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Best Metal Detector for Beach in 2021: Top 10 for Treasure Hunt

Last Updated: 08 July 2021

For a while now, the use of metal detectors has been on the rise. If you live close to the lake or sea, then you might want to get the best metal detector for the beach. This is because not all models work great around the beach and in a wet environment. With many products on the market, what is the best beach metal detector? We tried to answer that question with the reviews below.
There are many people out there who have made a hobby of searching for metal on the beach. If you’ve been doing this for a while, then you are probably tired of those cheap products that don’t work as promised. You might be looking for the best metal detector for the beach. In this article, we talk about the best products we’ve tested and show you different features so you can choose based on your exact needs. Let’s find the best metal detector for the beach together!

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TOP 10 Best Metal Detectors for Beach: Comparison Table

Best Overall: Extra Water Resistance - Garrett Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector Review

Garrett Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector
  • Fully waterproof to 10 feet with orange color for added visibility underwater
  • Maximum Sensitivity for improved detection of nuggets and other small targets. Choose from three Sensitivity levels
  • Fast Retune: Quick button press instantly tunes out environment or narrows detection field for precise pinpointing of larger targets

For Beginners And Pros: #1 Best Seller In Metal Detectors - Bounty Hunter Metal Detector Review

Bounty Hunter Metal Detector
  • Rugged metal detector ideal for detecting treasure in extreme ground conditions
  • Motion All-Metal mode, Discrimination mode, and 2-Tone audio mode
  • Preset ground balance neutralizes response to mineral content in the ground
  • Disc/notch control distinguishes between targets and unwanted metals
  • Rugged metal detector ideal for detecting treasure in extreme ground conditions

Easy To Use: DR.ÖTEK IP68 Waterproof Metal Detector Pinpointer Review

DR.ÖTEK IP68 Waterproof Metal Detector Pinpointer
  • FULLY WATERPROOF. The pinpointer can dive 32 feet underwater for detection. Take the pointer below the surface of lakes, rivers, ponds, and oceans to locate historic wrecks other searchers can't find. Other leading detectors only go down 13 feet and cannot be fully immersed in water. Ours fully submersible 32 feet depth gives you a big advantage.
  • 360° AREA OF DETECTION This very sensitive 360-degree pinpointer can precisely locate the target rapidly and accurately and also find metal screws, thumbtacks, and even lost jewelry around your home. With a minimum of 4 inches detection length. Use with other metal detectors,avoid lots of unnecessary digging. Spare your time indoors & outdoors for a memorable treasure hunting!
  • ONE BUTTON EASE OF USE. One Button Operation makes this pinpointer very easy to use. It's suitable for any age kids to adults. 5 Minute Automatic Shutdown saves battery power for extended life that never lets you down. 4 level LED lets you accurately pinpoint objects in all environments.
  • NO DISTURBING SPEAKERS. Our better design uses vibrate and LED flashing alarm rather than audible noise. Lets you work quietly so as not to disturb others and wildlife.
  • A PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS & Friends. This pinpointer metal detector is a perfect Christmas gift for your friends and the family numbers who love outdoor adventure. With a compact size, it's also perfect for kids to reignite their sense of adventure with great outdoors by giving them the gift of a metal detector pinpointer.

Great Accessories Included: Garrett Metal Detector with Waterproof Coil Review

Garrett Metal Detector with Waterproof Coil
  • Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector with submersible Searchcoil
  • Includes 3 FREE Accessories:
  • Volume control Garrett ClearSound Easy Stow headphones
  • ACE Environmental Coverup
  • 7" x 10" Searchcoil Cover

