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10 Best Flushing Toilets On The Market In 2021

Last Updated: 08 July 2021

A flush toilet is one of the best inventions ever and no one can imagine modern life without this small miracle. It doesn’t really need to be as beautiful as a work of art, but it must have useful, powerful, technical characteristics to carry out its primary functions. But when you are looking for a flusher, it’s quite challenging to pick the right one if you are not a professional plumber. With this in mind, our team of experts has created this post. Our goal was to help you to find a flushing toilet which will meet all your needs. We have taken a closer look at the main flush toilets features type, size, materials they are made of, amount of water they consume, kind of flush system, brands, etc. All these factors influence the effectiveness of the latrine, so before you make a final pick, you must be aware of them.

We did a great job in analyzing and discovering all information about the best flushing toilets, so keep reading for a detailed Buyer’s guide: it covers everything you must know about specifications that differentiate latrines. After that, you’ll make a choice like a pro.

Home Maker Guide created for informational purposes only. Thus, we neither endorse you in any way to buy specific products in our reviews, nor making you act like it’s written in our guides. We are reserving the rights for you to make your personal decision.



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A flush toilet is one of the best inventions

Top 10 Best Flushing Toilets: Comparison Table

Best Overall: #1 Best Seller in Two-Piece Toilets - TOTO Elongated Bowl Toilet Review

TOTO Elongated Bowl Toilet
  • Contemporary, high profile design
  • Fast Flush: Wide 3-Inch flush valve is 125-Percent larger than conventional 2-Inch flush valves
  • Wider, 2-1/8-Inch computer designed, fully glazed trap way
  • Height: 30-1/2", Width: 19-1/2", Depth: 28"

Quiet & Powerful Flushing: #1 Best Seller In One-Piece Toilets - WOODBRIDGE Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet Review

WOODBRIDGE Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet
  • [LUXURIOUS MODERN DESIGN]: Luxurious Modern Design one piece toilet , Clean, sleek look and compliment with different styles like modern , craftsman , traditional and etc.
  • [EASIEST TO CLEAN TOILET]: WOODBRIDGE toilets are the easiest to clean on the market, with a completely smooth, easy to wipe down surface. With our fully concealed trap-way, there are no bends or corners to gather dust. Also, no large mounting holes or ugly plastic caps to be seen.
  • [QUITE & POWERFUL FLUSHING]: Siphon Flushing one piece toilet, Fully glazed flush system , bringing a super quiet and powerful flushing - NO clogs, NO leaks, and NO problem
  • [Map Flush 1000 Grams]: Best Maximum Performance Flush score of 1000 grams. Highly Recommended Map Scoring Toilet
  • [COMFORT DESIGN]: Comfort Height Design, Chair-height seating that makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults

Great For Small Space: GALBA Small Toilet Review

GALBA Small Toilet
  • One piece design and Self-Cleaning glazed surface would not scratch, rust, fade, or discolor
  • Dual Siphonic Flush. 16.5" Comfort Height. cUPC and MaP flush score of 300.
  • Slow closing nesting toilet seat (plastic) included
  • IMPORTANT - Check verify rough-in to be at least 12" so this fits. RETURN Policy - Customer is responsible for shipping BOTH ways and 10% restocking fee.

Double Cyclone Flush: TOTO 2-Piece Toilet with Elongated Bowl and Sanagloss Review

TOTO 2-Piece Toilet with Elongated Bowl and Sanagloss
  • Powerful 1.28 gallons per flush system saves 20-Percent more water over 1.6 GPF toilets
  • CEFIONTECT glaze gives the bowl a lubricious quality that prevents particles from adhering
  • SoftClose toilet seat sold separately- Not included; 12" Rough-In
  • TORNADO FLUSH Technology with hole-free rim design and dual-nozzles provides a powerful centrifugal rinse
  • Universal Height for more comfort across a broader range of individuals.

