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The Best Dyson Vacuum Options In 2021: Buyer`s Guide

Last Updated: 02 July 2021

With the best Dyson vacuum, you can transform your cleaning routine forever. You spend hours cleaning your house. Happy with the results, you sit on your couch only to notice a thin layer of fine dust on the furniture, carpet, and the nooks of your room. Isn’t that frustrating? You are not alone! Thanks to the advancement in technology, the miracle called a vacuum cleaner was created. Dyson is one of the most popular brands in this appliance segment. So, we bring you a list of the best Dyson vacuum 2020 options.

If you are someone who keeps the hygiene needs of your family as the priority, then you would benefit from investing in one of these innovative inventions for your home. From expensive ones loaded with all the features you might ever need to the value for money deals, there are plenty of choices offered in this range. Therefore, you do not have to worry about budget constraints bogging down your purchase options. So, here is the list that will help you start with choosing the best Dyson model for your home.

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best Dyson vacuum cleaner

Top 7 Best Dyson Vacuums: Comparison Table

Best Overall: Strongest Suction - Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean Upright Vacuum Cleaner
2,853 Reviews
Dyson Ball Animal 2 Total Clean Upright Vacuum Cleaner

If you need the best Dyson vacuum that comes with all the attachments, then this model would be the best investment. It has a freely rotating self-adjusting cleaner head for corners. The brand utilizes what it calls, 'Radial Root Cyclone technology', which enables the removal of microscopic impurities and allergens. It is an excellent Dyson vacuum for hardwood floors, thanks to the articulating hard floor attachment that comes in the box. Soft dusting brush helps clean sensitive surfaces without scratches.

This one is all-rounder where you get all the tools and attachments for long term use. From pet hair to nearly invisible allergens, this best Dyson vacuum helps attain a deep cleaning.

Why We Like It

  • This is one of the best Dyson pet vacuum models
  • People with allergies might benefit from the ability to extract allergens even from the folds of the couches.
  • The multi-angle brush is a versatile addition
  • The reach under tool in the Dyson ball total clean is a unique accessory for cleaning gaps in the furniture
  • There is a handy bag for the devices

For Various Surfaces: Easy + Convenient - Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Ball Animal 2 Review

Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Ball Animal 2
2,853 Reviews
Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Ball Animal 2

It is very much similar to the previous model but less expensive. This best Dyson vacuum doesn't come with a mattress tool, reach under tool, tool bag, multi-angle brush, articulating hard floor tool, and the fine dusting brush. The other attachments remain the same, and so does the core mechanisms. This vacuum also features the Dyson ball technology known for delivering efficient and convenient maneuverability. It comes with ASTM F558 based suction, which results in better air quality. This is due to the efficiency of removing fine particles that pose the problem of suspended impurities in the air.

This best Dyson vacuum can easily handle carpets and other fabric surfaces that usually tangle and get stuck. It is also suitable for high to reach areas with multiple tool combinations.

Why We Like It

  • The Dyson ball animal 2 comes with a tangle-resistant turbine design
  • Stair tool is a handy addition with this model
  • Good for ceilings and corners
  • It comes with the one-click dust emptying feature
  • The motorized brush bar delivers enough power to pull out the dust and pet fur even from cracks and gaps on surfaces

Lightweight Cordless Design: Dyson V7 Trigger Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dyson V7 Trigger Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
1,015 Reviews
Dyson V7 Trigger Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This Dyson cordless vacuum comes with 3 tools, two of which are non-motorized. They are the combination tool and the crevice tool along with the mini-motorized tool. The max power mode can help extract fine dust of even 0.5microns in size. This Dyson battery vacuum charges quickly and delivers half an hour of average run time in the light mode. It provides a spotless cleaning result on carpeted as well as hard floors. Some of the hard to lift off dust might struggle in the low power mode, but you can instantly switch to the high power mode to get them too.

If you need a low maintenance model that is also light and easy to handle, then this is the best Dyson vacuum for you. Versatile in design, it can be used on various floor types.

