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Finding The Best Electric Fireplace

Last Updated: 06 June 2022

Searching for the right alternative for a real fireplace? You have come to the correct place! Whether you are looking to heat a large area or a small living room, we have the best electric fireplaces available for you. These gadgets display Innovative characteristics and have incredible performance. It’s also available in various shapes, colors, and designs, and appearance. As they are easy to install and portable, you can move them around the house easily.

Finding it hard to clean up the fireplace regularly? The fast-paced and busy lifestyle makes it difficult for individuals to manage a wood-burning fire area. That’s when the electric fireplaces have taken over most houses. This is because they’re a convenient and energy-efficient method of adding more ambiance to your room. As they do not use wood for burning, you don’t have to worry about suit or smoke anymore.

Are you are in the market to purchase a contemporary style? Relax! We have them all sorted out for you. Here we have some of the top electric fireplace that will suit your needs. Let’s proceed without further delay.

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Flame Effects

TOP 10 Best Electric Fireplace: Comparison Chart

With the help of detailed findings, we have put together a list of the top modern electric fireplaces that will adorn your house.

Great Overall: PuraFlame 33 Inches Western Electric Fireplace Review

Wondering how to make use of your old fireplace without having to burn logs and clear ashes? PuraFlame 33 inches is one of the best electric fireplace inserts on stores. This electric fireplace heater insert can be easily placed inside the existing fireplace. This can then be transformed into an electric heat source. The brick wall interiors offer a realistic look. An adjustable thermostat is present with a maximum of 84°F and a minimum of 60°F. The electric fireplace is further equipped with crystals and faux logs to give a real experience.

This built in electric fireplace goes well with stylish mantels as well as brick places. Remote controls present helps you to adjust the settings by standing anywhere in the room.

Why We Like It

  • 3 flaming intensities are available
  • Makes use of energy efficient LED technology
  • Can heat up to 400 ft.²
  • Has a one year warranty
Good Option: Touchstone 80004 — Sideline Electric Fireplace Review

Touchstone 80004 Sideline is the best recessed electric fireplace that stands in line with other top models. As it fits perfectly into any space and heats the area well, it’s worth the price paid. Based on your room space, these are available in numerous sizes. The unit comes with two heating intensities ranging from low to high. The heat settings function well and you don’t have to worry about getting more flame options. The smooth finishing of this electric fireplace insert gives it a grand aesthetic look.

The crystals and flames are available in five settings that range from soft flame to high-intensity flame. Can cover a room size of 400 ft.

Why We Like It

  • Three color options are present - Orange, blue and orangish blue
  • Recessed design gives a sleek style
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Dark finishing gives a spruce interior feel
Versatile Choice: PuraFlame Alice 40 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace Review

PuraFlames 40 ″ recessed can be easily mounted to any existing fire spaces. It comes with 2 connection choices — hard-wiring or plugging into the power source. In case the recess is not present, you can suspend the electric fireplace logs on a wall. In order to create the flame effect, it uses either LEDs or Crystal bed or a log set. You have the freedom to select from 4 flame intensities that range from high to low. The thermostat can heat the place to 82°F and has a low-temperature setting of 61°F.

Based on your heating requirements, you can set the countdown timer as per your choice. The minimum time is 30 minutes and has a maximum time limit of nine hours.

Why We Like It

  • Various color options are available
  • It gives a modern and seamless vibe
  • Can cover a distance of 400 ft.²
  • Comes with remote control
Budget Choice: Valuxhome 36 Inches Electric Fireplace Review

Valuxhome Houselux is the best insert that is a perfect fit for ancient fireplaces. The most realistic electric fireplace has a height of 21 inches and a length of 36 inches. You can adjust the heat as per your requirements by using the different flame intensities. You don’t require chimneys or vents to install this electric fireplace. It comes with a hot vent at the front area and can heat an area of 400 ft.² size.

It’s the ideal heat source for your bedroom, living room, or workplace. A countdown timer is present with the time frame ranging from one hour to 9 hours.


