availability around the world

Blended Formula: PBI GORDON Weed Killer Review

PBI GORDON Weed Killer
201 Reviews
PBI GORDON Weed Killer

This is a great product in terms of its blending formula. You can use this dandelion killer on not only dandelions but over 70 types of unwanted weeds. Users have praised the way that you can reseed in only two weeks after application.


  • Quick to see results (within 24 hours)
  • You can reseed quickly after use
  • The product is made in the USA


  • Quite expensive

Results In Hours: Ortho Weed B Gon Weed Killer Review

Ortho Weed B Gon Weed Killer
1,479 Reviews
Ortho Weed B Gon Weed Killer

The manufacturers have made a broadleaf killer which is great for its long-lasting use. You can use this weed killer to prevent unwanted plants from growing for a whole year and maybe a little longer. It is also very fast, with results visible around six hours after application.


  • Quick to see results
  • Very fast-acting
  • Works well on sidewalks


  • Can damage other vegetation

Buyer’s Guide: Best dandelion killer

The best way to get rid of dandelions permanently

How to Choose the Best Dandelion Killer

If you want to kill dandelions effectively, you will want to choose a suitable product. There are a lot of different choices to make, for instance, some varieties kill the plants but may have destructive effects on seeds. Other plants may kill weeds permanently but may not damage your flowers. There are a number of things you need to be familiar with when looking at weed killer for lawns.

Points to consider before making a purchase

  • The growth patterns of your unwanted plants
  • How severe is the weed problem for your lawn?
  • Will you want to protect your plants around the weeds?
  • Are you going to plant again after successful eradication?
  • Our pets going to use the lawn – will you require a pet-safe dandelion killer?
  • Do you want an organic dandelion killer?

Types of common ingredients found in weed killer for lawns

  • Cornmeal – use with a light application
  • Clopyralid – a highly common ingredient
  • Diuron – heavy-duty herbicide ingredient which requires professional application
  • Glyphosate – the most common ingredient in all the best dandelion killer for lawns

Best dandelion killer types

Organic dandelion killer

Sometimes people worry about chemicals that can drain into rivers and harm benthic ecosystems. An organic broadleaf weed killer will prevent this from being an issue. It is quite popular for farmers to purchase an organic dandelion killer for lawns.

Pet-safe dandelion killer

Pet-safe dandelion killer

For those who have pets, not all weed and dandelion killers will be safe. In this case, it may be better to purchase a pet-safe herbicide. The last thing pet owners will want is their beloved pet to be sick from consuming herbicide accidentally.

Liquid dandelion killer

Some people prefer granular vegetation herbicides and others prefer liquid dandelion killers. The liquid weed killer can be applied easily using an applicator. However, Granular grass killers are more comfortable store and they do not spill.

Chemicals for killing dandelions

There are a number of chemicals that can be used to kill, but to be wary of them. Some chemicals may be highly effective yet highly toxic as well. Chemicals such as Diuron need professional assistance, so do beware and check the label.

Best dandelion killer spray for lawns

Liquid dandelion killer

A lot of weed and feed spray products for lawns work best when they can be applied easily. Obviously, liquid herbicides work the best.

Rainproof dandelion killers

When you apply a product, you don’t want it to be washed away. Check rain proofing to see how long it lasts before the heavens open. It will increase your chances of a successful application if you’re applying herbicide in the country where rain is frequent.

Our Recommendation for 2022

In 2022 we recommend Ragan & Massey Grass and lawn weed killer when aiming to kill dandelions. This product works well as the best dandelion killer for a number of reasons, including efficiency and value for money. HandyHomeMaster would certainly recommend it as one of the best herbicide products out there for dandelions. Before choosing, make sure you look at all weed killers reviews above and consider your purchase carefully.
Best of luck in eliminating those pesky flowers!

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Yes, indeed. They can compete for resources, especially on lawns. It’s a good idea to get rid of dandelions.
You can get rid of them by using a substance safe for grass. If you want a natural dandelion killer then you can pour boiling water over them. After that, apply some vinegar.
Early spring is the best, but late fall works too. You have to control dandelions when they are only appearing. Herbicides will work best when the plants are small, not when they fully developed.
There are a number of techniques you can use. Mow your lawn high and leave the clippings to prevent further dandelion flowers from growing. After administering pre-emergent herbicide, you can also balance the pH of the soil. These plants love growing in acidic conditions.
It’s best to pull any dandelion flowers out and apply herbicide. Once you spot them when they are small, this is the best time to get rid of dandelions in lawn.
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