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Finding The Best Moisture Meter In 2021

Last Updated: 15 June 2021

We always plan all our projects in the best possible manner. When it relates to construction and other related applications, moisture content has a crucial role. The wood and the basic materials should not have moisture in them to stay strong and to not develop cracks and splits anywhere. Also, when it comes to soil the right moisture level will give you the exact water level to be maintained for growing healthy plants.
Traditionally, when we require dry surfaces we dry it outside under the sun for longer durations. This will keep the material out of moisture and is consistent all over. However, the interior regions also matter a lot. How can we measure and monitor the exact values?

Have you heard about the best moisture meter? There is the specific firewood moisture meter and the others to check moisture content in-wall, hardwood types and softwood types as well. Here is a brief review that can help you get introduced to some of the best products and a simple buying guide to clear your doubts!

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best moisture meter

Top 10 Best Moisture Meter: Comparison Chart

Best Overall: General Tools Pinless Non-Invasive Digital Moisture Meter Review

General Tools come with a valuable brand that is a good drywall moisture meter. It is also useful

for measuring moisture content in softwood and hardwood as well. It is a pinless device; no damage occurs to the surface. The LED moisture content display is clearer and easy to understand at that instant. It can read the values as it goes ¾ inches deep within the surface. The measurement range is 0 — 53% for softwood and 0 — 35% for hardwood.

This is a professional moisture meter with substantial features for a good measurement range. It serves as a good lumber moisture meter and for other uses as well.

Why We Like It?

  • Backlit LCD screen and 3 color LED bar graph
  • Auto power-off function
  • There is an alarm for out of range and low battery
For accuracy and timely mold prevention — General Tools Digital Moisture Meter Review

If you are determining moisture content of buildings and other materials, this is just an ideal product! It is an excellent option to check if any drywall is at the brim of getting affected. It prevents the formation of molds by letting you identify the wet areas before getting affected in any form. The stainless steel pins are stable and can be inserted into any surface for measuring the right consistency. The measurement range is 5 to 50% for wood and 1.5 to 33% for building materials.

Moisture meter that works conveniently and accurately is highly preferred. This is a renowned product in this regard.

Why We Like It?

  • High, low and medium moisture tones present
  • Green, yellow and red alerts in LED
  • Easy to comprehend and read
Good instant result and reliability — XLUX Soil Moisture Sensor Meter Review

XLUX gives a quality rich product that is highly reliable and durable for usage anytime. There is a large dial that can accommodate ten scales. It is easy to operate; just plug and then go reading the value. There are no batteries needed for its usage. It is an excellent product for indoor and outdoor deployments as well. The device has to be inserted 3 to 4 inches within the soil to get the exact reading. Easy to clean and maintain the equipment for long term usage.

This moisture tester can be deployed for household purposes and garden areas for maintaining the farm and plants in good health.

Why We Like It?

  • Single probing can get good results; it does not hurt the root
  • Instant value shown on the device
  • Advanced color-coded reading system
Dr.meter Soil Moisture Sensor Meter Review

Dr. Meter is an excellent product that can help you maintain the right level of moisture in the soil for your plants. It is light in weight, compact, and portable. The product is also extremely cost-effective and worth the money spent. We have this as an extremely easy to use product with an excellent color-coded system. There are no batteries or electricity required for its operation anytime. The single probe system keeps the roots intact and safe even if used extensively.

This product is as sensitive as the food moisture meter; however, as perfect as of the air moisture meter any day!


  • Perfect for testing the indoor and outdoor soils
  • Easy to clean and maintain the device
  • Accurate in measurement; helps in knowing when to water the plants


  • Not reliable on all soil types
Standard and user – friendly — Tavool Pin-Type Wood Moisture Meter Review

This product best reveals the hidden water leaks. Two high precision pins penetrate quickly and more easily on the base to let us know the moisture levels. The bulk moisture build up can be best known. There are eight different calibration scales; you can find out the exact moisture content for different types of wood. The low, medium and high scales range between 5 — 12%, 12 — 17%, and 17 — 60%. Backlit LED display and Hold function is extremely useful and attractive.

Wood moisture meters with varied ranges and features are best used for an extended period.


  • Memory function, Automatic Power-off in 10 minutes and Max/Min moisture measurement
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Strong and reliable stainless steel pins


  • Display keeps turning off
Cost-effective and Professional — Proster Handheld Wood Moisture Test Meter Review

Proster is an excellent moisture detector for varied items. It is considered accurate on wood, logs, firewood, and cardboard. The measuring range is 0 — 99%, and the accuracy level is +/-0.5%. It works well based on four different types of wood groups and fifty different varieties of wood. The large LCD with sufficient hold function can show better results. Ergonomic design facilitates easy and convenient usage. The auto shut off feature saves a lot of energy. ABS plastic material ensures durability.

Moisture meter review suggests that products with such features can lead to perfect moisture content details when used in commercial projects.


  • Low battery alert signal is present
  • Protective cap and carrying case provided
  • Cost-effective and worth the price


  • In certain wood type, the accuracy is not appropriate
Quick and accurate — Calculated Industries Duo Pro Pin & Pinless Moisture Meter Review

Wall moisture meter that can also be used for wood measurements when it comes to the pinned and pinless mode is a great advantage. Here, in this best moisture meter, the pinned mode can be used for small sensitive areas for accurate measurement and pinless feature for large areas. It is a great way to check all your project items before engaging yourself in a huge venture. This is a non-invasive moisture meter perfect for home applications; wall and under the floor as well.

