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Finding The Best Garden Tiller In 2022

Last Updated: 06 June 2022

Through the years, gardening has evolved from being a way to sustain life to more of a hobby and a way to relax and be creative. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many people chose not to buy vegetables from the shop anymore but instead bought the tools needed to have a nice harvest.

If you’ve already experienced gardening before, you know how difficult it can be to make sure you have the perfect garden. You need a lot of different tools and one of the most important ones is a good and reliable garden tiller. So, if you’re on your way to getting ready for the perfect garden, you’re going to need some advice on how to get the best garden tiller.

We’ve thoroughly tested dozens of tillers and went through a lot of garden tiller reviews to make sure all the relevant information reaches you. So, no matter if you are shopping for the best rototiller or you’re simply on a quest to get more info on how exactly these work and what are the advantages of owning one, you’ve come to the right place.

So, you now know that the start of a great garden is a nice tilled soil that’s perfect for the seeds you plant to grow and give you awesome results. Let’s start with the main types of garden tillers that are available right now.

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Front Tine Tillers

Top 9 Best Garden Tillers: Comparison Table

Best Overall: #1 Best Seller In Power Tillers - Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator Review

Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator
3,678 Reviews
Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator
  • POWERFUL: 12-amp motor cultivates up to 16 in. (40. 6 cm) wide x 8 in. (20. 3 cm) deep
  • DURABLE: 6 Steel angled tines for maximum durability and performance
  • EASY STORAGE: Handle folds for convenient storage and easy transport; voltage (V): 120
  • WHEEL-ADJUSTMENT: 3-position wheel adjustment
  • Power source type: Corded Electric

Lightweight: Easiest To Use - Earthwise Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator Review

Earthwise Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator
  • 6 adjustable tines
  • Adjustable 11" To 16" Width/ 8" Working depth
  • Powerful 13.5 amp
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle. Assembled product dimensions (L x w x h)-40.00 x 19.00 x 42.00 inches
  • Lightweight, easy to operate, and convenient to store.Tine length:16 inch

Poweful Motor: Sun Joe 9-Amp Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator Review

Sun Joe 9-Amp Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator
  • Versatile: ideal for Small to medium gardens and flower beds
  • Powerful: 9-amp motor cultivates up to 18" Wide x 7" Deep
  • Durable: 6 Steel tilling blades for maximum durability and performance
  • MAINTENANCE-FREE: No gas, oil or tune-ups make it effortless to start and maintain

Durable Steel Tines: Sun Joe Joe 6.5-Amp Tiller/Cultivator Review

Sun Joe Joe 6.5-Amp Tiller/Cultivator
  • VERSATILE: Ideal for small to mid-sized gardens and flowerbeds
  • POWERFUL: Powerful 6.5-amp motor cultivates up to 14" wide x 7" deep
  • DURABLE: 4 steel tilling blades for maximum durability and performance
  • MAINTENANCE-FREE: No gas, oil or tune-ups make it effortless to start and maintain
  • Decibels (dB): 93

Great Tilling Depth: Greenworks 8 Amp Corded Tiller Review

Greenworks 8 Amp Corded Tiller
  • Powerful 8 Amp Motor for reliable results with an easy electric start eliminates the need for mixing gas and hard to manage recoil cords
  • (4) 8 inch forward rotating tines for highest performance when digging into earth
  • Adjustable tilling width of 8.25 inches to 10 inches for quick reliable tilling; Assembly details: Assembly required, no tools needed
  • Adjustable tilling depth, up to 5 inches offers the versatility to dig for the right planting depth
  • Handle folds down for simple and convenient storage and transportation

Easy Start: Mantis Gas Tiller Review

Mantis Gas Tiller
  • 21. 2cc gas 2-cycle commercial engine turns tines twice as fast as other Small tillers
  • Fast-start technology makes pulling the starter cord 75% easier
  • Weighs Only 21 pounds for easy lifting and transport to garden
  • 9" Wide for digging and weeding in any size yard or garden and along fences or between plants
  • Tines dig down to 10" Deep and around to cultivate or gently weed 2-3" Deep and Tine speed is up to 240 RPM

Ideal For Weeding: BLACK+DECKER Cordless Garden Cultivator/Tiller Review

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Garden Cultivator/Tiller
  • Powerful transmission with dual tines break up soil to allow water and nutrients to reach plant roots
  • Powered by 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery, with longer lifespan and charge retention than NiCad batteries
  • Cultivates up to 325 square feet per charge
  • Counter-oscillating tines prevent weeds from tangling
  • 2-year limited warranty; includes battery and Energy Star-qualified charger

Ergonomic Adjustable Handle: Earthwise 2.5-Amp Electric Tiller/Cultivator Review

Earthwise 2.5-Amp Electric Tiller/Cultivator
  • Powerful 2.5-Amp motor for superior power, run-time and durability
  • (4) Durable steel tines; Cultivates and tills up to 7.5" wide and 6" deep
  • Ideal for small to mid-size gardens and flower beds; Works well as a weed control tool
  • Lightweight design makes it effortless to operate and store; Single lever switch starts every time
  • Soft ergonomic grip for comfortable operation; Eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered lawn and garden equipment

