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8 Best Pump Sprayers For Your Garden In 2021

Last Updated: 15 June 2021

Pump sprayers are the ideal solution for a wide range of problems. If you own a fairly large property, the odds are that you may need a sprayer to apply products to trees, grass or other plant matter in your garden, or even within your home. Similarly, the best pump sprayer can prove invaluable when it comes to washing down decking, walls or any other surfaces. And for disinfecting large areas in one quick, easy application, there is no tool better than a sprayer. However, there’s no shortage of varieties out there, and if you really want to get your money’s worth, it’s worthwhile doing your research.

There are plenty of different kinds, many of which are good all-rounders. But you don’t want to end up spending money on a product, only to find out that you’ve wasted valuable funds on something that exceeds the demands of your project. We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about the world of best pump sprayers so that you can ensure that you place your money where it matters the most. There is a wide assortment of sprayers out there, offering a whole range of functions and applications. Once you’ve read our comprehensive guide, you will know exactly what is on offer, and be able to recognize the different types of best pump sprayers on the market. Once you’ve armed yourself with all the relevant information, it will be easy to assess your needs and make an intelligent purchase that will last you for years to come.

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Top 8 Best Pump Sprayers: Comparison Table

Best Overall: Top Quality - Field King Backpack Pump Sprayer Review

Field King Backpack Pump Sprayer

This fantastic backpack sprayer is ideal for pretty much any application you can think of. With a large capacity, the Field King Professional No Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer can carry out a wide variety of garden tasks without the need for refilling. The high 4-gallon capacity means that you’ll be able to crack through jobs in minimum time, and the best backpack sprayer has a whole host of other great features. All the components are made of materials of the very highest quality. Brass parts of the interior guarantee a smooth operation, while the Viton seals can be relied upon to remain effective for a long time. A four-nozzle system means you’re guaranteed to find the right setting, no matter what your task is. Meanwhile, a high 150 psi pressure level is enough for even the most demanding of jobs.

As far as the design of the backpack pump sprayer itself, everything is well put together, with a clear eye for usability. This weed sprayer has been made to make leaks a thing of the past, an important factor when you consider the nature of some of the chemicals you may be used with it. When it comes to storage, the whole package can fold away easily, making it simple to keep out of the way when you’re not using it. Admittedly the large size can make it somewhat hard to maneuver, but that’s the price you pay for such impressive capacity. The 21-inch wand is ideal for a wide range of tasks and, as it’s made out of durable materials, guaranteed to last for a while. And when it comes to any necessary repairs, this sprayer can be easily disassembled and reassembled without the need for any tools. That makes it the perfect sprayer for just about anyone. All in all, this device is perfect for just about anyone. When it comes to straightforward tasks, such as dealing with weeds, you can get the job done quickly and cleanly. Importantly, the no-leak design means you’ll never be at risk from any of the harmful chemicals you’re using. And the large size means that it’s capable of carrying out large jobs without a pause. You can get through as much as 1.5 acres before you have to start worrying about refilling.

Why We Like It?

  • You can use it with bleach products
  • The handle is adjustable for left-handed
  • Adjustable waist strap up to a 50' waist
  • Easy in use
  • You can use it for spraying trees

Professional Grade: Most Durable - Smith Performance Pump Sprayer Review

Smith Performance Pump Sprayer

This fantastic pump sprayer offers a professional standard of performance at a reasonable price. The Smith Performance Sprayer 2-Gallon Compression Sprayer is ideal for pretty much any application you can think of. Built to accommodate serious use, it can withstand the kinds of harsh chemicals that are essential in agricultural work. And the quality build makes for a rugged machine that can be easily thrown around without risk of damage. As to the technical aspects, the sprayer has a 2-gallon capacity, which should be enough for most jobs. Admittedly, for very large tasks you will find that you need to refill at points. But the payoff is a device that is less bulky and can be easily used due to a lower weight. The wand itself is stainless steel with high durability, and a poly lining to make it less susceptible to damage from the chemicals involved. Viton seals and gaskets guarantee that the seals remain tight. And a selection of four different nozzles means that pretty much every base is covered. Whatever your task, the odds are that you’ll find what you need here.

