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Finding The Best Heated Blanket In 2021

Last Updated: 15 June 2021

Winter season and uncontrollable cold can torture your body and mood relatively. We desire for a comfortable sleep amidst our personal and professional chaos. However, managing the body temperature and putting yourself to sleep is not very simple during the winter season. It takes a lot of time and energy.
Traditionally, we use room heaters, set up a campfire and keep trying different options to stay comfortable and relax. However, these options are not always feasible. We need to have something that is easy to use, provide the necessary heat and cost-effective as well.

The best option is just the electric heated blanket. It has a soft fabrication, safe power connection, easy and effective controls and that it is easy to lean and maintain as well. Have you ever heard of the cordless heated blanket? Choosing the right and safe product is certainly essential. Here is a brief and easy way to select the right product! Get on reading.

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Best Heated Blanket

Top 10 Best Heated Blankets: Comparison Chart

Best Overall — MaxKare Electric Blanket Heated Throw Flannel Review

Electric throw blanket with all the features in the right proportion is just very much desired. Here is a good product in this regard. It provides comfort for the complete body and provides quick heating. It heats up rapidly and provides the desired comfort at ease. The smooth and silky flannel on one side and the Sherpa material on the other side engage you comfortably during the heavy winters. It shuts off on its own after every three hours in order to provide overheat protection.

Electric blanket reviews suggest that a blanket with appropriate heat controls and good material can always sustain for a long time. This product is a great example.

Why We Like It?

  • Safer user-friendly options
  • It is machine washable and easy to maintain; stays longer when well maintained
  • Long power cable gives a wider range for effective use
  • It is light in weight and extremely comfortable for storing and traveling with it around
For flexible dual control — Biddeford Blankets Comfort Knit Heated Blanket Review

Double control electric blanket is a preferred choice in the recent past. This product is manufactured with dual control for king and queen size separately. It is imported and rich in quality. It is 100% polyester and ensures durability at its best. It is a reliable product for extreme weather patterns. There are various levels of heat modes to set it according to your requirements. It is machine washable, and maintenance is pretty much simple. It is packed in a reusable bag with a zipper and handle for easy storage and travel.

You can feel the heated mattress pad twin as you switch this blanket on just for a while.!! It is quick and fair.

Why We Like It?

  • Twin and the full-size electric blanket has a single controller
  • Looks elegant and suits a contemporary home décor
  • Saves energy and money on your electricity bills
  • Ensures safety at its best
Good style and comfort — Beautyrest Ultra Soft Sherpa Berber Fleece Electric Poncho Wrap Blanket Review

Heated blanket for the car has to be ultra-slim and soft. This product will serve this purpose in the best possible manner. It is 100% microlight. It is ultra-comfortable and looks stylish with a lattice pattern throughout. It has a heat controller with a 3 level setting. It comes with a relatively big size of 50” x 60”. It ensures safety at its best. There is no electromagnetic field emission. It has an automatic shut off function that activates every 2 hours. It is certified as per ETL standards and renowned products.

This is a complete product with all the necessary features for your convenience and comfort at the same time.

Why We Like It?

  • It is machine washable and hence easy to maintain
  • Microlight polyester fabric ensures long-time usage
  • It is light in weight; easy to pack, store and travel
  • It heats up quickly and helps you save a lot of energy
Feel Smooth and luxurious — Pure Enrichment PureRelief Plush Heated Throw Review

A superior heat blanket with extended features makes this product one of the best in its kind. It has an LED controller that can help you choose between warm, low, medium, and high settings. You can set it sitting from wherever you are. It has a reversible design that is warm, soft, and comfortable on both sides. It has an auto shut off safety feature which turns the blanket automatically off after using it continuously for two hours. This is done especially to prevent excessive heating and also to conserve energy.

People expect such heated throws for the elongated winter season. It is a great way to feel comfortable and cozy cost-effectively.


  • It can be easily machine washed
  • Soft and silky with Micromink and Sherpa for many years together
  • It is fast heating and measures 50” x 60”
  • Saves money and energy to a great extent


  • Slightly stiff and heats concentrate in the center for a long time
Durable and safety guaranteed — Sable Electric Throw, Heated Blanket Review

The best heated blanket with soft and comfortable features can always be a convincing option for varied reasons. This product is just one of those kinds. It is found to provide quick warmth as and when used. You can set ten different temperatures easily using a remote control. You can detach it anytime and wash it as and when required. It is very safe to use as it comes with an automatic shut off after 3 hours of heating. It is relatively easy to store and maintain. It is effective as a battery-powered electric blanket.

