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Finding the best digital photo frames in 2021

Last Updated: 15 June 2021

The world is advancing in every sphere. Innovations are made in digitalizing everything to bring comfort to us. At home, we might find it almost impossible to keep in touch with our loved ones through pictures which is why picking from the best digital photo frames is essential. With this, you can keep a digital photo album of your family which can constantly be updated by any of you with just a few clicks.

With the digital photo frame reviews below, you will be surprised how much technology has blessed us and it's far more comfortable to compare digital photo frames so you can choose any that fits your specifications to bring new light to preserving memories.

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TOP 10 best digital photo frames: Comparison Chart

Unique Mail Share: Pix-Star 10 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Picture Frame Review

Pix-Star 10 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Picture Frame

This top digital photo frame offers to bring your loved ones closer to you by displaying up-to-date videos and pictures of your family and friends from your social media. Aside from Wi-Fi, this is one of the best rated digital photo frames that enable you to use a unique mail where all pictures sent there will be automatically displayed. It can also allow up to 120 seconds of video, just enough time to tell someone how much you love them or even wish them a happy birthday. To keep all the memories safe, this digital picture frame Wi-Fi supports other online cloud storage.

Furthermore, this digital photo frame with motion sensor gives weather forecast, set reminders and play music from this Wi-Fi cloud digital photo frame.

Summary: it offers the utmost convenience in usage and sharing of pictures. Its high screen resolution brightens you as it relives the memories displayed.

Why We Like It?

  • Innovative means of sending, receiving and displaying pictures.
  • High screen resolution
  • Good length of a video
  • Easy to use
  • It has a motion sensor

Alexa-enabled: Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame Review

Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame

This digital picture frame is perfect if you want to customize your album as it can allow separate frames where your loved ones can send pictures and videos to. For absolute control over your frames, you have an app that can be installed on your phone for easy arrangement. Not just this, this high-resolution wall mounted digital photo frame is truly smart usage with its motion sensor as well as Alexa enabled command which makes always coming in handy.

Summary: Nixplay smart Digital photo frame is a well-suited battery powered digital photo frame for people with distance loved ones as it brings you closer to them. It is very easy to use and control through the voice automation of Alexa making it a hands-free device.

Why We Like It?

  • Smart Usage
  • High screen resolution
  • Ability to maintain different photo frames privately
  • Automatic up-to-date measures on pictures.

Very Affordable: Aluratek Digital Photo Frame Review

Aluratek Digital Photo Frame

This a very cheap digital photo frame that offers the simplicity of usage. It's 800 by 600 TFT LCD screen resolution offers adjustable options of images and the duration of the display. Since this digital photo frame doesn't have built-in memory, you can easily plug in your sd card or USB of up to 32 gigs. Its controls are not made obvious as it's placed at the back to retain its beauty. It also has about 11 transition styles and can display pictures for over an hour.

Summary: This product is a simple digital photo frame with easy to set up and easy to navigate control that can give a bright touch to your home or office table.

Why We Like It?

  • Displays pleasing color with the right brightness
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Can allow over 32gb SD card or USB disk
  • Display pictures in preferred duration.

Automatic Photo Reorientation: Aura Digital Picture Frame Ultra HD Display Review

Aura Digital Picture Frame Ultra HD Display

This is one of the best digital picture frames that indeed brings people together with its ease in sharing memories with your family and friends. You do not have to worry about organizing your pictures as it's an all-devise enabled app that allows you to total control of the pictures which also give chances for your loved ones to share pictures through it's Wi-Fi. Using digital frames have been this easy to use with the advanced mode in which it automatically positions or crop photos to fit into the frame so you don't have to worry about having weird-looking pictures on display. It also has a very high image quality display with portrait and landscape orientation. Lastly, it's made a touch of beauty that not only enhances your tabletop where it's placed but the whole space.

Summary: This Alexa controlled photo frame is made with advanced technology and is best suited for busy people who still want to keep in touch with loved ones without much fuss.


  • Very high image quality
  • Large memory space for storing pictures
  • Automatic reorientation of pictures
  • Its very good looking and can be placed anywhere
  • Auto-dim


  • Is too heavy to be mounted on the wall

Social Media Connection: Nixplay 10 Inch WiFi Digital Picture Frame Review

Nixplay 10 Inch WiFi Digital Picture Frame

With the Nixplay 10 Inch Wi-Fi Digital Picture frame, pictures sent to the unique mail from all over the world are displayed in real-time. It has a free cloud account sign-up that can be easily accessed from your phone that helps keep secure your photos and the ones sent from your loved ones secure. For you to grow and maintain your different albums with utmost privacy, this product has a multi-frame where different other user-friends can send videos and pictures so you don't have to worry about mixing work, home, and other social memories. For up-to-date photos, it can connect to major social media accounts and display pictures and video feeds of your friends.

Summary: This cloud digital photo frame is a melting pot for your loved ones far and wide if you want to keep in touch with them without feeling lonely or alone. It's smartly built with a motion sensor that turns on and off when you come in or go out.


