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Finding The Best Plasma Cutter In 2021

Last Updated: 15 June 2021

Are you someone that cuts metal in your course of employment? Are you a serious hobbyist whose passion involves you creating crafts from the precision cutting of electronic conductive materials? You must know by now that plasma cutting systems are the best means to negotiate around this.

And in case you have had any exposure to plasma cutter reviews, you will know exactly how confusing it is! No portable plasma cutter can be the same and no two people have the same things to say!

The choice on the market is mind-blowing which is good on you. But there is a big chance that you will end up getting thoroughly confused between all of them to come back home empty-handed! Sighs

That is precisely why we decided to review some of the best plasma cutter machines in a bid to inform and educate you about the choices you have and what you can expect from each one of them.

Whether you are into construction, fabrication or repair and restoration; why, even a passionate DIYer, here are the best of the best high speed, low cost, precision plasma cutters to cut like a piece of cake!

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TOP 7 Best Plasma Cutter: Comparison Chart

The Best Inverter Plasma Cutter — PrimeWeld Air Inverter Plasma Cutter Review
408 Reviews
The Best Inverter Plasma Cutter — PrimeWeld Air Inverter Plasma Cutter Review

If high plasma cutter ratings are an essential factor for you to decide which one of the best plasma cutters is going to find the pride of place in your garage, then Primeweld is not going to have any competition at all. This premium and the rugged-looking tool has an amperage of 50 and can alter between 110V and 220 V. This means you can work with it with a minimum number of power outlets too. It can cut stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper, aluminum, and a host of other conductive metals with ease.

Whether you use it for industrial, constructional, home, or hobby use, this one is going to go on and on. It comes with a sterling 3-year warranty.

Why We Like It

  • Very portable
  • Has dual voltage
  • Automatic
The Best Dual Voltage Plasma Cutter — Lotos Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Review

If you have worried often over taking your portable plasma cutters onsite, relax because this dual voltage cutter with a voltage that automatically alters between 110v and 220v can work on a single power outlet too! It has a non-touch pilot arc that can make clean cuts of ½ inches in stainless steel, allow steel, mild steel, copper, and aluminum. It also has a handle to carry around and comes in a smart brown color. It is capable of tig welding too and can efficiently cut through rough, dirty, painted, and rusted metal faces also.

This high output device is excellent not just for home and small businesses but also good to carry to industrial and constructional job sites.

Why We Like It

  • 50 amperes
  • Non-touch pilot arc
  • Better life because arc does not touch the metal
50 amperes — Non-touch pilot arc — Better life because arc does not touch the metal

If you are looking for a DC inverter plasma cutter than can also double up as welder, you must not miss Super Deal with its PRO technology. It gives out stable performance and a very high powered efficient job in minimum consumption of power. Its efficiency is mainly due to its high speed and high temperature that allows it a high energy plasma draught. The body construction is done with heavy grade iron. It is one of the most reliable tools and must find its way into your life.

Despite the very high speed, it is relatively very quiet and highly efficient. It comes with a wire mesh and a mask for your safety.

Why We Like It

  • Dual voltage 110v/220v
  • Digital output LCD
  • Capable of very high speed
The Most Affordable Combo Plasma Cutter — PrimeWeld Plasma Cutter, Tig Welder and Stick Welder Combo Review

This combination of awesome cutting tool along with TIG and stick welder is going to become an asset for you. With its impressive three years warranty, it is sure to keep going even if you are gearing to get yourself a new unit! It works on 50 amperes and has a power input frequency of 50 -60 hertz. The power output efficiency is pegged high up at 85%

All the parts are made in the USA. No, this is not your best Chinese plasma cutter!! This beautiful and smart unit made of shining steel is going to steal your heart and help you make things exactly the way you imagine them.

This classy combo with TIG plus stick welder weighs only 36 pounds and is truly portable. Take it with you wherever you go and shine!


  • 3 in 1 combo
  • No batteries required
  • Sturdy steel construction


  • Does not have a non-touch arc pilot
The Best 3 in 1 Combo Plasma Cutter TIG welder — Lotos Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Tig Welder and Stick Welder Combo Review

Have you always wanted a stacked up garage and workshop, but with rising real estate prices, you could never buy bigger space? If you have been consistently on the lookout for tools and units that can do more than a lot of them put together, you must bring this little genius home.

The no-touch pilot arc plasma cutter efficiently clones itself into a tig welder as well! And in case you are worried about hazardous plasma cutter gas, don’t be! This one uses safe air to cut. Hurray!

This brown color unit has a preinstalled ¼ inches industry type D plug, which means you can simply plug into your air compressor and work away!!


