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Finding The Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum in 2021

Last Updated: 15 June 2021

We always desire a situation wherein we keep our house, furniture, and other handheld spaces clean and tidy. However, what is the primary requirement here? We want the entire operation just to go effortlessly! What can be helpful for us here? A powerful device with immense suction power to clean off the dust and debris!
Traditionally, we keep sweeping and mopping it often to set it clean. This has become difficult in the recent past due to demanding schedules and work timings. Even if it’s done, it’s not easy to keep it very clean always, especially when you have kids and pets.

We have the best vacuum for hardwood floors and pets, especially. It’s designed with efficient engine support, lightweight properties, and quick mechanism while there are many variants based on manufacturing and accessories support. Some unique ones are the brushless vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors and the upright or canister vacuum for hardwood floors. Let us delve a little deeper to get a fair understanding of what these products are made up of and how they are useful to us!

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best vacuum for hardwood floors

Top 10 Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum: Comparison Chart


This best stick vacuum for hardwood floors provides lithium-ion interchangeable batteries, it is cordless, lasts long, and cleans everywhere. It stretches out extensively without altering the furniture set up anytime. Specialized edge cleaning bristles to remove minute dirt and pet hair. There is a unique wind tunnel technology that creates different suction channels to remove debris. It’s convenient to use and easy to clean.

The battery life is excellent, being considerably better than the Eureka stick vacuum cleaners that it replaces. You can get two full vacuums before charging, or around 18-20 minutes each.

This cordless hardwood floor vacuum is easy to use, premium in quality, and has storage facilities that we need not look for outlets frequently!

Why We Like It?

  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Can clean hard floors and carpets as well
  • Quality power controls

There are the stick and handheld options with 130 Watts of suction power. The advanced HEPA filtration system is so efficient that it can hold on to the minute particles easily. It does not circulate within the room again. The extendable handle smoothly glides along the surface. The tool can channel efficiently through the hard to reach places. It includes valuable accessories, crevice tools and small brushes for handheld cleaning hose adaptor, and shoulder strap.

The vacuum itself is loud, but the suction is phenomenal. Not only does it pick up dog hair and small debris, but it’s lightweight, efficient, and useful for pretty much anyone.

Vacuum for hardwood floors and pet hair should be as sharp and smart as this design. It’s user-friendly and easily operable.

Why We Like It?

  • 1.3L Tank dust container for loading the dust, It’s easy to use and detach
  • Power Cord is 19.5ft in length totally
  • It’s effortless to switch between the options and use

A good vacuum for hardwood floors is known for its silent performance. This product is known for such excellent properties. It’s sturdy and can take up even pet hairs with a great suction power up to 150 — watt. It weighs 4.85, which make it very easy to clean everywhere; ceiling, under the sofa, and any other hard to reach places. There are replaceable filters that make cleaning very easy. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery makes it even more durable.

It boasts a flexible head that makes it very convenient. What's more, it's lightweight, and the running time after a full charge allows you to clean the entire house (more than 40 minutes).

This best vacuum for hardwood floors is very light, quiet in performance, and mighty in cleaning as well.

Why We Like It?

  • Wireless design offers convenience at its best
  • Two different brushes; for carpets and hardwood
  • Dust collecting and discarding is just easy

This best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors has a capture nozzle that can just suck up anything that lies in its path. It has a 3-in-1 design that gets converted to a stick vacuum to hand vacuum and to stick vacuum back again. The swivel steering methodology makes it easy to use and offers a highly efficient level of speed. The stick vacuum can clear off hard floors, carpets, and area rugs. The washable air filters improve the quality of the air used.

It boasts a unique high-voltage motor that offers an incredible suction. All in all, the battery power is enough for most users to finish cleaning two cars.

This product, with 3-in-1 technology with versatile cleaning properties on carpets, rugs, and hard floors, is one of the best! It’s a top-rated hardwood floor vacuum.


  • 18ft Power Cord to move quickly between rooms
  • Hand vacuum can clean everything up at home; dinner table, doggie bed and more
  • Crevice option for cleaning under the sofa and other hard to reach places


  • Suction can be even better

A lightweight vacuum for hardwood floors is considered more useful for varied purposes. This is one of the best of that kind, as it can be easily transformed from floor to ceiling cleaning. There is a pet multi-tool operation for cleaning pet hairs. There is a duster tool with crevice as well for the surface on the garbage and stuck debris. The extensively advanced swivel steering technology facilitates power cleaning around furniture.

All in all, this fantastic vacuum cleaner can convert easily from carpets to hard floors without changing head. It's great on stairs, hard floors, and carpets. It can edge exceptionally well, and the powerhead can be moved quickly to use the want for cobwebs (pressing with the foot).

Handheld vacuum for hardwood floors as this can be used for a variety of purposes very much conveniently!


