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All You Need to About Best Lock For Storage Unit

Last Updated: 08 July 2021

A locker is made to keep our belongings safe, secure, and protected. It is imperative to choose the best locker unit over the manipulative ones. If you are also looking for the best lock for the storage unit, then you have come to the right place. Stay hooked with us to learn more!

If you are looking for the best storage unit locks, several factors are there to keep in mind beyond security. A top-rated storage lock is a cheap one, belongs to a famous or known brand, made of heavy-duty material, provides maximum protection, and is weather resistant. Keeping in mind the different customers and their needs, we present this buyer’s guide to offer you comprehensive knowledge about the best storage unit lock. So let’s dive deep into the guide to know more!

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Top 10 Best Locks for Storage Unit: Comparison Chart

Best Overall: Master Lock 141D Review

Master Lock 141D
  • Indoor and outdoor lock is best used as a gym locker lock providing general security and protection from theft
  • Key lock is constructed with a black vinyl-covered aluminum body for scratch and corrosion resistance, hardened steel shackle for cut resistance
  • Four-pin cylinder and dual locking lever mechanism for pick and pry resistance
  • 1-9/16 inch (40 millimeter) wide lock body; 1/4 inch (6 millimeter) diameter shackle with 7/8 inch (22 millimeter) length, 13/16 inch (21 millimeter) width
  • One padlock, two keys (matching color key head for added convenience)

Solid Brass: Master Lock 140DLF Review

Master Lock 140DLF
  • For indoor and outdoor use; Padlock with key is best used for backpacks, briefcases, tackle boxes, lockers and storage locks
  • Keyed padlock features a durable solid brass body to resist corrosion and a hardened steel shackle for cut resistance
  • 4-pin cylinder and dual locking lever mechanism provides pick and pry resistance
  • 1-9/16 inch (40 millimeter) wide lock body; 1/4 inch (6 millimeter) diameter shackle with 1-1/2 inch (38 millimeter) length, 13/16 inch (21 millimeter) width; Extended shackle length for application flexibility
  • Includes one padlock, two keys

High Performance Hardened Steel: Puroma Review

  • Padlock Application: Ideal for Pods, storage units, garages & sheds, trailers, mobile trucks, outdoor gates, warehouses, logistics, doors, storage, moving trucks, etc.
  • Heavy Duty Lock: Stainless steel lock body and hardened steel shackle for maximum corrosion protection during outdoor or indoor use.
  • High Security: Brass chrome plated cylinder for adding strength and security.
  • Specifications: 2-3/4 inch wide lock body; 3/8 in. diameter shackle.
  • Sturdy Construction - Durable and sturdy structure, minimizes shackle exposure and protects against bolt cutter attacks.

Strong Security: Master Lock 40D Review

Master Lock 40D
  • For indoor and outdoor use; disc lock is best used as a storage lock and for garages, sheds, and trailers
  • Lock features stainless steel construction and hardened steel shackle for increased strength and security
  • 4-pin cylinder and dual locking lever mechanism provides pick and pry resistance, shrouded design minimizes shackle exposure and protects against bolt cutter attacks
  • 2-3/4 in. wide lock body; 3/8 in. diameter shackle with 5/8 in. length, 3/4 in. width
  • One padlock, two keys

Lock Body Conceals Shackle: Master Lock 6271KA Review

Master Lock 6271KA
  • Two (2) high security ProSeries Padlocks designed for Commercial/Industrial applications. Locks are keyed alike w/ 4 total keys.
  • ATTENTION: If you order two 2-packs they will NOT necessarily be keyed the same. To ensure you get two 2-packs keyed alike, you must order the 4-pack.
  • Lock body conceals shackle! "Bolt Cutter Tough" fully shielded 3/8 (9mm) diameter reinforced Zinc Die-Cast shackle offers impossible to cut and pry resistance features (see More Product Details below).
  • Hardened boron alloy shackle for superior cut resistance. Solid iron shackle shroud resists harsh physical attacks. Dual ball bearing locking mechanism resists pulling and prying.
  • High security, rekeyable 6-pin cylinder with spool pins is virtually impossible to pick. Lifetime guarantee. This lock is also available with the BumpStop Technology. Search 6271NKA in Amazons search window.