Why We Like It

  • Portable and lightweight design of this Dyson handheld vacuum makes it suitable for home and car
  • This Dyson lightweight vacuum V7 motor is one of the most powerful options in the handheld category
  • Touchless trigger provides hygienic dust ejection
  • Each tool has a snug fit mount
  • This is one of the best low maintenance Dyson bagless vacuums

Versatile And Simple: Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum Review

Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum
556 Reviews
Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum

This is one of the lightest Dyson upright vacuum models. It features a two-part design that separates the motor, dust collection bin and the wand with the cleaner head. The tilting head is self-adjusting. For effective removal of allergens and irritants and even the lint on upholstery, this one features 2-Tier cyclone technology. It delivers a reliable Dyson suction power. The extension wand takes the cleaning attachments, which sit nicely as you tackle different surfaces. The design is suitable for handling all types of floors. It is also a low maintenance model like the others on this list.

With a design that is convenient to handle the weight of this appliance doesn't feel like a disappointment. Deep cleaning, as well as daily cleaning, this model simplifies them all.


  • Large capacity bin reduces the frequency of emptying it
  • The Dyson vacuum v7 trigger comes with HEPA filtration for those with asthma and respiratory problems
  • The self-righting design of the motor portion is one of the best aspects of design
  • The pull-down mechanism used for emptying the bin is easy to understand
  • For deep cleaning and sanitization, there is the carbon-fiber turbine tool for the floor


  • This Dyson canister vacuum is slightly heavy and tight in terms of the maneuverability

Multiple Modes & Cordless Design: Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
3,462 Reviews
Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This is one of the best Dyson stick vacuum models in terms of maneuverability. It is one of the best pet hair vacuum models. It is quite small and takes up little storage space. You can also hang it with the hanging rack that comes along. The battery can be charged with the charger that comes in the box. This Dyson stick vacuum can also be converted to a handheld by removing the stick attachment where it is very much similar to the V7 trigger model. For those with allergies, the HEPA filtration system on this can be a beneficial addition.

Ceiling to the stairs, you can use this model everywhere in the house. Its efficiency shows in the power with which it pulls off pet hair from the couch.


  • Corner cleaning is easy with the rotating head
  • Suitable for both hardwood and carpeted floors
  • The Dyson vacuum v8 is a great portable variant for the homes with pets
  • Stiff nylon bristles do not trap hair and are easy to clean
  • Hygienic dust ejector design makes it easy to empty the cleaner


  • Blows out a large amount of airlifting off the dust from nearby surfaces

Long Battery Life: Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
4,596 Reviews
Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

If you need something light yet sturdy, then this is a great choice. It offers an hour of run time with any of the non-motorized tools from the set. With even weight distribution, it has a perfectly balanced design. Therefore, you would find this to be convenient to handle if you are new to stick variants. It can be used almost everywhere around the house. Choose the model with the motorhead if you need versatility and dependability to handle all types of cleaning and dusting routines. The cleaner head adjusts itself, making the operation of this effortless.

If you do not mind holding the power trigger switch on continuously, then this is a feature-rich best Dyson vacuum that is also easy to handle.


  • Features a great battery life
  • Comes with customizable suction levels
  • Has an efficient carpet cleaner head
  • Removable stick helps use this as a portable variant


  • It doesn't have a lock on the on/off switch
  • The non-removable battery is a turn-off

Light And Easy To Handle: Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner
2,094 Reviews
Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson multi floor 2 is quite similar to the Dyson animal 2 except for the weight. This one is lighter and smaller in its build. It does work without a fuss on most surfaces but gets a bit tight and tricky to use on fuzzy carpets. There is a dedicated stair tool for handling the nooks and corners of the staircase. There is also a combination tool with a dusting brush and a significantly long crevice attachment. With its weight and features, this vacuum is often compared with some of the popular Shark vacuum models.

It might not be suitable if you have a shaggy carpet or if you need something that removes cereals and larger debris.


  • For the lightweight profile, it provides powerful suction
  • Flexible hose attachment with the wand is a handy addition
  • Effortless cleaning is possible with Radial Root Technology
  • Fine to moderate dust particles can be easily removed
  • Bagless design and washable filters make maintenance easy


  • Doesn't work with deep pile carpets
  • Struggles to pull off large-sized dust particles

Buyer’s Guide

After going through the Dyson comparison reviews above, do not be confused. To be able to compare Dyson vacuums and find something that meets your demands, you should also know a little about the basic features. The key is to understand what you need from the appliance and how you plan to use it. Here are a few questions that arise in general, when a consumer intends to buy Dyson vacuums.

