10 Best Sanders to Work With Wood Like a Pro in 2022

Last Updated: 06 June 2022

The best sander can greatly facilitate the life of a home craftsman. With the help of such a device, you can easily remove the old paintwork, rust, wipe a layer of putty and so on. By itself, the sanding process is a rather monotonous and time-consuming operation associated with a large amount of dust, so doing such work manually is rather problematic.

This device is not too expensive; there are several varieties of such a tool – depending on the purpose, technology, work and so on. Here is our ranking of the modern sander machines with the main selection criteria, without which it will not work, and sander reviews.

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Orbital Sander

Top 10 Best Sanders Compared And Reviewed

Best Overall: Power + Convenience - Makita BO5041 Orbit Sander Review

Best Overall: Makita BO5041 Orbit Sander

The orbit grinder Makita BO 5041K is designed for grinding surfaces made of wood and metal. Adjusting the number of turns is carried by a wheel, which is located next to the handle. There is also a key lock function for the convenience of long-term operation. Grinding discs are mounted on Velcro so that their replacement is easy and simple. The additional handle provides a reliable grasp of the tool with both hands for precise control of the workflow. In operation, it consumes up to 300 W of electric power, developing the circulation of a disc drives up to 12 thousand orbits per minute with a platform stroke amplitude of 3 mm. The length of the cable connection to the mains is 2 meters. The size of the disc in this model is 125 mm in diameter. Produced dust is discharged into a special dust collector, which is included in the package. According to the Makita BO5041 review, this model is sufficiently optimized in power to cope equally effectively with both rough, “heavy” processing, and fine, finishing. However, users in the mass still note the lack of power during super-heavy work. The delivery set includes a sheet of abrasive paper, a dust collector, an additional handle, and the machine itself.

Why We Like It

  • An effective dust removal system
  • The rubberized switch protected from dust hit inside
  • Double insulation for maximum safety
  • Low vibrations
  • The comfortable rubberized case for optimal control of the instrument and minimizing the effects of vibration on the hands during operation

3-in-1 Tool: Festool 571810 RO 150 Multi-Mode Sander Review

Festool 571810 RO 150 Multi-Mode Sander

The Festool Rotex 150 is a dual-mode sander that can perform a forced rotation of the sole, and can also work as a regular orbital grinder. This is a ''3-in-1'' tool – for coarse/fine grinding and polishing. Reduces the ''fleet of tools'' and expands the scope. Only one tool for super-removal with coarse grinding. An ideal surface for fine grinding and a brilliant result for polishing. The aggressiveness of the grinding depends on the operation mode and this grinder can perform both roughing and final sanding. FastFix plate is quickly replaced without tools. Lots Festool Rotex 150 reviews say that with this best hand sander you get comfortable polishing due to the eccentric rotary movement of the ROTEX – the lower rotational speed keeps the temperature low and prevents the formation of dust clouds and splashing of polish. Each type of surface treatment has its own grinding plate of a certain stiffness and grinding material, designed specifically for this plate and to work with dust removal.


  • Three tools in one
  • Sanding pad change with FastFix mounting, without auxiliary tools
  • Immaculate surfaces with no marks due to eccentric movement
  • Grinding near edges thanks to Festool protector
  • The ergonomic position of the handle
  • High removal rate


  • Noisy

Smooth Power: Heavy Duty Tool - WEN 6515T Belt Sander with 5 in. Sanding Disc Review

Smooth Power: WEN 6515T Belt Sander with 5 in. Sanding Disc Review

WEN 6515T is an excellent sander that can be used for hard to reach places. It effectively sands jagged edges and easily smooths or deburrs splinters on your lumber and wood. It boasts a 2.3-amp motor that is capable of 3450 RPM. With minimal vibrations and not really loud, the bodywork is plastic. Guards are also made of plastic. But it offers extreme value for the money. Most users appreciate that the belt section is very easy to access. It’s also easy to switch belts or track them to the center. What’s really helpful? Metal plate found behind the belt can help at sharpening scissors, chisels, and other hand tools.

Compact design and the fact that it is a two-in-one sanding machine makes it an excellent choice for anyone. It’s lightweight, even though the base, sanding tables, sander arm, and motor housing are made of metal.

Why We Like It

  • Excellent power with no vibration
  • Dust collection systems work well
  • Adjustments, as well as work tables, are precise
  • Tons of belt choices online

Good Price: BLACK+DECKER Orbit Sander Review

If you only need a random orbital grinder for very light or rare household tasks, overpayments don't make much sense.