Get comfy and full warmth for your body with the extended features of this product. It is a safe and reliable product.


  • The smooth flannel provides a luxurious comfort It has a certification from ETL guarantee and thus suggested for safer usage
  • Timer settings for energy conservation
  • Highly durable product


  • Gets too hot easily
Multipurpose and Efficient — Homde Heated Electric Throw Review

This is a heating blanket with ultra-soft and safe comfort. You can completely wrap yourself during very cold weather. It has very easy and comfortable control. There are three farm settings and an automatic cut off function after every four hours. You can set it at the right temperature remotely. It can be used easily on the couch, chair, and sofa as well. It is reversible, and that can be used either way. The effect is the same. It is user friendly and long lasting.

It is a product with smoothness as desired and temperature control with flexibility. It is a great way to relax with a safe and best heater blanket.


  • Elegant and safe stitches cover the wires and protect the edges
  • High-quality flannel makes it smooth and fluffy
  • It can be easily machine washed, and it is dryer safe as well


  • It is not a reliable product for long time usage
Quick in operation — WAPANEUS Electric Heated Blanket Review

This electric heating blanket is fast heating and extensively soft. There are three levels of heating with just one button control. It has the flannel and Sherpa material for extensive comfort. The blanket gets heated up in a very short span of time. It is machine washable and certainly very easy to maintain. It is rich in quality and considered very safe for long time usage. It is ETL certified, and overheat protection ensured. It has short circuit protection as well.

You can use this multipurpose blanket at home and at your office desk too. It can use it as an electric car blanket as well.


  • Shuts off automatically after four hours of continuous usage
  • The wire cable is 9.8 feet long and can be used flexibly in a large room
  • You can use it is a regular blanket; just remove the controller
  • Superior stitching gives an elegant look


  • Found to partially heat and is not consistent for a long time too
Conservatively versatile — iTeknic Electric Blanket Heated Throw Review

Relax your muscles and get a comfortable feeling as you push yourself completely within this product. It is relatively extra large in size. You can take it to your office and wrap it around to feel comfortable. You can control the functioning of the blanket with easy operable buttons. It is very soft and cozy. You can set it with ten different temperature settings as per your preference. It is light in weight, measures 61” x 50” and very easy to use.

Heated blankets with varied temperature settings can be useful for varied climatic regions and people with different levels of immunity power.


  • It can automatically switch off after 240 minutes; overheating protection ensured
  • Made with cozy flannel which is ideal for covering your whole body
  • Easy to wash and maintain


  • Not reliable for a long time usage
Ultra soft and light — Westerly Queen Size Micro light Electric Heated Blanket Reviews

This is a unique manufactured product for a big family. It is made up of 200g microlight polyester plush. It is ensured for 100% polyester and hence rich in quality. It is found in the market in the Queen Size — 84 x 90 inches. It has a preheat feature enabled for energy saving. It has two programmable digital controllers, for its use as a queen and king size electric blanket. There are 10 heat settings and an automatic 10-hour automatic shut off. The product is an ultra-thin wire for additional comfort.

It is a thin, soft, comfortable twin electric blanket for long term effective usage.


  • The ultra soft microlight fabric gives a smooth texture
  • It is machine washable, easy to use and maintain
  • Light in weight and gets warm throughout the blanket


  • Placement of the wires can be slightly better
Quick heating and pain relief — Deckey Electric Blanket Review

Electric blankets have become the need of the hour. This particular product is made up of coral velvet and needle-punched cotton. It is soft and comfortable on both sides. It provides full heating and fast heating as well. It measures 50” x 60” and is relatively bigger in size. There is a three-speed adjustable control for setting the temperature. It has button control, and the operation is just very simple. It has a 122-foot power cord to let you move around flexibly.

You can certainly opt for an electric blanket if you have frequent traveling plans. It is warm, easy to store, and carry as well.


  • It has 4 hours automatic four hours power off option
  • It is skin-friendly and does not cause any allergies
  • It can be used in various places, even at your office desk.
  • Gives effective back and neck pain relief


  • The blanket is relatively thin

Buyer’s Guide

How do electric blankets work

Every product that you purchase should go with primary research. Whenever the product is in a way related to heat, such as a space heater for large room or an electric blanket, the research has to be even deeper. You should know if a 12v heated blanket is better or a battery heated blanket is effective. Heated blanket reviews would have given a fair idea about the products. Here we have a brief guide to help you better.