How to use a Dyson vacuum?

How to use a Dyson vacuum

The very first step in knowing how to use these appliances is to understand the fundamental technology that goes into the model you choose. Then comes the understanding of the various attachments. Before all this comes the base type of the appliance, you select like cordless, canister, and others. The usage instruction varies from one machine to the other.

  • Unbox the new Dyson vacuum and spread out all the tools that come with the package.
  • All the models come with a detailed user manual in the box. Do not skip the step of reading this one before you start using one of the Dyson models.
  • Learn how to install and remove the attachments and what each one does. (We’ll give you a sneak peek of the best-rated Dyson vacuum attachments below)

Here are a few necessary steps to acquire from the user manual:

  • Assembly
  • Attachment of the tools
  • Cleaning of the filter
  • Hose and wand attachment and dismantling
  • Emptying the dust collection chamber

Most of the models from this brand come with a simple push trigger. The machine stays on and does its job for as long as you hold the trigger. Some come with different power modes to customize the suction power. All the models in the Dyson vacuum comparison given above, come with a user-friendly design. Even if you are using one for the first time, you would be able to get the hang of all the features only by using the machine for a few days. For detailed instructions about the device, you choose to check out the support page on the official website. If you happen to damage the machine by not following the manufacturer-recommended instructions, there is the risk of the warranty being deemed void.

Cordless or corded?

Before you get to the more complicated parameters of this appliance, there is one core difference to compare — corded vs. cordless. In a corded design, the cleaner runs on a direct connection to an electric outlet. There is a power cord provided, and you simply plug into a wall socket to power on the machine.

In the case of a cordless design, there is a rechargeable battery that goes into the equipment. It can be charged with the help of a charging adaptor that comes in the package. You can then unplug the cord and use the machine directly without plugging into an electrical socket.

Corded design: pros and cons

best Dyson vacuum into an electric socket
  • You can plug your best Dyson vacuum into an electric socket, and you can use the machine for however long you want. There is no worry about the battery running out. You do not have to stop in between your cleaning routine. Therefore, if you have a large house, then corded variants are suitable for everyday cleaning.
  • These are the variants that you can use directly out of the box. There is no downtime allotted for charging the device. After every use, you again do not have to worry about putting the device to charge.
  • There is no hassle of replacing worn-out batteries. The equipment continues to run in its efficient power for as long as you use it. Battery replacement does come at an additional cost, which is eliminated in this case.
  • Given that the powerful suction unit is powered from the electrical socket, there is no worry about limited power delivery. Some of the most powerful models with high power suction modes are corded.
  • You can only use the machine in those places where there are electrical sockets available. If you have some outdoor cleaning to do, corded models might not solve your purpose.
  • The length of the cord provided varies from one model to another. So, it’s impossible to reach corners and spots that are far away from the wall socket. There is also the hassle of repeatedly unplugging and plugging the device in different outlets based on where you are cleaning. So, This adds to the time taken for cleaning.
  • Long cords lying on the floor while you maneuver the cleaner on the floor can pose a safety concern. It can increase the risk of the machine tripping over the wire or getting tangled. You should also be careful to avoid trips and falls. If there are kids or pets at home, you might have to keep a close eye to ensure that they do not trip over the wire, especially when you clean the areas far away from the walls. This situation gets worse when you have to do the stairs where ‘swires can further restrict the movement.
  • Fluctuations in the electrical socket can lead to damage inside the machine’s circuit, which in turn can lead to expensive repairs. You might have to consider investing in a reliable stabilizer to protect the appliance from harmful voltage spikes.