German Engineered: ABUS 20/70 Review

ABUS 20/70
  • Stainless Steel Padlock: This stainless steel disc lock offers 360 degree all round protection, effectively combatting the most common ways of forcing it open Anti cut plate offers added security. Includes 2 keys
  • Hardened Steel Protection: This padlock features an ABUS Plus disk cylinder for the highest protection against manipulation, designed to resist drilling and pulling with an extremely high number of key variations
  • Padlocks for Any Application: Discover the variety of our padlocks, from OSHA approved safety locks to heavy duty Granit padlocks and disc locks to brass, steel and aluminum models, to resettable combination, rekeyable and keyed alike locks
  • The World's Leading Security Manufacturer: We offer a comprehensive line of home, commercial security and worker safety products including padlocks and hasps, chains and cables, key storage and safety devices
  • Synonymous with Security: When it comes to protecting lives and valuables, ABUS provides security solutions that help you feel safe and secure. We've been innovating security technology since 1924

Durable Construction: FJM Security Products Review

FJM Security Products
  • UNMATCHED SECURITY – FJM Security crafts locks that last and security you can trust. This long-lasting padlock is heel toe locking with a freely rotating hardened steel shackle. Our FJM design leaves no weak spots on the lock and prevents attacks by cutting or sawing.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – The lock's durable chrome exterior and its unique “D” shape make it the perfect solution for securing containers, gates and storage units. Convenient and smooth, it can be applied vertically or horizontally on storage or shipping containers.
  • WORKS IN HARSH WEATHER  – Constructed out of durable hardened steel, this padlock is triple chrome plated and uniquely suited to outdoor and marine environments. The supremely durable construction of this padlock stands up to the harshest weather conditions.
  • KEY RETAINING – The SPSA60 FJM Padlocks come with 4 unique European style keys and are key retaining. The keys can only be removed from the padlock when it is in the locked position.
  • KEYED ALIKE – This lock ships keyed alike, so each key set fits all of the locks. It is a great solution if you don't want to carry around a bunch of keys. (Also available keyed different.)

Multi Purpose: Crystal Vision Anti-Theft Review

D-Shaped Hardened Monoblock: Kurtzy Review

  • HEAVY DUTY STEEL LOCK: This lock is made of hardened steel and is coated to keep your contents safe and the bad guys out. The lock weighs a heavy 850g and measures L10 x W2.4 x H6.5cm (3.94 x 0.94 x 2.56 inches). The shackle measures 12 mm in diameter. When locked the gap measures L3.9cm x H2cm (1.54 x 0.79 inches). This makes this padlock the perfect size for most latches.
  • ULTIMATE SECURITY: Weighing at a mighty 850g this lock is super tough. With its hardened, solid steel body it makes it high strength and extremely durable. It has a rotating shackle/closed shackle making this lock anti-drill and anti-saw. The lock has been designed with security in mind leaving no weak spots.
  • 4 KEYS INCLUDED: All of the padlocks sold come with 4 keys. You can never have enough spares. Keep a few in a safe place so you are covered if you lose one. With 4 keys, you will have enough to give to close friends and family members. Keys can only be removed from the lock when it is in the locked position.
  • LOCKUP AND LEAVE: Given the unique D shape of the lock it makes it the perfect solution for securing industrial 20ft or 40ft containers as well as gates, garage doors, caravans and storage units. Also being very sturdy the lock can be used when locking up the chain on your motorbikes.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: All our locks that are sold come with a 100% money back guarantee just in case you are not happy with your purchase. If that is the case, please get in contact with us and we will refund you.

Rust-proof & Strong Durability: ZARKER J45S Review

  • Rust-proof & strong durability : Strong body made entirely of zinc and STAINLESS STEEL (SUS 304) shackle with strength and weather-proof abilities provide strong resistance to cutting. Corrosion-resistant materials, such as brass, STAINLESS STEEL, and zinc, were used to make the internal components.
  • High security : The 7-pin brass cylinder provides excellent durability and ensures protection and security against theft. The high precision key makes it difficult to arbitrary unlock.
  • The locking mechanism’s key provides more than 10,000 combinations.
  • Three keys provided for one lock.
  • provides excellent performance and durability even in a poor outdoor environment such as snow and rain

How Does a Padlock Works?

