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Finding The Best Pillow For Neck Pain In 2022

Last Updated: 06 June 2022

Have you ever experienced morning neck pain? If so, finding the right pillow should be on your top priority checklist. A sore neck can be a huge nuisance, killing our productivity at work and making us miserable in private life. Fortunately, to every problem, there is a solution, and if you no longer want to wake up with neck pain, there is a wide range of quality pillows that can help to alleviate — and often prevent entirely — this annoying issue.
This article is written specifically for people who are looking for the ultimate relaxing experience during the night. Based on our expertise in the industry, clinical research data, as well as customer reviews and ratings, we have come up with a detailed guide on how to choose the best pillow that will help you forget about muscle and spine pain once and for all. The article highlights the most important aspects to focus on while looking for a pillow, helping you make an informed purchasing decision you will never regret. And, of course, it lists the top-rated models to get you started with your search.

Handy Home Master created for informational purposes only. Thus, we neither endorse you in any way to buy specific products in our reviews, nor making you act like it’s written in our guides. We are reserving the rights for you to make your personal decision.



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Best Pillow for Neck Pain
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top 10 best pillow for neck pain: comparison table

Best Overall: Quality + Affordable - LEREKAM Cervical Orthopedic Pillow Review

LEREKAM Cervical Orthopedic Pillow
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Safety: #1 Best Seller In Neck & Cervical Pillows - EPABO Contour Memory Foam Orthopedic Sleeping Pillow Review

EPABO Contour Memory Foam Orthopedic Sleeping Pillow
  • UXURY SLEEPING PILLOW - Provides therapeutic relief for all sleepers and neck pain, you will wake up feeling fully recharged and ready to take the day. Its premium fabric to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night.
  • ERGONOMIC - Proven contour design perfectly supports and aligns your head, neck, shoulder and back. You will fall asleep faster and deeper. It is possible for you to experience some discomfort during the first two weeks while your body is trying to adjust to the correct position. Try it for a new level of comfort whether you are back sleeper, stomach sleeper or side sleeper.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL - Breathable memory form provides better air circulation to keep you cool and dry. Our hypoallergenic rayon/polyester proprietary blend pillow case feels silky soft.
  • SAFETY - All material are chemical free for better health.
  • 100% WORRY FREE - We are so confident in the quality of our pillow and we offer 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with it for any reason, just contact us to return the product for a full refund.

Ice Fiber Pillowcase: MOKALOO Cervical Bed Pillow for Neck Pain Review

MOKALOO Cervical Bed Pillow for Neck Pain
  • 【Contour Memory Foam Pillow】 - The perfect bed pillow for sleeping. With the standard size of 23.6×13.5×4.5 inches, this cervical pillow is suitable for all posture sleepers(side, back and stomach).
  • 【Best Neck Support】 - Ergonomic shaped design of orthopedic pillow, offers proper support for neck, head and shoulders. This neck support pillow for sleeping, also does good to Improve sleeping and Relief the pain of neck and shoulders. It also does help to reduce snoring, enjoy sleeping.
  • 【Ice Fiber Pillowcase】 - Removable and washable pillowcase adopt unique stitching design and bring you more convenience. Ultra soft and breathable skin-friendly ice fabric makes you experience a temperature nautral sleep. The mesh fabric design makes your pillow more breathable and favorable.
  • 【Safety Material】 - Made of 100% high quality memory foam, which is skin-friendly and breathable, rebound within 3-5 minutes. With the natual pillow curve, this contour pillow allows your head and neck adjust to the pillow easily and naturally while you sleep.
  • 【Best Choice for You】 - With Worry-Free shopping experience service, you can choose this Cervical Pillow for you and your family with confidence.

10 Years Warranty: Milemont Memory Foam Pillow Review

Milemont Memory Foam Pillow
  • 【Ergonomic Design】If your spine isn’t properly aligned throughout the night, your weight isn’t distributed evenly, which can result in back pain or more serious spinal ailments. Contour pillows allow you to sleep in the healthiest spinal position and help to promote long term spinal health.
  • 【Premium Memory Foam】 This pillow uses CertiPUR-US certified premium memory foam at its core which adjusts to the pressure that your head and neck place on it when asleep.
  • 【Support and Comfortable】 The foam has been calibrated to provide the right balance of support and comfort to meet the needs of the person who is using it.
  • 【Support and Comfortable】 The foam has been calibrated, It will keep your neck in a healthy position, alleviating pressure points and delivering proper support to meet the needs of the person who is using it.
  • 【Satisfaction Guaranteed】 We are extremely happy with our memory foam pillow, therefore we offer a 10 year warranty and additionally a 30 day no questions asked refund policy for all our customers.

