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Finding The Best Router Table In 2021

Last Updated: 15 June 2021

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or just into DIY a router table is a must. If you are upgrading your previous router table or just purchasing your very first one you’ve come to the right place. If you are planning on undertaking more complex wood projects a router table can increase your speed, safety and efficiency. A big advantage over the hand-held router comes from the fact that a router table will enable you to use both hands in order to guide. This not only greatly increases accuracy, but it is also far safer than using the hand-held router.

If you have done some research prior to landing on our article you probably already know that router tables come in a large variety of styles, have a very broad price tag and many features. And if this is your first rodeo with a router table then the task of figuring out what to purchase can become overwhelming. But this is why we are here. The purpose of this article is to present you with what we think are the best 8 router tables. We are going to rate them from best to worst and you can draw the conclusions for yourself.

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Best Router Table

TOP 8 Best Router Table: Comparison Chart

Best Overall: Bosch Benchtop Router Table Review

When it comes to heavy duty machinery it’s not surprising that the product in the first place is manufactured by Bosch. Their products are renowned worldwide for their quality and durability. The RA1181 router table is unsurprisingly a high-performance tool. The large work surface is ideal for projects that not only require versatility but also high precision. The mounting plate is made of aluminum and comes with existing holes that will be compatible with the vast majority of vertical router table.

From unpacking to making beautiful wood carvings will only take 90 minutes. The only part of the process that could prove difficult is knowing what part goes where. So, identify and sort the parts first and you will be able to install it much faster at your best router table with lift.

Why We Like It?

  • Aluminum fence that has MDF face plates
  • 2 feather boards
  • Fence shims
  • 27-inch x 18-inch total work surface
Best for Precision: KREG Precision Router Table System Review

First thing to consider about this router table is that it is huge. At 24-inches x 32-inches it offers all the space you could need even for complex woodworking tasks. When precise tasks are to be performed you can micro-adjust the style router wheel. The metal router table is designed to accommodate people of different stature and has a range of 8” of adjustable router table height. One the router table top you will be able to find a multi-purpose stainless steel stand.

Why We Like It?

  • It can be assembled very fast without too much effort
  • Fence with an L-shaped extension made of aluminum
  • Aluminum miter channel
  • Comes with a compact router table fence
Best Budget: Kreg Bench Top Router Table Review

The second entry from Kreg is the more affordable version of the first router table we have featured from Kreg. It even has a few extra features like vertical jointing, and it can collect dust. The face is equipped with faces that are highly adjustable making it the best budget router table. Total surface available for woodworking of 16-inches x 24-inches whose surface makes sliding easy. The stand is made of steel with a wide stance that greatly increases stability. The stand being sturdy is a very important aspect because you will be handing heavy pieces of wood.

A benchtop version of a routing table that is easy to assemble and has a very informative installation guide.

Why We Like It?

  • Extruded fence made of aluminum
  • MDF table top
  • Vacuum shroud to keep your workplace clean
  • The plate levelers can be inserted with the bottom up
Best Storage: Skil Router Table Review

Not only is the storage area on the RAS900 secure but it also has a quick clamp system to make storage even better. If you plan on routing curved edges you should know that the starter pin and guard will be very effective at supporting the workpiece. If accurate routing is what you are aiming for on your woodworking router table project you will be pleased to know that this unit comes with two featherboards that greatly assist with that.

The quick assembly that increases convenience plus the fact that the table is very sturdy and has great stability make this a great candidate for a DIY’er.


  • Adjustable height improves accuracy
  • No leveling required when the router is mounted
  • Quick release to install or attach within seconds
  • Miter gauge


  • While it is a very sturdy router table that will last for a very long time there is an issue with spare parts. Finding replacement parts can prove to be a difficult task for this best professional router table.
Best for Wood Shaping: Dremel Shaper/Router Table Combo Review
945 Reviews
Best for Wood Shaping: Dremel Shaper/Router Table Combo Review

The biggest advantage of this router table is that it fits perfectly when used with 10 rotary tools from Dremel. It comes with a dust blower that is a great solution to improve visibility when fine debris is output. While it is a small air blower it works best on detailed projects, wood carving or sanding. The Multi-Vise tool will either secure the wood or it will enable you to use both hands.

While it has a small surface area it can perform all the actions that are advertised. The multitude of attachments and features make it an interesting purchase.


