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Best Electric Chainsaw: Do A Smoother & Stress-Free Woodcutting

Last Updated: 06 June 2022

Woodcutting is not an easy process. Are you looking for great tools that will make your job easier? One essential tool that is a "must-have" in any wood cutting activity is the saw and not just any kind of saw this time – a chainsaw. This is a mechanical tool that has been provided with features to make woodcutting a stress-free and easy one; it is one of the most purchased tools on the market. Chainsaws are different in mode of operation, style, size, and design. Therefore, it is consequential that you know more about them in this review article.

Using a chainsaw for woodcutting is one thing, but having the best chainsaw is another thing, and so far, so good, different chainsaws have been used over time. Recently, an electric chainsaw was designed to make work better and even faster, that is why we are interested in the best electric chainsaw. Below are the 10 top-selling products on the market. We put together a comprehensive guide as well as other information to help you know how and what to buy.

We want you to pay close attention and see the differences between each and every one of them so that you can make the best choice. If you are new or pro to woodcutting, there is definitely something for you.

Handy Home Master created for informational purposes only. Thus, we neither endorse you in any way to buy specific products in our reviews, nor making you act like it’s written in our guides. We are reserving the rights for you to make your personal decision.



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16-inch electric chainsaw

The 8 Best Electric Chainsaws Compared and Reviewed

Best Overall: Excellent Quality - Makita 16 Review

Makita 16
387 Reviews
Makita 16

The Makita electric chainsaw is a mechanical tool with a difference because it is smooth in operation and can be maintained without difficulty as regard gas, unlike most types of chainsaws. It is effortless to use, and it works at a 2,900 FPM speed which is excellent enough to perfect cutting and trimming of trees and shrubs in a garden. This 16-inch electric chainsaw for heavy-duty operations while it uses an automatic oiler for lubrication and it has an electric chain brake to enhance productivity. It features a current limiter to keep the motor protected against damage from heat.

Why We Like It

  • Good maintenance and working mechanism
  • Easy to control and use
  • Includes impressive features like a built-in current limiter, and a large oil reservoir
  • Arguably, the best electric chainsaw as well as the best rated electric chainsaw at the moment

For beginners: WEN Electric Chainsaw, 16 Review

WEN Electric Chainsaw
348 Reviews
WEN Electric Chainsaw

A top electric chainsaw that has been engineered for general use is the Homelite electric chainsaw due to its motor system which is suitable to do some trimming and cutting. This particular chainsaw is a revised version of a previous model, and it is in perfect condition so that it is easy to operate and maintain at the same time. Being a 16-inch chainsaw with a lightweight design and tool-free chain changes. Also, it uses an automatic oiler system that keeps the chain lubricated at all times and an oil level window for an oil check.

Why We Like It

  • The motor is powerful enough for everyday use
  • Most suitable for beginners
  • Lightweight design
  • Tool-free chain changes

For Professionals: Oregon Self-Sharpening Electric Chainsaw Review

Oregon Self-Sharpening Electric Chainsaw
1,423 Reviews
Oregon Self-Sharpening Electric Chainsaw

There is nothing like the Oregon electric chainsaw because it is advanced in quality, impressive in performance, and outstanding in design, making it one of the fastest-selling chainsaws available. What makes this corded electric chainsaw unique or different from other types is because it is a self-sharpening electric chainsaw that requires little or no maintenance and pull-operated. This chainsaw uses a mechanism whereby it becomes noiseless when in use, a quality everyone will be comfortable with. This 18-inch electric chainsaw is the largest size seen for any operation, and it has an excellent tool-less chain tensioning system via a red knob.


  • Sharpens itself better and stronger
  • Size is right enough for any kind of work
  • Suitable for professionals
  • Advanced but very much comfortable to use


  • Can only be used by anyone who is well-skilled in woodcutting

For Low Maintenance: Earthwise Electric Chain Saw, 16-Inch Review

Earthwise Electric Chain Saw, 16-Inch
90 Reviews
Earthwise Electric Chain Saw, 16-Inch

The Earthwise electric chainsaw is another powerful electric chainsaw that is currently being sold on the market at a very affordable price, regardless of its incredible features. It is excellent at cutting, clearing, and trimming bushes and trees respectively without difficulty; this makes it an excellent choice for any gardener who wants something easy to use. It uses an automatic oiling system to make sure the chain is lubricated at all times alongside an oil level window for an oil check. Interestingly, this electric chainsaw is 16 inches in size, which makes it high in performance and comes with low maintenance.