  • Best suction support
  • Very swift dirt pickups on floor, carpet or ceiling
  • Easy to clean and air dry


  • Dirt collection cup is small and requires frequent emptying

This best robot vacuum for hardwood floors can be connected to clean from anywhere. There is a 3 stage cleaning system that helps you loosen and lift and further take it with enhanced suction powers. It’s suitable for hard floors and carpets as well. It has patented dirt detect sensors that can alert the robot with any debris concentrated anywhere.

With iRobot Clean Map, you can customize cleaning by generating reports and access. You can speak to your device using Alexa and moderate the option.

All in all, it's much less noisy than the average vacuum cleaner, and it keeps your house clean automatically after it “learns” the environment.

This automatic vacuum for hardwood floors is smart in navigation techniques, self chargeable, and easy to use.


  • Runs up to 90 minutes for consistent cleaning
  • Navigate easily under and around the furniture
  • Auto adjust cleaning heads


  • Docking the product is not so reliable

Vacuum for hard floors should always be designed with functional suction capacity. Powerful suction in this product helps with quick pick up options making it faster in operation. It’s versatile with multipurpose operations, stick vacuum, handle vacuum, and stir vacuum that works separately and efficiently. You can easily convert to one of the following modes, and it’s easy to discard the collected dirt, as well. It’s convenient to store and carry it anywhere.

All in all, it picks up pet fur and litter, it’s compact and lightweight, and comes at an affordable price.

This product is user-friendly and very much convenient to use. It’s vacuum safe for hardwood floors!


  • Crevice tool specific for cleaning furniture
  • Floor nozzle for taking away the dirt on stairs
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Works really well on hard floors only
SUPREME SUCTION POWER — Tineco Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floor REVIEW

This hardwood floor vacuum has an efficient motor that can offer close to 17 kPa max suction power to clean the debris and even minute pet hairs. It works well on hard floors, carpets, and otherwise.It swivels easily on an angle of 130 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically for moving it under the furniture and all the other hard to reach places.

The removable 2000 mAh battery gets charged up for 4 hours comfortably. It can work efficiently for 60 minutes on a low charge and 25 minutes in high power mode.

This best hardwood floor vacuum is known for its extended power and convenient operation. This electric hardwood floor cleaner is highly reliable!


  • Cordless, easy to use and comfortable to move
  • Sound levels below 70Db and so very silent in operation
  • LED flashlight on the floor brush helps you find dust anywhere around
  • 2 in 1 operation; for hard floor and for carpets


  • Durability can be much better

This Dyson vacuum cleaner is twice the capacity in suction compared to any cord-free similar vacuum cleaner. In the auto mode, this automatic hardwood floor cleaner uses a high torque facility to clean up debris on four different types of floors. The digital Dyson motor is highly equipped and gives more suction power than the cordless type. The whole machine filtration mode can collect even microscopic dust particles.

Compared to V8, this one adds weight and size to the product, but not so much. The battery is more prominent, as well as the motor and filter. All in all, it’s an excellent buy for those who want extreme power.

Vacuuming hardwood floors with smart devices as this can make cleaning simpler and easier. LED display makes it even more user-friendly!


  • 60 minutes consistent and power mode cleaning depending on attachment used
  • 14 cyclones generate quick microscopic particle accumulation
  • Converts easily to handheld mode to lower areas and under the furniture


  • Working time based on battery charge needs improvement

This vacuum for hardwood floors has a powerful 15kpa suction capacity making it best for hard floors, tiles, and marble floors. It can pick hair, cat litter, and minute dust with cleaner properties. It’s light and weighs just 4.8lbs. It’s compact and easy to carry anywhere. It can clean hard to reach spots and even ceiling with proper care. The Cyclone HEPA Filtration system ensures a large dust cup, hygienic cleaning, and washable honeycomb filter.

It's lightweight, easy to operate, while its brush is a blend of plastic ribs and soft bristles. It works amazingly well on hardwood, but it doesn't do that good on rugs. All in all, we love that it’s easy to maneuver and offers quiet cleaning.

This hardwood floor vacuum cleaner with enriched filtration and lightweight properties make it more user-friendly.


  • Adjustable extension tube can help you clean furniture and vents easily
  • Deep, thorough and quiet cleaning
  • Crevice nozzle and brush nozzle is appropriate and to the purpose
  • Compact and easy to wall mount


  • Suction on brush roller can be better

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need To Know About The Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum

Vacuum for hardwood floors must always serve the purpose of keeping your house clean with simply operable features. Several features make cleaning efficient and perfect. Depending on your requirements, you can choose the best product overall. Even the best battery operated bagged vacuum for hardwood floors is available. However, before going towards that, you need to know the basic properties.

What Is A Hardwood Floor Vacuum?