  • Non-touch pilot arc
  • Long-lasting
  • Sets up in less than one minute


  • Relatively very costly on the market
The Top Selling Plasma Cutter with Case — Hypertherm Hand Plasma System Review

Do you always carry a grouse that even the best portable CNC plasma cutter that you bought only a few months ago is everywhere, and you cannot find either the nozzle or the adapter plug! We hear from you.

It is not that every unit is an affordable plasma cutter; that is precisely why we recommend hypertherm plasma cutter 2 in 1 to a lot of people. You will also be impressed with its hard carry case that will hold all the consumables in one place. Now never lose anything at all!

Now cut conductive metals faster, easier, and at only a fraction of the cost. This two in one combo is suitable for thin as well as thick metal sheets and slabs.


  • Auto voltage adapting from 110v to 240v
  • Has a safety system in place
  • Comes with a hard carry case to hold everything together


  • Nothing at all
The Editor’s Choice — Amico Plasma Cutter Review

This DC inverter digital plasma cutter works with 50 amperes and has a dual voltage that auto shifts between 110v and 230v. The cutter also includes a plug adapter. The torch design is incredible, and it is entirely heat and impact resistant. It can ably cut up to a 1-inch thickness of any conductive metal including stainless steel, mild steel, alloy steel, copper as well as aluminum. The USP is that it is effortless to clean and maintain, which naturally prolongs its life.

This affordable model is that one electric plasma cutter that is ideal for home as well as work. It can easily be called a tabletop plasma cutter.


  • There is less fire hazard
  • The lesser hazard of noxious gases
  • Easy to clean


  • It does not have a torch arc

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need to Know About The Best Plasma Cutter

How Does A Plasma Cutter Work

How Does A Plasma Cutter Work

They work only by sending an electric arc through a gas that needs to pass through a very narrow and constricted opening. What happens is that when the gas is passing through such a narrow opening, its temperature significantly elevates, and it enters into the fourth state of matter.

Material scientists have named this fourth state of matter as the plasma state. It comes after the tri-state of solid, liquid, and gas.

Because the gas is squeezed through the narrowest opening, it comes out at a very high temperature (a whopping 45,000 F) and very high speeds (20,000 feet/s). This high-speed gas can cut through any molten metal. The metal is also a part of the circuit, and the electrical conductivity of the arc gets transferred to the work.

Cheap plasma cutter will have the gas-directed around the perimeter of the metal in order to shield its cutting area. But there are top-rated plasma cutter on the market today that sends a pilot arc between the electrode and the nozzle through which the gas escapes and that ionizes the gas. The result is that the plasma is generated much ahead of the arc transfer.

What Kind Of Gas Does A Plasma Cutter Use

People use a lot of gases for plasma cutting

What Kind Of Gas Does A Plasma Cutter Use
  • Shop air
  • Nitrogen is usually preferred for cutting through Stainless Steel and Aluminum
  • Argo and hydrogen in a mixture is used for cutting through the thicker Stainless steel and Aluminium
  • Hydrogen and Nitrogen mixture or Methane and a Nitrogen mixture are used for neat cutting thinner sheets of stainless steel.
  • Oxygen is most often used for cutting mild steel and carbon steel.

What Size Plasma Cutter Do I Need

Try asking yourself these two questions:

  • What is the maximum thickness of the metal that you will be cutting?
  • How fast do you want your cutting to be?

Just like welders, voltage and amperage are essential determinants in choosing the best desktop plasma cutter or even a handheld plasma cutter. An efficient tool needs high voltage and low amperage.

If you are looking to cut metals using the tool, then you must go in for a unit that is greater than 40 amperes. Use a regular tip with a built-in drag shield. If you intend using it for bevelling, cutting in corners, or a place where you need to see where the plasma is cutting, go for an extended tip in a unit that has less than 40 amperes.

How To Choose The Best Plasma Cutter

How To Choose The Best Plasma Cutter


The right size will depend on the material that you want to cut and the table where you will place it. A small CNC plasma cutter is as efficient as a big manual plasma cutter, so size is not so much important as its efficiency, but the power output is.


A lightweight plasma cutter is preferable if you want to carry it around the place. If you are going to use it on the garage table, it does not so much matter. According to conservative estimates, it should weigh in the bracket of 25 and 35 pounds. Anything more than this will be too bulky to carry around.

Power Source

Professional cutters will be with a maximum of 40 amperes and more, even the best MIG welder. However, if you are looking for your home or your passion, then a 12 to 25-ampere that operates within 110V and 240V is good, to begin with. A 30-ampere breaker can also give you an equal cutting capacity from the dual voltages. Check out the best 110V plasma cutters on our list.

Duty Cycle

The most ideal duty cycle is 10 minutes. It is usually expressed in percentage and tells you how long that machine will work without overheating.