  • A mini saw that can make cuts in wood or materials with similar density
  • Straight edge cutting guide to always be able to cut circular holes
  • Grout removal attachment
  • A shield that keeps debris and spark away when you perform any actions


  • The screw from the elevation spring is jammed into the plastic and unscrewing is very difficult
Best Warranty: Bench Dog Tools Cast Iron Router Table Extension Review

The ProMax 40-102 router bench from Bench Dog Tools is designed with accommodating as many tools as possible. All contractor grade table saws are fully compatible with this router table. And all table saws that are cabinet grade with a right tilt can also be mounted without a problem. It is the ideal router table for a small shop or a small business with a few workers. When you turn the router table into a chainsaw you can do it with ease because the ProFence is fully demountable and can be placed on the j-hooks.

High performance unit that can execute a large array of tasks with contractor grade results. Can be ideal for small business due to its versatility.


  • Ideal for small workshops
  • 27-inch deep saw
  • ½-inch iron blades usable for thick casts
  • Bit guard that can withstand high loads


  • The ProPlate is an essential feature that must be purchased separately
Best Portable: Rocklet Trim Router Table Review

Do you need mobility in your woodworking workshop? You would maybe like to perform some tasks that do not require you to transport the unit? Well this highly versatile Rockler might just be worth giving a try. The inexpensive price normally does not recommend an item, but you must consider the time and effort it could save on some very specific tasks. And the fact that the acrylic base is designed to accommodate as many of the common routers just makes this unit that much more appealing.

If you need to secure the unit you will be pleased to find out that there are already pre-drilled holes on the opposite side of the table.


  • ¼ inch thick base
  • Can be used as a router for with free-hand work
  • Perfect to rout round overs
  • Simple to install and just as simple to detach


  • If you are looking for a full blow router table this is not the item. If you are looking for a versatile and mobile unit then you should consider this
Best Ease of Mounting: SKIL Router Table with Storage Containers Review

While it looks like a sturdy full-blown router table there’s a surprising feature you will want to know about. It’s highly portable because of the low weight materials that have been specifically used in the design process. The fact that it takes about 5 minutes to install and because it can fit inside a pickup truck easily while folded makes this unit highly desirable for contractors with various small jobs.

When it comes to router table combo most buyers do not want portable units. But those that do will not have a very large range available and this is one of the best ones on the market now.


  • Appealing design while maintaining portability
  • Great price for a portable router table
  • Can be installed even by a beginner
  • Storage back is a nifty feature


  • You will encounter a few plastic parts that easily break if you don’t keep in mind the material used for them

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need to Know About the Best Router Table

What is a Router Table?

What is a Router Table

Well it is clearly a table you can place your router on for better internet connection. That would be valid if we were in the accounting world. But since we are all doing woodworking a router table is the specially designed table on which the router can be mounted. Some cuts just aren’t feasible without such an addition.

Do I Need a Router Table?

This greatly depends on what current task you are undertaking or what tasks you plan to expand to in the future with your trim router table. If you only need to trim a little on the side and chop off some edges, then buying a router table would be overkill. But if you want to do anything more than that then you should seriously consider purchasing a router table.

What is a Good Size for a Router Table?

What is a Good Size for a Router Table

The industry standard of a router table is at 24” deep x 36” wide. However, the size that will fit your needs greatly depends on what your most common tasks are. If you are working with large chunks of wood regularly then you will have to investigate models with a larger operating area.

What Can you do With a Router Table?

If you need the wood chunk held firmly in place or if you plan to work on small material, then an universal router table will greatly increase your speed and accuracy. A trim router table has an active way of collecting dust which makes your jobs much easier. Sky’s the limit when you have a router and router table combo.

How to Choose the Best Router Table

How to Choose the Best Router Table


The size of the best router table will be dictated solely by your intended use. If you plan to throw a full tree trunk on the table then you will obviously need a big enough table. If you have indication that larger projects will be coming your way, buying a benchtop router table that has a larger working area could be your best bet.


Contrary to popular belief you actually want as much weight on your router table as possible. Having a heavy router table means increased stability and less chances of having a work accident. This is only the case if you don’t plan to travel with your router table for jobs. In that case the lightest portable small router table will do the trick.

Work Surface Size

Work Surface Size

The work surface size requirement will be directly dictated by your most financially productive task. If you rarely need to use the router table for large tasks then this is a tradeoff you will have to consider.