The design of the actual tank itself is up to the highest standards. They’ve made it so that the entire thing can be disassembled, repaired, and reassembled with zero need for tools. This is a really important thing to consider. Given that many people may find themselves using these pump sprayers in fields a long way from the toolshed, the ability to make spot repairs without specialist tools goes a long way. And perhaps one of the biggest features of this pump sprayer is the use of high-end technology when it comes to the pump itself. They’ve managed to design a pump that requires 25% fewer pumps to reach the same pressure as that of their nearest competitor. It’s an impressive achievement and guaranteed to cut your work time. All in all, we found a lot to enjoy here. This pump sprayer provides an impressive level of power, and thanks to their pump technology, it takes less effort to achieve. The design makes it suitable for most applications, and with a set of various nozzles, it was no problem finding the right one for the job. And thanks to the way it’s put together, you’ll never have to worry about keeping your tools handy.

Why We Like It?

  • Shoots up to 21 feet with the tight stream nozzle adjustment
  • Made of heavy-duty plastic
  • Has a lock that keeps the sprayer on

Versatile: Smith Contractor Pump Sprayer Review

Smith Contractor Pump Sprayer

This good all-rounder is great for a selection of tasks, both indoors and out. The Smith Contractor 2-Gallon Sprayer is designed to high standards, and with ample 2-gallon capacity, it should be more than enough for most households. The device is handheld, which could make things a little more long-winded for bigger projects. Sometimes a herbicide pump sprayer offers a backpack feature that makes carrying easier. However, given that this unit features a decent ergonomic handle, and is only at 2-gallon capacity, we can’t really find that much fault with it. The device comes with a total of five different nozzles, which is impressive. Most of the sprayers we’ve seen only offer four, so with that extra one, you can rest assured that you’ll always have the right nozzle for the job. This is definitely one of the things that makes this one of the most versatile pump sprayers we’ve seen. Obviously, the handy design makes it perfect for use in the garden. But it’s also great for a range of indoor applications as well. You can use it to deal with any insect problems, and it’s also perfect if you need to disinfect a large area. Whatever you need, this fertilizer pump sprayer has got it.

As far as the technical details go, everything’s up to scratch. Quality Viton gaskets and seals ensure that you lose minimum pressure once set up. And the nozzles are poly and brass, making them able to withstand the harshest of chemicals you might use. The whole item is well designed and easy to handle. When not in use, it’s simple to store away with minimum fuss. Altogether, the pump sprayer is a fantastic, all-purpose item. It’s easy to replace any of the parts, meaning that you can upgrade to an even higher quality unit if you so desire. The wide selection of nozzles is a particularly great feature. You can guarantee that you’ve always got the best nozzle, for the perfect finish to a job. Coupled with general all-round ease of use, this product is a definite favorite.

Why We Like It?

  • 5 versatile nozzles included
  • Has a lock-on feature
  • Can be used to apply oil-based stain
  • Easy to assemble

Easy To Use: Smith Chemical Pump Sprayer Review

Smith Chemical Pump Sprayer

This fantastic plant sprayer offers an efficient solution to all manner of problems. It’s been designed to ensure that it can stand up to the harshest of chemicals, whether bleach, weed killer, or anything else you want to throw at it. The small size and compact design make it ideal for users looking for an occasional solution for small to medium-sized projects. We have to say, the single gallon size is not as large as some of the sprayers out there. If you are looking for something to deal with a large outdoor area, on a regular basis, this may not be the one for you. But if you are looking for a small but versatile unit, this is a great choice. The lower capacity is perfect for dealing with smaller tasks and means you don’t find yourself carrying around a whole lot of bulky extra space.