Sleek & Modern Look: TOTO One-Piece Elongated Universal Height Toilet Review

TOTO One-Piece Elongated Universal Height Toilet

AquaPiston Technology: Kohler Comfort Height Elongated Toilet Review

Kohler Comfort Height Elongated Toilet
  • Two-piece toilet.
  • Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort.
  • Comfort height(R) feature offers chair-height seating that makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults.
  • Seat and supply line not included.
  • Combination consists of the K-4309 bowl and the K-4418 tank.

Water-saving: American Standard Dual Flush Elongated Toilet Review

American Standard Dual Flush Elongated Toilet
  • EverClean surface inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew on the surface
  • Siphon jet bowl technology with PowerWash rim provides optimal UHET performance. Generous 9 x 8 inch water surface area
  • Seats sold separately
  • Limited lifetime warranty on chinaware
  • Limited five year warranty on all mechanical parts

For Fitting Tight Spots: Saniflo Self-Contained Toilet Review

Saniflo Self-Contained Toilet
  • Build a half bathroom for residential applications
  • Vertical pumping up to 9-Feet and 100-Feet horizontally
  • Allows the connection of a sink. Toilet that uses a minimum amount of water
  • Uses just 1-Gallon of water per flush
  • Stylish toilet seat with chrome hinges included.

Easy To Clean: KOHLER Santa Rosa Elongated Toilet Review

KOHLER Santa Rosa Elongated Toilet
  • One-piece toilets integrate the tank and bowl into a seamless, easy-to-clean design
  • Comfort Height offers chair-height seating that makes sitting down and standing up easier
  • Compact elongated bowl offers added comfort while occupying the same space as a round-front bowl
  • AquaPiston canister allows water to flow into the bowl from all sides, creating a morepowerful & effective flush
  • Durable canister design has 90% less exposed seal material than a 3-inch flapper, for leak-free performance

Editor's Pick: Swiss Madison Well Made Forever One Piece Toilet Review

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever One Piece Toilet
  • Modern design, clean, sleek look and compliment with different styles
  • Fully skirted trapway - extremely easy to clean
  • Sleek and eye appealing modern design
  • Soft closing seat included
  • Special holes to reach the bolts - includes bolt caps and wax ring

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need To Know About The Best Flushing Toilet

In this section, we are going to cover everything you want to know about the best flushing toilets on the market and how to choose them.

What Makes A Toilet Flush?

A power flush toilet uses water to dispose of people’s waste products, they go through a drainpipe to canalization. A typical toilet consists of a bowl, lid, a button/handle, a tank/canister. When you press the button or a handle, water that is stored in the tank flushes down to the bowl.

If you want more details on how a toilet works, here they are.

What Makes A Toilet Flush
  • Inside the tank, there is an inlet valve that controls the supply of water. When the canister is empty, it lets the water in; once the canister is full, the valve stops the supply.
  • Another important tool inside the tank is the so-called float ball. It comes up when the canister fills with water. When the float ball is rising up, the attached float rod pushes the inlet valve. As soon as the canister is full, the valve is pressed hard enough to turn off the water. That’s how the tank doesn’t overflow.
  • Once you press the button, a piston inside the tank comes up, and some water goes through the siphon.
  • Top flush toilet canister empties fast, making the float ball go to the bottom. Finally, the float rod doesn’t push the valve, and water flows into the canister.
  • You can see some water remaining at the bottom of the bowl – that’s because a toilet has S-bend which keeps some water between flushes. Thanks to this, bad odors don’t escape from the drainpipe.

What Is A Power Flush Toilet?

What Is A Power Flush Toilet

A power flush toilet or a pressure-assisted toilet looks and works the same as a typical gravity-flow toilet. One main difference between them is inside a tank. Gravity-flow model relies on water and gravitational pull to empty the bowl, while the most powerful flushing toilet uses a secondary canister, located in the main tank to create extra air pressure. Thanks to it, the flushing becomes more powerful and maintain more water in the bowl.