  • Makes use of LED technology that is energy-saving
  • Has three light colors suitable for nighttime
  • Easy to install
  • Has a realistic brick panel appearance


  • Digital display screen for temperature is not always lit
Good Infrared Pick: Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Review

Duraflame 3D uses Infrared Quartz to give the feel and appearance of a wood stove. This free standing electric fireplace has a dimension of 13” x 24” x 23”. The exterior is durable and consists of a metallic framework. It comes with a beveled glass door and glass windows. The 3-D flames can be easily adjusted using the various speed options. As the electric corner fireplace does not become hot, it’s considered safe and secure for kids and pets. This small electric fireplace offers and incredible quantity of supplemental heat.

The infrared technology gives not only warmth but also sufficient humidity simultaneously. Built-In protection is present on the plug to detect overheating.


  • Has five different color brightness
  • Supplies heat to a space of 1000 sq ft
  • Portable and is best suited as a zonal heating device
  • Thermostats change the temperature up automatically


  • Quite expensive
Energy Saver: Giantex 28.5' Electric Fireplace Review
  • 【Realistic Flame Effect】: Through a tempered glass, you can watch the lifelike flame and log in fireplace. Coming with 3 flame color options—orange, blue, orange-blue mix, this electric fireplace can provide a cozy atmosphere with vivid flames. Also, there are 5 modes of brightness of flames for you to choose. Plus, the flame decoration can be used separately without heating.
  • 【Adjustable Temperature & Time】: With Intelligent thermostat system, the temperature can be set from 62℉to 82℉ to ensure you have preferable warmth. Coming with a timer, the fireplace sets you free by turning on and off at a previous selected time and automatically working from 0 to 8 hours.
  • 【2 Modes of Heat Setting】: You will be provided with 2 modes of settings from our wall-mounted fireplace. Low temperature mode of 750 W (2559BTU) and high heating temperature mode of 1500W (5118BTU) keeps you snug and toasty in winter. No more emission of gas, ethanol, propane, ashes, pollution and woods.
  • 【Safe to Use with Different Ways】: It is convenient to operate the heater both manually as well as by remote control. The remote control with a 3 V lithium cell battery we have prepared for you. And the electric fireplace has gained certification from ETL and is equipped with safety cut-off device for overheat protection.
  • 【Various Installation Modes】: Inserting the electric fireplace into cabinet or wall are all convenient ways to enjoy comfort of a crackling fireplace without taking up too much space. This embedded fireplace will add a touch of sleek and elite into your living room, bedroom and office. Please pay attention to the dimensions of your TV stand and cabinet.
Nice Style: Great Wall Mount: R.W.FLAME 39' Electric Fireplace Review

With an incredible design framework, R.W. Flame is an excellent inwall electric fireplace. The front panel has a touch screen and is wide in length. You can mount this unit either inside the wall or on the wall based on your comfort. Also, the installation procedure is effortless. It not only works well for houses but also a great add on for workplaces. Apart from the touchscreen, it has a remote control where you can operate it from anywhere. Uses 5 flame speed options and has sleep modes as well.

Suitable for maintaining the humidity at proper levels. This real flame electric fireplace is capable of preventing overheating issues and distributes the heat evenly.


  • Has an automatic flame design
  • 12 LED flame color modes are present
  • Comes with two heat settings — 1500 W and 750 W
  • Suitable for warming 400 ft.² space


  • None
Realistic Appearance: Duraflame DFI021ARU Electric Log Set Heater Review

Duraflame DFI021ARU can be easily mounted onto any old burning area, making it the best electric fireplace. Irrespective of the presence of the heat, you can find the pulsating and rolling flame effect. The realistic log set and ember bed give a unique appeal as it sits in an antique fire grate made of bronze. This electric fireplace heater is an excellent source of supplemental zonal heating. It gives you further control over the heat distribution in your living area. The zonal heating system helps you to save on your energy bills.

Hookups and vents are no required, and you can plug in the heater directly. Remote controls help you to operate from anywhere in the room.


  • Is an energy-saving option
  • Does not require any events or hookups
  • Suitable for operating with or without any heat
  • Can warm an area of up to 400 ft.²


  • The buttons on the remote controller not easy to use
Sleek Design: Touchstone 80001 — Onyx Electric Fireplace Review

Touchstone 80001 uses Onyx to heat your room. This versatile and sleek high-grade model is the best electric fireplace that’s available at an affordable price range. This electric heater fireplace has a dimension of 21” x 50”. This wall mount electric fireplace weighs around 46 lbs. You can easily mount this gadget on the wall by yourself. The added benefit of this piece is that you can select between crystals or false logs for the interior. The in-built automatic timer allows you to control the heat from 30 min — 8 hours.