  • Motion sensor
  • Allows Multi-frames
  • Can connect and upload from major social media
  • Free Cloud account for easy accessibility


  • Setting up multi-frame can be complex

Easy to use: Dragon Touch Digital Picture Frame Review Review

Dragon Touch Digital Picture Frame

The product from the Dragon Touch is the best digital frame for those that aren't tech-savvy. It provides an easy option of sending pictures to it from your phone through your mail as it is Wi-Fi enabled and it immediately displays the slideshow. This 10-inch digital photo frame has large storage that can store a good number of pictures for your slideshow making it a lasting digital photo album. Its edges have a black border that coats a white interior giving it a very classy look.

Summary: This product is perfect for older people that do not want to worry themselves with tech complexities as it's very easy to use.


  • Can display pictures sent from phone
  • Large storage
  • Easy to use
  • Touchscreen feature


  • Each video limited to 30 seconds

Customized Playbacks: NIX USB Digital Photo Frame Widescreen Review

NIX USB Digital Photo Frame Widescreen

This is a USB digital photo frame that displays a wide collection of memories in a graceful, smart and colorful frame. Its high resolution gives real to life display of photos from your USB stick. This cordless digital photo frame converses battery by turning off when no-one is there and vice versa through its Hu-Motion censor. Its usage comes with convenience as it has a remote control which can be used to control and adjust the pictures or the volume of videos.

Summary: This isn't just a high screen resolution digital picture frame that elegantly displays the picture. It also displays time and date to keep you updated just in case you have an appointment.


  • It gives a bright colorful display
  • Diverse ways of personalizing playbacks
  • Motion sensor enabled
  • Display date and time


  • No built-in memory
  • Can play very short videos

Dual Positioning: SimplySmart Home Smart Frame Digital Photo Frame Review

SimplySmart Home Smart Frame Digital Photo Frame

This digital photo frame comes with an app that allows up to 50 pictures from family and friends to be sent to your frame allowing you to see or watch the videos of your loved ones without hiccups. It also allows photos to be sent through mail or link Facebook which would be displayed automatically. It also allows you with your family and friends without much ado by sharing your favorite music and videos with them. Although this digital photo frame with music can be seen as a wall-mounted digital frame, the weather, time and date displayed under the screen to keep you updated makes it a perfect desktop accessory.

The SimplySmart digital photo frame has a smart inbuilt ambient light sensor that modifies the display's brightness to match that of the room.

Summary: This product has it all, it's an SD card and USB stick enabled for ultra-fast sharing of music, videos, and photos. And likewise, photos are scaled automatically to retain quality.


  • Auto-dim
  • Has a long duration for videos and music
  • App for easy transfer and accessibility
  • Wall-mounted and desktop possibility


  • It doesn't have a motion sensor

5-Point Touchscreen: Feelcare Wifi Digital Picture Frame Review

Feelcare Wifi Digital Picture Frame

This is the best large digital photo frame with a high definition 15.1-inch touchscreen. This wall-mounted digital photo makes for an easy share of up 10 photos or videos at a time from its app anywhere in the world. Although it has a 16gb capacity, enough for you to store thousands of memories in pictures, it also features an SD card and USB stick for fast transfer or backup of your data. This way you don't have to get worried about losing the pictures sent to you.

Also, it has auto-rotation features which will help a great deal in displaying your photos most suitably without you adjusting it every time. Not just this, it comes with a detachable rack that can be used as a free-standing digital frame on the shelf or desktop and it can also be mounted on the wall depending on what you like.

Summary: This product makes viewing videos and photos interesting with its high definition graphics and auto-rotation features. It has a 5-point touchscreen that makes it easy for you to setup.


  • Allows multiple transfers of photos and videos from the app anywhere in the world
  • 5 point touchscreen
  • Auto-rotation
  • Large inbuilt memory
  • High-quality pictures


  • The video time limit is very short.

Convenient App: Feelcare Smart Digital Picture Frame with Touch Screen Review

Feelcare Smart Digital Picture Frame with Touch Screen

This smart small digital photo frame makes sharing memories easy through its free app that can connect with over 500 contacts. It offers captioning features for any pictures you are willing to share which makes it very fun to use with distant relatives or friends you want to keep in touch with. Also, you do not have to worry about getting the right positioning for your photo display as it automatically rotates to give a perfect display of your pictures. Either on the table or attached to the wall this wifi digital photo frame makes for easy set up with it 5 point touchscreen.

Summary: A perfect product to keep being part of your loved one's life without going the extra mile to achieve it. It also has an SD card slot and USB port for easy backup of memories.


  • Quality touchscreen
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Dual placement in your home
  • Autorotation


  • Allows only short videos
  • Doesn't have remote control

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need to Know About the best digital photo frames

What is a digital picture frame?

The digital picture frame is a device that displays digital pictures or even plays videos without the need of a computer. It comes in different sizes all making picture sharing easy especially for those without a computer. Those frames are either powered by batteries or electricity and most of them are Wi-Fi enabled for easy sharing and timely viewing of pictures.

How do digital photo frames work?