Special Dynamic Foam: UTTU Sandwich Pillow Review

UTTU Sandwich Pillow
  • ADJUSTABLE LOFT - The pillow is 4.7in (high contour) and 3.9in (low contour) originally, remove the middle memory foam layer you get 3.5in (high contour) and 2.8in (low contour).
  • PRESSURE RELIEF - Made with UTTU DYNAMIC FOAM, which conforms to the natural curve of your body and supports your head and neck to ensure comfort.
  • NEVER BECOMES HARD - We used UTTU DYNAMIC FOAM, which never gets hard in cold weather. Unlike most memory foams on the market, it remains consistent firmness and comfortable feel all year.
  • BAMBOO COVER -60% polyester and 40% bamboo made cover, COOLING PILLOW, provides a cool night's sleep. Fully removable and MACHINE WASHABLE for easy cleaning care.
  • ITEM DIMENSIONS - 23.6"×14"×4.7"/3.9", for different sleeping postures like back side and stomach sleeping.

Extra Durability: Royal Therapy King Memory Foam Pillow Review

Royal Therapy King Memory Foam Pillow
  • TRUFOAM MEMORY FOAM PILLOW ELIMINATES PRESSURE POINTS - Royal Therapy largely considered to be the most versatile and comfortable pillows for sleeping you can buy. It's filled with shredded memory foam that gently cradles your head and neck, relieving pressure that often leads to aches and pains. The shape of the contour pillow fills in the gap between your neck and the mattress, keeping your spine in proper alignment while you snooze.
  • BEST SPINAL ALIGNMENT - Our luxury cervical firm pillow gives greater resistance under the heaviest parts of the head and equally supports the lighter more pressure sensitive neck area. ROYAL THERAPY memory foam pillow helps reduce tossing turning and discomfort. It allows your muscles to relax properly offering natural spinal support to your body adjusting to your unique shape promoting a deep restful sleep.
  • HELPS WITH GOOD SLEEP - it is commonly believed that the spinal alignment also aligns the airways better allowing easier breathing at night. The lack of pressure points during sleeping with ROYAL THERAPY cervical pillow may also be a benefit to those with sleeping problems as there is less tossing and turning. This leads to sound restful sleep.
  • ODOR-FREE HYGIENIC AND HYPOALLERGENIC w/BAMBOO COVER- Our odor-free memory foam pillow is completely safe and nontoxic. Royal Therapy memory foam bed pillows are naturally hypoallergenic inhibiting the growth of bacteria mold fungus and dust mites. This is a great advantage for those with allergies to dust mites feathers or other natural pillow materials. Bamboo cover is constructed with heat dissipating technology that eliminates thermal build-up while you sleep.
  • EXTRA DURABLE AND AESTHETIC PILLOW - ROYAL THERAPY Memory Foam Pillow retains its shape so it will not go flat like traditional pillows. ROYAL THERAPY special foam conforms to fit the neck and head but as it is cooling it reverts to its original shape. Memory foam returns to its shape reliably again and again. It will outlast other high quality pillows simply by design.