As to the technical details, this has everything you would expect. The wand is a decent length, and the nozzle at the end is fully adjustable. That means you can manage everything from a jet to a fine mist, depending on your application. The materials are all poly plastics, making it lightweight but able to stand up to harsh chemicals. Carrying is done by an ergonomic handle, which makes it easy to move the best pump sprayer from place to place. We’re happy to say that there are no problems when it comes to clogging or filtration. This device can deal with solutions eg. Epsom salts with zero problems. It’s a versatile piece, designed for use both indoors and out. Whether you’re spraying plants, cleaning decks or sterilizing or disinfecting a large area, this has everything you need. We were happy with this farm pump sprayer, and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable device for a range of applications. It’s easy to get it up to working pressure, taking no more than five or so pumps for a quick application. When it comes to cleaning, this is a particularly good option. It’s affordable and far more durable than you may initially think.


  • Easy 1-step assembly
  • Can be used with homemade weed killers (you should clean it afterwards)


  • The trigger mechanism is made of plastic

Lightweight: Tabor Tools Pump Sprayer Review

Tabor Tools Pump Sprayer

This great multi-functional pump sprayer offers a range of features at a great affordable price. It’s versatile and easy to use for a wide range of tasks. It’s also more user-friendly than some pump sprayers we’ve seen, clearly a good choice for anyone who needs a workable solution to a problem. At 1.3 gallons, the TABOR TOOLS Pump Pressure Sprayer isn’t the biggest sprayer we’ve seen. If you’re looking at spraying a large outdoor area, you would probably find yourself refilling a few times if this was your weapon of choice. But for reasonably sized tasks, both indoors and out, this is a great choice. After all, why carry around a load of empty space when 1.3 gallons is enough for the task at hand? As far as design goes, we’re happy with what we see. One particularly impressive point is that this pump sprayer comes with shoulder straps, a feature usually reserved for far larger devices. It’s a good addition, allowing you to keep your hands free throughout a project for whatever other tasks are necessary. Secured seals and o-rings ensure that you can get the pressure up with a few pumps, and lose a minimum amount of it before re-pumping. Meanwhile, an effective filter ensures that you won’t risk clogging if you make use of solutions involving salts or solids.

The general design is impressive and easy to use. You simply unscrew the top, fill, pump, and you’re ready to go. The clear plastic makes it easy to judge the amount of liquid you’ve used, allowing you to plan ahead throughout your project. The 50-inch hose and 16.5-inch wand are easy to maneuver and work effectively. An adjustable nozzle makes it easy to set the sprayer to your desired coverage. All in all, this is a durable best pump sprayer with a wide range of applications. It’s solid and takes only a few pumps to get up to the required level of pressure. As a pretty good added bonus, you’ll be able to receive an email from the manufacturer providing you with a PDF of the manual. That’s definitely not something you see everywhere, and a nice touch that lets you get spraying in no time at all.


  • The bottle is transparent
  • Very easy to handle and lightweight
  • Has a fine mist setting


  • Made fully out of thin plastic

High Efficiency: Chapin Proseries Pump Sprayer Review

Chapin Proseries Pump Sprayer

This fantastic pump sprayer is great for a wide variety of uses and has been manufactured to the highest standards. The Chapin ProSeries Poly Sprayer is ideal for anyone looking for a versatile solution to a range of problems. It’s particularly good for applying garden products, but can also be used with bleach to disinfect large areas in one go. All in all, it’s a great package with plenty of adjustable features to ensure you get the right result, no matter what the task at hand. The single gallon capacity could be improved upon, and this is probably not the best pump sprayer if you’re looking for applying a product to a large outdoor area. Inevitably, you would find yourself with a lot of refilling on your hands. But on the other hand, if you’re not looking for something for extensive outdoors application, the smaller size makes for a far more convenient unit that can be easily stored.