Based on your aesthetic preference, you can design it as you wish. Can warm up to 400 ft.² room size.


  • Has various brightness options
  • Adjustable heat settings of high and low are present
  • Gives a realistic flame for an extra appeal
  • Has Shiny design and appearance


  • Not portable
Classic Style: Southern Enterprises Tennyson Electric Fireplace Review

Southern Enterprises Tennyson is a classic and timeless beauty that can enhance the ambiance of your room. The electric fireplace TV stand comes in various colors and finishes that will suit your interior aesthetic look. The heater can maintain warmth for an extended period. This large electric fireplace includes a remote control that you can operate without leaving your comfort. The presence of crystal ember bed and faux logs gives off a much-refined feel. The glass front does not get heated up and offers safety and security for your pets and kids.

The TV stand with electric fireplace is further flanked by 2 six shelf bookshelf on both ends with matching shade and finishing. The mantel can support a flat-screen TV of 68 in.


  • Capable of warming a room space or 400 ft.²
  • Adjustable thermostat allows you to change the temperature
  • Makes use of Energy saving capacity
  • Easy to install


  • The flame effects are not strong
Now that you have an outline of the top electronic fireplaces available let’s dig deeper. Here are the electric fireplace reviews of some of the best models in the market.

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need To Know About The Best Electric Fireplace

Lots of options are available when it comes to buying the best electric fireplace 2022. Now you might be wondering where to begin from. To guide you through this process, we have come up with a buying guide using the above electric fireplace reviews.

What Is An Electric Fireplace And How Does It Work?

What Is An Electric Fireplace And How Does It Work

It’s a faux flaming area that gives you a feel of the traditional burning space with gas or coal or wood with crystals at the bottom. The best part is you don’t require any fuel source for burning nor work hard to start and maintain the flame throughout. This is because the flame is not real. Which means you don’t have to worry about burns or any other dangers caused by fire.

It functions as a space heater that passes electricity through the conducting wires and ventilates the heat throughout the space. You can also operate it without the heating element. This makes it suitable for use during the summer nights as well. Coupled with a massage chair, you can lean back and relax.


Are you still pondering whether or not to purchase this gadget for your living space? Here are the benefits linked with these models that will make you want one.

Electric Fireplace
  • They are capable of heating the rooms efficiently.
  • The energy-saving capacity helps you to save on your monthly bills.
  • They are easy to maintain as you don’t have to chop huge logs or clean up messy ashes and soot.
  • They are easy to install as you just have to plug them into power sources.
  • Lastly, you don’t have to worry about the accidents and dangers caused by a real fire.

How To Choose The Best Electric Fireplace?

Choosing the best model can be a daunting task. Based on the electric fireplace reviews, we have come up with a few factors you can look out for while shopping.


Various designs and types are available in the market. An outdoor electric fireplace or an electric fireplace inserts with blowers, choose the one that will fit into your room space.

Heat Options

Though most of the models are often bought for their appealing looks, they produce sufficient heat to warm up the place. You can also find the best heated blanket on our site.

The 3 basic types are:

Fan-Type Electric

These popular units blow air through hot coils and vents present in the bottom and sides to hear a room. They can heat a room space 450 ft.²


Instead of heating the air, this unit heats the objects present in the room. Like the infrared sauna, the infrared heat warms up everything that it shines on. It can heat a room capacity of 1000 sq ft.


This one circulates the air on a natural basis. Cool air enters from the bottom through a vent and flows over hot ceramic plates at the top. This warm air is then ejected out from the upper vent. It can heat up to 600 sq ft room size.

Area Of Effect

You need to make a note of how large an area you’re planning to heat. Based on the size of the room, you have to get an adequate heat source.


It’s essential to go for high-quality models as it will prevent the risk of any accidents. The rustic electric fireplace options will also help you in the long run from getting a new one.

Heat Output/Power Supply

The main purpose of this gadget is to generate heat. Hence, select one that produces enough heat and where you can control the heat effectively using the best surge protector.


The size determines the amount of heat produced, the space it occupies, and the price range. Go for one that is easy to install and maintain like the corner electric fireplace.