Back in the days, we could find such models only in commercial settings. But nowadays, these super-efficient toilets are gaining popularity, and we don’t need to waste water any more.

How Does A Power Flush Toilet Work?

How Does A Power Flush Toilet Work?

As it was mentioned above, a power flush toilet has a pressure vessel inside the tank, which creates a very powerful flushing action. When you flush, this vessel pushes the water into the bowl and down the main drain. What we like the most is that the majority of the high power flush toilets have wider traps so there is very little chance of clogs. They range anywhere from 1.6 to 1 gallon per flush depending on the model, and 1 gallon is going to be substantial savings in water. The problem that people may have with such a toilet is louder flush, it’s not a quiet flush toilet.

Are Dual Flush Toilets Worth It?

There are a lot of effective flushers available on the market, and the most well-known types are single- and dual-flush toilets.

The best dual flush toilet is a kind of flusher that uses 2 buttons/handle gear to wash away people’s waste by different amounts of water.

Speaking about single flush vs. dual flush, consider the following differences, pros, and cons.

Single-flush system is easier to operate – all you need is to press a button/handle. Double flushing toilets offer 2 options: a half wash-out for liquids and a full flush (about 1.6 gallons) for solids. Such a system allows more control and reduces water bills. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) considers that homes with dual flush systems can save about 4000 gallons of water annually. However, dual flush toilets are much more expensive. But if the high price doesn’t deter you, and you like modern technologies, you might also want the best bidet toilet seat which adds comfort to your life.

Flushing Toilet Benefits

Toilet flushing ratings are high and we can’t imagine our lives without this small device. No matter what kind of flushing system you choose, the benefits of each one are obvious.

Flushing Toilet Benefits
  • No bad odor – all you need is flush the waste each time you use the toilet and clean it with the best toilet bowl cleaner.
  • If you use a high-pressure flush toilet, it’ll reduce the running cost and, hence, your water bills.
  • Lower the risk of diseases or illness – modern toilets are very hygienic, and it’s easy to take care of them.
  • Convenience and comfort – you’ll find various bowl shapes and features of the toilets available on the market. Manufacturers do their best so that customers feel comfortable and satisfied. Just choose your favorite brand!

How To Choose Best Flushing Toilet

In this section, you’ll find the most important criteria that you should consider when choosing the best flushing toilet 2021.


A toilet size mainly depends on the bathroom size. If you have a large bathroom, you can install a roomier toilet there, while a close-quartered bathroom will require a small piece.


No matter what design or type of the toilet you choose, its height is one of the most important criteria. Typical toilets are about fifteen inches; however, you can find comfort-height toilets on the market. They are ADA compliant and come between 17-19 inches in height. Such models are more comfortable for taller individuals and for disabled or older people.

Flushing System

Flushing System

There are many types of flushing systems, they are all effective. However, some of them while being more powerful, use less water; hence, they are more economic. But you should understand that the more bells and whistles the toilet has, the more expensive it is.


As the name implies, such flushing systems use gravity to work efficiently. They wash away the waste down the septic system. Once you press the button/handle on the toilet, a valve in a canister will send the water into the toilet bowl and flush the waste. Gravity-fed flushing types are the most well-known and popular systems because they have been around for many years and we all are used to them.

Pressure Assisted

If you want the strongest flushing toilet, consider pressure-assisted models. They look like gravity flushing systems, but pressure-assisted toilets use water and pressurized air to wash away waste powerfully and effectively to the septic system. Nowadays, they are gaining more and more popularity.

Double Cyclone

Double Cyclone flushing systems also use gravity to send water from the canister down to 2 nozzles. Using centrifugal force, the water comes into the toilet bowl from the nozzles, so it makes 360 degrees swirling motions. Just imagine – a little tornado cleans the toilet; with such a power, it’s easy to forget how to plunge a toilet.

Dual Flush

A dual-flush toilet is a type of ordinary flush toilet, but it uses a handle gear or 2 buttons to wash away waste by using different amounts of water. A dual flush system will reduce your water bills thanks to economic water use.