The best-selling Black + Decker BDERO100 earns raves for excellent work at a low price. Like Bosch models, it has a 5-inch disc, although the motor is less powerful, only 2 amps. The grinding speed is also 12,000 rpm, which makes this model less versatile.

The BDERO100 is equipped with a dust collector to save dirt. The tool has a durable rubber handle. However, it does not come with a vacuum hose adapter or carrying case. Despite this, the Black and Decker orbital sander review claims that this is a great job for the price, especially for simpler tasks. Some say that their grinding discs take off easily and it is slightly lighter than other tools have and is backed by a two-year warranty.


  • Price
  • Provides an impeccably smooth finish
  • Prevents blemishes
  • Super-lightweight
  • Rubberized grip
  • Minimal vibration
  • 2-year limited warranty for peace of mind


  • Small dust collector
  • Cord can be longer

Easy Disc Attachment: Bosch ROS20VSC Orbit Sander Review

Bosch ROS20VSC Orbit Sander

Bosch ROS20VS gets enthusiasm from experts and owners but has a higher price. The motor is slightly less powerful at 2. 5 amp, and the grinding speed range is 7,500–12,000 orbits per minute.

Popular mechanics compliment the “nice long” handle of this model – it allows you to apply two-handed use and the filter does an excellent job of trapping more sawdust. It has a dust-proof switch and a vacuum hose adapter for more intensive work and comes with a soft carrying bag. It weighs 3.5 pounds. Most owners say that this is the best sander for wood and a sleek operator. This is confirmed by a one-year warranty.


  • Good job for such a compact sander
  • Variable speed motor
  • The nifty micro filter system
  • Dust canister
  • No risk of flying discs
  • Hard or soft carry case is provided


  • Messy for indoor use
  • Not for professional use

Longer Tool Life: DEWALT DCW200B Palm Sander Review

  • Brushless motor of the electric sander provides runtime and efficiency to get the job done
  • Variable speed control from 8,000 - 14,000 OPM to match the speed to the application
  • Low profile height of the 1/4 sheet sander allows user to get close to work surface for precise sanding
  • Paper clamp designed to hold paper securely and allow for easy installation
  • Dust-sealed switch to protect against dust ingestion for long switch life

Convenient Dust Collection: PORTER-CABLE PCCW205B Random Orbital Sander Review

  • 12,000 OPM for professional material removal of the orbital sander
  • Detachable dust bag of hand sander is designed for efficient dust collection
  • Vacuum port of power sander hooks up to a 1 1/4-inch hose for more efficient dust removal
  • Low profile for control when sanding
  • Dust proof switch for professional durability

Texturized Rubber Overmold Grip: DEWALT DCW210D1 Random Orbit Sander Review

  • Orbital sander with brushless motor provides runtime and efficiency to get the job done
  • Variable-speed control of the hand sander from 8,000 to 12,000 OPM to match the speed to the application.
  • Low-profile height of the power sander allows user to get close to work surface for precise sanding.
  • Replaceable 8-hole hook-and-loop sanding pad (DWE64233) for quick, easy paper changing
  • Dust-sealed switch to protect against dust ingestion for long switch life.

Includes 3pcs Sanding Papers: SKIL SR211601 Random Orbital Sander Review

SKIL SR211601
  • Powerful– With a 2.8 amp motor and 13, 000 orbits per minute, it’s able to deliver a smooth performance over a variety of sanding applications.
  • Easy to clean dust container– The x-flow dust collector uses cyclone force to collect dust in it’s easy-to-empty transparent container.
  • Speed control–Variable speed control provides the right amount of power and control across different materials.
  • Low vibration– Through its ergonomic design and a soft rubber grip your hand stays comfortable while counterweight balance reduces hand fatigue from vibration. All so that you can work longer.
  • Sand in tight places– With a compact size and ergonomic design, this sander can get into tight spaces easily and maximizes user control.

Low Tremor: TACKLIFE Belt Sander Review

3,171 Reviews
  • 【2 In 1: Bench & Belt Sander】 Provided with two metal screw clamps, TACKLIFE belt sander can be turned over and fixed to table, acting as a bench sander, lock-on button helps to free your hand, providing more convenience and flexibility.
  • 【13Pcs Sanding Belts】 Come with 6pcs 120 grits and 7pcs 80 grits aluminum oxide sanding belts, saving your money, meeting the requirements for your different projects. Metal clamping lever for easy and quick sanding belt change.
  • 【Power & Variable-Speed Design】5 Amp motor offers great power to the sanding surface, delivering efficient removal and high quality finish. Variable-speed knob with 6 dials enables you to match the best speed to the application from 0-560rpm.
  • 【High Performance Dust Collection System】The dust collecting box is detachable, can be easily installed and removed, easy to clean dust. Two vacuum dust adapters, 32mm and 35mm make it possible to connect your vacuum cleaner, reaching the perfect dust collection effect.
  • 【Notes & Full Package】When meeting the problem that the belt slipping, adjust the screw at the bottom to a proper position, then the belt will run in track. Full package: TACKLIFE PSFS1A belt sander; 13pcs sanding belts; 2 screw clamps; 2 vacuum adapters; user manual; 2 Year Customer Support.

