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Your Guide to the Best Feather Bed in the Market

Last Updated: 08 July 2021

A fluffy comfortable bed is a magic potion that helps one see the sweetest dreams ever. Almost everybody wants to return from a tiring work schedule to a soft and firm bed. If you too want to enjoy such a luxury, then the best feather bed is the easiest way out. Keep reading to know more! Before purchasing a feather bed topper there are certain important factors you must know. We have carved this guide for you, covering every minute detail. Delve into the article to know more about the best feather bed topper!

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best feather bed

Top 6 Best Feather Beds: Comparison Chart

Best Overall: DOWNCOOL Review

  • 【High Quality】This feather bed mattress topper is double soft cotton design. Filling with high-quality feather down. It's machine washable.
  • 【Soft and Comfortable】The fabric of this feather bed mattress toppe is very soft and breathable, you will feel very comfortable when you lying on it. This down mattress topper allows you to sleep good all night.
  • 【Extra Thick】The filling is extra thick. This down mattress topper pillowtop can be comfortable to lie down on. Making your sleep quality better.
  • 【Perfect Down and Feather Filling】Unlike traditional mattress topper, our mattress topper filled with sufficient feather and white goose duck down not alternative down, making it better in keeping warm.
  • 【Unpacking Note】Our feather mattress topper is packed slightly during shipping. Receiving and opening it, beating lightly and leaving it a few hours (Better in the sun) to expend the mattress topper full shape.

100% Satisfaction: Allied Essentials Review

Allied Essentials
  • HOTEL-STYLE COMFORT – Get a luxurious 5-star sleeping experience right in the comfort of your own home! You will feel as if you are living a resort-style life as you comfortably sink into the ultra-soft white down and goose feather filled mattress topper. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day!
  • MULTI-LAYER CONSTRUCTION – This topper features a dual compartment, turtle top construction that offers a soft and fluffy down layer on top and a strong and sturdy goose feather layer for extra bottom support.
  • QUALITY FIRST - We understand the importance of using only the highest quality down for our products. That is why our 550 fill power down topper is RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified and features a natural hypoallergenic, 300 thread-count 100% cotton shell.
  • PILLOWY DESIGN – The topper features a framed box quilted top layer and a two-inch thick baffled box quilted bottom packed with Goose feathers.
  • 100% SATISFACTION – You and your family will love this Feather Mattress Topper, but if for any reason you don’t, we will give you a full refund or replacement, no questions asked!

Cotton Fabric: Puredown Review

  • 100% cotton fabric cover provides a gentle but supportive feeling
  • Baffle box construction prevents the shifting of the interior down filling while the elastic fiber allows for easy setup
  • Item size: 60"*80"*3". The mattress pad will be packed in a sealed PVC bag during delivery
  • All of our products follow the Responsible Down Standard and have been certificated by OXIPOWER.
  • It's 100% cotton fabric cover provides soft but supportive feeling

Hypoallergenic: Serta Review

  • COMFORT YOU CAN BELIEVE IN: Comfort from ‘head to toe’, You’ll sink into a deep slumber in this 2-inch high featherbed This is the perfect answer for a mattress that’s getting a little worn
  • THE OUTSIDE: 233 Thread Count 100% Cotton Down proof Cover
  • THE INSIDE: Filled with Hypoallergenic Feather and Down fiber top and Small Feather Base
  • CLEANING PROCESS:Freshloft Cleans Allergens Free Our natural down and feathers went through multiple wash and rinse cycles that leans and removes foreign particles, dirt and allergens leaving it fresh, fluffy and with the highest level of purity
  • SEAL OF QUALITY: Our products are certified by ADFC -American Down and Feather Council and RDS- Responsible Down Standard

Luxurious and Warm: Bluestone Review

  • 100% Duck Feather Topper
  • Size: Twin, Cover Material: 233 Thread Count 100% Cotton
  • Fill: 95% Duck Feathers, 5% Down Feathers
  • Total Fill Weight: 9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 39 inches x 75 inches x 4 inches

Made in the USA: Pacific Coast Review

Pacific Coast
  • EXPERIENCE EUROPEAN LUXURY with an extra layer of soft quilting and the support of springy Brasilia.
  • ALLERGEN-FREE WARRANTY: Our process ensures our down is free from allergens. If you aren't completely allergy-free, return it hassle-free.
  • TRUE BAFFLE BOX DESIGN keeps the feathers in place and creates extra room for exceptional loft.
  • HYPERCLEAN 600 FILL POWER WHITE DOWN with 400 thread count
  • 30 NIGHT COMFORT GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is important to us.

Best Feather Bed: Buyer’s Guide

What is Meant by a Feather Bed?

