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Best Drill Bit For Metal: Comparison And A Buyer’s Guide

Last Updated: 15 June 2021

Professionals seek the best drill bit for metal for their work to make it less exhausting and expand their opportunities. DIYers want to express their creativity and turn their garage into a real workshop. They wouldn't refuse efficient bits too because the more productive the drilling process is, the more exciting it gets.

But does a perfect round or square hole drill bit for metal just wait for you in the nearest hardware store? Probably, no. Tons of drill bit reviews contradict each other: a particular bit can work for someone and be totally useless for others. Some products are indeed a waste of money. But how can people's opinions about quality stuff be so controversial? And how on earth you can get disappointed with bits others are fond of over and over again?

The thing is that you should know exactly how to pick a drill bit for applications you need. Metal bits can be of different durability, size, material, and compatibility. Our reviews will clarify the features of top products in the market. Moreover, we will give you advice on the types of drill bits and answer frequently asked questions.

Home Maker Guide created for informational purposes only. Thus, we neither endorse you in any way to buy specific products in our reviews, nor making you act like it’s written in our guides. We are reserving the rights for you to make your personal decision.



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The Numbers in a Set

The 9 Best drill bits for metal

Best Overall: Top For Metalworking - Hymnorq Metric M35 Cobalt Steel Drill Bits Review

Hymnorq Metric M35 Cobalt Steel Drill Bits
636 Reviews
Hymnorq Metric M35 Cobalt Steel Drill Bits

A set of cobalt drill bits for metal is a must-have for any professional. From this point of view, Migiwata Metric M35 will certainly meet industrial use needs and come in handy at home. Made of M35 cobalt, they can handle a various range of metal materials with no effort.

The description of this best drill bit for metal is surprisingly sincere. They admit that the bits are more brittle than its HSS competitors and that the kit is not for hardened steel. Besides, their Client's Support works hard to resolve any issue.

In our opinion, this is the best drill bit set for metal. Customers are always satisfied with its features, price, and support.

Why We Like It

  • Quality M35 cobalt alloy construction
  • Spin points at 135° need no central punch
  • Top-notch heat resistance
  • Straight shank for maximum safe chucking
  • Cost-effective

Hardworking And Strong: For Accurate Jobs - Bosch 9-piece Impact Tough Titanium Drill Bit Set Review

Bosch 9-piece Impact Tough Titanium Drill Bit Set
447 Reviews
Bosch 9-piece Impact Tough Titanium Drill Bit Set

When searching for a drill bit to drill through metal, you will come across Bosch 9-Piece Impact Tough Titanium Drill Bit Set for sure. It includes nine pieces and is equally suitable both for soft materials and for heavy-duty applications.

Being coated with heat-reducing titanium coating, it tackles almost all metals, including hardened and heavy-gauge steel. The tip doesn't require a central punch as it is self-centered. The set provides you with a wide choice of sizes and will be irreplaceable in your kit.

A little behind the winner 2021, Bosch can do boring heavy-gauge and hardened steel with no effort.

Why We Like It

  • Perfect for hard metals
  • Shiels coating cools the surface
  • A lot of sizes in one set
  • Reduces friction and cutting waste

Smooth Drilling: Co-z 5Pcs Hss Cobalt Multiple Hole 50 Sizes Step Drill Bit Review

Co-z 5Pcs Hss Cobalt Multiple Hole 50 Sizes Step Drill Bit
1,675 Reviews
Co-z 5Pcs Hss Cobalt Multiple Hole 50 Sizes Step Drill Bit

CO-Z has launched HSS Cobalt Multiple Hole 50 Sizes Step Drill Bit, and it keeps getting popularity. Like any other step drill bit for metal, this one provides you with numerous sizes of a final hole - 50 to be exact! And this is only with 5 bits. The chuck size ranges, too. So, these bits are compatible with most drilling motors.