As far as the technical features go, there’s plenty to enjoy here. The 21-inch wand is longer than many on the market, making it easy to apply your product too hard to reach spots. Made of poly plastics, it’s guaranteed to withstand any harsh chemicals you might be using. Viton seals are used throughout to guarantee that you retain as much pressure as possible. Coupled with an effective design, this allows you to build up 25% more pressure than you would have with competing products. This makes it an ideal product for sustained use, as you will require far less effort than otherwise. We were happy with what we found when we tried out this pump sprayer. It’s clearly manufactured to professional standards, and capable of whatever you want to throw at it. The five nozzles make it great for everything we needed. We’d reckon that even on a property up to two acres, this one could probably solve a lot of your problems.


  • You can use it for bleach
  • Comfortable shoulder strap and belt


  • Inconvenient pump handle

Worths The Price: Solo Professional Pump Sprayer Review

Solo Professional Pump Sprayer

This best pump sprayer has everything you need to deal with a wide range of problems. The Solo Gallon Professional Sprayer has a decent 2 and a quarter gallon capacity, enough to overcome most problems you may encounter. Featuring a durable tank that’s clearly well designed and solidly built, it’s perfect for just about anything. A handy carry strap makes it easy to move from place to place. Many sprayers opt for either backpack style straps or a plastic handle, which could probably make for a more stable, convenient way of carrying. But the straps here seem sufficiently well built to be up to the task, even with a full 2 and a quarter gallons.

As far as the technical aspects go, this pump sprayer has pretty much everything you need. A pressure release valve allows you to release the pressure when you need to empty the device or refill it. We have to point out that this is the only way to release the pressure. If you try and do it via the hose, you will risk having the whole thing blow up in your face. A fairly big drawback, which is why the valve is there. The spray boasts a massive 28-inch wand, which makes it easy to reach even the most awkward of spots. With four nozzle attachments supplied, you’re guaranteed to find a spray setting to suit whatever the task at hand. All in all, you should have no problems with your spray application, no matter what it is. Altogether, we were very happy with this sprayer. It’s clear as soon as you use it that it’s made to the very highest professional standards. The wide mouth means that you won’t have to contaminate a funnel to get any concentrate or products into the tank. Meanwhile, the adjustable nozzles and long wand make it ideal for pretty much any job you can name.


  • Highly durable seals
  • The handle is longer compared to other sprayers


  • Screw top could fit better

Fine Mist Producing: Rainmaker Pump Sprayer Review

Rainmaker Pump Sprayer

This sprayer is ideal for a range of both outdoor and indoor uses. The Rainmaker Pump Sprayer has an array of great features that allow you to customize your application to your requirements, making for quick and stress-free work. The unit features a shoulder strap, something we were happy to see. Usually, you wouldn’t find something like this on a 2-gallon capacity sprayer, but it can potentially make all the difference. Especially when it comes to outdoor use, a strap can leave your hands free for other tasks. The capacity is enough for most tasks, and you’ll probably have no trouble completing your spraying before having to refill.

As far as the technical side of things goes, the hand-held pump sprayer is made of sturdy plastic that is guaranteed to withstand whatever you plan to throw at it. The nozzle features a variety of settings and can be adjusted according to your application. To be honest, we were hoping for a selection of different nozzles that could be fitted to the wand. Many other sprayers on the market offer this facility, and it’s often far more reliable than having to make use of an adjuster. However, from what we’ve seen this isn’t a massive problem here. The sprayer is easy to fill, and a few pumps will get the pressure up to your required level. All in all, we’re happy to say that we had no problems with this sprayer. The shoulder strap was a really handy addition and made it easy to transport the full tank from one place to another. Using it was straightforward, and we had no difficulty in getting the most out of it after a few pumps. If you’re looking for the best pump sprayer for both indoor and outdoor use, this one could be the right choice for you.


