Finding The Best Multimeter In 2022

Last Updated: 10 June 2022

Let’s take a look at a scenario involving a multimeter. It just so happens that you are in a position where testing a circuit is a must to continue with your tasks. It’s a simple procedure: you have the leads plugged in, you make contact between the probes and the wires, and you just wait for the reading. But it does not go according to plan, and you have a mini-explosion that causes plastic bits to fly everywhere, and now the whole room smells like burnt plastic. Grey smoke is slowly rising, and when you take a look at your palms, you see charred marks.

Yes, such an event is not going to happen every single day, but it will happen sometimes. And for those very few occasions that it does happen you need to remember that electricity can be highly dangerous. And the tool you choose to measure in such situations could make the difference between smooth sailing and charred hands. But let’s forget about this nightmare scenario. We will provide you with all the relevant information when it comes to multimeters so that this never happens to you. Below you can find the 10 best multimeters 2022 and all the relevant information required.

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Voltmeter vs. Multimeter

TOP 10 Best Multimeter: Comparison Chart

Best Overall Multimeter: Fluke True-RMS Digital Multimeter Review

The Fluke 87V MAX is a professional heavy duty digital multimeter with True-RMS ability. It has all the functions that were present in the Fluke 87V, and the test leads have been upgraded. The unit is fully waterproof while also being fully dustproof. If you so happen to drop the units from a height of 4 meters, you should not worry about its integrity. It has been designed and manufactured with extreme conditions and environments in mind. And you have the Fluke guarantee that you will complete the job and safely return home.

The Fluke 87V MAX, just like its predecessor Fluke 87V is recognized on the market as the best multimeter. The lifetime warranty makes this unit a great purchase.

Why We Like It

  • Lifetime warranty
  • A brand that has built trust over a long period of time
  • Alligator clips included
  • 3 AA batteries
Best Budget Multimeter: AstroAI Wide Range Digital Multimeter Review

The automotive multimeter from AstroAI is built with professionals in mind. It can handle the most challenging commercial settings that demand a long workday. This is all due to its durable exterior to an impressive range of heavy-duty tasks it can perform. It is capable of testing almost everything that can be relevant. Voltage, capacitance, frequency are only a few of the measurements it can provide. The real RMS feature enables it to measure both AC current and voltage.

A very simple and straightforward method of usage will enable you to measure almost everything you might need to measure. It can be used by professionals in a fast-paced setting or by DIYer’s on the weekend with reliable results.

Why We Like It

  • Data hold feature
  • Hanging magnet
  • Explosion-proof ceramic fuse tubes
  • 3-year warranty
Best for Diode Testing: AstroAI Digital Multimeter with Volt Meter Manual and Auto Ranging Review

The commercial electric multimeter from AstroAI is designed to be able to tackle any electrical problem. The Anti-burn feature just shows how dedicated the guys from AstroAI or to turning your work environment into a safe one. Your skill level is not relevant when you are the owner of an AstroAI tool because the integrated fuses will be able to protect you. It can also perform a continuity test by having two test leads connected to two points on the tested circuit.

Why We Like It

  • Turns of automatically if it has not been used in the last 15 minutes
  • A notification will let you know when you will need to change the batteries
  • A rubber sleeve is included that will protect the unit from wear and tear
  • Explosion-proof ceramic fuses
Best for Electricians: Fluke Electricians True RMS Multimeter Revi

Fluke arrived on the market back in 1948, and since then they have been a trusted and reliable partner to all professionals dealing with electricity. The tool is built with safety features that meet or exceed the requirements of the environment you plan to use it in. The yellow and black pattern on multimeters is the trademark color scheme from Fluke, and it’s no surprise that all the professionals you have encountered had exactly these tools that score high in multimeter reviews.

If you are on the market for a highly durable and incredibly reliable tool, then look no further.


  • The design is compact and ergonomic thus allowing the one-handed operation
  • CAT III 600 V safety rated
  • LED backlight so that you can use the device even when there is no light around
  • VoltAlert technology available


  • The only possible con anyone can bring to a Fluke device is the fact that it does not include a carrying case included
Best Inexpensive Multimeter: Etekcity Digital Multimeter Review

The best multimeter for electronics from Etekcity MSR-R500 is a highly reliable tool that can be used by both electricians and for general household tasks. A manual range dial is available with the purpose of making measurements within a specific selected range. This is an excellent feature if you are just starting or if you are an electrical engineering student. A great tool to use around the house and test wall outlets, figure out if there’s any juice left in batteries, or making sure that your home appliances are functioning properly.

A highly reliable best gadget multimeter with a very low price that can perform all the common measurements required by an electrician


  • Data hold button in case you are unable to write it down
  • Overload protection
  • Rubber sleeve around the unit to protect it from drops
  • Large LCD display with large digits


  • You will be unable to test AC current with this device
Good for Household: AstroAI Digital Multimeter with Ohm Volt Amp and Diode Voltage Tester Meter Review

The Bluetooth multimeter from AstroAI is designed to offer the highest levels of safety. The double fuse protection feature makes the multimeter far more secure while also maintaining is reliability. Overload protection is available on all ranges. The digital display has a feature that will display when your battery is low. This way, you can know beforehand to replace it, and your workflow will not be interrupted. Data hold feature will also come in handy because you can freeze the screen with the last measurement and write it down afterwards.

