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Find Out How to Keep Your Ears Safe While Mowing the Lawn

Last Updated: 08 July 2021

Whatever feeling you might have towards mowing, there is no way to deny that it is one of the essential gardening jobs during the spring and summer months. Mowing is critical for having a healthy and beautiful lawn. Whenever you cut the grass, it will grow to be thicker, which then gives the lawn a more luxurious look. Besides, regular mowing makes the grass more resilient and prevents the growth of unnecessary weed.

However, the issue with lawn mowers is that majority are among the most known noise polluters. It was in the 19th century when it first became clear that noise can cause damage to the hearing. However, it wasn’t until relatively recently that we got a name for noise pollution and began to understand more how it affects us. Scientists, nowadays, make a lot of connections betweennoise pollution and various health problems, from stress and lack of sleep to more severe things, thinutitis, cardiovascular issues, etc.

Although this undeniably is an enormous problem these days, it doesn't mean that there aren't ways you can protect yourself and your neighbors from it. But, we have to be honest and say that there are so many options for hearing protection for lawn mowing out there. It means that even an experienced person feels confused about choosing the best one, let alone someone who is buying them for the first time. Nonetheless, you shouldn't be worried! We felt the same way and decided to consult experienced homeowners and experts, and as a result, we created this hearing protection for lawn mowing reviews. We hope you will find them as helpful as we did when you decide to buy ear protection for lawn mowing.

Home Maker Guide created for informational purposes only. Thus, we neither endorse you in any way to buy specific products in our reviews, nor making you act like it’s written in our guides. We are reserving the rights for you to make your personal decision.



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ear protection for lawn mowing

Top 10 Best Hearing Protections for Lawn Mowing: Comparison Chart

Best Overall: Mpow 035 Review

Mpow 035
  • NRR Sound Technology: designed with 2 layers of professional noise dampening foam, high sealing solid cup and the unique double-shell, the ear muffs offer a high SNR of 34dB for noise cancelling.
  • Ansi S3. 19 & CE en352-1 Certified: lab tested and certified to us and European standards. Professional ear defenders for hunting season or shooting at the gun range.
  • Adjustable Headband Design: Designed with retractable stainless steel at the end of headband, The ear muffs can be adjusted to fit all sizes.
  • Compact and Portable: Our lightweight ear muffs feature a foldable style as the ear cups collapse into the headband. Travel drawstring bag included for ease of packing them or to neatly store away
  • Silence Your World: ideal for shooting, hunting, sports events, concerts, festivals, studying and operating machinery to protect hearing, especially suitable for work in construction and landscaping work.

Stainless Steel Headband: 3M Peltor Optime 98 Review

3M Peltor Optime 98
1,415 Reviews
3M Peltor Optime 98
  • Recommended for TWA noise exposures up to 98 dBA
  • Stainless steel headband distributes weight for low pressure fit
  • Earcup pivot points tilt for comfort that adjusts to individual wearers
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 25 decibels
  • Earcups with liquid and foam filled cushions offer comfort for long wear and optimum seal

Audio Assist Technology: 3M WorkTunes Review

3M WorkTunes
8,649 Reviews
3M WorkTunes
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 24 dB*
  • Great AM/FM radio performance and bass boost option for enhanced listening experience
  • Audio Assist Technology provides operational and set-up guidance¬–without having to take off the headset
  • Audio Assist Technology helps you program up to 50 AM/FM radio stations and lets you know when your battery is running low
  • Auto-scanning helps you quickly find and save your favorite stations