In the virtual world, padlocks can lock anything. For any layperson, the padlock is nothing but the simple turn of a key to close, and safely keep things. However, the inner functioning is far more complex.

The three components that make a padlock are the body of the lock, a shackle, and a locking system. Inside the lock, there are two sets of pins made of metals, upper and lower. They run deep into the cylinder body for locking at the place. When the right key is inserted into the padlock, it pushes the pin upwards, allowing the locker to open.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Lock

Here is a list of considerations you must seek before selecting the best lock for storage unit:

Criteria for Choosing the Best Lock

Hasp Size

You might afford any locker, but that needs to fit your storage system physically. The system’s hasp is what the shackle of the padlock secures. The hasp’s hole shouldn’t be too small to hold the shackle’s head. It must be appropriately positioned also. The hasp’s dimensions shouldn’t be too large or small to prevent the shackle to close altogether.

Storage Unit Location

The location of the system plays a vital role. If it is kept outdoor, then the lock for storage unit must be made of hardened steel that can fight against the harsh weather and does not get rusted easily. It should also have proper protection against water drainage.

The next point is the crime rate of the area. The budget of the locking system will increase with the rise in the crime rate of the site. Ultimately, understand the prime threat for your storage unit and then determine the lock for storage unit can suffice it or not.


There are various locking systems available with a good reputation on the market. But when it is about the cost, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality. A good rule is to spend 10% of the total worth of your belongings you want to save on the safe-locker to plan the price. You can refer to the best lock for storage unit reviews to get a better idea.


What Are the Various Types of Locking System Available for Storage Units

They are most frequently chosen locking system for storage units. Their popularity is the affordable price and is convenient for people who avoid memorizing code combinations. However, we recommend your best padlock for storage unit should be a little expensive and sturdy durable.

Smart Lock

Smart Lock is quite different from manual lockers as it is electromechanical. It is designed to function through a wireless authorized device or a cryptographic key that has been assigned. It also acts as an alert machine that monitors different events and sends alerts related to the device’s status. It is an ideal device for smart homes.

Cylinder Lock

Cylinder lock for storage unit has specially designed that can turn the cylinder which is in turn attached to a cam which ultimately opens the lock. The advantage of such a locking system is that it can be relayed without changing the complete set.

What are the Different Types of Locks to Avoid?

You should avoid these types of fasteners:

  • Multiple Combination Padlocks
  • Single Combination Padlocks
  • Greasy Cylindrical Locks
  • Open-Shackle Padlocks

What Other Items Can Protect Storage Units?

What Other Items Can Protect Storage Units

Do you think the locking system is not enough and needs deep storage unit lock? Here is a list of products and techniques that can enhance the security of your belongings:

  • Digital Surveillance System: It will record activity around your property 24×7.
  • Password Protected Access: all the access points and facilities can be password protected to avoid any malpractice.
  • Efficient high-voltage lights: Sufficient light around your property will keep away trespassers.
  • Proper Employee Protocol: there must be strict protocols must be set for every employee of the organization
  • Well maintained property: the property should be kept clean and well managed to avoid any chance of wrongdoings.
  • High tensile strength chains: to protect the storage units and provide extra security.

Final Thoughts and Our Recommendations 2021

With the information for the best lock for storage unit 2021 and other items to consider, you can now select your ideal security arrangement for your unit. Do not forget to check out the selected item’s rating and reviews before purchasing it. You must compare your product with different dealers to get the best rate. You shouldn’t forget to consider your unit’s practicality to be secured.

You can also update your home security by shifting to the modernized and popular digital securities; smart locks. Without the hassle of any codes to remember and keys to hold, you can secure your entire home. So which locking system are you going to purchase next for your home? Do share your experience and views with us! We will be glad to hear from you.

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