  • Perfect for pesticides, herbicides, and liquid fertilizers
  • Lock-on feature of the trigger for continuous spraying
  • Comfortable shoulder straps


  • Has only one nozzle, though it is highly adjustable

Best Pump Sprayers: Ultimate Buying Guide

Benefits Of A Pump Sprayer

Many new models of pump sprayers, both backpack, and handheld, emerge on the market every week. With more options than ever before, it important to be informed of all the benefits of buying this handy item. Before you include these products in your garden inventory, let’s check out the key benefits of owning a pump sprayer:

Easy Liquid Applications

There is no end of tasks in the upkeep of a house, garden or green space that require the accurate, uniform application of a liquid. Particularly in terms of herbicides and other agricultural products, the ability to apply a steady, accurate spray of determining type can reap dividends. Pump sprayers are the perfect method for applying any number of liquid applications. The versatile nature of these devices makes them perfect for just about any task. When applying something like herbicide or weed killer, it’s essential that you manage to cover every spot. Otherwise, the problems that you miss can easily spread to other clean areas, and the difficulties return quickly. With a spray application, it’s easy to ensure that no area is left untouched. The great thing about best pump sprayers is the fact that you can use a wide range of chemicals quickly and easily. Rather than making use of a ready-made spray, you can purchase chemical concentrate to dilute with water. This saves money and creates less waste. Once you’ve got your preparation ready in the tank, all it takes is a few pumps and you’re good to go. It’s easy to create the pressure needed for an application, and with the right nozzle, you can apply your chemical exactly where it’s needed. Once completed, all you have to do is wash out the tank, and it’s ready to go back into storage until it’s needed again.

Versatile Uses

Versatile Uses

Pump sprayers have been designed with a whole range of applications in mind. They’re perfect not just for outdoor work, but for indoor tasks as well, and you can get a pump sprayer for stain removal. With the right nozzle, it’s easy to apply disinfectant to space and ensure that you get the chemicals exactly where they are required. It’s similarly easy to deal with insect infestations on plants in the same way. Most of the best pump sprayers are capable of holding a wide variety of chemicals safely. That means that whatever your application, you can use your sprayer without the risk of the chemicals corroding the tank. It is worth pointing out that many highly caustic substances are not suitable for use with a pump sprayer. Best pump sprayers boast a selection of recommended uses. Naturally, there are many requirements for the upkeep of plants that require the use of spray applications. But as long as you know how to safely use your device, there really is no limit to the uses you can find for it. Many people find them great for simply washing down surfaces. This can be anything from decking to a bicycle in need of a cleaning. Due to the versatile nature of the sprayer, they can be calibrated to make use of a wide variety of solutions. The results speak for themselves, and we’ve no doubt that if you purchase one, you’ll find many ways that it can make your life easier.

Higher Reach

A key thing to check out about many pump sprayers is the length of the wand and of the hose. Larger models can offer some really impressive stats, so if you’re looking for a sprayer to deal with a tough job, this is worth considering. First off, the hose can allow you to get far from the actual tank itself, for application in hard-to-reach places. And if you have the best pump sprayer with an especially long wand, you don’t even need to worry so much about hose length. All you need to do is point and shoot, and you’ll be able to get your chemicals where they are needed. Even if you aren’t looking for a pump sprayer with a particularly long hose or wand, you can still achieve impressive reach with high pressures. A well-built device, with good seals that allow for a solid build-up of pressure, can project a stream a pretty fair distance. This alone could well be enough for you to deal with whatever task you have at hand. That said, if you are looking for something that can deal with hard-to-reach places, it’s worth considering purchasing a sprayer with a significantly longer wand and hose.


Pump sprayers are constructed to the very highest safety standards. Many of the models we reviewed were considered suitable for professional use. That means that they have undergone rigorous trials and testing, to meet with the kind of daily use that many industries require. The fact is that pump sprayers are often used for the application of chemicals that could be extremely dangerous. Herbicides and weed killers are highly poisonous, while bleach and cleaning solutions are generally highly caustic. It’s crucial that any pump sprayer is well sealed, using high-quality seals, and is constructed of solid, nonreactive plastic. The models we’ve reviewed are all good quality, reliable pieces. They allow the application of all manner of chemicals in a safe manner that reduces any danger to the user, and the general environment. However, if you’re looking to use highly caustic or dangerous chemicals, it’s worth double-checking the manufacturer’s recommendations. There are limits to what the average commercial pump sprayer can handle, and use of the wrong chemicals with the wrong device can easily put you in danger.