The AstroAI digital auto ranging multimeter can be used to safely figure out electrical issues that could be affecting your car or your house.


  • The unit can take samples twice per second
  • Kickstand available if you cannot hold the multimeter
  • 1-year warranty
  • Large digital display that improves visibility regardless of where you use it


  • The materials used aren’t of the highest quality. We do not recommend tossing this multimeter in your toolbox
Best Entry Level: Fluke Basic Digital Multimeter Review

Just like all the other Fluke multimeters that we have featured on the list, the Fluke 101 model is designed to be durable and effective. This model is the best cheap multimeter at entry-level, and we strongly recommend it for people that are looking to make their first multimeter purchase. The Fluke 101 is small, lightweight and can be operated with just one hand. The automatic shutdown feature is available, and if you were to run out of batteries, it would only take you a few seconds to swap them.

Fluke multimeters have quite a large purchase price. The Fluke 101 multimeter tester, however, has an affordable price with the same performance ratings that the other models have.


  • 12 ounces so that you can take place it on your tool belt
  • Durable design that can withstand drops
  • Continuity test and diode testing
  • CAT III 600 V safety rated


  • Has a limited amount of functions but excels at them
Best for AC/DC Measurements: Tshinde Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter Review

The Tshinde multimeter has an impressive slew of functions and features – above 10, to be exact. Within the packaging, you will find the best multimeter for the money, the user’s manual, two test leads, and two alligator clips. You will find this unit handy if you plan on making measurements around your house, in your car, or even for industrial tasks. It also has a beeping feature when the unit is close enough to the measured object, and the beeping fades away the further you move the unit.

A great tool if you plan on using it for low voltage controls because it is reliable and increases efficiency. The Tshinde multimeter might just be the best multimeter under 50.


  • Display hold mode available
  • In case of an overload the unit will not be damaged
  • Short-circuit protection available
  • Up to 6000 counts can be viewed on the display


  • The alligator clips will not be of much use. We suggest you put them aside and purchase a pair of jumper cables instead
Good for Safety: Tacklife Digital Multimeter Review

The Tacklife digital multimeter is the perfect tool for obtaining reliable measurements. It is capable of sampling up to three times every second. The 2.7 inches LCD display has a backlit function so that it can be used in poorly lit areas. If AC voltage is present, the LED lights will react to the signal density. Along with the LED lights shine, you will also be able to hear a beeping sound that is also correlated to the frequency. The ceramic fuse, coupled with the protection on the circuit, offers the highest security during any task you are attempting to perform.

The unit will shut itself down after 15 minutes if no operations are detected. This feature is great when it comes to saving battery life and enabling you to have a working electrical multimeter at all times.


  • Up to 6000 counts
  • High-performance LCD display
  • Auto shutdown if not in use
  • The dial is wear-resistant and printed using a high-quality paint


  • Users have reported issues with the NCV feature
Best Customer Service: WeePro Digital Multimeter Review

The WeePro Vpro850L will be your first line of defense when it comes to electrical issues in your household or automotive issues. It is made using high-quality, durable materials, and due to this, it will last you a very long time. It can even measure its own batteries so that you can be certain that the tool will be able to function when you need it. The data hold function can be a lifesaver in certain situations and will make using the auto range digital multimeter that much easier.

If anything is wrong with your unit or it is not functioning properly, you can just get in contact with their customer service. You can either get your money back or receive a brand new working unit.


  • If the product does not work, you can have it replaced or get your money back
  • The backlit LCD does not turn off unless you manually turn it off
  • 70 x 40 mm LCD screen
  • A sample rate of three times per second


  • The unit cannot withstand voltage over 750VAC

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need to Know About the Best Multimeter

What is a Multimeter?

What is a Multimeter Used for

A multimeter tester is an electronic device that most electronic technicians and electronic engineers are using in order to perform tests. The main uses of a multimeter are to measure the three electrical characteristics: voltage, current, and resistance. Another important use of the best HVAC multimeter is to verify that there is continuity between two points within an electrical circuit.

What is a Multimeter Used for?

The multimeter is a tool that can be used to measure electricity, in the same way, you would use a ruler to measure distance, or a watch to measure how much time has passed. However, the multimeter can measure up different things and has various uses around the household. The best multimeter for electronics technician can be used for far more tasks than a normal one.

Voltmeter vs. Multimeter

They are both electrical instruments that can only be used if there is electricity present in a circuit. The voltmeter can only measure potential difference between two different points within an electrical circuit. The voltmeter cannot measure the resistance of a circuit on its own and has to be coupled with an ammeter. The multimeter can measure the resistance of a circuit without the aid of another tool. A multimeter can be used instead of a voltmeter but not vice versa. Keep reading our digital multimeter review to find answers to any other questions you may have.

Do I need a True RMS Multimeter?