Cordless: pros and cons

  • If you look at any small Dyson vacuum, most of the lightweight variants are cordless. These are convenient to handle for both men and women.
  • Given that there is a battery to power on the device, you can use it outdoor, indoor, on the stairs, in your garage, or even in your car without hunting for power outlets.
  • If you have to clean the stairs without the trouble of tripping over cables, then a cordless variant works well.
  • There is a steady supply of current to the motor from the battery built into the device. There are no risks attached to fluctuating input voltages damaging the components or the engine.
  • These can be used even during power cuts. Keeping the device fully charged at all times means that your appliance is ready for use whenever you want.
  • You can carry your Dyson portable vacuum even when you set out on a trip or also use it inside your RV or camp. All you need is to figure out a way to recharge the appliance once you use it.
  • Most of the cordless variants from this brand come with a maximum run time of half an hour to one hour. Charging the equipment might take 2 to 3 hours on average. For the long period that is spent on charging, the run time provided might appear a bit too less. If you need better run times and more efficient batteries, then you might spend more than what you spend on a similar corded variant.
  • Improper charging cycles might lead to a situation where you might have to replace the batteries. It adds to the cost of maintenance.
  • The best Dyson cordless vacuum models feature a design where the battery is non-removable. You would have to get the appliance serviced by a professional when the battery wears out.
  • Most of these models with multiple power modes hardly deliver 5 or 6 minutes of usage when you have to use the maximum suction power of the machine. The half-hour or one hour of life is when you use a low power mode.
  • This limitation is also applicable to the use of the motorized cleaner heads that come in the box. The power usage increases and, the battery life dips drastically when you use a motorized attachment for cleaning.
  • · The maximum power delivered with a cordless variant is relatively lower than what is possible with a corded option.

As you can see, the corded and the cordless variants have their fair share of perks and downsides. It is up to you to weigh the parameters and choose one that works for you.

How to Choose the Best Dyson vacuum

Hope we could answer a few of your basic questions about popular vacuum cleaners from this brand. Now, considering the plethora of choices that the brand offers, and the vast difference in pricing, what makes one product better than the other? What are the fundamental differences you should look for when you compare Dyson reviews? Here are the answers to these questions to help you shop for the most appropriate option for your home.


best Dyson vacuum cleaner

The performance of the chosen one depends on the type of suction mechanism used and the power of suction. When you select the best Dyson vacuum cleaner, you know that you are choosing one with a cyclone dirt removal technology and a bagless design. Other aspects talk about the performance, like the customization modes provided. You need something consistent with all sizes of dust and debris. There are some models in the range like Dyson ball vacuum cleaner multi floor 2 variants, which are not very consistent in their performance. They do an excellent job for small dust particles, but for the large-sized impurities, you would have to dust your floor and pick them up manually. So if you need something for the long term use, choose one that delivers dependable results whether you use it on the floor or the shelf tops or even the ceiling.

The upright models in the brand are designed with the stability that makes them suitable for confident maneuvering. If you look at the Ball variants, they feature a topple correction design where the equipment cannot topple ever. There is no risk of the canister falling off and the dust escaping through the air vent. Such little details also form a significant part of the performance measure of the model you choose. It is details like these that give this brand a competitive edge over their contenders.

Bagged Or Bagless Model

The brand’s creator James Dyson experienced problems with the conventional bag based cleaners. He was inspired by the cyclone based suction of sawdust in the industries and decided to use the same in the vacuum cleaners. That is how the revolutionary concept of the bagless Dyson vacuum cleaner was born. Then it became a trendsetter in the industry-leading to many other manufacturers venturing into this design concept. There is one major problem that most people face when they use a model with a bag, and that is the need for replacing the bag. While the rest of the machine might stay intact and perform as good as new, a container might wear off in many successfully running bagged vacuum models. This is one place where the vacuums from Dyson have a competitive edge over the others. There is no dust collection bag to worry about. The sturdy quality collection chamber is also easy to clean, and it’s long-lasting. All the best features ensure that you can empty the chamber without having to physically touch the dust or even get a sniff of it when you do the job.

Capacity Matters and Filtration Power

Capacity Matters and Filtration Power

The capacity of the vacuum is measured and labeled as ‘AW’ units. It is one parameter that you should look for in the specification list when you buy this appliance. Do not get carried away by claims that the machine offers powerful suction. Knowing the size of the machine and other features in comparison with the AW ratings will help you gauge the value of the device better.

AW indicates air watts. It gives you an intensity measure of the air circulation created and cyclone power in this case. It is a fair indicator of machine power and its efficiency in delivering results. A higher AW rating means stronger suction. This means that you would be able to use the device on uneven surfaces and even to remove dirt from tile grout and other such gaps on the floor. These can lift the debris off of major surfaces in one swipe of the wand.