Tabletop Material


To cut a long story short, yes MDF is a great material when it comes to router tabletops. It is commonly used and once laminated it offers great versatility and maneuverability.


Well given that we are surrounded by wood on a daily basis it makes perfect sense to try our hands at creating the best wood router table. This can be an interesting task, but the risks far outweigh the rewards. We suggest going for steel or MDF to avoid injuries and get the best wood router for best performance.


The second most common router table top material used is steel. And this is because of manufacturing costs that are virtually inexistent for MDF. If you are willing to pay the extra price, then a steel plate will earn its money back in the long run.

Base Sturdiness

The tables featured on our list have made it so far because we made sure that their base sturdiness is reliable. This is not a feature you can overlook, and we suggest you start your search with this aspect in mind.

Dust Collector

Dust Collector

Even small dust collectors can perform wonders. The time it saves and the increased precision due to better sight cannot be underestimated. This is even more important for the best wood workingrouter.

Compatibility With Routers

All router tables are designed in order to be capable of accommodating at least the most common routers. Some brands will be designed with accommodating the same brand router. Most router tables will come with holes already drilled but be prepared to drill your own holes on a few models.



A useful feature if you are a contractor with small jobs in different places. A folding router table can also be utilized in a crowded shop according to immediate need.

Safety Features

You want them all. No safety feature can be unwanted or too much. Base your research on your current knowledge of dangerous tasks and try to find router tables that cover at least this need.


Accessories will really come in handy if you are a DIY’er that is dipping their toes in woodworking. Experienced contract woodworkers have already figured out what accessories are required to better their work and have purchased specialized machinery like the best track saw.


The current price range varies greatly on the heavy duty router table. We have featured higher range products while also including some very budget friendly beginner units. They all have great value for money so choosing will be done based on current projects and needs.

Best Router Table Types

Best Router Table Types


Portable router tables aren’t very common on the market because most contractors prefer to work in familiar conditions with a large array of extra tools available. If you need work done at the client’s location, then a portable router table kit will be mandatory.


The fixed simple router table is by far the most common and the most purchased router table. The market for router tables that are not portable is much more competitive therefore a wider range of quality is available.

Verdict and Our Recommendations for 2021

If you are a frequent reader on homemakerguide you probably know that we choose products that are much closer in value and features on our regular articles. However, a table router is a little more difficult to pigeonhole in that category. We know that most of our readers are either DIY or skilled professionals. It was more convenient for us to include router tables that can be great for starting your journey and their future upgrades.

But no matter how we approached the product list one thing is for certain. The Bosch Benchtop Router Table has no rival in its price range. An excellent router table that is not limited by same brand router compatibility. Now that homemakerguide has provided you with the answer from the best router table 2021 the final decision is all yours. Regardless if you are just starting out or an accomplished woodworker, we wish you all the best and stay safe!

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A thick router table top needs to be sturdy. In order to have a sturdy good router table it has to be just thick enough that it doesn’t sag. If it were to sag precise jobs would suffer greatly. We suggest trying out 1-⅛’’ to 1-½’’ thick. In that range sagging won’t happen and you do not need anything thicker than that.
The purpose of a router table is to make certain tasks easier to perform than with a standalone router. It might seem daunting at first but once you get the hang of its functionalities you will quickly realize that it can be used in many ways. Using a mini router table can be a creative task in and of itself.
Mounting the router on the table is a very straightforward task that requires a few previous requirements to be met. If the insert plate on your current router table is correctly mounted in place and your router is compatible with the current setup then the hard part is already done. Just go ahead and connect and you are ready to get creative with top rated router tables.
Yes, and the task can be performed easier and faster than without a router table. An offset fence and a straight bit are the required tools. Pass as many times as necessary in order to remove the left side from the bit. And voila your edge as now joined, and you didn’t need to ask for outside help.
How We Tested
Reviewing heavy machinery is not the simplest of tasks. Usually we just provide our editors with the products and let them figure it out. However, for the router table this needed to be done in a safer manner because our editors have no woodworking experience. What we did instead was provide them with the best wood router table each that comes with a woodworking specialist attached to it. This way safety measures were achieved, and the router table reviews went smooth. The woodworking specialist probably swayed our editors in one way or another, but their opinion is highly appreciated. You have just read our best router table reviews so we hope you are now better informed, and you can make an educated purchase.
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