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need To Know About The Best Sander

What Is A Sander?

What Is A Sander?

It is a tool for processing wood blanks and derivatives based on it – plywood, chipboard, MDF, OSB, composites. Application of various types of metal and plastic is possible. The principle of operation is based on the removal of a small layer of the material moving abrasive tooling. The difference in the application is reflected in the design of the modern models 2022, the method of action on the surface to be treated, the power of the electric motor.

Why Do You Desperately Need One at All?

Most surfaces that surround us are far from smooth and not even. The rough surface of concrete or natural stone, barbed wood, and plastered wall of the room need additional polishing. Previously, such processes were performed manually, bringing uneven surfaces to an ideal state. This was a very long and laborious process, practically not applicable on an industrial scale.

Sanders helps to speed up and facilitate the work. Angular, belt, orbital… Different in form and power, design and price, they replace the tedious, monotonous hand movements, making rough surfaces perfectly smooth. Different manufacturers offer many options, and you need to choose the ideal, and it is advisable not to be mistaken.

Is An Orbital Sander Better Than A Sheet Sander?

Is An Orbital Sander Better Than A Sheet Sander?

Sheet sanders are useful, primarily because they require readily available sandpaper and because they are inexpensive. Thus, you can do much more than just grind the wood. When using a suitable type of sandpaper, cut to the proper dimensions so that it matches the sanding pad of the grinding machine, the device can be used to smooth defects in plasterboard joints, metal, plastic, the body of the car, and more.

Full-sheet sandpaper bags are usually much cheaper than specific grinding discs for the best random orbital sander or belts for a sander. In addition, a good sheet-grinding machine will often cost between half and one-third of the best random orbital sander.

Sheet grinders are available with numerous features such as a dust port, electronic speed control, and various types of grippers. Palm Sander is probably the most popular style of sheet sanding machines, but some larger, two-handed models are also available for heavier grinding tasks.

What Is The Sander To Use For Refinishing Furniture?

Refinishing furniture with your own hands is undoubtedly creative work, considering the fact that the achievements of modern technologies have not bypassed it, as the best sanders for sale are at your disposal.

Scratched, worn, spotted from spilled ink and liqueur, the former once varnish coating must be removed. The best sander for furniture is the belt grinder. Its characteristics make it possible to quickly and easily free large areas from the upper layer. No matter how thick the layer of lacquer and already outdated wood is, this tool will be able to get to its depths, untouched by time.

Having made the initial rough treatment, you can begin to solve more subtle problems. Naturally, on the surface of the dresser, for instance, there are places where a belt sander is difficult to reach due to the nature and principle of its operation. Untreated centimeters remain in the corners, niches, and depths.

Here you can connect an orbital finishing machine, whose working surface, with great speed makes short translational movements, similar to manual grinding with emery. With this tool, you can handle, inaccessible to the belt sander, corners.

And using the capabilities of the angular, you can clean the surface of decorative patterned panels, even with a very small pattern.

What's The Orbital Sander?

What's The Orbital Sander?

The orbital grinder is designed for sanding wood, metal, organic glass, various varnished surfaces, as well as paint stripping.

The best orbital sander for fine wooding is characterized by the following criteria:

  • Power – the output is directly proportional to the power consumed (200-600 W), high power gives faster-processing speed, but the quality of grinding is lower.
  • Rotational speed – models without adjustment usually give out 12,000 turns, with an adjustment 2000 – 14000, in the presence of electronic stabilization the number of turns will be constant and will not sink due to the change of the clamping force.
  • The size of the course of the platform is measured in millimeters (2-6 mm), the smaller it is, the more accurate the processing will be.
  • Weight – an average is 1.2-2.5 kg, it should be taken into account with long-term work.
  • The maximum disc diameter (150 mm, 125 mm, 115 mm) – the larger it is, the greater the processing speed is, but the possibility of processing small irregularities is worse. There are models with interchangeable soles of different diameters.

Given the provided criteria, numerous sander reviews state that Makita BO5041 is considered one of the best models of this type.

What Is A Random Orbital Sander Used For?