  • Checking for oil levels is very easy with the help of the oil level window
  • Easy to control with little or no maintenance
  • Powerful enough to do a lot of work
  • Oiled smoothly in an automatic way


  • Oil dispenser can act gravity-fed

Good Motor: BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw, 16-Inch Review

BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw, 16-Inch
257 Reviews
BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw, 16-Inch

The black and decker electric chainsaw is another remarkable tool to use in the garden with a robust motor system of 12 AMP for cutting, trimming trees and bushes. It has a good design and considers ergonomics much to be used in different ways; one of the best corded picks out there at a reasonable price. It makes use of a tool-free chain tensioning system that enhances a low-kickback bar and chain as well as an auto oiler for constant lubrication. This tool is impressive and easy to use because it doesn’t require any assembly before it is used.


  • Oil levels can be seen without stress
  • The tensioning system is unique and impressive
  • Lightweight but sturdy to be used for heavy operations
  • The warranty period is topnotch


  • Experiences glitches once in a while

Best Warranty: GreenWorks Electric Chainsaw, 14 Review

GreenWorks Electric Chainsaw, 14
885 Reviews
GreenWorks Electric Chainsaw, 14

This Greenworks electric chainsaw (14-inch) is efficient and works perfectly well in trimming and cutting trees without any hassle due to its numerous working features. Just like most top products in this range, it uses an auto oiling system to make sure there is consistent lubrication to prevent wear and tear or damage. For this particular brand, there is the corded and cordless type, and there are different styles and options available to pick from for use. Also, it has a good motor of 9 AMP, which is smooth in operation, very reliable, and has a flexible tool-less chain tension system.


  • Protective and safe characteristics
  • Regularly oiled to prevent wear and tear
  • Operates smoothly without stress
  • Best warranty period so far


  • The chain keeps loosing from the blade

For Budget-Friendly: WORX Electric Chain Saw, One Size Review

WORX Electric Chain Saw, One Size
411 Reviews
WORX Electric Chain Saw, One Size

This lightweight electric chainsaw is everything needed for making a good cut and trim in the garden or on the farm; Worx is definitely impressive in use. It is often called a compact powerhouse, and with its 14-inch size, there is no level at which it can’t go to ensure a smooth operation. It comes with low maintenance but has a patented auto-tensioning chain system as well as an oil level indicator to check for oil levels. Finally, it has a rubberized grip that ensures comfort while it is being used for medium-duty works like lambing and pruning.


  • Safe and easy to use
  • Uses an advanced indicating system to check for oil levels
  • Consistent in performance
  • Compact and lightweight in design


  • Oil leakage has been reported on this chainsaw

For Low-Kickback: Sun Joe 14-Inch Electric Chainsaw Review

Sun Joe 14-Inch Electric Chainsaw
712 Reviews
Sun Joe 14-Inch Electric Chainsaw

Sun Joe has been known to be a good brand for many outdoor tools that have incredible functions, and the electric chainsaw is not an exemption. It is one of the best available useful for perfect trimming and pruning of limbs and branches without hassle, with several control mechanisms like the safety switch. This top electric chainsaw has self-lubricating properties for the bar and chain to prevent wear and tear or damage as a result of inadequate lubrication. This corded tool is powered by electricity and does not make use of gas, oil, or even tune-ups to perform.


  • Prevents accident cases via safety switch
  • Constantly lubricates itself
  • Suitable for trimming and pruning limbs and branches
  • Easy to use and control


  • Requires more effort cutting big limbs

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need To Know About The Best Electric Chainsaw

You are set to choose the best electric chainsaw, but before then, there is more information in this buying guide section that you will find very helpful. This information can affect you positively so that you can pick the right tool to use, and they are divided into two sections; the types of chainsaws and essential buying factors. The kinds of chainsaw introduce you to the different sizes of chainsaws and their several uses while the buying factors help in knowing what is best to choose.

How to Choose the Best Electric Chainsaw

The next phase of this buying guide is the number of essential factors to consider before making a choice of any of the best electric chainsaws from above.


As seen from the types mentioned above, there are different sizes of chainsaws useful for various activities, i.e., some are good for cutting trees, and others for trimming. The common range of sizes for the best is between 14 to 18 inches, with features available to support these activities. If you don’t consider this, you may end up buying the wrong tool for the improper purpose, which could be very exhausting.