They are made of cobalt alloy, which makes their capability much higher than that of other options. The coating is titanium. It reduces friction and allows each drill bit for metal to live longer.

This metal boring drill bit set is truly convenient, ergonomic, and reliable.

Why We Like It

  • A purchase saves your money because it's less pricey than competitors and rather durable
  • It also saves storage space as there are only 5 bits in a set
  • The holes are perfectly round and smooth
  • A case prevents bits from dulling

Well-made: Tacklife Psd4 Titanium Spiral Grooved Drill Bit & Automatic Center Punch Review

Tacklife Psd4 Titanium Spiral Grooved Drill Bit & Automatic Center Punch
373 Reviews
Tacklife Psd4 Titanium Spiral Grooved Drill Bit & Automatic Center Punch

When asked, 'What is the best drill bit for metal?' many buyers will name step bits. As you can see from our reviews, this type has made its way to the top positions of drill bit metal ratings. Tacklife PSD4 is no exception. As convenient as its counterparts, this kit has definite advantages we should mention.

Each bit features a 3-sided shank leaving no chance for slipping. The openings have an X-type design making drilling easy, enjoyable, and fast. This drill bit for metal is made of High-Speed Steel with a certain percentage of cobalt and finished with titanium.

This tool for cleaner drilling won't cost you a fortune but will turn out helpful/.


  • Speeds up cutting process minimizing metal scruff
  • Is complemented with an automatic center punch, irreplaceable in many cases
  • The case protects bits from getting dulled
  • The price is affordable


  • Better for DIYers than for industry usage

Durable: Drill America 29 Piece Heavy Duty High Speed Steel Drill Review

Drill America 29 Piece Heavy Duty High Speed Steel Drill
303 Reviews
Drill America 29 Piece Heavy Duty High Speed Steel Drill

29 Piece Heavy Duty High Speed Steel Drill by Drill America can't but be mentioned on the best drill bit for metal 2021 list. These are among top-rated jobber length drill bits. M2 HSS produced them and coated them with black and gold oxide, which reduces corrosive impacts. A non-walking spin point is at 135-degree which is one of the most promising features allowing to deburr holes. The sizes vary from 1/2 to 1/16, making the tool really multifunctional.

The price is higher than that of many other options, but the benefits are apparent, and the versatility is fantastic.


  • Durable construction
  • 1/64 increments letting you bore whatever hole size you need
  • No clogging
  • A round storage case is convenient


  • According to metal drill bit reviews by professionals, this kit is not that hard as compared to the cobalt counterparts

High Speed Stee: Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set Review

Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set
1,484 Reviews
Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set

Neiko's 10193A is a set of HSS drill bits for metal coated with titanium. Each one is a step bit, and it allows you to pick from 28 sizes with increments of about 3/16. The manufacturer doesn't mention hardened steel in the area of application, not to cause any delusions.

And it is not bad because this is undoubtedly the best drill bit for aluminum and works really well on stainless steel and other metals. Every bit ensures easy clogging-free drilling. Plus, with a tri-flatted shank, you can feel safe.

It seems to be quite pricey for three items, but the sizes are so versatile that it is worth the money you pay.


  • Bores metal easily
  • Reduce the amount of cutting waste thanks to the two-flute design
  • High-speed due to 135 degrees spin point
  • You literally feel when you are done drilling because a bit will stop at every step


  • As soon as these HSS drill bits, not cobalt, they are considered to be more suitable for domestic use

No Spin Shanks: Dewalt Dw1354 14-piece Titanium Drill Bit Set Review

Dewalt Dw1354 14-piece Titanium Drill Bit Set
9,151 Reviews
Dewalt Dw1354 14-piece Titanium Drill Bit Set

A good metal drill bit can be found in DEWALT14-Piece Set. It is a universal tool to work with a various range of materials - from soft ones to metal with ease. Its main feature is pilot points coated with titanium that ensures a longer life span of a drill bit.