What Is A Hardwood Floor Vacuum

It’s a device that is manufactured to clean hardwood, such as tiles and marble floors free from any kind of debris. It has the necessary accessories, such as the crevice tool and brush roles, to use it for extended operations. Vacuum for hardwood floors come with varied automatic features for making it more user-friendly.

What Does Hardwood Floor Vacuum Do?

It can clean various places in the house with perfection. Vacuum for hardwood floors reviews suggests that it can pick up minute pet hairs, clean the ceiling with extended tube options, clean furniture with handheld tools, and also hard to reach places with edge bristles. Depending on how often you should vacuum your floor, you can choose the specific features for your vacuum cleaner.

Why Do You Need Hardwood Floor Vacuum?

Why Do You Need Hardwood Floor Vacuum

We need a hardwood floor vacuum because of the variety of debris that settles upon the floor. We will have difficulty to find pet hair around, settled debris, and dust quite common. If the vacuum is designed for soft surfaces like carpets, the cleaning operation is going to be very simple and diligent while not proper. Hence, we always require products that are hard with excellent torque and suction power to pick up almost anything instantly.

Canister Vs. Upright Vacuum Cleaners — Does It Make A Difference?

Canister vacuum functions in the same way as Upright Vacuum cleaners. However, there are slight differences. Canister Vacuum is more powerful with better engine and suction capacity. It’s light, quiet in operation, and convenient compared to the upright ones.

How To Choose The Best Hardwood Vacuum Cleaner?


How To Choose The Best Hardwood Vacuum Cleaner

The suction power is an important factor in picking up just anything on the floor. It should stand in the range of 9kPa for good efficiency and support. It will reduce the cleaning time and the effort taken as well.


There are uniquely designed and specific brush roles, crevice tools to move underneath the furniture, handheld tools for cleaning above, and extended tubes for dusting the ceiling above. The more options you have, the better is the cleaning experience.

Noise Levels

Noise Levels

Smart and quiet operation is always preferred, and 70db levels seem appropriate for convenient usage, especially when you have kids at home.


Lightweight devices are easy to carry and use. On average, products with 5lbs weight are preferred. A small vacuum for hardwood floors is compact and convenient to the core.


Filters have to be enhanced with quick suction and discarding options to make the process simple and sufficient.


Simple and elegant design is always expected out of any product so that It’s easy to use, clean, and worthwhile for long term usage. It will stand compact and portable to carry while traveling.


This is an essential factor while considering kids a house. The equipment should be under our control and should be within manageable speeds to avoid any unforeseen dangers at any time.

The Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum Types


It’s used for heavier cleaning, especially on hard floors with full force.


This is used to clean deep under the furniture with extended and delicate tubes to reach far with the stick.


automatic cleaning robots

These automatic cleaning robots for comfortable and programmed operation during busy schedules are handy. Robot vacuum for pet hair is very common among the recent users as It’s more convenient and flexible for frequent use.


This type of floor vacuum is without the power cord to move easily and flexibly around from one room to another.


Canister floor vacuum is more powerful compared to all the different types because of its enhanced features on motor efficiency and powerful cleaning for quick and quiet using experience.

Verdict and Our Recommendation for 2021

Vacuum for hardwood floors

Vacuum for hardwood floors reviews suggests that convenience in usage, suction power, quick and silent operation, and efficiency make it productive. Reviewing on these lines, we recommend Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner as the best hardwood floor vacuum 2021 has to offer. It’s light, portable, extendable to clean anywhere, and with edge cleaning bristles for hard to reach places. The suction power is extremely good with long-lasting battery capacity. Always look for your preference and convenience before choosing the product. Consider product reviews importantly as it gives you a complete picture of what you can necessarily expect from a product anytime!

At homemakerguide, we compared how all the products best serve us, as customers. Check them out and make sure you get the best one for your needs! Thank you for reading.

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They are safe to the extent they are controllable. Sometimes, we might have delicate objects kept above furniture and on edge; the robot should not go naturally and hit, resulting in a bad fall of the object. Robot vacuum, when It’s kept under our navigation control, is entirely safe.
Use the appropriate tool accessory provided based on the nature of the floor and the type of debris to avoid unnecessary scratching.
Upgradation in smart features like programmable options, smart navigation techniques with predefined cleaning maps, and controllable modes can be very helpful. Remote control options with LED displays can be further advanced to control it from anywhere.
How We Tested
Our testing process always beings with research. Since we’ve presented all the top-rated hardwood floor vacuum cleaners we’ve found, let’s see how we tested. We started by using each vacuum cleaner across varied floor types with slight and extensive debris. We looked at maneuverability, size, weight, price, and efficiency in operation, considering suction power to a great deal. Although cordless products boast their advantages, we didn’t consider this to be a game-changer.
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