Bowl Shape

Bowl shape is one more factor that you should consider when looking for a toilet. If there is such a need, you can choose a custom bowl with specific dimensions that meet all your needs. However, usually, you have to choose between standard models with a round or elongated shape.

Elongated toilets

Elongated toilets have oval shapes; the main advantage is the extra length. Such models are about 18 inches long, it makes them roomier and more comfortable.


As the name implies, such toilets are round in shape. The key benefit is a small size; therefore, the round toilet takes up less space in the bathroom. Although it’s not as comfortable as an elongated item, it’s perfect for smaller areas.


The majority of toilets are made of porcelain – a type of ceramic, that’s why such toilets are easy to clean and durable. Lots of items are covered with vitreous china, it’s a type of glaze which gives a glossy finish to the toilet. You can also find plastic toilets on the market; they are lighter in weight, but not that durable in the long run.

Water Consumption

If you have a dual-flush system, you can control the amount of water you use. Otherwise, a manufacturer defines how much water is used per flush. Older toilets can use from 3.5 up to 7 gallons of water, whereas newer models use only 1.6-1.28 gallons. According to the Federal plumbing standards, these toilets are high-efficiency ones.

There are lots of options available on the market, so try to choose the model which will be both water-efficient and affordable.

Drain Location

A standard place for a drain is 12 inches from the bathroom wall behind a toilet. When you are installing a toilet, you should measure 12 inches from the wall to the drain center. If you need to move your latrine a few inches in any direction, an offset toilet flange can let you do this. There’s no need to re-do a water-waste pipe or cut a new hole in the floor.


When you are on the market for your best toilet, take into account additional features it might have. For example, you can opt for a silent flush toilet, smart toilet, bidet toilet seat, eco-friendly latrine, etc. When we were testing different models, our favorite ones become a tankless toilet and auto flush toilet for home.


A typical rear flushing toilet may take up lots of space in your bathroom, whereas tankless items are real space-savers. That’s why such models are gaining more and more popularity. Despite, they don’t have a canister, they are still very efficient. These toilets are attached to the pipe – that’s how they work. However, tankless toilets have a drawback – they use more water than other types of flushers.


A self-flushing toilet or automatic flushing toilet is a more advanced model than an ordinary flushing system. Such items don’t have a button or valve; no-touch flush toilets rely on an in-built sensor, they work as self-flushing toilets.



There are a lot of manufacturers on the market, to narrow down your choice we have selected the best, well-known brands.

Toto – it is a Japanese brand, which focuses on making both eco-friendly and efficient, high-quality toilets.

Kohler – this kitchen and bathroom brand has been on the market since 1873, it provides effective, high-quality, good-looking products. A toilet from this brand will serve you for many years.

Glacier Bay – it’s one of the most affordable brands on the market, however, they are producing super flushing toilets. The models are easy to use, you can always find needed parts in case you have any problems with a toilet.

Danze – This brand has been on the market for about 2 decades, however, it’s considered as a highly-trusted manufacturer. They produce innovative toilets that will simplify your life. So, if you are seeking modern, sleek, and stylish flushers, Danze will be the right brand for you.


The price range is rather wide – it starts at 200$ and goes up to 2000$. A brand and additional features determine the cost.

When you are choosing the model, do take into account the warranty! Generally, toilets come with a 1-year warranty so that you are sure of the product’s high-quality. However, do not forget to check this option before making a purchase.

Best Flushing Toilet Types

Best Flushing Toilet Types

Toilets come with different features, in various shapes and sizes, plus, there are many types available. Without too many details here, it’s still important to learn the types and have a general idea so that you can select the right model for your home.

One-piece Flush Toilet

As the name suggests, 1-piece toilets come as the whole, non-separate piece. A canister and bowl are attached to each other; thanks to this, such models are smaller, sleeker, and easier to clean.

