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Choosing the Best Radio Headphones For Mowing

Last Updated: 06 July 2021

According to the guidelines laid down by the Occupational and Health Administration (OSHA), no worker should be exposed to the noise of 85 decibels or louder for more than a couple of hours. If you take part in noisy lawn mowing every day and desperately need a pair of headphones to drown the decibels of the mower then read the guide and purchase a pair of radio headphones for mowing. The lawn mower headphones are special headphones that block out the harmful noise and allow the user to listen to soft music without any noisy intervention.

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Top 10 Best Radio Headphones For Mowing: Comparison Chart

Best Overall: 3M WorkTunes Review

3M WorkTunes
8,649 Reviews
3M WorkTunes
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 24 dB*
  • Great AM/FM radio performance and bass boost option for enhanced listening experience
  • Audio Assist Technology provides operational and set-up guidance¬–without having to take off the headset
  • Audio Assist Technology helps you program up to 50 AM/FM radio stations and lets you know when your battery is running low
  • Auto-scanning helps you quickly find and save your favorite stations

Carrying Bag Included: Mpow Review

1,301 Reviews
  • Wireless and FM radio: This hearing protector assists you by reducing harmful and unwanted outside noises, whilst enjoying your favorite rock music and podcasts and radio stations. It synchronizes seamlessly with Wireless and if you're additionally looking for a sound isolating ear muff with a built in Wireless speaker and radio, powered by replaceable batteries, you've definitely chosen the right product.
  • Hand-Free Calls and Enjoy Music : When enjoying listening to and experiencing your music, rest assured you'll not be able to miss any of your important calls. High-fidelity speakers provide impressive and top of the range listening quality, making it fun and effective in work.
  • NRR 29dB Noise Reduction Rating: The Electronic Wireless Ear Protection is certified by ANSI S3.19 and CE EN352-1, with the sealed solid ear cups and acoustic foams blocking out all unwanted outside noises, preventing permanent or serious hearing impairment. Ideal for gardening work, including lawn mowing, yard work, woodworking, shooting and construction.
  • Crafted for Comfort: Soft foam earcups gently mold around your ears. In addition, the adjustable soft padded headband is widened and made with a cushioned fabric. The hearing protection ensures maximum noise reduction while provide you with maximum comfort.
  • Adjustable and Portable: Apart from The flexible adjustable headband design ensure a great fit for the shape of your head, the product comes with a bag to keep the product clean. Moreover, it can be connected to mobile phones, laptops and other mobile devices via a 3.5mm audio cable (this is included). Even with gloves, it's straightforward to change the stations whilst adjusting volume settings.

Custom Audio & Safety: Howard Leight by Honeywell Review

Howard Leight
1,902 Reviews
Howard Leight
  • DIGITAL AM/FM TUNING: LCD display auto-searches for radio stations; clear digital stereo radio reception, 10 pre-set stations and volume memory for personal on-the-job listening experience
  • HIGH VISIBILITY SAFETY: Hi-Viz bright green earcups and reflective headband increase employee visibility for greater safety while working at night, in low light conditions, and in bad weather
  • EAR PROTECTION & COMFORT: Patented Air Flow Control technology reduces sound across all frequencies without increasing earcup size or weight; lightweight design and padded headband for comfort
  • EASY USE & MAINTENANCE: Snap-in ear cushions allow for easy maintenance and replacement; includes 2 AA batteries, 3.5 mm AUX input jack & connection cable for use with any mp3 player or mobile device
  • NOISE REDUCTION RATING 25: Recommended industries include aviation, farming, construction, lumber, steel, transportation, military/law enforcement, manufacturing, sporting, DIY projects, contracting

Ultra Comfortable: ZOHAN Review

1,011 Reviews
  • Unrivaled Performance: Chip is the “brain” of an electronic product. The ZOHAN EM042 AM/FM radio hearing protector features a brand new internal chip which offers the stablest and the most powerful radio reception. Though increasing performance of products, it reduces power consuming at the same time. So unlike other brand users, you will never complain about your muffs eating battery
  • Distinguished Comfort: We redefine the headband of muffs, and it’s wider, thicker, softer, and much more comfortable. The muff’s ear cushion are snap-in design, and we make them easy to replace. So unlike other brand user, you don’t need to worry about your cushions cracked, getting hard or dirty. It is easy to replace them and keep them dry, clean and comfortable
  • Unbelievable Durability: Customers always complain some “BRAND” (literally) products always lost their volume control knob and tuning knob. These will never happen to ours, for our tuning system are push-button design and our volume controls are extremely reinforced. Besides, the material of our products are military grade, very sturdy and durable
  • User-Friendly Design: Requires 2 AA batteries (NOT included), last a longer time (do NOT eat battery). Digital AM/FM tuning with LCD display. On the one hand, you could always know what the station it is, and on the other hand, the muffs store up to 10 AM and 10 FM station in memory, and manual tuning and auto scanning make it easy for you to find and save your favorite stations. And read the user manual, it will be easy for you to operate this radio headset
  • We know that it's not polite to brag, but you need to know the truth about ZOHAN quality. Our standards are higher, Our chips and solutions are more advanced, Our materials and workmanship are superior. So if you still hestitate to choose, You could purchase ours and competitors and try them all. Then you will find which is better. Besides, These muffs are backed by ZOHAN ONE-YEAR-WARRANTY, and LIFE-TIME TECHNICAL SUPPORT. If you have any concerns at all, our customer service is seceond to none