These titanium drill bits for metal also prevent walking and make the drilling process smooth and quick, preventing the material from being ruined. A non-spin shank is excellent at securing chucking and eliminate the possibility of slipping. The set comes in a specially designed plastic box - small and easily portable.

A non-expensive drill bit set that, among other uses, is suitable for metal drilling.


  • Suitable for all standard drilling tools
  • Its tapered web increases drill bit durability
  • Titanium coating is perfect for often use
  • Each has a non-spin shank


  • Some metal drill bit reviews state that the case is rather inconvenient for regular use

Great Value: Hiltex 10005 Hss Silver And Deming Industrial Drill Bit Review

Hiltex 10005 Hss Silver And Deming Industrial Drill Bit
430 Reviews
Hiltex 10005 Hss Silver And Deming Industrial Drill Bit

Hiltex 10005 HSS Silver and Deming Industrial Drill Bit stands out having a Tri Flat Shank. It also features a walking-free 135-degree split point tip. These, alongside with other advantages, attract many buyers to this average-priced kit.

High-Speed Steel is constructed to be used at home, at the garage, or in the garden wonderfully. Still, its black enamel coating is considered less protective than titanium. But, at the same time, you will win more buying a high-quality black enamel-coated bit than a cheap 'throw-away' one that shouts 'TITANIUM.'

Although it is assessed somewhat lower than its competitors on our list because of the coating, the quality is fine, and it isn't overpriced.


  • A flat shank is well-chucked and works for most motors
  • Twist design accelerates the speed and prevents clogging
  • Protected from wearing
  • An organized case made of wood eliminates dulling and looks wonderful


  • Not a drill bit for hard metal

For Faster Change: Comoware Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set Review

Comoware Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set
1,897 Reviews
Comoware Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set

Spiral flutes of COMOWARE's offer are just perfect for wood and plastic. But do they make a proper metal cutting drill bit? It depends on your needs. You definitely shouldn't use it for heavy-duty applications.

Most reviews agree upon the opinion that these are not top drill bits for drilling metal. On the other hand, two-flute construction lowers heating, which the first thing you need for metals. Titanium coating adds to HSS bit life longevity, and a 1/4 inch hex shank guarantees quick change.

Well, it won't hurt trying is as a metal hole drill bit given that the price is ridiculously low: might work.


  • The price is more than affordable
  • Operate with less friction and heating
  • A well-organized case for more comfortable use
  • You can change bits in a blink of an eye


  • Might wobble slightly like any other bit, even an expensive one
  • Less effective for metals than for other materials

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best drill bits for metal

Bits Material

Look at the Material Your Drill Bit Set is Made With

All top bits still in our reviews are made either of HSS or carbon alloys. Another option is low-carbon and high-carbon bits. But they are breaky and get overheated quickly, so we strongly suggest you against using such bits for frequent applications.

Surface You Will Be Drilling Into

As said, wood bits differ from metal ones, and it doesn’t mean that some of them are better than others. Every material needs a drill bit designed for it, especially in industrial applications. At home, you can experiment, of course. But mind that wood and plastic might be ruined with a metal bit, while a wood bit can be ruined with a metal surface. Wrong applications can even influence the performance of your corded or cordless drill.

Numbers Of Bits In Set

The Numbers in a Set

The number of items in the set can go up to tens of drill bits. There are even hundred-bit kits. The way to choose it is to think about whether you need a huge set of not, as it can be convenient in some cases and totally useless in others. Besides, similar products by the same manufacturer can come in different sets so that you can base your choice on your requirements or, say, on the price. Step drill bits are often few in numbers but exceed any other drill sets in size. Thus, you buy 5 bits to drill 50 various diameter holes.

Frequency Of Use

How Often Will You Be Drilling Holes?

It makes a significant difference. One thing is to use a drill bit once or twice. It might snap off during the third use, but you will never know that. Drilling with a bit repeatedly demands better quality and, perhaps, a more substantial investment.