Most Comfortable: DECIBEL DEFENSE Review

  • THE BEST SAFETY EAR MUFFS. Industry leading NRR 37 dB protection. DECIBEL DEFENSE ear protection are the perfect earmuffs for shooting range. Ultra-comfortable headband with smooth, padded cell design provides hours of comfort. Foldable and compact. Sturdy construction. Ideal for the gun bag or tool case.
  • Safe and comfortable for adults and kids (recommended for ages 4 and up). Concerts and power tools, even lawnmowers and blenders, can cause hearing damage. The QUIETEST and MOST COMFORTABLE hearing protection you have ever owned, or your MONEY BACK! That's our "Double-D GuaranteeÓ.
  • WE ARE COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE. If you ever have any problems at all, reach out to us and we will make things right, FAST! In the event that you find the earmuffs to be too tight, we recommend stretching the earmuffs over the box they are packaged in overnight. We also offer an EXTRA LARGE size for larger heads.
  • An essential gun range shooting accessories. Decibel Defense noise protection is unbeaten for it's sound reduction ability. Great for use with all firearms, power tools and mowing the lawn.
  • ANSI S3.19 & CE EN 352-1 Certified Ear Protection tests at an industry leading NRR of 37 Decibels! (OSHA rating of NRR 34dB. OSHA subtracts 3dB for their approval rating, as a "safety net" for the consumer). Perfect for: Personal Quiet Time - Construction Work - Lawn Maintenance - Mowing - Study - Sporting Events - Drummers - Monster Truck - Fireworks - NASCAR and MORE!

Compact & Foldable: Vanderfields Review

  • MOST SOLID PROTECTION - Vanderfields NR35X2 has an Official 26dB NRR and reduces up to 125dB. Vanderfields has High Production Standards and is used by Elite Military Forces.
  • SAFE MULTI-PURPOSE USE - Ideal to block out noises caused by Airports, Shootings, Woodworking, large crowds, Gardening, Fireworks, Machining and household tools or other troublesome noise.
  • EXTREME COMFORT - Lightweight and extremely comfortable to carry around due to the foldable design. The padded ear cushion applies a comfort and snug fit. For Adult & Child
  • PERFECT FIT - Perfect for Your ears and offers an Enjoyable fit! Strong & High Quality parts that make the protective ear muffs sturdy and robust. Comes with an adjustable headband for adults. High Production Standards and used for Passive Protection Pistol Outdoor Sports
  • WE STAND BY YOUR SIDE - Vanderfields offers High Quality Protection Products. Our team is always ready to help you get the most out of your products. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! >> Get Active and Purchase Vanderfields Protective Earmuffs Now!

Special Designed: Pro For Sho Review

Pro For Sho
  • 34dB – Highest Hearing Protection Ratio Earmuffs Help Silence Your World “ In A Snap ”
  • SOLID, LIGHTWEIGHT – Specifically resigned to address the limitations of conventional ear muffs
  • COMPACT & EASILY CARRIED – Perfect for carrying in bags without weight or bulk
  • Industrial Grade Ear Muffs Protect Your Hearing During Shooting, Hunting, Woodworking and Study
  • SMALL SIZE: Young Child through Average Adult, LARGE SIZE: Average Teen to Large Adult | Looking for large size? Search " ProForSho Large Ear Protection " on Amazon - THE PRO FOR SHO PROMISE - 90 DAYS NO RISK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY

For Kids and Adults: DEWALT Review

  • NRR of 25 dB (Noise Reduction Rating)
  • Integrated Mic allows you to make and receive calls while maintaining hearing protection
  • To Music/Audio From Connected Smart Device on High Fidelity Speakers
  • Adjustable, Padded Headband
  • Micro-USB Connector Cable Included

Ergonomic Headband: ProCase Review

  • Ergonomic headband with soft padding reduces the pressure on your head for superior comfort. Generous space inside the ear cups ensure breathability meanwhile soft imitation leather provides a tight sound-proof seal
  • Constructed by solid ABS-shell and thickened noise-dampening foam, the ear muffs offer a NRR 28 dB rating and block out noise by a great amount, ANSI S3.19 (US) certified
  • Adjustable headband and 360 rotatable ear cups with comfortable foam can be adjusted to fit all sizes from kids to adults (pull / push the earmuffs from the metal string to adjust the size)
  • Compact folding design for easy storage and convenient portability; the noise-canceling headphones fold up nicely to fit in a range bag, backpack or briefcase while take only a small space
  • The stylish hearing protectors are ideal for shooting, hunting, sports events, studying, woodworking projects and lawn care, extremely suitable for operating heavy machinery or landscaping business