How do digital photo frames work

Digital frames work like a photo album only that different people can send pictures to it and unlike the traditional one, it’s either powered by battery or electricity. The digital photo frames exist to cut down the stress of acquiring recent pictures of a loved one and even proffer solution to preserving it.

Digital picture frames benefits

The benefits of digital picture frames are boundless. They make it easy to be in touch with family and friends in the diaspora. Also, unlike traditional frames, it displays visibly with ever-changing pictures that won’t get you bored.

How to Choose the best digital photo frames


This is a very important detail to look out for. The size of the frame you want to but must be based on how much space you have for it in your home or office or how well it will better your interior design.


One need not be a professional to desire clear quality pictures. It allowed us to relive the moments in the pictures without squinting of eyes. Hence, getting a digital frame with high resolution does not only bring sparkles to you when you see them, but it also helps to adequately relive them. Interestingly, some digital photo frame has a resolution that near marches the best digital camera under 200.


Regardless of our preference, we often find ourselves taking portrait or landscape pictures with our loved ones be it selfies or family pictures. Even with the best point and shoot camera under 300, you can get both orientations flawlessly. So, getting a flexible digital photo frame can go a long way in displaying this orientation appropriately.

Corded/battery powered

Knowing how a digital picture frame is powered is always advised. Since you have an idea of where you want to put it and it’s proximity to sockets, it will help tailor your decision. Also, battery-powered means you get to replace it when it spoils.

Built-in storage

Built-in storage

While some digital photo frames have built-in storage where you can send pictures and store for display, some do not. Those with built-in storage have varying storage capacity which will determine the number of videos and pictures to be stored. On the other hand, those without will need external storage before it can display pictures. This can be an additional cost for you after purchasing a digital frame.

USB/SD slots

Some digital photo frames even though have built-in storage still have USB/SD slots. This allows backup of your photos and videos when your frame is getting filled up. Aside from this, digital photo frames with USB/SD ports automatically have a chance for additional storage.

Supported formats

Although few people know this, there are different forms of picture formats the commonest being JPEG. When looking to buy a digital frame always opt-in for the one that not only supports JPEG files but also others like gif, PNG as it saves the trouble of restrictions in case these formats were to be sent to you. Also, it would widen your range of shares. Even, the best point and shoot camera under 300 offers amazing pictures in jpeg format.

Touch screen

Since there are lots of pictures to look view on your digital photo frame, touchscreen offers easy navigation through these tons of pictures with little effort.

Music player

This is an additional feature that doesn’t only enable you to play your favorite jam while the picture display, but it also enables you to send audios to loves ones.

Motion sensor

This is one common and smart feature of the best digital photo frames. This energy-saving feature turns on the digital frame only when you are in thereby cutting down on energy consumption.


This refers to how the light comes off. Some digital photo frames do not have adjustable light or brightness thereby forcing you to get a suitable spot for it. On the other hand, some come with auto-dim which adjusts brightness based on the light from the surrounding.


All of the best digital photo frame 2021 has amazing features but before one buys a product, you must be very sure it aligns with your budget. For example, if you start from the resolution of the screen quality, then the higher the resolution, the higher the price. If you want a 4k digital photo frame, it is logical that such an option would be more expensive. Additional features and improvements will also make your purchase more expensive.

Best digital photo frames type

Digital photo frames without wifi

These types of digital photo frames do not have connectivity with the Internet. What this means is that pictures and videos can only be sent to it through other means like Bluetooth, USB stick or SD card. This type of digital photo frame does not allow the real-time upload of pictures.

Digital photo frames with remote control

Digital photo frames with remote control

In a bid for easy accessibility, this is the best digital photo frame type as you can navigate through the settings of your digital photo frame without having to stand up to get close to it or touch it.

Best digital photo frames FAQ

Can digital photo frames run on batteries?

Yes. Although there are digital photo frames that use electricity, there are others that are battery-powered digital photo frames which means it consumes zero percent of your energy.

How to put pictures on a digital photo frame?

There are different ways to do this depending on the product you purchased. Some have unique emails where these videos and pictures are sent and will be uploaded, some will need external storage to upload or share these. Aside from this, we have the Bluetooth digital photo frame that allows sharing through Bluetooth. It should be noted that some of the best digital photo frames 2021 have free apps that can be used to send pictures from around the world.

Can you send pictures to a digital frame?

Yes, you can. Either through the mail, connected social media, app, external storage or Wi-Fi, you can send pictures to your digital frame. All you have do is know which is suitable for your device.

How to rotate pictures on a digital photo frame?

Although some digital photo frames have an autorotation that automatically adjusts images, some don’t, so that means you have to change it by yourself.

Verdict and Our Recommendation for 2021

Our top pick from the best digital photo frames 2021 is no other than Pix-Star 10 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Picture Frame. It offers a real-time display of pictures either sent through the Unique mail or gotten from the social media feeds. These frames allow you to keep in touch without lagging with your loved ones and you get to share videos of up 2 minutes with the ultra-fast upload. Also, security measures are being taken for you not to lose your pictures through its online cloud storage connectivity. We, at homemakerguide, are certain that from the best digital photo frames 2021, the Pix-Star 10 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Picture Frame stands out.


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