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Best Pool Cleaner On The Market This Year

Last Updated: 15 June 2021

Nobody likes a dirty pool that has algae and leaves all over its bottom, and we think you will agree with us here. It turns out that multiple high-quality pool cleaners are available for purchase, and all you have to do is decide which one to get.
Although there are tons of features and models that you might not be familiar with, we would like to help clear some of the confusion you might have regarding the best pool cleaner 2021 and what it should look like.

What we want to achieve with this article is to make sure you have all the necessary knowledge when you go on your next shopping session for the house, where you might lose yourself among several pool cleaner models that have a lot of similarities between them.We will go through our main comparison chart and then move on with the juicy reviews and some of the most frequently asked questions about pool cleaners.

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Robotic Pool Cleaner

TOP 10 Best Pool Cleaner: Comparison Chart

Best Overall: Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

We will start our adventure with this automatic pool cleaner from Dolphin Nautilus that has the ability to clean your pool in a sparkling manner in just under 2 hours, which we believe to be quite a performance. Unlike the other classic suction and pressure cleaners from back in the day, this robotic pool cleaner has an independent way of working, and it doesn’t require any additional tool being connected.

It will save you a fair amount of your electricity bills

After careful deliberations and analysis of the feedback we got from our reviewers, we are confident to say this has won the title of best pool cleaner

Why We Like It?

  • Wall climbing ability
  • Tangle-free swivel cable
  • Smart Navigation
Maximized Circulation: Polaris Pressure Side Pool Cleaner Revie

Polaris came up with this pool cleaner robot and installed on it several pressure-cleaning benefits. By cleaning under pressure it will skim off any debris that you have floating around or stuck on the pool floor. It has a reduced maintenance need, as the debris is captured by the pressure cleaner way before it can reach its filter.

This technology allows it to have a longer life and serve you for years.

Thanks to the technology installed on it, it is also compatible to receive and extra booster pump from the same brand.

Why We Like It?

  • Pressure cleaning
  • Maximized Circulation
  • Cleaner pool
4WD Technology: Polaris Robotic In-Ground Swimming Pool Cleaner Vacuum Review

A device that can be used as an above ground pool cleaner but it can also work inside it, while the pool is not yet drained. The 4WD technology that was installed on it by the manufacturer will allow for the pool to be cleaned and the tiles to be scrubbed using its special scrubbing brush.

According to pool cleaner reviews, it is ideal to use in pools that are up to 50 ft. long and another nice feature is that you can program it with a cleaning cycle that can repeat every 7 days.

If you purchase this product you can expect to get a quality pressure side pool cleaner that will keep the tiles spotless and the water will be fresh and just perfect for relaxing.

Why We Like It?

  • 4WV technology
  • Large filter canister
  • Top access
Quick Release: Dolphin Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Another solid entry in our list is one of the best suction pool cleaner you can find on the market today, and what recommends are a handful of beneficial features that will make your life easier. Our favorite feature is that it has twice the scrubbing power thanks to its special scrubbing brush that was optimized. Another benefit of this kind of pool cleaner vacuums is it does not require any other hoses or pumps connected, so it will cut the energy costs pretty considerably.

Expect for your pool life to be consistently more relaxing after you get yourself this suction side pool cleaner from Dolphin.


  • Above ground cleaner
  • Clever clean technology
  • Top-load basket


  • If the pool goes for more than 30 ft. it will not perform as good, so make sure you know what area you will have to cover before purchasing
Turbine-drive System: Hayward Pool Vacuum Review

If we were to create an automatic pool cleaner review for this Hayward Pool device, we would have to mention some of its crucial features that everyone can benefit from.An important one would be the silent operation that won't bother your sleep. It comes with improved wings and an enhanced skirt that allows it to pick up debris more efficiently without any other problems.

This kind of swimming pool cleaners is always going to be a good choice, as you cannot go wrong with it.

A perfect pool cleaning robot to get for your pool area, as these swimming pool cleaners are designed to make your life easier and to make sure you will always have clean water


  • Turbine-drive system
  • Smooth, silent operation
  • Connects in less than 10 minutes.


  • The length of the hose is just 40’ so if your pool has a bigger surface than 20’ x 40’ than you might need a longer hose
Wheel Deflector: Zodiac Baracuda Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner Review

The Zodiac Baracuda comes in strong in our list with the ability to devour medium and small-sized debris from inside your pool. It is one of the most appreciated automatic pool cleaners for in ground pools in its price range, as the reviews are very positive.

Thanks to its scuff-resistant hose, it's able to eliminate the entirety of scuff that is lying on your pool floor. A worthy mention would be that thanks to the wheel deflector that is pre-installed, it will offer you a smoother motion when cleaning around the corner.

It is a fine tool and if you buy it for yourself you should expect a 2-year warranty for it and a machine that will keep everything clean as much as possible.