Fully Adjustable: Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow Review

Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow
  • FINALLY – YOU HAVE FOUND THE ONE! – Meet the world’s best adjustable pillow. Customize it to achieve just the right individual balance between support and comfort. Whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper – this is the pillow for you! Get ready for the most restful sleep you can experience.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE, YOU ARE IN CONTROL – Experiencing pain, snoring or tossing and turning are all signs of sleeping wrong. Our unique adjustable design allows you to access the memory foam fill, which you can add or remove to suit your size, shape or sleep position. SLEEP RIGHT! - Foam fill, which you can add or remove to suit your size, shape, and sleep position. Sleep comfortably and aligned at last.
  • IS YOUR PILLOW GREEN GUARD GOLD CERTIFIED? – Our Coop Home Goods Eden Pillows undergo strict, third-party lab testing and are CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold certified to ensure safety and quality. No harmful chemicals here! IT`S 100% SAFE FOR YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES. Vegan & Cruelty Free – no animals were harmed in the making of this awesome pillow.
  • WE CARE – ONLY THE HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS USED! - The case is made with proprietary Lulltra fabric, a blend of bamboo-derived viscose rayon and polyester that provides breathability and softness. Hypoallergenic, you can finally wake up refreshed. Unlike other pillows – we freshly manufacture our foam instead of using repurposed materials. A bonus ½ lb bag of fill is included with your order if you need a higher loft.
  • YOUR BEST SLEEP EVER, GUARANTEED - You can now purchase with confidence. If you don’t fall in love within 100 nights (although we’re sure you will), contact us directly to return the pillow for a full refund, no questions asked. Each Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow also comes with a 5-year warranty. MADE IN USA. To protect yourself from counterfeit purchases - make sure that you are buying from Coop Home Goods frontstore only!

Clinically Proven Technology: Mediflow Water Pillow Review

Mediflow Water Pillow
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN WATERBASE TECHNOLOGY: provides superior comfort, improves quality of sleep and reduces neck pain.
  • MEMORY FOAM RE-INVENTED: Extra Ventilated Memory Foam combined with our clinically proven Waterbase Technology keeps you cool and comfortable all night long.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL SLEEP POSITIONS: Back sleeping, side sleeping, or stomach sleeping, water moves as you move. So you don’t have to wake up to adjust your pillow during sleep!
  • YOU ARE UNIQUE: Water conforms to the shape of your head and neck, for personal comfort.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR SUPPORT FOR COMFORT: Our Water Pillows can be customized to your liking! Soft, medium or firm – Just add water!

Ergonomic Design: POLAR SLEEP Memory Foam Pillow for Neck Pain Review

POLAR SLEEP Memory Foam Pillow for Neck Pain
  • 【POLAR SLEEP】Polar Sleep Cervical pillow provides you both support and comfort to keep your spine aligned and getting restful sleep. Comfort whether you are back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or side sleeper. Completely relax your muscles, fall asleep faster and deeper.
  • 【ERGONOMICALLY DESIGN】Sleep pillow with a curved design that adapts to head, neck and shoulder contour for different position sleepers. Provides therapeutic relief for all neck pain sleepers. Also relieve for some people that frozen shoulder, stiff neck and headaches. Distribute your body pressure evenly, help breathing to reduce snoring.
  • 【MEMORY FOAM】Pillow made of 100% memory foam which helps to reduce physical discomfort and enhancing blood circulation within the body, increases the comfort of sleeping and promotes healthier, give you regenerative deep sleep. Pillow always bounces back to its original shape after regularly using. Come with a zippered washable pillow case.
  • 【QUALITY ASSURANCE】Pillow certified by ISPA (International Sleep Products Association), CertiPUR-US, and OEKO-TEX. All materials are breathable, more durable, better health. This is a firm pillow. Pillow package plastic bags are all unsealed. It is the factory original design.
  • 【100% WORRY FREE】 Polar Sleep will give you complete peace of mind about your purchase. We are dedicated to providing quality products to all customers on Amazon. We are confident about our product quality. Even if you have used it for 5 years, you can always contact us with any questions.

Ultra Comfort: Mkicesky Neck Support Memory Foam Cervical Pillow Review

Mkicesky Neck Support Memory Foam Cervical Pillow
  • Neck Pain Relief: Ergonomically designed to allow neck and shoulder muscles to relax completely. Contoured shape promotes proper alignment relieving neck and back discomfort rejuvenating your body as you sleep.
  • Ultra Comfortable Memory Foam: Mkicesky Cervical Pillows CertiPUR certified responsive memory foam reshapes to the perfect desired position to cradle your head and relieves pressure points to improve circulation.
  • Suitable Size: Mkicesky bed pillow 23.62*16*3.14/4.3 in. Perfect for different sleeping postures like sleeping on your back, side, perfected by us for a night’s rest. Please measure the distance from the base of the neck to the outside tip of the humerus bone to make sure the size suit you proper.
  • Helps with Snoring: Cervical contour supports the natural curve of the neck and provides plush comfort throughout the night; allowing you to breathe more freely and reduce snoring.
  • Best Choose for You: With 1YR warranty and washable, soft a nd breathable pillow case, which to be an excellent health care gift for your families or friends.