Feather Bed, also known as a feather mattress topper, is an extremely soft goose down feather bed. Usually, it is made up of quilted cotton material, which makes it lightweight and breathable. You can adjust the rigidity and texture of the feather bed cover as per your choice.

Benefits of the Topper

There are some awesome benefits of the topper that you ought to know. These benefits are the main reasons why people can experience paradise without leaving their bedrooms. So, have a look at the pros below:

Benefits of the Topper
  • Super comfortable: We have been telling this almost from the start of the guide that the topper is super comfy. It makes your bed softer and fluffier than ever.
  • Lightweight: It weighs around 20 pounds, which is quite minimal. Therefore, cleaning and maintaining it is no hard task.
  • Affordable: Most brands have king-size covers ranging from low to high prices, which ensure every customer find something within their budget.
  • Prevents back pain: It provides support to the spinal cord, neck, hips, and shoulders in an extraordinary manner. So, mattress topper for back pain is a splendid idea!
  • Doesn’t heat up: As it has less heat retention compared to the firm mattresses, heating up issues are observed the least. You can sleep cozily on a cool bed at night.

The Downside of the Cover

The feather bed also has a few cons that need your attention. The cons are as follows:

The Downside of the Cover
  • Noisy: Although it is very comfortable, sounds are produced on movement. Also, the motion is not isolated properly.
  • Smelly: New covers have a strong odor, which can be problematic for many people.
  • Cannot retain shape: After continuous use for a span, it starts losing the original shape. Regular shaking and fluffing can help avoid poor shape.
  • Allergic: People, who have sensitive skin, might get allergic to the quill topper.
  • Quills tend to protrude out: Protruding feather is a common problem with the cover, which makes it less durable.

Suitability of Feather Toppers

According to the Feather Bed reviews and ratings, it is suitable for:

Suitability of Feather Toppers
  • People who dislike the firm mattresses.
  • People who love cool beds.
  • People who cannot lift bulky mattresses.
  • People who want an east-to-move-on mattress.

The kinds of people for whom the cover is not suitable are:

  • People allergic to feathers or dust.
  • People who cannot bear noise while sleeping or suffering from sleep deprivation.
  • People having strong olfactory senses.
  • People who do not enjoy a badly conformed surface.

What to Look for in a Quill Cover?


Purchasing a queen size quill topper to use for a short span is not the best use of money. So, while buying, ensure that the down feather mattress topper is covered with a good quality sheet for clumping the feathers inside. Also, the feathers should be of premium quality.

Fill Power

Fill power is the insulation capacity of the feathers in a cover. 400 to 450 fill power is of moderate quality, 450 to 500 are better, and anything above 550 is of the best quality.

Fill Weight

The common fill weight is around 20 pounds. But if you want to buy the best feather mattress topper of durable quality, then preferring the one above 20 pounds is recommended. The more the filling inside, the higher will be the comfort.

Feather Type

The duck and goose quills are the most common fillings. The duck quills are great for a firmer surface twin size cover. It is capable of bearing heavyweights. However, the goose quills are more comfortable, hence, more pricey. You can choose one as per your needs.

Thread Count

A good quality topper has a high thread count. Usually, the ones made of silk have a thread count exceeding 250, and those made of cotton have it less than 250. The cotton fabric allows higher airflow and provides more comfort.


The appropriate thickness depends on the sleeping position you prefer. A thickness around 2 inches is good for stomach sleepers, and 5 inches or more is suitable for the side sleepers.

Best Feather Bed Types

Best Feather Bed Types

The different types of best feather bed available on the market are:

Baffle Box: It has a stitch pattern in square shapes, which provides ample support. Baffle Box variety is fascinating both in terms of comfort and maintenance.

Baffle Channel: This variety has stitches in the form of channels. It is great for supporting the lumbar of the spine. You can easily feel comfortable on this cover.

Universal: They do not have a baffle structure. Therefore, the fillings often get clumped and must be fluffed regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Clean the Cover?

You will have to dry-clean the cover whenever it needs cleaning. Washing with hands or in a machine is never advisable. Although it might be a bit costly, dry cleaning will increase the durability of the topper. Also, prefer fluffing the cover regularly for preventing the quill clumps.

What is the Right Thickness of the Topper?

As said before, the thickness solely depends on the sleeping position you prefer. If you sleep side wise, go for 5 inches thickness and if you sleep on the stomach, go for 2 inches. In case you want a fluffier cover, do not buy anything less than 4 inches.

Verdict and Recommendations 2021

The feather bed is one of the most lavish investments you can make for your bedroom. It will not only add charm to the room but also help you sleep like a baby. It is breathable, comfortable, and lightweight. These features make it more demanded on the market. So, when are you buying the best feather bed 2021? Do tell us!

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