  • Wheel deflector
  • Long-life diaphragm
  • Flow keeper valve


  • Some users found this electric pool cleaner to be too much physical effort to use it on your pool, but if you don’t feel like working around then you should opt for an automated above ground pool cleaner
Superior Vacuum Power: Pentair Automatic Inground Pool Cleaner Review

We feel the need to start with a nice feature and that would be it 36-fin disc that will increase the adhesion to the surface of the pool, while simultaneously avoiding to get hung-up on random drains cover, lights, or fittings. If you judge it by its price you would say it’s one of the cheap pool cleaners but we like to think of it as affordable.

The quick-release cassette system allows it to simplify the maintenance routine so you don't have to make such a big effort when cleaning it.

This generation of in floor pool cleaners brings a superior seal design that allows you to get the best grip on its handles. Expect to get an extra-wide area to catch debris and finish the whole business in under 2 hours.


  • 36-fin Disc
  • Quick-release cassette
  • Superior vacuum power


  • The only flaw that we could find is that it works only for in-ground pools
Cleans Gunite: Pentair Kreepy Krauly Inground Pool Cleaner Review

If you’re looking for a smart pool cleaner, we come to you with a worthy candidate, and that is the kreepy krauly Pentair. It can cut a 15” cleaning patch through your swimming pool. Thanks to the built-in technology it can clean through vinyl, fiberglass and even gunite.

No matter the type of flooring you decided to decorate your swimming pool with, use one of the top rated pool cleaners without hesitation.

If you decided to stick with this battery-operated pool cleaner, then you should expect to get a unique turning mechanism and the pool cleaning robot will get you out of the most difficult areas.


  • Cleans gunite
  • Unique turning mechanism
  • Easy setup


  • The content is not so diverse, but this doesn’t interfere with its high-quality materials
Improved Roller Skirt: Poolvergnuegen Automatic Suction Pool Vacuum Review

When we researched this product and decided to include it here, the most often positive feedback about it was referring to its patented roller skirt. That roller skirt makes it a solid candidate for the position of best pool cleaner for leaves because it allows it to optimize the suction of uneven surfaces.

Thanks to its tire treads, it has an enhanced ability to cli


  • Improved Roller Skirt
  • Internal steering sequences
  • Patented tire treads


  • Wall suction is not good enough
Extra-wide: Aquabot Hybrid Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Let’s end our journey through the reviews with this cordless pool cleaner that reminds us of the Mars Rover. Don’t be fooled by its toy appearance, as it can clean about 5400 sq. ft. of pool floor in just one hour. It will roll over all the ripples and printed pool floors with ease.

If you worry about the debris size, we can tell you that this portable pool cleaner from Aquabot can remove every kind of debris, from huge leaves to the tiniest algae.

The Aquabot hybrid proved to be a stable item that brought satisfaction to its users, according to their recent reviews. Easy to store in your backyard, as it doesn't take up too much space.


  • Extra-wide
  • Jet-propelled system
  • Improved guidance system


  • It is ideal only for small pools

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need to Know About The Best Pool Cleaner

Are robotic pool cleaners worth it?

Are robotic pool cleaners worth it

They are best used with large pool areas as they are designed and optimized to clean a big surface with minimum energy required. They are the most effective when it comes to small debris and they can circulate around your swimming pool to scrub the tiles if the filter is turned off.

How do automatic pool cleaners work?

If you will decide between buying an automatic pool cleaner you should expect a smart device that was manufactured to clean all the small debris from your pool.

Once you customize the settings to your preferences, you should have no worries about it afterward, as it will run by itself accordingly.

How to use a pool vacuum?

Let’s go through what steps you have to follow to correctly set up your pool vacuum

How to use a pool vacuum
  • The first step for you is attaching the head of the vacuum to one of the telescopic pole’s ends. This step is required so that you will be able to move it around the pool.
  • Take one end of the hose and attach it to the head
  • Lower the head gently into the pool, while you are holding it in your hand. Don’t forget to make sure that its other head is laying outside of the pool.
  • Find where the filter skimmer is (usually it’s where the water starts flowing into the pool)
  • Now it’s time to plug in the other hose end into the intake water nozzle.
  • Switch it to “intake mode” and then carefully guide it by using the pole. At this point, you should already witness dirt being sucked in.
  • Simply disconnect the filter and the hose when your job is done.
How to choose the best pool cleaner

How to choose the best pool cleaner?

No matter if you are looking to get one the best pop up pool cleaners or you are not yet decided, it is time we go through some of the key aspects that should be considered when buying.


  • In-ground
  • If you own an in-ground pool then we must inform you that you will have to buy a specially designed cleaner that will do the job for you. Best is to go to your local hardware store and describe exactly what kind of in-ground pool you have just to be sure you will be getting the best option there is and not risk coming back for switches.