Lightweight cutters are a boon. They can be carried everywhere. Home CNC plasma cutters with handles that are impact-resistant and those that come in a hard carry case are the best in terms of portability.

Cutting Ability

They can be used to cut all conductive metals and are not restricted to the common ones like stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. They can cut thin sheets gauge to thicker slabs with elan.

Cutting Performance

All of them, whether manual, handheld, or CNC, is equipped with cutting thin and thick metal slabs. They can make ½’ of clean-cut and a severance cut of ¾ inches. They can make neat cuts and are relatively safer than the erstwhile methods of cutting metals.


Most of them come with a sterling three-year warranty. The extended warranty speaks for itself. A manufacturer that is ready to take an undertaking for as long as three years is sure of the quality of the product that he is selling. Warranty is one of the factors you should look out for.


These are not exactly cheap. You can get some of the best models are in the range of $250 and $500. It is a good idea first to determine what kind it is that you are looking for. Doing your homework is recommended so that you can filter out the choice one by one.

Best Plasma Cutter Types

Manual Plasma Torch

Manual Plasma Torch

Several plasma cutter brands make handheld PAC systems that are incredibly lightweight and portable. They are quite powerful for their size and are capable of cutting anything from thin gauge wires to thicker metal plates of about 1 inch. The Manual plasma cutting torch is the fastest-growing segment in the cutting industry today. It is fast, efficient, and excessively affordable too.

They are usually high frequency starting circuits and come with a built-in power supply. They use higher voltage, and they have an on/off switch along with an amperage adjuster switch too.

Automatic Plasma

Automatic Plasma Torch

Computerized plasma cutter is a CNC (computer numerical control) plasma cutting torch that gives you greater flexibility at cutting a more diverse range of shapes. They are a notch above the manual ones. They execute the cutting by basing it on instructions that are pre-programmed by a computer.

The CNC machines figure on our list as some of the best plasma cutter 2021. They come in all sizes, very small to the professional ones, and even those that can be used around the house.

Verdict and Our Recommendation for 2021

Our top pick is Primeweld, air inverter plasma cutter featuring the state of the art MOFSET transistors. Everything about this tool is premium, beginning from its looks to its ability to cut through a host of conductive metals neatly and efficiently. The best part is its durability with customers saying that at the risk of getting bored with it, sorry, but it seems to go on and on for years together. It comes with a three-year warranty and very supportive customer care that is ready to help you with troubleshooting in minutes of reaching out to them. The cutter boasts of dual voltage that enables you to work at job sites with a lesser number of power outlets.

These were the best plasma cutter as per our intense research. Do you agree with our choice for the best plasma cutter 2021? Write in to tell us what you think about homemakerguide.

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Using them is as easy as using a glue gun and as difficult as precision welding. Follow the steps carefully to ensure you get a clean cut devoid of any dross accumulating at the bottom of the metal cut

  • Place the frag shield on the edge of the base metal that needs to be cut
  • Adjust and hold the angle straight down and at the correct distance (usually 1/8th).
  • Try to direct the arc straight down without dragging initially
  • Raise the trigger lock and press it; the pilot arc should start immediately
  • Once you have the pilot arc starting, move the torch across the metal
  • Adjust the speed optimally. If you go too slow, the cut may have too much dross. If you go too fast, your cut may not be neat.
  • When you reach the end, angle the torch slightly in such a way that you can pause briefly before releasing the trigger and completely severing the metal.
  • When you off, post air will begin flowing to cool the torch. This will happen for 20-30 seconds. Do not press the trigger now, or else the arc will spark again.
They are the most effective way of cutting thin as well as thick metals. If we are talking about manual mini plasma cutter they can cut up to 38mm that is 1.5 inches thick steel plates. A stronger best plasma cutter for CNC can neatly and safely cut up to 150 mm or a whopping 6 inches thick steel plate.
In theory and practice, both the mobile plasma cutter and the tig plasma cutter are two different tools. While the TIG welder melts two metals together, the plasma cutter cuts neatly one slab of metal into two. However, there is a certain plasma cutter combo where the TIG welder can be altered to be used as a plasma cutter. The user should beware of open flames and must have protective equipment and always observe safety precautions, therefore we recommend that you buy along with this best work gloves. Not forgetting the safety, do not forget to also choose the best welding helmet for yourself.
Yes! It will do a neat job out of a rusted metal slab as well as a slab of stainless steel. It is good for dirty as well as painted surfaces!
How We Tested
You simply have to use a plasma cutter for cutting conductive metals once, and you will be hooked! The market is full of options, and that is no good news until you know what exactly to pick up for your job. We have tested 2 dozens of them to come out with this list. You can be assured that each one of the recommendations given herein has been tested on the parameters of safety, efficiency, neatness, and affordability. Whether it is an air plasma cutter or an airless one, we have got you covered.
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