How do electric blankets work?

The electric blanket works in the sample concept as a toaster. There are a series of resistors fixed within the blanket to provide heat by means of Joule heating when the power is turned on. The passage of heat is consistent throughout the blanket.

The advantages of using

There are many advantages associated with using an electric blanket:

  • It is cost-effective and saves a lot of energy.
  • It can help you sleep better and relieve you from neck and back pain.
  • It can drag you to sleep and improves your mood
  • It heats up quickly and very safe to use when maintained well

Safety Rules

Here are some of the important safety rules:

Safety Rules
  • Please be careful with the wires and the power cords. Let it run over you or under you anytime.
  • Do not use it for your pets or infant babies.
  • Avoid placing anything on the blanket.
  • Ensure you switch it off when you are not using it.
  • Lay it flat on the mattress and use it rather than keeping it folded

How to choose the best heated blanket?


How to choose the best heated blanket

Flannel and Sherpa on both sides alternatively can give you the desired smoothness and luxurious feeling, and that lasts longer as well. You can use it with the best sofa bed for a better experience.

Heat Settings

Three temperature settings are common and serve best. However, there are products with ten different temperature settings for people who are very sensitive to different climatic conditions.


Ensure you get products that are extra safe. Look for standard certifications and over heat protection at any cost. Make sure you use it away from an electric fireplace.

Easy to clean

Get products that are machine washable and consistent over frequent washes and dryer options. This will ensure safe and longer usage with maintenance.


As these are electric products, it is always suggested that you choose products with at least one year warranty on the safer side.

Additional features

Auto Shut off

This is an ideal option to save you when you forget to switch it off before sleeping.

Dual Control Options

There can be king and queen size or twin and full-size options that can be controlled with dual control options for better usage.

Cord Length

Ensure that the cord length is sufficiently long enough to move around comfortably in any room in your house.

Overheat Protection

This is an ultimate requirement as it can easily damage your skin. Auto shut off can fairly handle this problem to a great extent.

Heated Blanket Types

Heated Throw

Heated Blanket Types

Generally used in the living room, at the office desk, and other common places for providing heat and giving an elegant décor.

Heated Duvet

It is a type of bedding that can be covered for providing the necessary temperature in the same concept as that of the electric blanket.

Heated Mattress Covers

It is a kind of a removable cover for usage as bedding to cover the mattress completely.

Over Blanket

Regular type of a blanket placed on top of the bedding.

Under Blanket

It is placed above the mattress and below the bed sheet for the necessary heat. It can be used to preheat. It suits well with pillow top mattress as well.

Our Recommendations for 2021

MaxKare Electric Blanket Heated Throw Flannel is certainly the best product, as discussed. It is light in weight, provides comfort at desired levels, and ensures quick heating as well. The material is smooth and silky for long time usage. It shuts off automatically and provides overheat prevention. It is user-friendly, machine washable, and convenient to store it as well. It has all the properties to suffice for the best heated blanket 2021. We at homemakerguide are always there to provide further assistance in this regard anytime.

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Conventionally, it is best suggested that you can heat the blanket as much as required and turn it off before sleeping or set the timer for automatic power off after a few hours. As a precaution, do not sleep with a heated blanket on.

There are certain important parameters that you need to keep in mind while using electric blankets:

  • Choose a certified and standard product.
  • Lay the blanket flat on a surface wherever you are using it; even on a massage chair rather than folded up
  • Turn it off when you are not using it anytime.
  • Ensure that the power cord does not run over you.
  • Do not use this product on a water bed.
  • Keep pets and infants away
There is always a fire hazard that you need to be aware of. Standard products with automatic shutoff option can prevent overheating and ensure safety. However, products without such properties can pose a hazard. Damaged wires and power cords can also induce fire. Unknowingly when contacted with water, can bring in short circuit and fire sometimes. It is always advised to be precautious always.
On an average electric blanket can take 20 to 30 minutes to heat up completely.
Most of the blankets that come these days are machine washable and dryer compatible. Keep the washing machine on delicate mode, use a little detergent, and set the drier to low and put it for a wash. This can maintain the delicacy of the fabric for a long period of time.
How We Tested

We have tested these heater products based on the essential features and their everyday usage. The following factors were analyzed and rated:

  • Materials used – Good in quality and safe for all types of the skin
  • Controllable temperature ranges
  • Ease of use
  • Safety features like overheat protection
  • Cleaning and maintenance compatibility
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