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10 Best Lawn Mower Batteries For Your Garden In 2021

Last Updated: 15 June 2021

Are you into gardening? Then you probably have a lawnmower. Electric mowers are a great help in improving your gardening skills and making your green patch look beautiful. It makes this chore trouble-free, and the best thing you could have is a battery-operated device. Batteries play an important role, since finding the right ones will help you reach peak performance and won’t often require replacement. However, many of them do look similar, and you may feel confused when choosing the right ones for your lawnmower. You’ve got lots of questions in mind. We understand it! That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive list of the top-rated lawn mower batteries for your garden. So, keep reading to find the ones which will work best for you!

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How To Choose The Best Lawn Mower Battery

Top 10 Mower Batteries Comparison Chart

Best Overall: Top Quality - Mighty Max Battery Ml18-12 Review

Mighty Max Battery Ml18-12
69 Reviews
Mighty Max Battery Ml18-12

Most of the products have rechargeable maintenance-free battery and one year warranty and in a way, look almost the same. The reason why Mighty Max is listed as the best mower battery is a spill-proof battery made from AGM technology as a sealed lead-acid battery. They work well in high and low temperatures; they are shock and vibration resistant, long service life, and have deep discharge recover. Excellent performance can be provided in both the indoor and outdoor environments. Size is small; therefore, it can fit many models.

If you need a maintenance-free, long-lasting item, this might be a great choice for you.

Why We Like It

  • Sealed lead-acid and Absorbent Glass Mat (SLA and AGM technology)
  • Reasonable price regarding the overall product features
  • A battery can be mounted in any position
  • Small size and powerful

For Quick Charge: Long-lasting Charge - Greenworks 29472 G-max Review

Greenworks 29472 G-max
882 Reviews
Greenworks 29472 G-max

What's the best lawn tractor battery? It depends on what you are searching for! Greenworks presents an item with full working strength during run time, lithium-ion technology and fast charge time for just 120 minutes, making it a good gas alternative solution. Snap-on and off design makes it easy for use alongside fade-free power. If you are the owner of a range of Greenworks products, this one fits all of their 40-volt tools. It can be charged any time, and this brings peak power even up to hundreds of charges.

Fast charging time with 40 volts will help with any garden work, with incredible performance and great power from Greenworks.

Why We Like It

  • 40V Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Light-weighted
  • Environmentally friendly since they can go to 2000 charge cycles

Strong And Lightweight: Meter Worx Wa3555 Review

Worx Wa3555
240 Reviews
Worx Wa3555

With Worx, you can get a powerful and fast-charging battery, with MaxLithium technology that brings no memory effect. There are many reviews regarding battery-powered lawnmowers and the best lawn mower battery brand. However, many of them have unique parts that make them a good choice. 56 volts are one of the reasons Worx is in the top three best mower battery. This product is convenient if you posses some other 56 volt tools because they can share this same battery. Best hedge trimmer and best gas weed eaters could help you with finding more about other garden tools if you are interested.

Not heavy, fast charging and the strong battery provides more efficiency.

Why We Like It

  • 56-volt power
  • Power share program
  • Lightweight for less tiring during work

Fade-free: Ryobi Op4050a Review

Ryobi Op4050a
76 Reviews
Ryobi Op4050a

Containing high capacity, 40 volts, fade-free and also compatible with all Ryobi 40v tools, brings this item on lawn and garden battery reviews list. High performance and onboard battery life indicator could be ideal for blowers, mowers, chain saws – like the one produced by Stihl. Minimum maintenance is required for this product, making your life trouble-free. Lithium-ion cells protect the pack and maximize battery life. It can be one of the best lawn mower batteries 2021, regarding the certain battery-powered tools and features presented here.

Fade free, high performance, and good battery life are an excellent choice for a trouble-free cordless battery.


  • 40 Volt 5 Amp High Capacity Lithium-Ion
  • Fade free
  • Could be used for other yard tools


  • As with other products, the price could be the downside, but you will get a long-lasting product for other devices as well

2-Year Warranty: Powerstar Replacement Part For Toro Lawn Mower Review

Powerstar Replacement Part For Toro Lawn Mower
86 Reviews
Powerstar Replacement Part For Toro Lawn Mower

Sealed construction, AGM system position-free and leakage-free, as well as gas recombination, are just one of the main features coming from PowerStar. This presents a product where electrolytes are prevented from escaping and causing any leakage. It ensures safe operation, and you can use them in any position. Because of stable quality and high reliability, there is a long service life and maintenance-free operation. 12 volts shouldn’t be a reason not to give it a try. And to ensure buyers that features are worth a try there is a 2 years warranty, making this one of best lawn mower battery warranty.