Maintenance is an essential factor to consider when it comes to mechanical tools because it determines how they can be extensively used in different occasions. This includes proper storage and oiling to enhance a smoother operation for the ease and convenience of a garden or homeowner. There are also tips you should always search for check online when it comes to storage and handling of this tool.

Noise Level

One of the primary reasons why people intend to go for electric chainsaws is because it has a reduced noise level which is comfortable to work with. They are often noiseless, and this makes them an ideal choice for every homeowner; therefore, the need to consider this factor is essential as every other.

Oiling System

Since electric chainsaws do not use fuel to work, they have deployed another means to make sure the use of oil is evident; it is used as a lubricant. There are two kinds of oiling systems for an electric chainsaw, and they include; the automatic oiler and the push-button or adjustable flow. The automatic oiler is the most common type, and this means it has self-lubricating properties for convenience.


Finally, performance depends on the way these electric chainsaws are controlled to perform the different activities we know it to do. They appear both corded and cordless; the cordless chainsaws are powered by batteries while the corded are connected to an external power source. Altogether, you need to figure out the type you want, so that it can be used to maximum interest.

Electric Chainsaws types

Technically, there are 4 common types of electric chainsaws based on size, and they include;

14-inch electric chainsaw

The 14-inch electric chainsaw is one of the most natural forms of chainsaws available because it is suitable for all kinds of activities while running on good motor power. The power is always between 8 to 9 AMP with several other features in place to make it useful for medium-duty operations like pruning, cutting off limbs, etc. They are very common and are excellent choices for both beginners and professionals.

16-inch electric chainsaw

16-inch electric chainsaw

The 16-inch electric chainsaw is another kind of chainsaw that is quite robust and suitable for heavy-duty operations such as cutting of trees, logs, etc. This chainsaw runs on a powerful motor (about 12 AMP) which makes it possible to do most of these things. The best electric chainsaw sharpener belongs to this category too, and it is used mainly by professionals because of the complexity of its use in the yard or garden.

10-inch electric chainsaw

10-inch electric chainsaw

The 10-inch electric chainsaw is arguably the simplest form of chainsaw you will ever find because it has basic features in understanding how woodcutting works. They are sometimes scarce, but they are the most suitable for beginners or anyone who is trying out woodcutting for the first time. It is always lightweight in size and useful for light-duty operations like trimming and pruning, but not heavy ones like cutting.

12-inch electric chainsaw

Finally, there is the 12-inch electric chainsaw that can be used by everyone for certain kinds of activities with its low power between 6 to 7 AMP. Based on their size and strength, they are obviously suitable for lightly good operations such as cutting and trimming of limbs. There is no example of this type of electric chainsaw in this review article because it is too light and can not be classified as one of the best chainsaws.

Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked, some questions on the use of an electric chainsaw, and we understand how our answers can influence a lot of decisions, particularly for a buyer. Therefore, we have done our best in giving suitable answers which may clear any doubt or influence decision-making positively; see our answers to these questions below.

How Do Electric Chainsaws Work?

Most popular are familiar with what electric chainsaws are used for, i.e., sprucing, trimming, cutting and pruning, but are quite unsure about how it really works. Generally, they are used on trees, logs, trunks, wood, limbs, or even shrubs in different ways, but most times are connected to a power source to do these things. With a corded or cordless system, it begins operation either automatically or manually with the push of a button, the chain starts rolling, and the blades become active for work.

Electric chainsaws are more comfortable to carry because they have been designed to be lightweight and portable so that free movement from one place to another can be achieved. The chains, however, are lubricated, most times automatically to prevent wear and tear as well as corrosion, so that they can be used to their maximum potential.

Are Electric Chainsaws Safer?

If we compare them to other types of chainsaws, i.e., gas chainsaw, for example, we will discover that it is safer and better. It is easy to handle, maneuver, and control in different ways so that it can be used effectively. So, Yes, they are safer.

Do Electric Chainsaws Need Oil?

They do not need fuel before they can do their job, they run on electricity, which is the easiest and simplest form of operating machines like this. However, because it doesn’t need fuel, it doesn’t mean it won’t need oil too, just that it is required as a lubricant for both the chain and bar. Lubrication is an important thing that needs to be done when there are metals involved in a tool like this, to prevent corrosion and enhance smooth work.

What Is The Best Electric Chainsaw?