Patented Air Flow Control Technology: Stanley Sync Review

Stanley Sync
708 Reviews
Stanley Sync
  • Digital AM/FM tuning with LCD display automatically searches for radio stations; hi-fidelity digital stereo radio reception, 10 pre-set stations and volume management technology lets you create a personal listening experience indoors or out
  • AUX input jack can connect to MP3 players, mobile phones and other personal listening devices (cable included)
  • Patented Air Flow Control technology reduces sound across all frequencies without increasing earcup size or weight
  • Lightweight earcup design and padded headband with reinforced fork slides provide comfortable all-day wear at work; Snap-in ear cushions allow for easy maintenance and replacement
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 25

LCD Display: Honeywell Sync Review

Honeywell Sync
648 Reviews
Honeywell Sync
  • Digital AM/FM tuning with LCD display automatically searches for radio stations; hi-fidelity digital stereo radio reception and 10 pre-set stations
  • Volume Management Technology lets you create a personal listening experience indoors or out
  • Patented Air Flow Control technology reduces sound across all frequencies without increasing earcup size or weight
  • Lightweight earcup design and padded headband with reinforced fork slides provide comfortable all-day wear at work; Snap-in ear cushions allow easy maintenance and replacement
  • AUX input jack can connect to MP3 players, mobile phones and other personal listening devices (cable included); Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 25

Audio Input Jack: PROTEAR Review

473 Reviews
  • 【Hearing Protection】:ANSI S3.19 CERTIFIED NRR 25dB. 25 Decibels Noise Reduction Rate Effectively reduces outside noise and protects your ears from hazardous sound levels. For example, 1). the environment noise level as measured at the air is 80dBA. 2). The NRR is 25 Decibels (dB) 3).The level of noise entering the ear is approximately equal to 55dB.
  • 【Radio and Preset】:Digital AM/FM Radio tuning with easy-to-see & easy-to-use LCD display; Great radio reception allows you to seek and scan stations easily. Functions of preset and memory up to 8 AM and 8 FM stations for quick access to your favorite programs. You could adjust volume by switching the volume control knob. And you also could adjust volume by the audio device when you connect the earmuff to them by MP3 cord (Included).
  • 【Comfortable Ear Cushion】:Truly over-ear-design and wide headband with soft padding, provide the most comfortable wearing experience and soft touch feeling Full-size ear cup for block more noise Snap-in design allow for easy maintenance and replacement.
  • 【 Convenient and Lightweight】:The endurance is stronger than other earmuffs. The lightweight, low-profile design and adjustable padded headband make your workday more efficient, entertaining and the most important–safety. Use in the workshop, in the yard, or on the job. Powered by 2 AA Batteries, NOT included.
  • 【Work for】:- The ear protection safety muffs can not only be used as working safety ear muffs but also great for hunting, mowing, racing, shooting, indoor gunfire, construction sites and other outdoor noisy environments to protect your hearing.

Highly Recommend: Safety Works Review

Safety Works
421 Reviews
Safety Works
  • Digitally search for and save your favorite AM and FM stations
  • package dimensions :10.16 cm L x 17.272 cm W x 17.272 cm H
  • Advanced digital electronics for outstanding acoustic characteristics
  • Convenient built in digital clock

Foldable and Portable: Retekess TR101 Review

Retekess TR101
411 Reviews
Retekess TR101
  • Pocket portable radio receiver; support FM ; no AM
  • 10 station presets; you can manually store five favorite stations; press the 0-9 keys to quickly select storage station
  • Mono or stereo select-able; 15 level volume control; powered by 2 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Favorite button; you can set up a regular listening frequency; after setting it successfully; you can listen it just press the M1 button; you do not need to spend too many steps to find your favorite radio station
  • Supports external AUX cable for use as a computer headset; manual search and store the radio stations

Lightweight Earcups: Zeadio Review

149 Reviews
  • Reception frequency: FM 50-108MHZ. 10 FM station presets ,Stores up to 5 FM stations in memory
  • FM radio headset - Enjoy your favorite program anywhere.
  • Foldable design- Perfect for storage and carrying.
  • Connect the aux cable(Not included) as a wired headset, suitable for smartphones, PCs, tablets etc.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Radio Headphones for Mowing

Why do you need a radio headset for mowing?