Digital LCD Display: ZOHAN EM042 Review

1,011 Reviews
  • Unrivaled Performance: Chip is the “brain” of an electronic product. The ZOHAN EM042 AM/FM radio hearing protector features a brand new internal chip which offers the stablest and the most powerful radio reception. Though increasing performance of products, it reduces power consuming at the same time. So unlike other brand users, you will never complain about your muffs eating battery
  • Distinguished Comfort: We redefine the headband of muffs, and it’s wider, thicker, softer, and much more comfortable. The muff’s ear cushion are snap-in design, and we make them easy to replace. So unlike other brand user, you don’t need to worry about your cushions cracked, getting hard or dirty. It is easy to replace them and keep them dry, clean and comfortable
  • Unbelievable Durability: Customers always complain some “BRAND” (literally) products always lost their volume control knob and tuning knob. These will never happen to ours, for our tuning system are push-button design and our volume controls are extremely reinforced. Besides, the material of our products are military grade, very sturdy and durable
  • User-Friendly Design: Requires 2 AA batteries (NOT included), last a longer time (do NOT eat battery). Digital AM/FM tuning with LCD display. On the one hand, you could always know what the station it is, and on the other hand, the muffs store up to 10 AM and 10 FM station in memory, and manual tuning and auto scanning make it easy for you to find and save your favorite stations. And read the user manual, it will be easy for you to operate this radio headset
  • We know that it's not polite to brag, but you need to know the truth about ZOHAN quality. Our standards are higher, Our chips and solutions are more advanced, Our materials and workmanship are superior. So if you still hestitate to choose, You could purchase ours and competitors and try them all. Then you will find which is better. Besides, These muffs are backed by ZOHAN ONE-YEAR-WARRANTY, and LIFE-TIME TECHNICAL SUPPORT. If you have any concerns at all, our customer service is seceond to none

FM/AM Radio: PROTEAR Review

  • NRR of 25dB:25 decibels noise reduction rating effectively reduces outside noise and protects your ears from hazardous sound levels
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology:Seamlessly stream music from your mobile phones, tablet or other Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Integrated Microphone:Answer calls as you work with multifunction button and built-in microphone - without having to remove the headset
  • AM/FM Radio:Built-in Radio with Hearing Protection with Channel memory function, 8 different preset channels - more than enough to program all your favorite stations
  • Ideal choice:Lightweight, low-profile design with soft, comfortable ear cushions and adjustable padded headband to help make your workday more efficient, entertaining and–most important–safety

Buyer’s Guide: Best Hearing Protection for Lawn Mowing

The text you are about to read is designed to inform you about the reasons why you need ear protection while working with a lawn mower. Besides, you will find useful information about the factors that you need to consider when choosing the best hearing protection for lawn mowing. Bear in mind that there are a lot of lawn mowing headphones on the market, and while they do have the same purpose and plenty of similarities, you will find that the differences can have a decisive role in your choice.

Hearing Protection for Lawn Mowing: Is It Necessary?

earing Protection for Lawn Mowing: Is It Necessary

The short answer to this question is, yes, ear protection for mowing is necessary! Before we list some adverse effects of noise pollution, let’s see what defines it. Keep in mind that all loud sounds are not necessarily considered as noise or sound pollution. World Health Organization states that sound levels lower than 70dB are not harmful. However, all sound 85dB and above can be hazardous, mainly if a person is exposed to them for a long time. Plenty of people still don’t take it as seriously as they should, but the fact is that this phenomenon isn’t any less harmful than atmospheric pollution. It sounds incredible indeed, but the study conducted by the World Health Organization concluded that at least a million healthy life years are lost each year because of the noise pollution. We understand that this sounds pretty abstract, and thus we will mention other health issues caused by this phenomenon.

  • Research shows that nearly 40 million adult U.S citizens experience hearing damage due to noise pollution.
  • Other studies indicate that in Europe, 22 million people experience mild to moderate problems because of noise.
  • Severe levels of noise and prolonged exposure cause a reduction in cognitive skills in children, sleep disturbances, adverse effects on metabolism, etc.

How Many Decibels is a Lawn Mower?

