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Finding the best outdoor ceiling fans 2022

Last Updated: 06 June 2022

We desire for a place that is always well ventilated. A healthy and fresh feeling develops when we have the best air circulation; be it in the indoors or outdoors. We tend to compliment our indoor atmosphere with fans for facilitating the air oscillating within. However, what can be done in the outdoors? We have scenarios during the summer season that let you feel very hot and humid at the same time.

We have been managing such situations by keeping table fans or window fans. It is not convenient all the time. It keeps moving in a particular direction and that it becomes difficult to sustain and relax for a longer duration.

The best option here is to opt for an outdoor ceiling fan. There are cheap outdoor ceiling fans that are cost-efficient and beneficial as well. It has different styles and modes of operation for extensive usage. Let us get into some of the best products in this regard to get a fair idea.

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Indoor vs. Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Top 10 Best above Ground Pool: Comparison Chart

Best Overall: Great Design - Hunter Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan With Pull Chain Control Review

Hunter Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan With Pull Chain Control Review

The traditional low profile IV is ideal for a low profile ceiling like a small balcony or patio space. It is one of the best among the outdoor ceiling fans without lights. It is white and looks well featured for beautiful home décor. It is powered by a three-speed technology for your convenience and desired usage. It is ultra-powerful and provides the best user experience. It has a WhisperWind motor for a quiet air movement. It is a durable product for long term usage.

These products provide better performance compared to all the large outdoor ceiling fans. It is elegant in look, optimal in performance and energy-efficient as well.

Why We Like It

  • Traditional pull chain option for operating the fan and changing speeds as desired
  • Three blades with 13-degree blade pitch for optimal air movement
  • Reversible motor for alternated blade movement during summer and winter season
  • Downrod and flush mounting options available

Double Fan: Durable + Quiet - Harbor Breeze Outdoor Downrod Ceiling Fan Review

Harbor Breeze Outdoor Downrod Ceiling Fan
423 Reviews
Harbor Breeze Outdoor Downrod Ceiling Fan

It is an award-winning ceiling fan with excellent performance in comparison to big outdoor ceiling fans. It is simple and looks elegant on bright outdoor porches or patios. It is durable and manufactured to last forever. It has quality materials employed with good standards. It has better than expected air circulation for big rooms. There are two fans connected by a rod. Each fan has three blades. It has a sleek appearance with an oil-rubbed bronze finish. It has four down rods for strength and reliability.

Large outdoor ceiling fans like this product are an added advantage when you expect air circulation in two different ends of the ceiling underneath.

Why We Like It

  • Outdoor ceiling fan light kit give glass shades and very bright glow
  • 74 inches in total and perfect for huge rooms
  • 3 speed reversible motor for consistent airflow as desired

Good Performance Ensured: Hunter Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

Hunter Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Every person wants a quiet fan with extra power. This product will satisfy that purpose with its Whisper Wind motor technology. It is engineered to bring an ultra-powerful air movement with just no noise. It has a reversible motor that facilitates changes in the pattern of fan movement during summer and winter season, which means downdraft mode in the summer to updraft mode in the winter season. It looks elegant with its white palm leaf pattern that suits any kind of living atmosphere, traditional or modern.

Modern outdoor ceiling fans as this product is manufactured with the finest products to give the exact and necessary tolerance.

Why We Like It

  • It is manufactured with 13-degree blade pitch for optimized air movement
  • 3 inch and 2 inches down rods are provided for fixing it at any desired distance
  • Three mounting options available; standard, angled and low mounting
  • Damp-rated and suitable for porches and sunrooms
  • Cost-effective with necessary properties

Advanced Features: Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Best outdoor ceiling fans are unique in design and style. This product has an energy-efficient DC motor that provides extensive power. It uses less energy but enhanced in providing the right torque levels. They have hand-carved blades that have a soft curve for maximized airflow. It gives an excellent outlook for your home décor. It looks sleek and elegant for vintage themes. It is available in three blade sweeps; 60, 70, and 80 inches. You can pick your choice based on room space.

This product is considered more effective compared to outdoor ceiling fans with metal blades. It has the necessary properties in the exact proportion.


  • It is damp rated and suitable for indoor and outdoor environment as well
  • Highly recommended for 350 – 400 sq ft and covered patios
  • Six-speed remote control options available with reversing functions to suit any climate
  • Ideal for flat ceiling types


  • Expensive product compared to similar product types

Energy-efficient product: Emerson CF765BQ Ceiling Fan Review

Emerson CF765BQ Ceiling Fan

This black outdoor ceiling fan is just perfect for high ceiling applications. It is incredibly reliable and durable for long time usage. It is an energy star approved for overall energy efficiency. It is not provided with additional light fitment. It is made with three high-efficiency airfoil blades for consistent and efficient air circulation. It has a four-speed wall slide control. It has 60-inch blades for medium room space. It has a 9 inch down rod for comfortable installation.

It is a conservative product with advanced features with durability ensured.