  • Above-ground
  • If you happen to own the best above ground pool then you should go ahead and buy an above-ground clear that is designed specifically for these kinds of pools. Do not underestimate the power of a good cleaner, because the technology is advancing more and more with time and the products that are available now can be trusted.


When you go shopping for a remote control pool cleaner or an above-ground one, an important feature to look for is the weight, as there are dozens of variations on the market regarding the cleaner’s weight. A good thing is that it is almost impossible for you to not find what you are looking for.

Climbing capabilities

Climbing capabilities

Not every pool cleaner will receive climbing capabilities from the factory, but it is one desirable feature for most users. Being able to climb the walls of your pool will ensure that the whole pool is cleaned and sparkling, including the side walls which most people don’t pay attention to.

Cleaning cycle time

Depending on how often you use the pool, you should synchronize the cleaning cycle in accordance. A cleaning cycle that is most often found across households in the 7 days cycle, meaning the robot will clean your entire pool once a week.

Of course, you should always customize the cleaning cycle to your needs.


Most of the corded pool cleaners are the ones that you need to work manually, sinking it into the water and slowly navigating it around the leaves and other debris you might have in.

A cordless pool cleaner is going to clear a lot of headaches when it comes to escalating obstacles, as the cordless ones tend to come with a preset chip for easy programming and no headaches.



If you put in the proper maintenance efforts, you might be able to enjoy your pool cleaner for up to 8 years. Although, according to industry standards, the average life for pool cleaners is about 3 to 5 years. Make sure you read the instructions carefully and apply them with confidence.


Built-in filter

Most of the cleaners have a built-in filter that is designed to catch smaller objects that would go unnoticed for others, even for those with the best well water filtration system. It is a fail-safe strategy that was implemented recently in the used technology and users had good feedback about it.


The timer feature allows you to pre-select the date and hour when your cleaner will start moping around your pool floor. It is a great feature for those who have very busy schedules and want to present most of their surroundings for time-saving purposes.


Prices range from ~$300 to ~$1000 if you want to buy at least a decent model for your backyard. With high prices come also extra features for your pleasure, so it’s only a matter of knowing exactly what features you need to make a good buying decision.

Best Pool Cleaner Types

Manual pool cleaners

Manual pool cleaners

They are usually the most affordable ones as they don’t require all the features from a robotic one. There is a great number of users that prefer to manually clean, as it can be a therapeutic activity where you can get lost inside your head while also doing something productive.

Pressure pool cleaners

Pressure pool cleaners have a simple mechanism implemented, and that is water getting pumped back into the units that will propel it even further by using a hydraulic power plant built inside of it.

Suction pool cleaners

Suction pool cleaners

The principle behind them is that water will be pumped using the attached hose while the filter pump is running. Then the effect of suction is created (you will be able to notice it on the bottom side of the cleaner). It has a random pattern across the pool floor.

Robotic pool cleaners

They are similar to a house vacuum cleaner, as it will suck the debris inside it and retain it there until the end-user comes and empties the compartment. Most of the robotic pool cleaners present brushes that rotate and dislodge all that stubborn algae and dirt on the bottom of your pool. Usually, you will find them being propelled by track or wheels.

Best Pool Cleaner Asked Questions

How often should you run a pool vacuum?

Best Pool Cleaner Asked Questions

Usually, it takes around two to six hours for your pool to be clean. Of course, this estimate is going to change depending on how often you clean your pool. The more often you clean it, the less time it will take for the pool cleaner to do its job.

Can you leave a robotic pool cleaner in the pool?

It is safe to leave your robotic pool cleaner in the pool as long as you do not add any other chemicals or substances for the pool water. Best to wait until the water PH is back to normal after you add chemicals.

How long to run pool cleaner?

After carefully researching several reviews for pool cleaners, we found that for most users it takes around 2 to 3 hours for a complete cleaning process.

This might change depending on the surface of your pool or the type of concrete that you have on the bottom.

How to clean the bottom of the pool?

The bottom of your pool can be best cleaned by using cleaners with scrubbing brushes. Scrubbing brushes have proved to be most effective against leaves, algae, even stubborn dirt that is stuck on the bottom.

Verdict and our Recommendation for 2021

We chose Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner as our top choice among all the models that were tested. Reviewers have appreciated the level of energy efficiency that it can reach, the tangle-free cable that saved some headaches and the dual scrubbing brushes that turned out to work 100% as intended. The reviewers were instructed to test the products’ capabilities at their maximum level, to observe exactly what the limits of the products are. That is why we decided to whole-heartedly recommend it as the best pool cleaner 2021. If you need to upgrade your accessories around your house, you should definitely visit the Homemakerguide site, where you can find a wide array of quality household items.

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