When it comes to lawnmowers, it is necessary to say that some models are quieter than others. However, the majority of them are still quite loud and are seen as big noise polluters – the sound level they produce is at around 90 decibels. Some might say that it isn’t a big issue because average headphones create approximately 110dB. While that is true, bear in mind that the traffic noise creates 80dB and is already considered as highly problematic. Therefore, one may conclude that it is not safe to work for a lawnmower for more than eight hours, even if you have the best headphones for mowing.

How Many Decibels is a Lawn Mower

How to Choose Best Hearing Protection for Lawn Mowing?

When you are choosing lawn mower hearing protection, some factors might impact your decision. The most significant, of course, is its noise blocking capacity. However, as you will be wearing it for a couple of hours at least, you should also make sure to find the most comfortable model. Here are, therefore, critical factors you need to think about, elaborately explained.

Noise Reduction Rating

After learning about all problems caused by noise pollution, you might be drawn by the idea of getting the lawn mower ear muffs with the highest noise reduction rating. However, you don’t necessarily have to! In most situations, you can lose a few decibels if it means that you will get more comfort, more features, or headphones that are compatible with USB or Bluetooth audio players. If the noise reduction rating is too high, you risk not hearing the sounds that you want to hear. Ideally, it is better to look for the noise cancelling headphones for mowing that come with volume control.

Comfortable Fitting

Getting noise-canceling headphones for mowing lawn that don’t fit comfortably can be quite painful. When it comes to lawn mowing headphones, you can choose between earplugs and earmuffs. Plugs are usually cheap but keep in mind that they aren’t for everyone as they go directly into ears. If you opt for earmuffs, make sure that they have adequate padding that suits your needs.

Extra Features

  • Build-in Radio
    If you prefer to listen to music while mowing the lawn, you should look for radio headphones for mowing. They come with USB or Bluetooth radio players that allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes while working.
  • Active Noise Canceling
    If you want to ensure maximum protection, then the best you can do is to look for the best hearing protection for lawn mowing with active noise-canceling. If you wear adequately fitting noise-canceling headphones, you will reduce the noise by 20 dB. If you, however, opt for active noise-canceling, you will reduce it by 80dB.

Best Hearing Protection for Lawn Mowing Types

Over the Ear Hearing Protection

They are made of specific materials that reduce the sound and come equipped with soft cushions that make them very comfortable on the ear. A lot of people like them because they don’t go directly in the ear, so it is easy to wear them for a long time. They are adjustable. Keep in mind that they are bigger and thus less convenient than earplugs.

In-Ear Hearing Protection

In-Ear Hearing Protection

Earplugs are much smaller and, in a way, more convenient as they go directly in the ear. People like them because they don’t just protect from noise, but also sweating. There are several types of ear hearing protection headphones.

  • Foam Plugs: Noise Protection are quite common and inexpensive.
  • Silicon Plugs: are convenient because they adjust to your ear and block the noise effectively. They usually don’t cause discomfort if you wear them for a longer time.
  • Flanged Plugs: come with a lot of narrow fins that enable comfortable fit in your ears. They also create pockets of air that contribute to better blocking of sound.
  • Custom: Made Noise Protection are, of course, for your specific needs per request. They are almost always more expensive, of course, but provide you precisely with the protection and comfort you wanted.


How Much Noise Do Earmuffs Block?

It generally depends on the model you choose. Earmuffs with the highest noise reduction rating reduce sound for about 31 decibels. But even if you choose the model that has lower NRR, it will perfectly do the job protecting your ears.

Which is Better Active or Passive Noise Canceling Headphones?

It depends on your specific needs. As we mentioned, active canceling eliminates sounds, while passive blocks them. In the majority of cases, passive noise-canceling will do the job. If you want to listen to music while you are working, then active canceling might be a better option.

Verdict and Our Recommendation

Keep in mind that there is no reason why you would risk damaging your ears or developing some other health problems by mowing the lawn without adequate protection. Even if you are using the mower occasionally, it is still better to do it with the best hearing protection for lawn mowing 2021. Your safety and well-being always come first for us, and that’s why we recommend that you also check our text about the quiet lawn mower.

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