There are several kinds, and this makes it impossible to choose the most preferred one; however, there is still going to be an outstanding one. The best electric chainsaw is definitely one of those that have been reviewed above and has been considered with the factors in the buying guide section. This particular mechanical tool is smooth in operation, outstanding quality, and magnificent in features, and there is no better option than the Makita electric chainsaw.

What Is The Best Chainsaw For A Homeowner?

What Is The Best Chainsaw For A Homeowner?

No chainsaw is perfect for homeowners, it only depends on how skilled such a person is, i.e., as a beginner or a professional. However, there is something most homeowners should always bear in mind, and that is the fact that maximum storage is needed for mechanical tools like this. They can be simple to use, easy to operate but dangerous at times, especially if there are kids around; having tool storage won’t be such a bad idea.

Choosing the best product for a homeowner depends on multiple factors. It all goes down to what you need it for, what performance you are seeking, and what size fits you. For all these questions, plus much more, we gave answers in the rest of the article.

All in all, as you will see at the end of the article, the Makita electric chainsaw is the best electric chainsaw 2022 has to offer, and is perfect for all kinds of tasks, being suitable to use by professionals and beginners. It is powerful in function and has been named an excellent tool when placed alongside the factors in the guide section we will explain further.

What Is The Best Professional Chainsaw?

The most powerful electric chainsaw is regarded as the best professional chainsaw because it is used for heavy-duty operations, and only suitable for those that are skilled. A perfect example of a professional chainsaw is the Oregon electric chainsaw which has a great motor, auto oiler, and durable blades. These blades can get through anything, and that is why it is not advisable for anyone new to using such products because it can be dangerous.

Is Electric Or Gas Chainsaw Better?

Both electric and budget gas chainsaw are good, but the difference in them is their power source, i.e., electricity and fuel (gas) respectively, and the way they are used. For instance, the electric chainsaw is good to use at home, in the yard while being connected to electricity, while the gas chainsaw is good in the forest for heavy-duty work. However, there are limitations go thus: there is a limit to what an electric chainsaw can cut at home while a gas chainsaw is more cumbersome and exhausting when carried.

What Is The Easiest Chainsaw To Start?

What Is The Easiest Chainsaw To Start?

If we talk about the most comfortable chainsaw, then we are referring to electric chainsaws, and so far, so good, the easiest to use is from the items presented above. The Homelite electric chainsaw is an ideal choice to start with because it was simply designed for the home, and it has light features coupled with effective working mechanisms. Anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of such a product should try this particular type, he or she will be impressed at what will be achieved.

How Did Chainsaws Help Deliver Babies?

Before now, chainsaws were initially designed to help in childbirth before it became a garden tool, which makes it one of the biggest mechanical inventions man has ever seen. Its first use was in 1780 when two doctors had issues with a patient who needed help with symphysiotomy (one of the most severe surgical problems). They needed a device that was going to cut through whereby the bone and cartilage around the birth canal could be widened for easy passage at childbirth. They improvised and made use of a sawing procedure that was dangerous but safe; it was a success, and this supports the fact that it is used to deliver babies.

What Kind Of Oil Goes In An Electric Chainsaw?

What Kind Of Oil Goes In An Electric Chainsaw?

As we have mentioned above, electric chainsaws do not make use of fuel to work because they simply run on electricity, overcoming the need for gas or oil. However, they make use of particular types of oil that are not applied within them but on the chain and bar as lubricants to enhance the smooth operation and easy control. If you have previously used a gas chainsaw, then you will discover that the same oil you use for the lubrication of the bar and chain can work too.

Verdict and Our Recommendation for 2022

According to the electric chainsaw reviews, we have been exposed to different kinds of chainsaws that will improve the quality of cutting, trimming, pruning, and sprucing. So far, so good, we have reviewed the top 10 electric chainsaws that are currently selling on the market at great prices worth good values. However, there are an outstanding type that has beaten all odds when it comes to electric chainsaws with class, style, quality, and functions.

Makita electric chainsaw is the best electric chainsaw 2022 has to offer, and is perfect for all kinds of operations, being suitable to use by both beginners and professionals. It is powerful in function and has been marked as an excellent tool when placed alongside the factors in the guide section. This HandyHomeMaster for the best electric chainsaw is definitely what everyone needs to make a good choice of mechanical tools in the yard or garden.

We really hope you will find what you are looking for!

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