Product made as safe as possible, with stable quality and no leakage system, with good features and even better price.


  • Great value for little money
  • 2 years guarantee
  • Sealed leakage-free system and long service life


  • Fits specific Toro models, but there are many models from the list if this one doesn’t work for you

Easy Install: Husqvarna 532430765 Lawn Mower Battery By Craftsman Review

Husqvarna 532430765 Lawn Mower Battery By Craftsman
32 Reviews
Husqvarna 532430765 Lawn Mower Battery By Craftsman

If you are trying to find the best lawn mower battery to buy, this guide will help you find the right one for maintaining the perfect lawn. This model from Craftsman will cover various Craftsman and Husqvarna mowers, which is why they are considered one of the best companies. Even if there are 12 volts, it is a good choice for your tractor. Plus, it is not so expensive, taking into consideration the range of models it can be used on.

Good and simple choice, which fits various models.


  • Not so expensive
  • Fits many models


  • No warranty available online, however, the company would provide answers to further question

For Easy Transport: Worx Wa3216 Review

Worx Wa3216
381 Reviews
Worx Wa3216

Charging time between 5 to 7 hours and lightweight design, make it easy for moving and carrying. 24-Volt Lead Acid Mower Battery is one of the reasons to put it on the best lawn mower battery list. If you are using some of the wg775, wg782, wg783 models from Worx, this might be a good product for you. Just keep in might that battery should not be left of charge all the time since it will drain it and lower its use.

This is a perfect product that is simple to use and not heavy to carry around for charging.


  • Easy to use, to transport
  • 24-Volt Lead Acid


  • Its battery might die fast, but only if not used and taken care properly
Mighty Max Battery Ml10-12
159 Reviews
Mighty Max Battery Ml10-12

This Mighty Max item is in the 8th place, but this does not change good performance and ability to work in high and low temperatures. It also contains SLA / AGM technology, resists shock and vibration, easy to install, has excellent product life and exceptional performance. This long-lasting product contains three batteries and delivers good power for a reasonable price if you are on the budget.

If you want a good battery, with excellent performance which can operate at different temperatures, then this product might be the one for you.


  • SLA/AGM technology
  • Easy to install
  • Pack of three, reasonable price


  • Maybe too many products, in that case, you can buy them separately

Set Up In Any Position: Universal Power Group 90508011 Review

Universal Power Group 90508011
16 Reviews
Universal Power Group 90508011

Since this product can be mounted in any position, having spill proof construction helps with using it safely and easily. It also makes it suitable for different electric vehicles. This is a small size battery, with 12 volt, which is also shock and vibration resistant. It is as well maintenance-free, making your experience more enjoyable. This is a safe and long-lasting option and one of the best lawn mower battery. If you are interested best lawn mower blades as an upgrade to your current model, this item will help you in reaching peak performance.

This product can be mounted in any position, which is one of its main features and advantages compared to other models.


  • Mounted in any position
  • Reasonable price
  • Maintenance-free, shock and vibration resistant


  • Battery life might be affected with total discharge, so only be careful not to let it get completely out

Good Warranty: Powerstar YTX4L-BS Review

Powerstar TX4L-BS
9 Reviews
Powerstar TX4L-BS

Nothing says a good product like excellent value for a good price, with 2 years warranty to stand behind it. This is an efficient, powerful and strong replacement item. Having 12 volt and a good price, this model is on our list of best lawn mower batteries 2021. They are 100% OEM compatible, meaning they are generic batteries, which fit and work in the designated devices and also outperform the OEM version. Having advanced AGM technology is also one of the reasons why this item is on the list.


  • 100% OEM compatible
  • Excellent value for a good price
  • AGM technology


  • Might be a bit heavy, only be careful while placing it and lifting

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need To Know About The Best Lawn Mower Batteries

How Many Volts Should A Lawn Mower Battery Have?

How To Choose The Best Lawn Mower Battery

There are many characteristics to pay attention to while looking for different models.

Terminal Position And Cracking AMPS

Terminal position and cranking amps should be considered. Terminal positions are in different places, depending on the model, and it will make it impossible to fit the battery if it’s not the right one.