With a 270AW suction power, the Animal 2 Total clean variant turns out to be one of the most powerful options out there. The other models, like Dyson vacuum v10 and most others on the list, have a suction capacity of less than 200AW.

The other dimension of capacity to consider is the size of the dust collection chamber. As evident as it might sound, smaller handheld variants come with small chambers, and you would have to clean it more often.

If you can empty the canister after each cleaning job, you are reducing the risk of accumulated dust entering the motor or dampening the performance. If you need something with a large dirt collecting bin, then the MultiFloor Canister variant is one of the best picks. Here the weight of the collecting canister lies on the floor while you only bear the weight of the extension wand and hose for reaching various surfaces. Given that all the models come with a quick push trigger for the canister, this job would take moments to complete.

Tools And Attachments

what is the best Dyson vacuum option

Each model comes with its own set of tools. Knowing about the tools that the brand offers is as important as finding an answer to the question- what is the best Dyson vacuum option. The variety of accessories that Dyson offers is one of the parameters that give it a competitive edge over other brands in the segment. These are user-friendly tools that can easily be mounted on most successfully running models. With each device you buy, you would also be able to identify the compatibility from the given specifications.

Here are the best-selling choices, some of which you can buy separately and use with your Dyson cleaner.

Tangle-free turbine tool

Do you find yourself continually struggling with the cleaner head wheels getting stuck due to tangled hair? Then you would be impressed if you give this tool a try. As the name indicates, this one draws out pet fur as well as long hair and lose fibers without forming tangles that can obstruct the movement. You can use this on carpets and hardwood floors, all with the same ease. If you look at any of the best pet hair vacuum from this brand like Animal 2, you will find this attachment as a standard inclusion. Some come with a combined turbine floor tool, which is made of carbon fibers. It improves the accuracy with which the fine hairs are picked up. This attachment can be used with most canister and upright models. Remember that you cannot use this attachment with the cordless variants from this brand.

Dusting brush — carbon fiber
Dusting brush — carbon fiber

This one comes with an elegant fur-like finish, which makes this the best hardwood floor vacuum attachment out there. If you have a coffee table made of solid wood or even glass tops, then these brushes can spotlessly clean them without leaving scratches. You can use them also to clean your

blinds or shutters. This attachment is compatible with most of the models. This tool is particularly popular among those living in regions where sand and fine dust accumulation is common. Close to the windows and after a DIY project where a fine dust settles on furniture, a few strokes with this brush makes the surface spotless. Narrow and long, this tool helps cover a large area in a short time while also allowing you to reach crevices on the sofa. It is a safe tool, even for those with respiratory allergies.

Hardwood tool with articulating head

Combined with the carbon fiber dusting brush, this one makes a handy investment for those with hardwood floors at home. This one comes with a cleaner head that auto-adjusts while cleaning on hard surfaces. Therefore, you do not have to manually make adjustments when you reach the edges of the room. It makes the best Dyson for hardwood floors as well as tiled or marble surfaces. The significant benefit here is that as you move across your living room floor with this tool, you can also reach below the couch, thanks to the articulation of the head. It is perfect for low-lying crevices and gaps beneath the furniture. The articulation of the head is smooth, allowing quick operation and the ability to cover a large area in one shot. It can be used with cylinder models as well as upright variants. If you have a portable or stick with a flexible hose, some models allow this attachment.

Combination tool

Used mostly with the upright models, this one combines a crevice tool and brush attachment. This comes as a soft brush attachment in some models. It is a standard accessory that comes with V7 and has been a big hit. You have two tools in one, and this prevents the need for switching between devices when you clean a large room. There is a button that helps switch between the crevice and the brush ends.

Crevice tool
Crevice tool

As the name indicates, this one is to reach narrow crevices. You can use it in spaces in between cushions. Even for deep cleaning car seats and pulling out the tiniest of crumbs stuck in the seat gaps, you can use this tool. Its length and flexibility make this suitable for tricky corners. There is also a slightly angled tip. You can combat fine dust in the narrow gaps behind radiators. Appliance rear surfaces and gaps between cushions on a couch are some of the areas where this tool comes in handy.