The price of drill bit sets on our list varies approximately from $10 to $50. Interestingly, the rule ‘the pricier, the better doesn’t work. Compare the price-quality ratio of different products to pick what you are ready to pay for.

Best drill bit for metal types

Titanium drill bits for metal

Titanium drill bits for metal

Made of titanium, aren’t they? Actually, these are primarily HSS drill bits construction coated with titanium oxide or nitride. As opposed to other types of coating, like black enamel, such drill bits for metal are longer-lived.

Cobalt drill bits for metal

They say cobalt, but in reality, it means 5% or 8% of cobalt (ideally) and a bunch of other stuff. And this is a good thing. Such alloys are perfect for metal drilling because they reduce heat caused by steel-to-steel friction. This, in turn, prevents damaging both drilled material and a bit itself. Thus, the best metal drill bit for persistent work can be found among those made of M35 (5% cobalt) and M42 (8% cobalt.)

HSS drill bit

HSS drill bit

High-speed steel (HSS) is widely used in manufacturing all types of drill bits. This can even be a professional flat bottom drill bit for metal, like a 1-inch drill bit for metal or a 2-inch drill bit for metal. HSS bits rarely break, if compared with the cobalt ones, not to mention other materials. It has some disadvantages, though. The major factor of its durability and capability is a coating. Normally, an HSS drill bit coated with titanium is a good choice.

Step drill bit for metal

This type is mostly used as a sheet metal drill bit because of its construction. One step bit can make holes of different sizes according to the markings it has. They can be either cobalt bits or HSS ones. A pick for those who want tens of sizes in a small kit.

Our Recommendation for 2021

how to sharpen a drill bit

For your convenience, we have reviewed top-notch cobalt alloy- and HSS-based drill bits you can buy this year. Even though they are all ‘metal,’ you can see that there might be a difference in their application. Our winner is Hymnorq Metric M35 Cobalt Steel Drill Bits – the best drill bit for metal 2021. It is unmatched for stainless and other steel. The company cares about its clients a lot and always tries to help with any issue.

To sum up, all the options mentioned above deserve your attention, and that is why they are on our Homemakerguide.com TOP list. We hope we have been helpful in assisting you in buying the best drill bit for metal 2021.

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It depends on whether you want to work with soft or hard metal and a hole diameter you need. For example, if you need a 5/8 metal drill bit, choose a step one. As for the material of the construction, there is nothing better than HSS and cobalt drill bits.

The product descriptions of today's products might suggest that the same bits can be used both for wood and for metal. Quite true, but only when we are talking about small diameter holes. In this case, be very attentive with the pressure you apply - extensive pressure can destroy wood fiber. But when it comes to larger holes and repeated applications, mind that a classic metal bit has an angled tip. A wood drill tip is complemented with a spar and a lip.

You sharpen your drill bit with a bench grinder. Another tool that might help is a belt sander. Anyway, your primary goal is to sharpen both cutting edges evenly and make them equal in width. You mustn't wear gloves but you must wear eye protection! When a bit gets heated, cool it with water.

Follow the instructions of your drill thoroughly. If it has a key chuck, put it in and turn slowly. Take a bit out and return it to a drill bit set. Take another one. Put it in the chuck and turn the key to fasten the jaws.

If your drilling motor is keyless, loosen the chuck by turning it. Either way, test how the bit sits before applying it.

Migiwata produces this year's winner. Other top manufacturers are Bosch, EFFICERE, CO-Z, etc. Whenever you choose a drill bit, consider the points mentioned in our Buyer's Guide and read drill bits and hammer drill reviews.

This year, our top choice for hardened steel is Bosch 9-Piece Impact Tough Titanium Drill Bit Set. Bosch has always been good at producing this kind of drill bits, but there is still some competition. Picking the best-hardened steel drill bit, note that it is always an HSS construction with titanium coating.

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