What Is A Random Orbital Sander Used For?

Best random orbital sander makes grinding a lot less tedious, but they are still light and small enough for home use. If you had to choose only one type of grinder, you should go with a random orbital sander. It is versatile, cheap, and easy to use.

Orbital Sander Pros

It prevents scratches if you encounter grain. This type of grinding machine is easier to use than a belt sander because it is smaller and does not produce so many wild movements. Changing sandpaper is extremely simple, just a matter of attaching paper to Velcro, like a silk coating.

Ordibtal Sander Cons

If the random orbital sander is your only sandblasting machine, you may encounter its excessive spread. This does not work well for projects where you need to reduce the amount of wood significantly.

Random orbital sander review tells that it is better to use it for fine designs, chairs, tables or finishes, and baseboards, where the condition of the surface is very important.

How to Choose the Best Sander?

electric sander on the table

To begin with, let’s consider a list of criteria that should guide the selection of the top sander 2022 for use at home or in your own small workshop.

Professional Or Home

To decide which sander to choose, it is necessary to determine how often it will be used. If you plan to use it all the time, it is better to choose a professional model instead of a household one. They are more powerful than usual and made from the highest quality materials. Perhaps their only disadvantage is the high price.

Take a budget household tool if you plan to use it rarely. It is safe to operate such a tool for approximately 20 hours a month. It is not recommended to work with them for more than 3 hours a day to avoid breakage. Such sanders for sale have weak power. A pause of 15 minutes must be made so that a device does not overheat. However, such models have low cost and lightweight.


Narrow canvas can handle small parts, wider increases productivity. The length of the sandpaper depends on the model. Understandably, the longer the sandpaper is, the longer it works without replacement. When buying the second belt-type grinder, try to find a model with the same length – fewer consumables are required.

Also, pay attention to the fastening of sandpaper. It is carried out with clamps and Velcro. Clamps are universal and allow the use of various consumables, including the usual sandpaper in rolls. Velcro is quickly replaced, but it is more expensive and designed for specific models of vibrating grinding machines.

Comfort And Grip

sanding process

Comfort of the sander usage depends on the type of materials and finishing elements (rubber handles, etc.), as well as the location of the handles on the body of the product.

Trigger Lock-On Mechanism

This feature guarantees soft start and protection against short circuit of currents.

Power And Portability

150-300 W power is enough for domestic needs; these machines are light and compact. More powerful models are bigger and heavier, but they can operate at low turns many times longer without overheating.

Variable Speed

There are some models where you can increase/decrease the speed of vibration or sandpaper movement. This feature is useful in order to be able to choose the parameters of work. The wood is usually polished at high speed, but it must be picked up so that the tool does not tremble.

Dust Collection

A very useful feature especially indoors, in addition, dust removal improves the quality of grinding.

Frequency Of The Platform Oscillation

worker with a sander

The frequency of oscillation is usually adjustable and can reach more than 20 thousand oscillations per minute. It varies depending on the type of material and the desired quality of processing – the greater the speed is, the rougher the quality of grinding will be.

Amplitude Of The Platform Movement

The more it is, the faster and rougher grinding occurs. For finishing use devices with a stroke of the platform 1.5-3 mm. Devices with a large stroke are used for rough processing and removal of material from surfaces.

Platform Size And Material

Choose according to your needs. For narrow places, models with a platform width of 90-93 mm are better suited, for large surfaces – 115 mm.

If in inexpensive machines the platforms are made of plastic or steel, then in the expensive ones cast platforms of magnesium or aluminum based alloys are used. A good outsole is well balanced – this can be checked by vibrations at idle, the smaller it is the better it is.

Overlay on the platform can be rubber or polymer. The latter is preferable, as it is more wear-resistant and better keeps the platform.

Best Sander Types

The choice of the best electric sander is significantly wide. There are the following types for wood:

woman working with a sander
  • Orbital Finishing
  • Angular
  • Orbital
  • Random orbital
  • Vibratory
  • Belt

Orbital Finishing Sander

This type of sander for sale is used for restoration work. It can be used in hard-to-reach places (for example, for polishing parquet). Such a machine can still grind window frames and furniture corners. Here there are high-frequency oscillations. In this, it looks like a vibrating grinding machine. Sanding sheets are attached with Velcro. It allows processing products from a curvilinear surface.

Additional functions of the best finish sander:

  • Vibration adjustment;
  • Dust extraction channel;
  • The rotary mechanism allows you to rotate to tool in 120 degrees.