Professional Features: RM RICOMAX Professional Metal Detector Review

RM RICOMAX Professional Metal Detector
  • [4 Modes of Operation]- RM RICOMAX metal detector can detect metals including iron, aluminum, gold, bronze, silver and their articles in ALL METAL Mode. The DISC & NOTCH Modes make you can ignore unwanted metal improving the detection efficiency. Pinpoints the location of target accurately in P/P Mode.
  • [Ease of Maintenance]- The underwater metal detector is an IP68 waterproof unit with a 10” search coil is shielded with plastic, and the shaft that the coil is connected to is made of aluminum. Also, this metal detector waterproof can be easily cleaned and save.
  • [Hyper Digital Display]- 20% bigger LCD display screen that you can utilize in the finding of hidden metals. Nine brightness adjustment settings of this metal detector make you could use it in a different type of situations. Note: Two 9v batteries are not included.
  • [User Friendly Design]- RM RICOMAX metal detector has a dimension of 48 x 10 x 10 inches, and it weighs 2.31 pounds. Besides, it has a 3.5mm headset jack that can be used with conventional headsets. It’s such a unit one can utilize with maximum comfort and freedom.
  • [No Risk Investment]- We are confident about our RM RICOMAX metal detector. All our metal detectors were manufactured under strict quality standards and 100% checked before shipment. we offer LIFETIME call center support, any questions please contact us, and for sure we will find the right solution for you.

Fast Retune Speed: Fisher Weatherproof Metal Detector Review

Fisher Weatherproof Metal Detector
  • Weatherproof all-purpose metal detector
  • Visual target-id by category
  • Weatherproof
  • Operates on 2 aa batteries (25-30 hours)
  • Fe-tone (adjustable iron audio)

All-Terrain Detection: Garrett Pro Metal Detector Review

Garrett Pro Metal Detector
  • WATERPROOF TO 10 FEET OR 3 METERS Ideal for use in both fresh and saltwater AT Pro will ground balance to saltwater.
  • Includes NEW Garrett MS-2 Headphones
  • Includes Batteries Installed.
  • As seen on the TV Show Diggers
  • Includes Garrett 2 Year Warranty

Suitable For Kids: RM RICOMAX Metal Detector for Kids & Adults Review

RM RICOMAX Metal Detector for Kids & Adults
  • Professional View Meter Design and Large Waterproof Coil - Metal Detector for adults GC-1023’s view meter can feedback the detection results more accurately. The 10-inch waterproof coil can detect underground metal buried to 8 inches, and can easily cope with wet environments such as beaches and swamps. (Working frequency is 6.5khz)
  • Four Detection Modes - Metal Detector for adults GC-1023 provide DISC mode (different metal types by long and short tones) / TONE mode (different metal types by high and low tones) / full metal mode (only detect and do not distinguish metals) / Pinpointer mode (positioning target metal), also there is a low battery indicator light to remind the user to replace the battery. Each mode has an automatic ground balance function to help balance mineralization.
  • Provide 10 Levels of Sensitivity Adjustment - Metal Detector for adults GC-1023 provide 10 levels of sensitivity adjustment, the detection efficiency and accuracy exceed most similar products on the market. Help find the target metal more quickly (treasures you want to discover or valuables which has been lost)
  • Easy to Carry - Metal Detector for adults GC-1023 can be assembled, folded, and disassembled very easily, which is very convenient to carry around. The whole device weighs 2.31 pounds and can be easily held by women and children. The length of the fuselage can be adjusted to suit people of all heights. The ergonomic design makes the grip more effortless, whether you prefer right-handed or left-handed operation.
  • Usage Scenarios Not only meet the hobbies of metal detection but also apply to family activities. You could enjoy the fun of exploration, cultivate parent-child relationships, and cultivate your children’s curiosity about the world, keeping them away from televisions and game consoles. (Also suitable as a gift for a friend or child)

Easy To Assemble: Canway High Accuracy Metal Detector Review

Canway High Accuracy Metal Detector
  • Adjustable Humanity Design: the metal detector from 33" to 40.6" adjustable stem applicable to kids and adults. The arm rest design saves more effort which gives you a comfortable state.
  • High Accuracy Detecting: you can tell what type of metal you've detected just by distinctive Audio tones. And the pinpointer function enables to pinpoint a target accurately. It also can ignore Junk metal and improve your detecting efficiency by setting the disc range.
  • Intuitive LCD Control Box: Ours metal detector equipped with large back-lit LCD screen to display depth(up to 8 inch deep), operating mode, sensitivity level, battery condition, and volume level, you can distinguish between 7 target categories and eliminate unwanted metals. LCD Screen is very intuitive and convenient.
  • Suitable for Different environments: 10 inch waterproof search coil enables to detecte to under water. Perfect for outdoor like beach, stream, yard. (Note: the control box is not waterproof).
  • You Will Get: 1x Metal Detector, 1x Shovel, 1x Carrying Bag, 1x User Manual. Any problems or questions, contact us any time. We will help you solve in time.