Mattress tool

This one comes with a smooth finish on the outside to make sure that the brush doesn’t damage your mattress surface, no matter what kind of mattress you own. It is compatible for use with most canister and upright models. The mattress tool also glides smoothly on the bed without trapping the fabric. It can also be used on all sorts of cushions and upholstered furniture, including fabric sofa and dining chairs, and benches with cushioned seating. If you have an extension wand, then you can also use them on your expensive cushions without worrying about damaging them.

Stair tool

Characterized by the small head size, this one works for those who live in a multistoried house. Whether you have carpeted stairs or wooden or tile finish stairs, you can use this tool on all of them. The small surface glides effortlessly up and down each of the steps.

Multi-angle brush

The multi-angle brush is one example of the unique tools that some models bring. The Animal 2 Total Clean variant includes this. It has a beautiful long design that you can twist and turn and lock at any angle you prefer. If you have to clean the top portions of your wardrobe, there is nothing better than this tool. It is also suitable for cleaning a ceiling fan or even door tops.

Reach under tool

Reach under tool takes the articulating head attachment one notch up. This one is long and comes with precise dust trapping design. The tiny gaps between furniture and the wall are often the ignored spots at home, as most attachments do not reach there. This problem is solved by this tool. It can easily extend in narrow spaces. The flexibility makes it suitable to be used below furniture without bending. This one comes with a chevron bristle to efficiently trap fine dust and debris. This tool is compatible with most models from this brand except the cordless variants.

Soft roller head

Remember the problem with chunky dirt being propelled forward that we spoke in MultiFloor 2 review? The soft roller head is the perfect answer to this. This one comes with a roller that pulls in all sizes of dust particles.

Grooming tool

One other category of attachments that you should know about is the grooming and clean-up sets. This is mainly for those who have pets at home. There are grooming brushes and other attachments that can be used to gently remove pet fur, even those that are clinging due to static charges. Its unique design also helps remove tangles on the pet fur. It is gentle enough to use on the pet directly. While grooming the pet, it also helps remove loose hair before it falls off or clings on to furniture. The finish of the brush gives the attachment a pet comb-like feeling. It makes the tool easier to be accepted by the pet.

Mini turbine tool

If you need suction power without the complications of a motorized tool, then the mini turbine tool helps. Pneumatic pressure is used to extract impurities without the use of a motor. Its petite profile makes it possible to use it in corners. You can also easily open the tool and remove any tangled dust and clean the brush. It is a versatile attachment suitable for use with handhelds, cylinders, and upright models.

Mini turbine tool

Besides the standard designs, there are other variants like the mini soft brush, Flexi crevice tool, telescopic crevice tool, and more. These can be added to handhelds to use them inside your car conveniently. For the handhelds, there are quick-release tools, and these even come in complete all-in-one kits. There are home cleaning kits, asthma, and allergy kits and other segregated bundles available as well. You can pick these to complement the device that you own.

The use of the right tools improves the efficiency of your job. This variety is one of the biggest strengths of this brand. Before you buy any device, make sure that you check the official page to understand compatibility with your machine. Once you have picked your tools, investing in a good quality tool bag like the one you get with Animal 2 Total Clean can make storage of these tools easy. Having a storage bag is an essential investment that ensures that the device doesn’t get damaged during storage.

Noise Level

With power comes unavoidable noise. Dyson’s cyclone technology tries and minimizes the noise of operation to some extent. However, the high power mode in most machines, especially the most powerful ones like Animal 2, can be quite loud. The surface that you clean also has a role to play in the amount of noise produced. Powerful ones from this brand can reach noise levels up to 90dBor louder at times. Anything that operates with more than 70 to 80dB noise is considered noisy. The V8 Absolute handheld variant is one of the quietest in the lot with noise levels reaching barely 67dB. This is where the V10 range deserves a special mention. These come with noise muffling design that allows the same power with reduced noise. If you stay in an apartment or if you have babies at home, you might need something quieter. Even for you, the loud ones might be a little difficult to handle for a long duration, say when you are deep cleaning the whole house.