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need To Know About The Best best pillow for neck pain

Neck pain: main causes and how to eliminate it

Neck pain: main causes and how to eliminate it

Neck pain when waking up is one of the common challenges for many sleepers, regardless of their age and preferred sleeping positions. If you are constantly experiencing this issue in the morning, regular pain can be hazardous to your health. In the long run, it affects your spine, leading to back pain, fatigue, and improper posture. However, choosing the right pillow can help to eliminate neck pain entirely. And here’s what you should focus on when you choose.

How to choose the best pillow for neck pain

People tend to confuse down pillows with feather ones. Sure, these two are quite similar — most feather pillows have down-filled, too. There is no such thing as a 100% feather pillow; however, there are 100% down models with zero feathers. All in all, pillows with higher feather percentages are firmer and do not easily get flattened after a night’s sleep. However, feathers are also pointy and they can pierce fabric casing, scratching your neck. This, however, is never the case with 100% down pillows.

Sleeping positions

There are only three sleeping positions out there:

  • On your back. Generally, back sleepers are the first ones that can benefit from some orthopedic pillows. Apart from relaxing muscle and spine-pain, many therapeutic models alleviate breathing, which prevents snoring. There are dozens of memory foam contour pillows designed for back sleepers exclusively.
  • On your side. Al in all, side sleepers can benefit from a variety of pillows, from synthetic memory foam to natural feather and buckwheat. Here, it is important to choose an either medium or firm pillow to prevent potential neck and back problems in the future.
  • On your stomach.
  • Stomach sleepers will appreciate ultra-soft pillows. Normally, those are either down (or down and feather) models or special gel-filled memory foam pillows.

Filling types

As far as the filling types go, you will have a choice between:

Filling types
  • Feather pillows: these pillows usually consist of a mix of feather and down (different proportions are possible). The higher the feather percentage is, the firmer the pillow will be. All in all, this is a great, natural choice for all sorts of sleeping styles. The biggest drawback of going with feather is that these pillows get flat over the night, so the neck support by morning will not be as steady.
  • Down pillows: the same goes for down pillows; similar to feather counterparts, these pillows require regular fluffing and do not ensure such solid spine support as memory foam versions. However, most down pillows are very soft, which is why any stomach sleeper will appreciate them.
  • Synthetic pillows: there are several synthetic pillows out there; on the whole, unless the filling is not memory foam, you cannot count on the proper neck and spine support.
  • Memory foam pillows: memory foam is a kind of quality synthetic filling that is designed to ensure trouble-free sleep. Most of these models are designed for back and side sleepers, even though some exotic shapes (V-shape, in particular) can also accommodate stomach sleepers. Adjusting to the shape of your body, this filling type is one of the best ones to prevent potential health problems.
  • Latex pillows: another example of a rubber-like material that resists the pressure and does not require constant fluffing. Latex adjusts to your body shape and ensures solid, sturdy support all through the night. A must for back and side sleepers, these models are not the best fit for those who prefer sleeping on their stomachs. They also get warm during the night and are rather pricey.
  • Micro bead pillows: one more example of a quality synthetic material. Microbead is firm, which is why it is a perfect fit for back sleepers. On the downside, a microbead can emit chemical smells and might be too firm even for side sleepers, not to mention stomach sleepers.
  • Kapok pillows: kapok pillows are recommended for back and side sleepers, but in reality, the fiber filling is so soft that many stomach sleepers will also appreciate this natural filling type. To the touch, kapok reminds of a classic down and feather mix; however, the filling is usually denser, which is why kapok pillows are thicker and do not require such rigorous fluffing.
  • Water pillows: a highly versatile example of a pillow that can prevent damage to your health. The biggest perk of going with a water pillow is that it is highly adjustable to your needs. You can choose the fill power (and, consequently, firmness level) you are most comfortable with. Water filling does not get hot over the night and adjusts to the shape of your body. But, once again, these pillows are not designed for stomach sleepers.
  • Buckwheat pillows: a great example of a renewable, 100% natural filling that neither too soft, not too firm. Suitable for all sorts of sleeping habits, buckwheat can accommodate a wide range of shoppers. But, like most natural materials, buckwheat may cause allergies, so you have to double-check your medical history before buying.