When it comes to measuring DC current, then a good multimeter that does not have true RMS can still measure without a problem. However, the situation is a little different when it comes to AC current. If the value of the AC current that you are trying to measure has an RMS value of a pure sine wave, then a true RMS voltage multimeter is not required. If the RMS value is not a pure sine wave, then you would require an auto multimeter with true RMS.

How to Choose the Best Multimeter

How to Choose the Best Multimeter


Normally size is all about preference. But not when it comes to multimeters. You will have to keep the tool in the palm of your hand for extended periods of time, so you do not want a tool that is too heavy. However, you also do not want a super light tool because that means the quality of the tool is debatable. Finding the perfect balance between weight and quality will be the task at hand.


In order to measure resistance, you will need to dial your resistance dial to the highest range present. The Greek letter omega will be the symbol used to show resistance. You will have to use the two test probes and touch them together, and the meter should show 0 ohms of resistance.


When it comes to measuring voltage, the multimeters available on the market are generally not capable of auto-ranging. The car multimeter needs to be manually set to a range so that it can measure. If you set it to 2V, it will be capable of measuring up to 2 volts. Let’s take a 12V battery as an example – in order to measure, you will need to set the mini multimeter to 20V and perform the reading. If you plan on performing high voltage readings, then we suggest finding an ncv multimeter with a high voltage range.


 Multimeter Resolutio

The resolution of a small multimeter is an indication of how digits it can display. Usually, we will be talking about a number and half a number right after – 3 and ½ digits or 4 and ½ digits as an example. The half digit can be displayed as either a 1 or a 0. This means that a 4 and ½ digit meter is capable of displaying up to 19999.

True RMS Technology

For most household tasks and automotive tasks, you will not need the true RMS technology. However, if you plan on measuring anything more complex than the two options mentioned, then true RMs will come in handy.


The higher-end multimeters we have featured on our list have the auto-ranging options. This means that they will modify their internal range in an attempt to find the correct voltage or resistance you are trying to measure. The units that do not have auto-ranging will have to be set manually. It is nice to have features but only if you are experienced and know exactly what you are doing with the best multimeter for home use.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Ease of use when it comes to multimeters greatly depends on what you are trying to measure. If you are trying to gather complex measurements, then you will need to know exactly what you are doing. Ease of use is also strongly correlated with the multimeter brands.


Most multimeters on our list are made out of durable materials and can withstand drops from various heights. Some of them are so durable that they can be placed inside the tool bag.

Safety Features

When it comes to safety you need to inspect the unit and carefully figure out its safety rating. Anything below CAT III 600 V should be avoided.

Extra Features

The most relevant extra feature that you need to look for is the ability of the tool to select a range of voltages. Another extra feature is the ability to measure both AC and DC voltages within the same unit. Another important extra feature is the ability to measure ohms.


The price is directly correlated with how durable the unit is and the tasks it can perform. There are units on the market that can perform a large variety of tasks, but you should make sure that they perform these tasks with great accuracy.

Best Multimeter Types


Best Multimeter Types

All the units we have featured on our list have a digital display. A digital display is the industry norm at the moment because it can display far more information when compared to an analog display.


The multimeters that have an analog display use a needle coupled with a scale. They can offer exact measurements, but they are far less versatile than their digital counterparts. The best analog multimeter can still stand its ground when paired up against digital multimeters.

Verdict and Our Recommendation for 2022

Is it really a surprise that we have ranked the best Fluke multimeter as our best choice? Not really. Fluke has been known to deliver high-quality tools that are also highly reliable and durable. The Fluke True-RMS Digital Multimeter is no exception to that rule. The price tag might seem daunting at first but believe us when we tell you that you do not want half measures when dealing with electricity. Our editors at HandyHomeMaster have had a blast (pun not intended) testing out the best multimeter 2022 we have featured.

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If the test leads have the protective insulation cracked or worn down, do not use them and instead seek to replace them. Be aware that hand-to-hand shock can occur, and it is the most dangerous thing that could happen when using a multimeter. DC and AC voltages can be very dangerous, so pay attention when you do such measurements.
The properly connect a multimeter you will need to make sure that the probes are placed in the appropriate sockets. The black probe should go inside the socket that is labeled with “COM”. The red probe needs to connect to the socket that measures voltage or resistance and is labeled with a V or a Ω.
The dial needs to be turned to V. Place the black lead inside the COM jack and the red lead in the V jack. Now you will have to connect the leads onto the circuit with the black lead first followed by the red lead. Read the display for the required information.
DC Voltage will be displayed with the letter V that has a solid like above the dashed line. Any self-respecting electrician will require an electrician tool belt.
How We Tested
In order to get the most out of our tests, we have provided ten of our editors, each with one of the multimeters featured on our list. We have allocated two weeks for them to use the multimeter as they see fit, and we had them report back to us with the findings. We have compiled all the relevant information they have provided in our reviews of the products. They have put the multimeters to use in both automotive and household settings as well as in industrial settings so that the reviews can be as inclusive as possible. For more in-depth reviews about household tasks, you can check out our best stud finder review.
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