Two-piece Flush Toilet

This type is the most well-known and we can often see it in homes and commercials. Such a toilet comes with a separate bowl and canister, which commonly holds much water.

Wall-mounted Flush Toilet

Wall-mounted Flush Toilet

A wall-mounted flush toilet is a great option for those who are trying to save some space in the small bathroom. This model looks great and is quite convenient, but you must remember that it needs to be attached to the wall; it means that plumbing will be required. Some toilets come with a canister, some are tankless.

Corner Flush Toilet

Before you choose a corner flush toilet, you should know that not every bathroom is designed for such a model. In older buildings or houses you may need extra plumbing before you install the toilet. However, a corner model is the best option for tiny bathrooms when you have to make the most of the space. To sum up, if you don’t want to deal with a cramped space anymore, then a corner flusher is the right item for you.

Best Flushing Toilet FAQs

How Many Gallons Per Flush?

Water use varies significantly depending on the toilet model. Speaking about older models, they can use as much as 7 gallons of water per flush. Impressive, isn’t it? But we’ve got good news for you! Nowadays, Federal plumbing standards claim that modern toilets can use only about 1.6 gallons per flush or less. You can find high-efficiency models that use only 1.28 GPF, making them eco-friendly and cost-beneficial for you.

Do You Need the Power To Flush A Toilet?

The toilet does not need electrical power to work, it will operate even if electricity is off. However, any toilet model will definitely need the water to function. The only situation you may a kind of problem is when the water is turned off.

How To Clean Flushing Toilet?

It’s crucial to keep a latrine clean since a dirty toilet will smell & look bad and breed bacteria. You should do quick cleaning at least once a week and deep, thorough cleaning twice a month. If you follow our instructions, you’ll cope with this task quickly.

Quick cleaning

  • Take the tools: rubber gloves, a toilet brush, old toothbrush, sanitary wipes, paper towels or the best toilet paper, and toilet or all-purpose cleaner
  • Scrub a bowl well using a toilet brush and a cleaner
  • Clean lids with a toothbrush, wipes, and cleaner
  • Wipe the body of the toilet
  • Flush
  • Wash your hands well

Thorough cleaning

  • Put on rubber gloves and an apron
  • Wipe the toilet body with a wet sponge
  • Apply some cleaner inside the bowl
  • Give a good scrubbing the toilet bowl with a brush
  • Flush
  • Clean the toilet body with disinfectant cleaner
  • Don’t forget to clean the handle of the toilet
  • And finally, clean the area around the toilet

Do I Need To Maintain Flushing Toilet?

Keeping the toilet in good condition is a must. Actually, it doesn’t require too much care; however, some maintenance is, of course, required. What is needed to be done?

  • You have to do regular cleaning
  • Check for leaks, and if you notice them or discover flushing problems, don’t ignore, call for a plumber
  • Unclog the drain

What`s The Lifespan Of Flushing Toilet?

Experts say that the majority of toilets should be replaced after 15 years of use. However, if you add some water softener to get rid of mineral buildup, it can prolong the life of your toilet.

Are Dual Flush Toilets Better?

Dual flush toilets are better if you want to save water and reduce your water bills. But such a model makes sense if everybody uses the option of different amounts of water for different wastes. If not, it will save nothing.

Can I Install My New Flushing Toilet Without The Help Of A Plumber?

Well, the process of installing is not too complicated. If you have all the tools you’ll need and you are a DIY enthusiast who has gifted hands, then why not try? Failing that, you’d better ask a professional plumber to install your new toilet.

Verdict And Our Recommendation For 2021

Nobody can imagine modern life without a flushing toilet. And when you are choosing an item for your bathroom, you should know all the characteristics and properties of the best flushing toilet 2021. That’s why our team of experts on homemakerguide.com has decided to create this post. Now you know the differences between models and their best features and can make an educated choice. Our final tip for you – before making a purchase, read consumers’ reports to get to know all the pros and cons which real users have noticed.


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