Numerous features that suit your requirements are available in the stores. However, you need to pick one that can satisfy your home environment. Let’s have a look at some of these aspects.


This handy option allows you to fix a time duration to run the device. Once done, it automatically shuts off.

Flame Effects
Flame Effects

The advancement of LED light technology, when combined with rolling mirrors, gives the illusion of real flames. You can find various flame settings and colors to match your decor like the white electric fireplace.


As for the display, the older versions have LCD technology. These days the latest versions come with LED screens. Some mix LED with faux fire logs and crystal ember beds.

Remote Control

The benefit of the remote control is that you can easily turn it on without forsaking your comfort. Be it on the bed or the comfort of your couch; you don’t have to get up to switch it on.

Multiple Color Options

Some models have adjustable lighting levels that allow you to control the flame color. Based on your budget and style, you can choose the one you like.

Overheat Protection

This aspect will prevent the device from getting overheated or even causing a fire.


Lastly, see to it that the manufacturer has given a guarantee for the product offered. A good quality unit will have a warranty to protect from manufacturer defects.

The Best Electric Fireplace Types

The various types are as follows:

The Best Electric Fireplace Types

Wall Mount

Wall-mounted options are easy to fit and do not affect the room size or layout. This is because it does not consume any room space. They’re mostly light-weighted and portable like the TV wall mounts.


Inserts are popular options these days, as many are moving from the old burning areas. It helps them to occupy the vacant space. Two types of inserts are available:

Electric log inserts and firebox inserts.

Mantel/Shelf Units

Shelf units are mostly mounted on a mantle piece and are usually placed inside the house. It gives a real appearance and is durable and nature.


Freestanding models are great add-ons to the ambiance of the house. They come with removable wheels and stand on 4 legs. They’re mostly made of quartz.

Installation And Setup

You can install the device on your own if you have the necessary carpentry skills. However, you can also get help from a licensed electrician. Refer to the manual to avoid any mistakes while installing. Before installing, make sure that the power sources are working properly. Once done, follow the steps below.

  • Place a cover plate on the chimney or vent.
  • Seal off and close the damper.
  • Install a power source within the unit.
  • Place the firebox properly into the fireplace.
  • Attach the frame or the trim without any gaps.

Safety Tips

Let’s have a look at some of the safety tips that you have to follow while using the flame area.

Safety Tips
  • When not in use, remember to switch off and unplug the device from the outlet.
  • Avoid blocking the discharge venting system and the air intake area.
  • Keep it far away from any source of water.
  • Try to install it near your home power outlet.
  • For wall mounting units, keep it at 5 feet above the ground.
  • Do not mount these units outdoors As they’re mainly for indoor use only.
  • Avoid hitting or tapping on the glass doors as they are fragile.

Verdict And Our Recommendation For 2022

Electric fireplaces are suitable for both small houses and individual rooms. The best part is they can be easily installed and set up quickly. They are specifically designed to give a similar resemblance to a wood-burning fire space as they are easier to maintain. This is because they do not emit smoke or black spots.

While shopping, pay extra attention to the space that the unit will consume. Our best pick goes to PuraFlame 33 Inches Western Electric Fireplace. This model can be easily inserted into any ancient burning space. With adjustable heat settings and energy efficiency, this one takes the best spot on the list.

Now that you have all the information at hand go ahead and grab a unit to decorate your house. Drop onto our site HandyHomeMaster to find out more about the best electric fireplace 2022. Feel free to share this with your buddies! Also, leave your valuable feedback in the comments box below.

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It uses only 1500 W of electricity. The operational cost ranges from 0.003–3 cents/hour when used for decorative purposes without any heat.
They are one of the most efficient ways of heating a room quickly and more efficiently than the traditional method. However, it’s based on the size of the fireplace and the room size.
Permits are not required for installing this gadget. This is because they do not require any significant building work or a chimney. It only needs little drilling and a plugin source. As there is no flames or combustion involved, its best suited for apartments.
Yes. It’s safe to leave the unit overnight. However, make sure to turn it off and unplug it while you are not at home.
The electric unit uses electricity as its primary power source. As for the infrared heater, it uses natural gas or electricity.
Planning to go for a complete appearance? If so, the insert option is more realistic as its place within a real game area. The mantle is also aesthetic based on how they’re put up. The flame quality is the key factor here.
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