Affordable: TACKLIFE Metal Detector Review

TACKLIFE Metal Detector
  • THREE AUDIO TONE WITH HIGH ACCURACY - Metal Detector has distinctive audio tone - a low tone, a medium tone and a high tone displayed on the interesting icon that can distinguish different metals; DISC modes helps you eliminate target categories and improve your detecting efficiency
  • LARGE AND FUNNY LCD DISPLAY - Equipped with large back-lit LCD screen to display different detecting depth, discrimination, operating mode, overload warning, sensitivity level and battery level, you can distinguish between targets and unwanted metals; This entry level metal detector is a perfect gift for beginners
  • IP68 SEARCH COIL - 7.8’’ Diameter search coil and the stem enables you to use metal to explore under water, ideal for detecting on the beach or in the stream(NOTE: the control box can not be put in the water); Adopts a headphone jack(3.5mm / 1/8inch) so you can connect it with a headphone (NOT Included), which allows you to use it in the noisy environment
  • HUMANITY DESIGN - The Metal Detector is in accordance with ergonomic design, comfortable and convenient to use; Adjustable stem extending from 24” to 45” adapts to users of different height; The arm rest design saves more effort, which gives you a great treasure hunting journey
  • WHAT YOU GET - 1 X Tacklife MMD02 Metal Detector, 2 X 9V Battery, 1 X User's Manual, 1 X Large Size Carrying Bag, Any other questions please feel free to contact us, we will help you solve in time; NOTE: The three cartoons displayed on the product, and the detection functions from left to right are separately detect ferrous icon metals; detect precious non-ferrous metals; detect copper and silver coins

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need To Know About The Best Metal Detector for Beach

Now that you have gone through the beach metal detector reviews, you might be wondering what makes the best metal detector for beach? This is where the buying guide comes in. We get to look at some of the things you might want to consider when buying the best beach metal detector.

How to choose The Best Metal Detector for Beach

Battery life

Yes, you would definitely want a metal detector that delivers on the best battery life. You cannot be outdoors hunting for treasure, and suddenly you have no charge. As a result, you need to compare the various models to find one that gives you good battery life.

Also, some have many settings that can allow for conserving or increased use of the battery.


Since you will be working at the beach, it is definitely good to find best metal detector for beach that is waterproof. It is not just about being waterproof, but how deep can it go? For many metal detectors, the manufacturer will indicate the depth it can handle as being waterproof. Some can go up to 10 feet, which is quite respectable.

Adjustability Options

You also have to look at what kind of options you get when it comes to making some adjustments. It will be great to get the best product that features amazing adjustment options. Some can allow you to adjust the height and the armrest, change the search coil, etc. Such a product will definitely be versatile so that many people can use it.

The Interface

Another thing you have to consider is the interface you get with the product. It goes without saying that the interface should be informative and easy to use at the same time. This should make more people feel comfortable about using it. Also, you should find it easier to navigate to different settings from the same interface.


Well, the construction is going to determine if the best metal detector for beach is worth the price or not. It is always good to ensure that you get to enjoy working with it on overall. Go ahead and pick the product knowing that it is able to give you the right kind of durability and value for money also.

Verdict and our recommendation for 2021

If you had trouble picking the best metal detector for beach before, now with homemakerguide review you know what to consider when looking for one. From the reviews above, you can now select one that works great for you. We assume the Garrett Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector is the best beach metal detector. This is because it comes with many features that will make working with it easier. Also, it is fully waterproof. This is the best metal detector for beach using which you can hear the different tones so that you can know the exact location of treasures you are looking for. It also comes with a fast recovery speed. This is good to ensure you always get the best metal detector for beach that works great.

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