Substances You Can Put Into The Best Pump Up Sprayer



These products are designed to control the population of a potential pest infestation. They are generally designed with small insects in mind, as these creatures have the potential to wreak havoc on your plants if left to their own devices. With a uniform application, such as that provided by a good pump sprayer, you can deal with the problem in one go. Pump sprayers are perfect for dealing with pests. The uniform application that these devices offer is crucial to dealing with the issue. If you don’t manage to effectively cover an area, it’s easy for remaining pests to survive and multiply. Within a short amount of time, you’ll be back to square one. Naturally, given their toxic nature, you need to exercise extreme care when using pesticides. Check the directions and label thoroughly, and ensure that your plans are in line with any suggested safety precautions. These products may also be unsuitable for use indoors, especially with a device such as a pump sprayer. Don’t take any unnecessary risks. That said, there’s little doubt that a good pump sprayer is one of the best possible methods for the safe dispersion of a quality pesticide.


High-quality lawn spray equipment is one of the best possible ways of dispersing herbicides. The uniform application that it offers, coupled with ease of use, means that you can obtain maximum coverage with minimum difficulty. As with pesticides, the key to effective use of herbicides lies in ensuring that you leave no spot untouched. Any surviving weeds or undesirable plants can easily take hold again if they are not effectively dealt with. Many high-end pump sprayers are designed specifically for herbicide use in mind. The right nozzle can guarantee maximum coverage, and a quality sprayer will allow you to deal with the problem with minimum effort. If you are planning on covering a large amount of ground, you should consider investing in a larger sprayer. They will be able to disperse at effectively high pressures, and the increased capacity will mean that you won’t have to continuously refill the tank.



An effective fertilizer system is key to any successful garden or agricultural setup. With a good pump sprayer, it’s easy to ensure you get maximum coverage. Many of the best fertilizers are supplied in a liquid concentrate, a format that is ideal for a pump sprayer. All you have to do is mix the chemical with water in the tank, and you’re ready to go. You can use fan spray nozzle attachments to make sure that you spread the fertilizer evenly. Any size of pump sprayer is good for this kind of application, but if you are dealing with a larger tract of land, you should probably consider investing in a larger device. That way, you can complete the project in one go, without having to keep on refilling.

How to Choose the Best Pump Sprayer?

Ease Of Cleaning

Best pump sprayers available on the commercial market are designed to be as easy to use as possible for the average person. That approach goes all the way down to ease of cleaning. Many of the devices we’ve seen are specifically designed to be assembled and disassembled without the use of any specialist tools. That makes them particularly easy to clean, as the entire pump sprayer can be quickly broken down soon after use. This is crucial, as any leftover residue of your chemical could have unexpected consequences. If you allow chemicals to remain in your sprayer, they could degrade in unpredictable ways. On top of that, you have no way of predicting how they may react with any chemicals that come into the sprayer in the future. And the leftover residue could easily end up being sprayed out during your next application. The answer is to ensure that you thoroughly clean out your sprayer at the end of every use. This doesn’t mean just cleaning out the tank itself. It’s also worthwhile running a good amount of clean water through the device before returning it to storage. That way you can ensure that everything is clean. If you’re planning on purchasing a sprayer for use with multiple, potentially hazardous chemicals, it’s worth your while ensuring you purchase one that can be cleaned quickly and easily. That way, you’ll be able to ensure that you always maintain the necessary safety standards.