Compact: Troy-Bilt 4-Cycle Cultivator Review

Troy-Bilt 4-Cycle Cultivator
  • This powerful and versatile cultivator is designed to cultivate flower beds and vegetable gardens;Integrated grab bar
  • Equipped with a 29cc 4-cycle engine does not require mixing oil and gas and has a 6-12 inch adjustable tilling width
  • 6 premium steel tines are ideal for culivating up to 5 inches deep
  • The SpringAssist JumpStart technology allows the engine to be started without pulling a cord (engine starter sold separately)
  • The folding handle design saves storage space

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need To Know About The Best Garden Tillers

How To Choose The Best Garden Tiller

Now that you have quite enough knowledge about tillers in order to be able to determine on your own what the best yard tiller is, it’s time to move on to a different topic. After reading all these rototiller reviews, you know what each and everyone can offer but you need to be able to put that into practice considering your own needs. So, let’s take a look at some things you may want to consider when shopping for the best-rated tillers.


You already noticed that the best-rated garden tillers are not exactly cheap. And since there are a lot of other expenses around the house, you should consider how much money you are going to invest in a pull-behind tiller. You need to make sure the tiller you buy can do the job you need, even though it’s a little over the established budget.

How Big the Garden Is

No matter how many garden rototiller reviews you read, one element that can radically change the decision that you make is the size of your garden. If you own a small garden, you will definitely be looking for a small electric tiller. If you’re dealing with a larger property, you’d probably want to go with a big, gas-powered best garden tiller.

What Type of Soil Are You Dealing With

What Type of Soil Are You Dealing With?

This is another tricky part since even if your garden is small, dealing with hard soil will make the job impossible for a small tiller. Make sure you test the soil before jumping on the best rototiller reviews to decide which one to buy.

Is It for Breaking New Ground or Re-Tilling?

Even the best walk behind the tiller of a small capacity won’t be able to provide a satisfying result if you’re using it to break new ground. It’s important to adapt the tiller to the activity you want to do with it. Also, make sure you don’t put versatility over quality.

Types of Garden Tillers

As you might have noticed, there are a lot of hand tillers out there that you can buy. And before you jump to things like technical specifications, motor power or anything like that, it’s a great idea to know what the main types of tillers are.

How Do I Maintain the Tines

Electric Tillers

An electric start tiller is a perfect choice if you have a small garden. You won’t ever have to worry about running out of gas since you can keep it plugged in at all times. Another advantage of electric tillers comes from the fact that they’re easy to start without pulling a cord. However, an electric tiller won’t be as powerful as a gas rototiller.

Gas Tillers

The best gas tiller can really pack a punch. If you’re dealing with a larger area or if you start your garden from zero, this is definitely the tiller you want. They’re powerful and can handle rocks, weeds as well as compacted soil.

Compared to an electric model, the gas ones are a bit more difficult to maneuver but you still can find the best garden tiller among them.

Front Tine Tillers

Even the best front tine tiller you can buy won’t be able to cut very deeply into the soil, which makes them perfect for dealing with already loosened dirt. Front tine models are easier to push and that makes them ideal for a garden that is tilled several times throughout the season.

Rear Tine Tillers

Rear Tine Tillers

Rear tine tillers are known to cut a lot more deeply into the soil and that’s the model you’d want if you’re dealing with soil that was never planted. The best rear tine rototiller will allow you to properly prepare the soil for the next phases of gardening. They might be a bit more difficult to handle, though.

Verdict And Our Recommendation For 2022

So, after reading all the info accumulated by HandyHomeMaster experts you should be able to decide on the best garden tiller for you. Having a good garden tiller makes it very easy to start and maintain the perfect garden. It transforms gardening in a very enjoyable hobby and makes it relaxing as well.

After going through all the important aspects such as price, the size of your garden, going electric or gas-powered and taking into consideration the type of soil you’re dealing with, the best choice is definitely the Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator. Thanks to its powerful electric-powered motor, it gets the job done while also being small and maneuverable enough to give you the handling required for a high-precision job.

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There can be several reasons why your tiller doesn’t start. Especially with a gas tiller, if it wasn’t used for a long time, it can be the carburetor that’s filled with old gas. Make sure to give it a good clean and then try again.

Tilling is only the first step in preparing your backyard for transforming into a garden. After you properly till the soil you need to add organic material, shape the beds and even smooth out the soil before planting.

It’s not a standard time period since every manufacturer has different specifications. However, as a general rule, you should think about changing your filter every 100 hours of work or every 3 months. Even the best garden tiller needs proper maintenance.

Luckily, all the tillers presented in this article have life-long guaranteed tines. This doesn’t mean that you can’t improve their performance over time with some maintenance. Cleaning them of dirt and debris is the first step. You can add some WD-40 on the shaft and even the tines themselves.

How We Tested
When we tested this garden tiller, we had several important features in mind for a complete 360 reviews. Among the rated features we can mention its engine, the number of rotation per minute that the machine can generate and the level of easiness when operating it. After we compiled all the result, we can strongly say that it brings several benefits to anyone that uses it.
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