Why do you need a radio headset for mowing

Excessive exposure to noise is one of the primary causes of hearing loss and other forms of ear damage. Noise-induced hearing loss, tinnitus, hypertension, stress, irritation, pregnancy defects are some of the most detrimental effects of exposure to noise pollution. A lawn mower emits a noise of around 100 dB or more which is harmful to the human ear. Wearing a radio headset during the lawn mowing session helps in blocking out the mowing noise and thereby protects the ears from hearing loss and damage. Moreover, one can also tune into his favourite radio station and listen to music in peace while mowing the lawn without any interference of noise.

Headphones vs. Earphones: Which is Better?

Headphones vs. Earphones

Weighing out the pros and cons can help one make a choice between earphones and lawn mower ear protection headphones for mowing. Earphones are compact, lightweight, small, and comfortable to wear. However, the earphones do not cover the entire ear, and so are unable to block the external noise. As such, earphones are not suitable for wearing during the lawn mowing session.

On the other hand, Bluetooth headphones for mowing are ideal as the thick padding completely seals the ears against the noise. Even though wearing lawn mower headphones can make one sweaty and uncomfortable, yet, it is the best for ear protection for mowing the lawn.

Best Radio Headphones for Mowing: How to Choose?

Passive or Active Noise Cancelling

The passive noise cancelling headphones for mowing the lawn does not depend on battery control or any other power source for blocking out the noise. Instead, these headphones rely on the material of the padding to cancel the noise of the lawn mower. Passive headphones are like ear muffs connected to a music player.

Radio headphones for mowing reviews say that active noise-canceling headphones are way more effective than the passive headphones owing to its technology that makes the headset emit sound waves that are out of phase by 18 degrees with the external noise. This technology makes the active noise-canceling headphones more beneficial for ear protection for mowing by blocking out the noise during lawn mowing.

Battery Life

Keep the size of your lawn in mind while checking the battery life and longevity of the best headphones for lawn mowing. If your lawn is too big, then go for higher battery life so that the headphones can run throughout the lawn mowing session.

Radio Functionality

Radio Functionality

Do you want to listen to your favorite RJ while mowing the lawn? Do you love how she belts out the latest hits and requests? If so, then tune into your favorite radio station while mowing at the reckless blades of grass at your lawn by strapping on the best radio headphones for mowing.

Connections with Other Devices

Technology is galloping forth at a tremendous speed, and one is no longer a fan of listening to random playlists churned out on the radio. So, while shopping for a pair of the best radio headphones for lawn mowing, make sure that the pair can be seamlessly connected to your Bluetooth-enabled devices, or phone, and laptop. That way you can play your favorite songs and enjoy while mowing across the lawn.


Can a Lawn Mower Cause Hearing Damage?

The gas-powered lawn mowers emit a noise of around 90-106 dB, which is harmful to the ears and can affect the eardrum to the extent of partial or complete hearing loss. Prolonged exposure to the noise of the lawn mower is injurious to the ear and so it is important to strap on a pair of headphones to stay safe and have fun too while mowing the lawn.

Is It Safe to Wear Headphones While Mowing?

It is perfectly safe to wear headphones while mowing the lawns. It is especially recommended to wear battery-powered headphones for the active cancellation of the noise emitted by the lawn mowing machine for the best hearing protection for lawn mowing.

Are Headphones Bad For Your Brain?

Radio headphones for lawn mowing emit electromagnetic waves that percolate into the brain upon prolonged usage. These waves extract insulation from the cranial nerve fiber and thereby wreak moderate to severe damage upon the brain. However, one need not worry about brain damage while wearing headphones during the lawn mowing session as the active noise-cancelling headphones for mowing lawn are highly developed to have minimal effect on the brain and for the maximum protection of the ears.

Verdict And Our Recommendations

Now that you have read the buyer’s guide it is time to check out the recommendations for the best radio headphones for mowing 2021. According to the radio headphones for mowing reviews posted by different users, the top picks of this year include the following:

Howard Leight by Honeywell Sync Hi-Visibility Digital AM/FM Radio Earmuff, 3M WorkTunes Connect + AM/FM Hearing Protector With Bluetooth Technology, PROTEAR Digital AM FM Radio Earmuff, and Zohan EM042 AM/FM Radio Headphone.

Purchase the best pair that fits into your budget and mow your lawn safely. You should also invest in a relatively quiet lawn mower to make sure that your overall experience of manicuring the lawn is unhindered by noise pollution.

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