There’s a fair array of choices regarding the capacity of your pump sprayer. It’s worthwhile, in your research before buying a pump sprayer, to consider exactly what it is you’re likely to be using it for. As we’ve already seen, they are extremely versatile devices with a wide array of applications both indoors and out. That means that you could be buying one for a specific purpose, or just as a general tool to have around the house. The largest sprayer we’ve looked at is a 4-gallon sprayer though you can get a 5-gallon sprayer, which, unsurprisingly, has to be mounted on your back. It’s clear that this kind of sprayer has some specific needs in mind. It’s unlikely that this would prove a good choice for indoor work, even though it’s capable of it. Something like this device is far more likely to find good use in large outdoor spaces. Backpack sprayer reviews can give you a good insight. There are many options around the 2-gallon pump sprayer range. These are not a bad choice as a general outdoors allrounder. There’s enough capacity to make it suited to work in a wide-open space, though it’s not unwieldy enough to be completely impractical to carry. That said, if you aren’t up for moving somewhat heavier items around, a full two-gallon portable sprayer could be tricky. Assess your needs, and if you feel that you may have extensive projects or a large amount of space to cover, this could be a good option or a 3-gallon sprayer. The smaller sprayers are around the 1-gallon pump sprayer mark. These are ideal for home applications, such as disinfecting or spraying down decking or patios. Their small capacity means they can be easily maneuvered around small spaces, and they aren’t too heavy to use easily. They are likewise a good choice if you want something for smaller garden tasks. They are generally transported via a carry handle. If you want to ensure you don’t waste any more time or energy on a project than necessary, a small pump sprayer is a good option.


Pretty much every handheld garden sprayer we checked out had tanks of the same basic material. They use poly plastic for its strength, and ability to withstand the potentially corrosive chemicals you may find yourself using with them. They are also conveniently light, meaning that you won’t have to move any more weight than is absolutely necessary. When it comes to wands, a wider range of materials is generally used. One thing that many of them have in common is the use of a poly lining. This is chosen for the same reason it is used on the tanks: its non-reactive properties mean that it won’t decay when in contact with corrosive substances. However, the actual casing of the wand is often made of a different material. Both steel and aluminum are possibilities. These are not a bad choice, as they are non-reactive and unlikely to corrode if stored outside for a prolonged period of time. The steel option may prove slightly heavier, so if you are looking for a lightweight choice, it may not be ideal.

Replaceable Parts

Replaceable Parts

Most of the pump sprayers we’ve seen are designed to be as user-friendly as possible. That means they can be easily disassembled and reassembled with a minimum need for tools. Another result is that they can have parts easily replaced. This means that you can comfortably prolong the life of your pump sprayer by replacing any faulty parts, rather than needing to buy a whole new device. If you choose a pump sprayer with detachable nozzles, you will find it far easier to get pump sprayer parts for them compared to an adjustable nozzle item. Manufacturers are happy to provide replacements, and if you have a warranty on your device, you will have no problem getting it up and running again. Adjustable nozzles are also quite straightforward to replace. Other hand pump sprayer parts that may eventually need replacing are interior devices such as the anti-clog filter. Naturally, as it’s a filter, it will gradually build up an amount of detritus, particularly if you are not using liquid concentrates. Filters can be regularly cleaned to increase their lifespan, but you may find that you eventually need to purchase a replacement.

Plastic & Stainless Steel Wands

Plastic & Stainless Steel Wands

The majority of pump sprayers we looked at making use of plastic wands. These are a cheaper option and are perfectly reliable if you ensure they’re kept in good condition. If your wand receives a significant amount of damage at any point, you should consider replacing it as any faults could become potentially dangerous. It should not be difficult to purchase a replacement wand for your handheld pump sprayer if you find it necessary. A pump sprayer wand extension can increase your reach as well. Stainless steel wands are sturdier than the plastic equivalent and could be a good option if you are planning on heavy use of your pressure pump sprayer. It’s harder to damage the stainless steel wand, and it should be resistant to corrosion. A lot depends on how you store your pump sprayer. Best pump-up garden sprayer stored in a shed or workshop will be protected from the elements, and the wand is less likely to become corroded or damaged.