Famous Companies

Searching for well-known companies could help in your choice. Popular manufacturers which have long traditions try to keep the quality of their products so you can rely on them.

Battery Life

This is an important factor, depending on your garden. Getting stronger models with high performance will help you finish the job faster, and not spending much time on chagrining.

Working Temperature


Consider also on which temperatures the machine will work. It will be important if you are coming from areas with drastic temperature changes and extreme temperatures, which could impact the durability and performance. Simply check with yourself what is it that you need, and based on that search for the features which will help you do the best job.

Best Lawn Mower Battery Types

There are four major ones used for recharging:


Lithium-ion has already been listed since it is one of the most popular types. They are found in many devices because they are light-weight and have a high energy density, little or no memory effect and low self-discharge compared to other battery types. This is one of the reasons why they are the main choice for many customers.


Lead-Acid ones are a low-cost, reliable source of power. They are large and quite heavy, so they can’t be easily transported. However, these batteries have strong power, and that’s the reason they are still in use.


They are excellent at maintaining voltage and holding a charge when not in use. But they could fall under lazy battery effect when they are not fully charged. It means they lose their maximum capacity if they are constantly recharged, while not being fully discharged.

Nickel-Metal Hydride(NI-MH)

Compared to rechargeable nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride have a higher energy density per volume and weight, making them a stronger and better choice than Ni-Cd.

Best Lawn Mower Batteries FAQ

How Long Do Lawnmower Batteries Last?

How Long Do Lawnmower Batteries Last?

The average life is around 2-3 years; the way you store and take care of it also has an impact. However, even if you take the best care, it is unlikely that they will last longer than three years.

What Is The Difference Between U1 And U1r Battery?

The main difference is regarding their positive terminals and how they are placed. U1 have their positive terminals on the left, while U1R have their positive terminals on the right side. And it is important to check the terminal position before you purchase a replacement. A new battery might not fit because of cable length, which can prevent a battery with the different terminal places from fitting.

Are Riding Lawn Mower Batteries Universal?

No, they are not. Most of them can fit your riding lawn mower, but not all, even though they will accept the standard size and voltage models. There are many different products, constructed in different ways, which is why not all of them will work and may not be a suitable replacement.

Why Does My Lawnmower Battery Keep Dying?

Why Does My Lawnmower Battery Keep Dying?

There could be several reasons, for example, if you noticed corrosion, it would mean that inside of the battery is leaking out, making a bad connection. If it’s not charged correctly, the battery would just drain itself, which could be the reason for not working. Leaving components on the “on” position could also drain it. These are just some of the most common cases; however, there could be other reasons to consider.

Are Lawn Mower Batteries 12v Or 6v?

Most of them are designed to operate on 12V; however, there are still some 6V which are commonly used on lawnmowers.

How Many Volts Should A Lawn Mower Battery Have?

It should have 12.6V when fully charged and in good condition.

Our Recommendation For 2021

the best lawn mower batteries

From everything presented here, you have enough information to make a choice and find the best model. How long does it take to recharge? Is the price worth it? What kind of performance does the certain item have? These are all important factors. In the end, it depends on the size of your yard, where you live, how often you plan to use it. But with the tips throughout this text, we at HomeMakerGuide hope you’ll find exactly what you need.

We have taken into account all the reviews from many customers and gathered information based on different models. And our recommendation is Mighty Max Battery ML18-12 as the best lawn mower batteries 2021. Small size, powerful performance, being able to mount it in any position provide an excellent product which could be the best choice for you.

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18 August, 2020
Hey guys! Which batteries do you use for your lawnmower? My favorite lawn tractor battery is Husqvarna 532430765. This battery is a perfect fit for my mower. I didn’t experience any problems with installing it, and this battery, in fact, puts new life in my instrument. I charge it for up to 24 hours and it works just fine! I love it! 👍👍👍
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Ronald Holt
22 July, 2020
Let me share my experience! I picked the Ryobi OP4050A garden tractor battery. Although it’s very expensive, it worth every penny you’ll spend on it! What I like the most about this battery is that it allow to mow the entire yard and it still has lots of charge left. I’m really happy with this battery!
16 July, 2020
Hi there! It’s an incredible review and amazing website! No kidding! I’m new to gardening & householding and have thousands of questions in my head! For instance, what is the difference between u1 and u1r battery for the lawnmower? No, really!? But thanks to this site and reviews like this one, I gradually learn all such things. So, many thanks to everyone who writes these posts and reviews!
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