Weight Of The Vacuum

Weight Of The Vacuum

The upright and canister variants are more substantial than the handhelds. Animal 2 happens to be one of the heaviest among this lot, weighing close to 18lbs. The lightest is the V7 Trigger, which weighs 3.77lbs. The upright models, as well as ball variants that weigh over 10lbs, usually come with easy-moving wheels. Smooth swivel wheels make this added weight more comfortable to handle: you would not have any difficulty moving them around. Consider the wheel dimension or the ground clearance of the construction when you choose the model. There are some with tighter wheel heights, making it challenging to step up from the floor to carpet and change surfaces. This would be the situation where you would feel the weight of the machine. With the portable options with a built-in battery, the products from this brand are surprisingly light enough to hold for long cleaning routines. When you buy a vacuum, make sure that you understand how much weight you would be able to handle. Stick weight adds up when you choose a stick variant for reaching the ceiling.

Quality and Durability

The brand’s creator invented the cyclone filtration method, which is today one of the most popular technologies in the vacuum cleaner segment. From being a trendsetter, the brand has continued to deliver the same dependable quality consistently. This quality comes in the form of predictable results and good suction power. You should look for those that come with a durable build quality so that your several hundred dollars of expense last at least for a few years. Some models from this brand come with 5 years warranty and others with 2 years. When you look at the durability, consider the quality of the hose and the wand as well. Broken tools are easy to replace, but then you would be spending extra on the same appliance. The durability also determines how capable the machine is to handle long hours of operation.


From $100 up to $500 or more, there are vacuum cleaner options available in all budget categories when you choose from Dyson. You get what you pay for with most models. The cost comes with a variety of tools in the package and the power of suction. If you are looking for an appliance that would give you a long term commitment, then definitely the best-rated ones are worth splurging on. Given the fact that they can clean the house and improve the quality of the air by eliminating allergens from the furniture and other surfaces, this would be like an investment for your family’s health.

Choose your Dyson: Types

Choose your Dyson: Types

To be able to understand the features and the details that users talk about in the Dyson vacuum reviews, you should know the basic types that this brand offers based on the profile.

Cordless stick

As the name indicates, these are the variants that come with a cordless design and rechargeable battery. You charge the battery unplug the charger and then grab the machine and take it wherever you want to clean.

There is the additional long stick attachment that differentiates the smaller portable models and this segment. When you remove the stick, you can use them like you would use any other portable cleaner from this brand. The length of the stick means that you can clean the floors with these appliances without bending, which is not possible when you have a conventional handheld like say, the V7 Trigger. The Stick range has gained so much popularity that there have been a few models launched with advanced features like LCD, which are hard to come by in this segment. Models V6 to V10 comes in the stick range where the V7 and V6 are also available as handhelds without a stick.


The height of these vacuums is the major plus. This makes it easy even for those who are tall to conveniently stand and clean the floor without bending or straining your back. The effortless cleaning here is combined with Dyson Ball technology, which makes maneuverability an easy job. So, it possible to move the machine around the house without having to lift it. As you can see on our list, Animal 2, Animal 2 Total Clean, and Multi Floor 2 are upright models. These are also low maintenance and easy to operate.


These come with a relatively larger storage space thanks to the presence of a collection canister of enormous capacity. The ball mechanism on this one is more significant, and there is a convenient hose that helps use the tool without moving the hold weight of the machine around. The best Dyson canister vacuum would be a handy investment for a large house where there tend to be significant amounts of dust collected. These models help you clean in one stretch without worrying about emptying the bin halfway through the house.

After weighing and comparing all the features pick something that comes with straightforward controls and the ease of maintenance as well. Besides talking about the features, there is also a confusion that prevails between two popularly running models — Animal and Animal 2.

Animal Vs. Animal 2

Animal Vs. Animal 2

With the success of Animal, the brand released Animal 2 as an upgraded version. Most of the features remain similar in both these models. It is even hard to tell them apart when you physically look at them.

Animal 2 delivers slightly more suction power than its predecessor. It means that you can use it with even more confidence in eradicating pet fur from everywhere in the house. Even the most beautiful hair that might be held in between the fibers of the carpets or in the cushion gaps will all be efficiently removed with this model. So you can play all you want with your pet and then clean the house, making it free from allergens and pet fur to deliver a safe environment for the littles on in the family. Animal 2 is also a model that is suitable for all types of flooring designs like vinyl, hardwood, and even carpeted ones.

Both of these are corded designs. The Animal range of vacuums from this brand is mainly designed to provide tangle-free visibly clean floors and furniture for the pet owners.