Nozzles Included

Many pump sprayers offer the user a number of different nozzles, to provide a selection of jets with different uses. The standard one and the most versatile one is usually an adjustable one. These are often made of brass and are hard-wearing. An adjustable nozzle functions like a standard hose pipe nozzle. By twisting the nozzle, you can change it from a jet to a spray, and everything in between. This is perfect for general use, as it allows you to change the jet in the middle of an application, without having to fit a new nozzle. Another standard nozzle provided is one, or even two, types of flat fans. These are fantastic for providing uniform coverage of a surface, be it a section of floor, decking, tree, or grass. The flat fan provides a wide, uniform spray that can be easily applied where it is needed. It’s particularly useful for fieldwork and is often an option on larger models designed for agricultural use. If you’re planning on large-scale work, this is probably a good option. The other option that is often provided is a foaming nozzle. This device builds up the pressure, then disperse it in the form of foam. This variety has less use in agricultural areas but is perfect for cleaning. A standard use would be for cleaning a car.

High Pressure Pump Sprayer

High Pressure Pump Sprayer

This variety of heavy-duty pump sprayer is designed with serious applications in mind. The way it works is that a high, high level of pressure is built up inside the system. The higher levels mean that any liquid comes out in a fine, pressurized mist. This makes it ideal for serious applications of products that need to be uniformly put down for maximum effect. It mostly finds effective use in the application of herbicides and weed killers in outdoor settings. If you’re looking for a pump sprayer for casual, occasional use, you probably won’t need to worry about this. The extra cost required for a really strong high-pressure pump sprayer will probably not be worth your while. However, if you’re looking at dealing with some serious applications of agricultural chemicals, this could be a good choice. All the parts are designed to the very highest standards, with the best possible seals ensuring that no pressure at all is lost through leaks in the system.

No Leak Pump

This kind of pump sprayer is designed for professional levels of use. It isn’t found in many models, and unless you’re looking at a serious pump sprayer, it will probably not apply to you. Essentially, the pump sprayer is designed with an even higher level of safety than usual. By internalizing the piston and other devices to separate them from the rest of the exterior shell, the designers have found a way of ensuring that you’re not at risk of any harmful chemicals. The system is only really used on back mounted pump sprayers, as these place the tank far closer to the operator’s body. The result is that potentially harmful or corrosive chemicals are dangerously near to your skin. By making use of a no-leak pump, they’ve found a way to isolate all the potentially dangerous aspects of the system, so you can carry out your tasks with complete peace of mind.

Taking Care Of Your Pump Sprayer

If you want an effective service life out of your pump sprayer, it’s crucial to ensure that you take proper care of it. One of the most important factors is cleaning out the sprayer after every use. This doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Simply running a large amount of water through the system should be enough to remove most ordinary solutions. It’s also worth using a more effective cleaner if you’ve been using toxic or harmful chemicals in your sprayer. You can purchase a commercial pump sprayer cleaning solution that will effectively do the job. Ammonia is also a good option. Whatever you choose, it’s important to ensure your pump sprayer stays clean after use. Once clean, you should ensure you store your pump sprayer somewhere sheltered, such as a shed or workshop. It’s also important that you replace any elements of your pump sprayer if they become damaged or faulty. Poorly maintained parts can become dangerous as they could lead to leaking of dangerous substances.

Verdict and our recommendation for 2021

And that’s your complete guide on homemakerguide to everything you need to know about pump sprayers. They’re infinitely useful devices, as we have seen, with a wide range of applications. While they may be a key factor in the garden and outdoor care, they can be used in many other ways as an effective solution. Check the available models, and ensure that the one you pick is the right one for the task. And don’t forget to make sure you maintain your pump sprayer throughout its lifetime. Not only will this lead to a more effective, longer-lasting item. It will also ensure that your sprayer is kept safe and free of hazards. For our money, the Field King Backpack Pump Sprayer is one of the very best around, especially for heavy-duty work. It offers a large capacity that will ensure you can finish any task in a single go. A wide selection of nozzles means you can customize it to match any job. And the internal technology is at the very top of its game. If you’re looking to invest in an effective solution for large-scale issues, this is the best pump sprayer around.

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