Pillow size

Finally, there is a matter of size. This subdivision goes for traditionally shaped pillows. Based on the way you sleep, you can benefit from:

  • Standard Pillow (20″x26″): a perfect choice for those who sleep and their side and keep one hand under the pillow.
  • Queen pillow (20“ x 30“): ideal for all sort of sleepers, these average-sized pillows are adjustable to any sleeping habits.
  • King pillow (20“ x 36“): another large version of a rectangular pillow that is perfect for any sleeping position.
  • Euro Pillow (26X26): these large square pillows are designed for people who prefer sleeping on their back and their stomach.

Neck pain pillows shopping tips

To make sure you will not regret buying one or another pillow, make a note of the following shopping tips:

Narrow down your choices

Before you hit the stores, think of the best type of pillow for you — this will narrow down your options and save you precious time in stores. Once again, we would like to stress the importance of figuring out your sleeping style before jumping to any conclusions.

Consider any allergies you have

Consider any allergies you have

If you have allergies on top of the neck pain, your options will be rather limited. In this case, you should better avoid all-natural materials (like a feather, down, and buckwheat). Memory foam is a more reasonable choice here. Make sure to look for a hypoallergenic model, though — some synthetic fillings can trigger allergies, too.

Research a couple of brands

Even before you hit the stores, find some time to research the most top-rated models — this piece of advice is more important than you can imagine. If you are looking for a reasonable balance of quality and price, consumer reviews can help you find the perfect pillow. Remember, the most expensive does not always mean ‘of the highest quality’.

Stay attentive in the stores

Finally, do not be ashamed to test drive the pillow in the store (if you shop on site, which is highly recommended when you are not certain what you are looking for). First, lie down on the pillow. Another common test is to stand next to the wall with the head pressed to a pillow — this position should feel comfortable, too.

Pillow maintenance tips

No matter which pillow you choose to avoid neck and back pain, the maintenance is highly important if you want the purchase to last. The exact guidelines will depend on the filling type you choose, and you will have to double-check them before you place an order. Here, however, is a quick guide on how to maintain different pillows:

  • Quality covers to protect your pillows: first and foremost, choose in favor of models with a removable cover. Usually, they are machine washable, which ensures low and easy maintenance. And, of course, do not forget that a quality pillowcase can help to protect your pillow for a really long time.
  • Sleeping positions
  • Feather and down pillow maintenance: most feather and down pillows are machine washable, but you have to double-check the guidelines if you want your pillow to last — especially, if you choose a model in a delicate, low thread count case. If you wash these pillows, you have to use the most delicate regime the machine has and dry them in the low heat (ideally, in the sun instead of an artificial heating source).
  • Memory foam and associated restrictions: few memory foam pillows are machine-washable, even though some of them are. However, you can safely dry clean them once in 3-5 years, so the maintenance is not as high as one would think. Some washable pillows can also be rinsed with clear water — no soaps or detergents.
  • Synthetic and latex pillows: synthetic and latex pillows follow the same maintenance logic as memory foam models. Sprinkling the piece with some baking soda and vacuum cleaning it can help alleviate chemical smell if any.
  • Micro bead and buckwheat care: most micro bead pillows can be washed and even dried in the washing machine as long as you use mild detergents. When it comes to buckwheat pillows, only the case can be cleaned. You will have to manually remove the filling before you can wash the case. Fortunately, you will not have to do that often — especially if you use a couple of removable covers and wash them instead.

Verdict and our recommendation for 2022

By now, you already know everything you need to know never to wake up with neck pain again. If you really take your time to digest the information described above, you will have no difficulty choosing pillows for neck pain that will help you prevent hazardous damage to your health. In conclusion, we at HandyHomeMaster would like to stress that quality memory foam pillows, like our Top-1 – LEREKAM Cervical Orthopedic Pillow, are the best choice for those people who would like to get up pain-free and refreshed. So are the water pillows. However, even though those two types are perfect to get rid of the nightly pain, these pillows are not always perfect for stomach sleepers. If this is your preferred sleeping position, you would be better off with a quality down pillow — or, at least, with a V-shaped memory foam pillow with a special cradle for your neck.

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