Floor moisture meter needs to be sensitive and hard, depending on the floor. This dual system is ideal either way.


  • Easy to use and clear display
  • Hold function freezes reading for a while
  • Accuracy is +/3%; Low, medium and high ranges available


  • Accuracy can be much better
For multiple uses — SAM-PRO Dual Moisture Meter

SAM-PRO is an ideal product for usage on various surfaces. It is an excellent carpet moisture meter that works well on hardwoods, drywall, and even concrete. The product works efficiently and instantly. There is a high/ low moisture reading bar for easy reading. It is a perfect product for mold protection. The display is LCD based and large. It is easy to insert the pins for accurate values—the protective cap provided for safety. On a comparative scale, it is a reliable and durable product.

This moisture tester is considered best for varied applications with easy to use requirements.


  • Helps in taking measurements in difficult to access areas
  • Travel case and replacement probes provided
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to carry it around


  • Not accurate on all surfaces
Simple and compact in design — Gouevn Plant Moisture Meter Indoor & Outdoor Review

Gouevn is an excellent moisture tester that is very easy to use. It is a good way to check moisture content in the soil. The product is also the best plant moisture meter. It will serve well for your indoor and outdoor use. For checking and handling sensitive plants, this is just the ideal product. The probe length is 7.7 inches and gives relatively an exact and accurate value. It is a lightweight product that is simple and compact in design

It is a reliable device that is just as precise and stable as the concrete moisture meter!


  • No batteries and no electricity required to operate the device
  • Instant and accurate reading given
  • Gives an indication when to water; prevents overwatering


  • The sensor tip is not so stable
Energy-saving and good compatibility — Dr.meter Pinless Wood Moisture Meter Review

Pinless moisture meter uniquely designed for monitoring moisture content is highly appreciable because there is no hassle to break open the walls and damage it any way. Here is a good product in this regard. It is very precise in giving the right and accurate reading. You can choose from ten different varieties of timber and with any density. The temperature compensation feature keeps the system at the same temperature for at least five minutes to ensure accurate measurement.

This digital moisture meter is a great way to measure and ensure moisture content anytime!


  • Auto shut down feature switches the system off after 5 minutes if no use
  • Ultra-large LCD screen provides clear readings
  • Measuring range is 4% — 80%


  • Needs manual calibration

Buyer’s Guide: All you need to know about the Best Moisture Meter

Buying a technical device is undoubtedly essential. We will have to analyze and understand the features before purchasing a moisture detector, like how you would do it for getting the best basement dehumidifier.

How does a Moisture Meter work?

How does a Moisture Meter work

In the pinned type, the electrical resistance is used to calculate moisture content. Electricity can flow through moisture, while not through the wood. This resistance is measured in numerical values. In the pinless mode, the electromagnetic signals help measure moisture content values. There is the infrared moisture meter as well.

Are Moisture Meters accurate?

Good quality and the branded device can accurately measure up to 0.1% on most surfaces. It is a reliable product, just like the best humidifier for plants.

How to use a Moisture Meter?

How to use a Moisture Meter

With the pin type, insert the device on the floor and activate it. The readings will appear on the LED display. In the pinless mode, press the padded base of the device on the floor that needs to be measured and activate the device for the value.

How to Choose the Best Moisture Meter?

Measurement range

The measurement can range from 1 — 80% and is based on soft and hardwood propositions as well.

Measurement depth

The optimal and desired depth for accuracy can be up to 3/4th inch.


Measurement scale can be accommodated within low, medium, and high values.


Auto calibration is preferred for quick and easy measurements.



LCD backlit feature with LED display is considered clearer for understanding during the night as well as day time.

Ease of use

The device has to be easy to operate and safe for usage anytime.


The price ranges from as low as $13 to $100. You can choose the best in your budget and requirement. You can check the electronic moisture meter too.

Best Moisture Meter Types


Best Moisture Meter Types

Two pins get inserted to the surface, and the measurement is based on the resistance provided by the material for the flow of electricity. It is used in applications involving smaller regions and where high accuracy is required.


Here the device has a padded system that will be placed on the floor for measurement. It is suitable for larger surface regions.


This is a type that has both the above pinned and pinless features in the same device.

Verdict and Our Recommendation for 2021

General Tools Pinless Non-Invasive Digital Moisture Meter is an ideal product for softwood, hardwood, and walls as well. As it is a pinless device, it is not causing any kind of damage to the surface. It is easy to use and a very safe product. The display is brighter, and the measurement offers a good range too. This best moisture meter also has an auto power-off function that saves energy. So, we believe this information on the best moisture meter 2021 is beneficial. We at the homemakerguide are always there to assist you regarding any queries in this regard.

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The best moisture meter cannot detect mold. However, it can display if moisture content is medium or high. With that information you can make timely decisions to prevent mold.
In some devices color codes are used to distinguish the low, medium and high ranges and are relatively easy. In others, the values will be set precisely for the different scales to understand. For example, ‘high’ can be in the range 40 – 80%.
Moisture content above 16% is considered as damp.
How We Tested

Testing these products was based on certain primary factors. We have listed it below:

  1. Measurement range and accuracy
  2. Safe and easy handling features
  3. Safety and compatibility on different surfaces
  4. Reliability and durability of the products
  5. Simple and compact design
  6. Display features
  7. Pricing features
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