Angular Sander

For home use, this type of sanders for sale is chosen most often. It grinds absolutely all types of wood products. Model power and disk diameter play a key role. 6000 turns per second are the maximum speed of disc rotation. Power ranges from 600 to 1000 watts.

For the processing of material its own nozzle in the form of a disk is designed. Petal discs grind wooden surfaces. A feature of this grinder is a protective cover. This tool must be used carefully, because if the wood is damaged, the fragments scatter and injure soft tissue, falling on the body. Such devices can adjust the number of turns. The tool has a smooth start. Disc wear is reduced due to automatic balancing. Often additional handles are included in the kit.


The design feature is grinding pad rotates around an axis. The axis also rotates. This allows fine grinding at high turns of the tool. It grinds curved or convex products. Such a sander for woodworking is used for rounded elements: railings, columns, and also for processing the putty in cars. To make the processing of curved surfaces easier, it is necessary to attach additional nozzles of elastic material. A grinding disc is attached to the bottom of the tool. Dust collection takes place in a dust collector or vacuum cleaner bag.

Such units consume from 150 to 750 watts of energy. This will depend on the product model. Several brands have additional functions:

  • Braking system;
  • An electronic circuit is provided for soft start;
  • Additional handle.

Orbital sanders have a wide range of operations. They can be used for fine matting varnished surfaces and rough rust removal. For these models, wool caps, polishing sponges, and grinding cloth are produced. With these additions, you can bring any surface to the desired state. The orbital type is used both for final grinding and for polishing wooden products.

Random Orbital Sander

A random orbital sander is the most common type of sanders for sale found on store shelves today and is easily the most versatile. The “orbital” part of the name comes from the action of the grinding disc. The “random” part comes from the elliptical movement of the disc, which makes an additional orbit.

The random orbital model has a special displacement bearing, which also moves the pad in an elliptical way. When these two movements are used together, they cause the pad of the random orbital sander to be like this: random. This will help reduce the tiny circular swirls that a standard, non-random grinding machine can leave.

Most random orbital sanders are electrical devices, so you need to do your job close to a sustainable power source. However, there are several battery-powered models. Finally, although they are less common, some of them are pneumatic – these models are distinguished by their durability, but for their work, you will need an air compressor.

Vibrating Sander

Vibrating Sander

In such models, the largest fluctuations occur. The maximum oscillation frequency of 20 thousand per minute. Professional devices are equipped with rotational speed controllers. This feature provides chances to adjust the grinding speed to a specific material. These models are unique in their kind. Their power ranges from 180 to 700 watts. A “finer” quality of grinding prevents damage to materials by careless movements. There are two ways of attaching paper with an abrasive:

  • The paper is clamped in a vice;
  • Velcro fastened.

Almost all vibratory grinding machines have holes with a dust extraction channel. The hose of the vacuum cleaner is used, or a bag for dust is installed.

In addition to wooden products, metal and stone products are processed. This machine even grinds plastic, if you put it on a low speed. But this is – if the device is equipped with a vibration speed regulator. Wooden products are polished with fine-grained emery paper, and metal and glass are treated with feeling.

Belt Sander

Such models are used for continuous grinding of large surfaces. They are able to handle rough surfaces:

  • Plastic;
  • Rusty metal products;
  • Not planed boards.

This type of sander for sale has a heavy bottom platform and a lot of weight. The sandpaper can be transported along with the platform effortlessly. The operator only needs to move the device evenly over the surface. There may be extra cavities if the operator slows down the machine in one place. Power ranges from 500 to 3000 watts. From 70 to 600 meters per minute is the speed of the belt. The speed and smooth controls are available in professional models. For work in various conditions, additional handles are provided. In these models, there are two ways to dispose of dust. It is accumulated in a dust collector or is kept in a vacuum cleaner.

The Best Sander 2022: Our Advice

Do not rush into choosing the best sander. Only by carefully weighing all the pros and cons, you can buy a quality tool that allows you to perform repair work at a high level. When choosing, pay attention to the size and weight of the device, especially if you need to perform work “on weight”. Choose a faster tool rather than a powerful one – they will be easier and cheaper. If it is necessary to perform work on a workbench, then it is worth choosing the sander with the greatest weight (this will be rather a plus than a minus). You should also pay attention to how the switches are located, how they work, how difficult it is to change the equipment, whether the power cord does not interfere with the operation.

One of the top models HandyHomeMaster rating is the Makita BO5041. This device is in great demand and, in general, has positive feedback from buyers. Makita BO5041 is the best sander choice for working at home, as well as carrying out larger grinding work in a professional woodworking workshop. It combines a high-speed motor with a convenient design that allows you to carry out large works quickly and less tedious than with other grinding machines.


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