  • It has wide blades for good air movement
  • 14-inch blade pitch enhanced air circulation throughout the room
  • 3-speed motor provided for wobble-free movement
  • It can be compatible as an outdoor ceiling fan with remote


  • Might get faded in color in specific climatic regions

For Small Rooms: Hunter Indoor / Outdoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan Review

Hunter Indoor / Outdoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Best rated outdoor ceiling fans as this can complement any kind of room with its simple and elegant nature. It is made up of stainless steel to provide resistance from rust. It is damp rated, which is suitable for closed space with high humidity levels. WhisperWind motor reduces the sounds to a minimum level that you can’t even hear its revolving sound. It has 48-inch blades with reversible and three-speed positions. Ultra-powerful functionality and air movement provide the necessary cooling effect.

Small outdoor ceiling fans like this product will be suitable for children’s play areas in the balcony or so. It will suffice all your needs optimally.


  • Traditional pull chains for switching it off or on or altering speeds
  • Five blades with 13-degree blade pitch for ideal functionality
  • Looks elegant and suits any type of home décor
  • Comfortable for ceilings less than 9 inches


  • Air circulation and performance can be better designed

Modern Look: Emerson Ceiling Fans CF130WW Review

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF130WW

Outdoor ceiling fans review suggests that contemporary style fans are best preferred in recent times. This product is just one of the renowned among them. It has curved plywood blades for a better finish and strong reliability. There are three blades for a streamlined operation. They have the standard down rod installation and close to ceiling fitment as well. It is perfect for sunrooms and verandas with damp interiors. It can also be complemented with light fixing for extra brightness in the room. They are long-lasting in its features.

A simple and conservative product that can also serve as an outdoor ceiling fan with light.


  • Compact and sleek in appearance; powerful in airflow
  • Reversible air circulation available for different weather patterns
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Four-speed sliding control adjustment for desired comfort levels


  • They are slightly noisier

User-friendly: Honeywell Belmar Ceiling Fan Review

Honeywell Belmar Ceiling Fan

A brilliant and quality design as this product is a great choice for your outdoors, breezeways, and even pergolas. It has an elegant looking bronze finish and has 5 ETL fan blades which are damp-rated. It has a traditional set up with the customary pull chains for switching the fan on and off. It is also compatible with remote control options as well. It is available for three levels of speed patterns. Patio ceiling fans as this product are suitable for any type of room; bedroom or living room.

Exterior ceiling fans with such all-round properties help us in maintaining it well serving all the requirements too.


  • Reversible motor for rotating in the reverse direction during winter
  • It has 52-inch blades comfortable for a medium or a large-sized room
  • Three mounting options available; Close mount, Down rod and Angled
  • Hardly takes one hour for complete installation


  • Makes a louder noise comparatively

Good Quality: Honeywell Belmar Outdoor LED Ceiling Fan Review

Honeywell Belmar Outdoor LED Ceiling Fan

It is a dark bronze outdoor ceiling fan that goes well with your porches, balconies, garages, or even breezeways. It is made up of ABS plastic with slight wooden finish and all-weather resistant. It is durable and very strong. It does not bend in any form anytime. It is provided with fashionable LED lights. If you can remove the light and keep it separately if you feel it is not required at some times. It is quiet in operation and comfortable to use.

Porch ceiling fans of this kind can be used for multiple purposes, with lights and otherwise too. It adds to the beauty of home décor.


  • It has a dynamic hanging system with varied options; standard, sloped and flush mount
  • It has a speed reversible motor for reverse rotation during winter
  • Energy-efficient product
  • It is 52 inches in size and suffixes large room requirements


  • Quality of the LED bulbs can be better

Conservative Look: Emerson Ceiling Fans Review

Emerson Ceiling Fans

It is a perfect product for an elegant classic or contemporary décor. It has a Venetian bronze finish giving a luxurious look to the room. It has unique leaf-shaped blades that are weather-resistant and highly durable at the same time. This product can be installed indoor or outdoor. It fits well indoors in the bedroom and living room perfectly. It is wet rated and suits such outdoor spaces like the patio and porch. It can get away with dust, heat, and winds also.

Indoor-outdoor ceiling fans of this kind are highly preferred by people looking for elegance and functionality equally.


  • Can operate in two modes for summer and winter separately
  • It has the traditional pull chain control
  • It is comfortable with Emerson brand down rods
  • Revolutions per minute are in the range 75 – 180


  • At low speeds, found to lose balance and keeps shaking

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need to Know about the best outdoor ceiling fans

When you go on purchasing the best ceiling fans for your house, there are certain aspects that you need to keep in mind. Have you heard of a propeller ceiling fan? It is important you gather the factual knowledge before investing money. Prefer outdoor ceiling fans waterproof if you live in a place with extensive rainfall. Outdoor ceiling fans reviews gave you a fair idea, and here is a simple guide to all the vital characteristics.

Benefits of an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Let us discuss some of the prominent benefits in a little detail here:

Benefits of an Outdoor Ceiling Fan
  • Keeps the surroundings fresh and chill – Summer seasons are known for its very hot temperature throughout the day. Air conditioners can keep the house inside cold and at the right temperature. To manage your porch and balcony to keep it fresh and chill, you certainly require a dual outdoor ceiling fan.

