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The Simple Way to Choose Best Grass for Clay Soil

Last Updated: 08 July 2021

If you have been trying to set up a beautiful clay soil lawn, but somehow cannot. Or it turns out that planting a lawn is not as easy as that YouTube tutorial taught you; then you are at the right place. We will guide you through that and more.

If you want a great lawn, you will need very green vegetation. With the best grass seed for clay soil, you will be able to achieve this. But then, how do you choose this, you are wondering. Well, worry no more. We have the best tips in regards to grass seed for clay soil for you as well.

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best grass seed for clay soil

Top 4 Best Grasses for Clay Soil: Comparison Chart

Best Overall: Scotts Turf Builder Thick'R Lawn Review

Scotts Turf Builder
  • 3-in-1 solution for thin lawns, including seed, fertilizer and soil improver
  • Seed to fill gaps in your current lawn
  • Fertilizer for thicker, greener turf
  • Soil improver for enhanced root development
  • Get up to a 50% thicker lawn with just one easy application with a spreader (subject to proper care; results may vary based on the current condition of the lawn)

Low Maintenance Grass: Pennington Kentucky 31 Review

Pennington Kentucky 31
  • Grows well in full sun to medium-shaded areas
  • Durable, low-maintenance grass seed
  • Produces a lighter green, drought-resistant lawn
  • Holds up well under foot traffic
  • Establishes easily

Highly Recommend: Pennington 100086822 Review

Pennington 100086822
  • Repairs bare spots in two weeks or less.
  • Everything you need to grow lush, thick grass is pre-mixed and ready to use.
  • Combination of premium Smart Seed grass seed, professional-grade fertilizer, and mulch.
  • Thrives in sunny to moderately shady lawns (needs 4 to 8 hours of daily sun).
  • Contains Pennington’s exclusive Penkoted technology to ensure better plant growth.

Penkoted Seed Technology: Pennington Smart Sun and Shade Review

Pennington Smart Sun and Shade
  • Uses up to 30% less water versus ordinary grass seed
  • Grass establishes quickly
  • Contains grass seed varieties that thrive in both sun and shade
  • Produces a thick, fine bladed, dark blue-green lawn
  • Very good drought tolerance

How to Buy Best Grass for Clay Soil?

You have set up your lawn and want to go shopping for the best grass for clay soil. What exactly will you need to look at? We have answered this below.

Understanding Clay

For starters, what really is clay? The following components and properties characterize it:

How to Buy Best Grass for Clay Soill
  • It has loads of fine mineral particles.
  • It does not have as many organic particles as loam.
  • It is heavy and dense.
  • It does not allow water to drain off hence holds to a lot of it.
  • It is compact and tough for plants’ root systems to establish.

Impact of Clay on Lawn Growth

The turf you choose has a significant impact on how your lawn will look. We have discussed this below:

Impact of Clay on Lawn Growth

It has plenty of nutrients. Therefore, this lets it keep more water than the air inside, which is good for lawn growth.

As mentioned above, it keeps plenty of water inside, and, if not properly paid attention to, might result in the drowning of the roots. However, the right grass for wet clay soil will let you grow your clay soil lawn as desired.

This soil also has heavy and dense particles, making it more compact, thus a little tougher on root penetration. This compactness makes the drainage of water in it harder. To combat this, you will need to choose a grass for wet clay soil type that will not die from this water.

Before you sow your seeds, we advise that you prepare the turf well before to ensure you have loosened it for proper root penetration. Pick a specific grass for clay soil whose root system will be able to penetrate it.

Consult the services of an expert before setting up your clay soil lawn. If the soil is poor, you will need to hunt for the best grass seed for poor clay soil and boost it with the best organic lawn fertilizer.

Factors to Look Out for Before Purchasing Seeds

Before you purchase your seeds, there are several factors you should consider:

Season Changes

Factors to Look Out for Before Purchasing Seeds

Some greeneries are for cool seasons, and others for the warm seasons. Go for one that fits into your area climate.

Types such as the Kentucky Blue, Tall Fescue, and the Perennial Rye do well in cool-seasoned areas and do well even in snow. Plant them during the fall for the best results.

St Augustine, Bermuda, the Centipede, and Buffalo Grass can tolerate massive heat and drought. If you have a lawn that has grown brown or dry due to low care or rain, try these.

Resistance to Traffic

If there are kids with their pets, it is normal for you to worry about how tough the turf is like and whether it can withstand the traffic. Good traffic-resistant vegetation will not stop your family’s daily activities, and they will be able to move around.


If you are concerned about the roughness or softness of your lawn, especially on the feet, this is something you have to think about. Rough turf will puncture or cut your skin, and if kids crawl on it, there might be injuries on the knees. The rough ones will, however, withstand more traffic than the softer types.

Sun-loving and Shade-resistant Characteristics

If your lawn does not have enough sun but has great soil, then find the best grass seed for clay soil and shade for the best results. If it is a mixed gradient with both shade and sun, you could go for the ones that are both sun-loving and resistant to the shade.

Select your best grass seed for clay soil and sun if your lawn is sun-full.

Extra Fillers

Some seeds come with other plants filled in, such as weeds. While some grass for clay soil reviews will recommend 0.5% of fillers on seed, we advise against this. You should note that with 100% of grass in the seed means your clay soil lawn will have more of it and no weeds.

Lawn Care and Maintenance

Just like any other plants, grasses require proper maintenance to grow well. Not all of them will, however, require serious care. Choose one that you will be able to properly care for without it being much of a hassle for you.

Top Varieties of Grass for Your Lawn

There are various grass seeds for clay soil. We have reviewed three of such species available on the market.

Buffalo Grass

Buffalo Grass

Buffalo is the best grass for clay soil in dry areas. This drought-tolerant species has deep-rooted systems and goes dormant between November and January greening and blooming between March and April. For best results, establish it when the temperatures are above 60 degrees.

Tall Fescue

This cool-season species is one of the best grasses for clay soil. It has deep-penetrating roots that make it possible for it to access more water and nutrients. Its new species, such as the turf-type and dwarf turf-type species, produce shorter and finer blades.

Bermuda Grass

With Bermuda, you get the emerald green carpet-type of a field that you see in golf courses and public parks. New varieties such as the U-3 and Midiron have been seen to tolerate colder climates and have deep-penetrating root systems that make them thrive on any turf.

Wrapping Up

It is no longer as tough to grow a beautiful lawn as before. We have given you a great guide on how to choose the best grass for clay soil 2021. If you use it well, everyone will envy you for brushing their feet on your lawn. If you have more suggestions, please leave them in the comment section and give us feedback on our guide. Happy gardening!

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