Hope this review and shopper guide managed to clear your confusion about the best Dyson vacuum 2021 options. Our recommendation will be Animal 2 Total Clean if you need something that lasts for years and comes with all the tools you would ever ask for in a vacuum cleaner. If you have pets at home, you can buy this one without any second thoughts. For more reviews and information about such essential home appliances, check out the HomeMakerGuide.


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The signature feature of the models from this brand is the cyclone suction technology that the brand uses. The very first model DC01 was a huge hit, and the company has maintained a steady curve showing similar success even with the Dyson vacuum dc33 and other latest models. To know how one of these devices work you should understand how a cyclonic dust separation works.

The cyclone of these devices works based on the centrifugal force that is generated in a chamber. There is a cylinder with a conical bottom. As the air with collected impurities enters the chamber, a cyclone like an effect is created. Due to the centrifugal force, dust particles revolve around close to the walls of the chamber. These are then filtered out and sent to the dust collection chamber, and the air is let out through the air exhaust outlet. The filter is designed to trap even minute particles and let out clean air without traces of the impurities. The Root Cyclone is the brand's signature technology for suctioning the finest of particles by creating several cyclones in the chamber.

With a bag based model, you simply take the bag and empty the contents. Given that the ones from this brand come with a bagless design, learning how to clean them is a critical step.

The first step is to clean the canister where the dust collects. There is a smooth release trigger provided that helps you access the chamber. You can then directly empty the contents into a garbage bin. The transparent chamber makes it possible to know when it is full and when it needs emptying. Some models come with vertical positioning of the bin and some that feature an in-line design. There is an indication of the max dust level, and it is always a good idea to clear out the bin slightly below this level.

For the upright models, there is a button that helps disassemble the cyclone with the dust collection bin. There is also a convenient handle provided to carry the container. In the case of handhelds, there is no separation of the chamber.

For both the models, all you have to do is to place the bin directly above a garbage bin and then pull a trigger. This pushes the chamber down and ejects the lid outward. The debris then falls off straight into the garbage bin without any manual intervention. That is how you effortlessly empty the bin. The process of cleaning remains the same, no matter which model you choose. A bin positioning of the bin and the button for removing the bin might alone vary from one device to another.

Besides emptying the chamber, you should also clean the brush bar and the floorhead on the appliance. If there is hair tangling the head, then this might obstruct the rotation. You can simply use a dusting brush or scissors to remove the hair and fiber trapped. Then use a damp cloth to clean the head.

The other major step involved in cleaning one of these machines is the filter maintenance. Most of the products in this range come with removable filters. You can easily wash them and install them again. There might be one or more filters in the design, some of which are washable. Therefore, these are for lifetime usage. This is one of the traits that make these vacuums low maintenance options. You can clean the filter once a month or even once in two months, depending on how frequently you use the machine. The filter comes in a contrasting color for easy identification no matter which model you buy. Remove the filter, run some cold water through it, and drip it. Squeeze out excess water and allow the filter to dry before you put it back fully. These are known for their longevity, but then you can buy replacement filters if you need to.

You are spending hundreds of dollars on buying one of the top-rated models. Therefore, you should know how long these appliances last. The manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty on the unit and the tools in most cases. However, actual life extends beyond the warranty period. This brand utilizes advanced suction mechanisms, which have now become a new trend in the industry. Therefore, if you worry about the features getting obsolete, then that is not going to happen shortly. The stable build quality of these models makes them long-lasting choices. Most of the devices from this brand last for 10 years easily. Life depends predominantly on how you use the machine. If you invest time in cleaning the equipment and the filters regularly, then that helps extend life. Also, make sure that you do not allow dust to get accumulated beyond the 'max' level marking on the see-through collection canister. The filter that lies before the motor to shield the engine from fine dust is one part of keeping a close eye on. The other part is the HEPA filter, which is responsible for protecting your family from allergies. These are spots where there tends to be wear and tear. Identifying the problems and replacing these filters can also maintain the efficiency of the machine. You might have to replace the HEPA filter once a year or so, depending on the condition of it. These are filters that handle the tiniest of dust that enters the cleaner. Therefore, these are the ones that tend to be the most difficult to deep clean. No matter how well you clean them, occasionally replacing them will keep the appliance running smoothly and prevent dust from entering the motor and other parts.
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