  • To keep the place hygienic – The wind generated from the fan can help ward off harmful insects. It keeps the environment clean and hygienic for you to relax anytime and even have a meal outside.
  • Suitable to add on accessories – Outside ceiling fans give you the option of fitting additional light fittings to keep your house exteriors presentable. You cannot expect the best window fans to satisfy this necessity.
  • Customize it as you like – You get to choose a variety of options when it comes to outside ceiling fans. There is no restriction on a prescribed size or design; you can select and customize it as you prefer. Learn how to clean ceiling fans and maintain it well.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Indoor vs. Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling fans vary in design, the material used, and models. Outdoor ceiling fans reviews suggest that it should have resistant towards all types of weather patterns, either wet or dry. It should also have a waterproof cover around the motor to prevent it from dampness attacking it anytime. It should also have a better and capable motor to withstand outside winds. Indoor fans are designed exclusively for dry atmosphere and do not require such specific details.

How to choose the best outdoor ceiling fans?


There are a variety of designs and styles for fans that make the entire look go elegant. You can choose from modern, traditional, or even contemporary styles that will suit your home exterior décor.


Before considering the right size of the fan for your ceiling, calculate the room space in sq ft. For example, for a room up to 75sqft and 75 to 145 sq ft space, a fan 29 to 36 inch and 36 to 42 inches respectively will suffice. For room spaces up to 144 to 225 sq ft and 225 to 400 sq ft, a fan with 44 inches and 50 to 54 inches respectively, will be worth it.

Damp Rated or Wet Rated

Outdoor ceiling fans wet rated are specifically designed to withstand heavy rains and winds and even snow. Even if exposed to extreme moisture, it stands protected. The damp rated ceiling fans are designed for preventing humidity in the atmosphere. Deck cleaners are available to keep it clean and tidy.


Location is always important. Consider the kind of place you are living, the direction of the wind, and the space to get the right fan with the appropriate material.


The Plastic Model

It is the most commonly used model and uses ABS plastics. It can be molded into any shape, holds strong outside, and very easy to manufacture as well.

The Wooden Design
The Wooden Design

Real wood blades are quite expensive and take a lot of effort to make the complete design. However, the lightweight solid in design and aerodynamic in nature.

The Metallic Model

Metal is absolute for large spaces. They should be tied high up in the room. It can get rusted easily, and thus preventive covers are necessary. Outdoor deck fans have this model.

Fan Extras


Wall controls and switches are the prominent and usual ones. We have more advanced remote control options for convenient usage.


Lights are an added advantage. You can get the surroundings brighter and make the home look elegant in styles. It can go well with outdoor motion sensor lights.


Replaceable fan blades, protective cover, and decorative designs along with necessary accessories such as the sheet, rod, blade, and clamp are an ultimate requirement.

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan Types

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fan Types

Hanging Propeller Style

This model consists of fan blades connected to a rod that is attached to the ceiling. The blades look like a flight’s propeller. These fans stand stationary and can ventilate a large room.

Directional Type

Directional fans are designed to orient towards a specific area of the room. Directions can be changed in any manner. Oscillating fans are also directional type fans.

Rotational Type

It is a combination of Hanging Propeller and Directional Type fan. They are independent directional type fans connected to a rod. The fans rotate independently of each other.

Verdict and Our Recommendation for 2022

Rotational Type

Hunter Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan is considered best or varied reasons. It is compact for a small balcony, beautiful for an elegant house arrangement. It ensures a three-speed and silent movement. It gives the traditional pull chain technology for operating it at various speeds. Five blades with a 13-degree blade pitch for optimal air movement and durability make it very efficient. People prefer products like because it serves long term needs and extremely cost-effective. Best outdoor ceiling fans 2022 listed here have a great advantage over diverse fan applications. Suggest these products among your friends and family to let them get benefitted at large. We at HandyHomeMaster are here to assist you in any way possible anytime!

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There are different kinds of fans. The wet rated outdoor ceiling is designed and manufactured with rust-resistant materials and blades with a necessary coating to protect heavy rain and even snow.
On an average, outdoor ceiling fans last for about 10 years and normally do not require any replacement before that.
As a general rule, as the number of blades increases, the fan becomes quieter and tends to circulate less air. Several blades increase the strain on the motor and slows it down completely. For a good balance and ideal air circulation, 4 blade fans are suggested.
The brand which offers different types for wet and damp atmospheres, different styles, and designs to choose from and that which gives many accessories for regular and elegant usage with décor is considered a definitive and best brand.
During the summer months, the fan should revolve counterclockwise direction to regulate the room air fall downwards to keep you chill. On the other hand, during the winter season, it should revolve clockwise direction to get the air moves upwards.
How We Tested
We have tested and verified these products based on their energy efficiency, reliability, and durability, features necessary for outdoor requirements, quality, and advancement in operations. We have also considered its external appearance and accessories they provide. We have tested the ease of installation and user experience too.
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