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9 Best Rated Shower Systems For Your Bath You Will Fall In Love With In 2021

Last Updated: 06 July 2021

Technology is making our lives a lot easier and everything is being transformed to offer more convenience. After a hard day at work, a relaxing shower before hitting your bed can be therapeutic. Take a look at this year’s best shower systems. We have only included top-rated shower systems to make it easier for you to choose.

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9 Top Rated Shower Systems - List

Best Delta Shower System Review - Most Versatile Single Handle Shower Faucet

4,782 Reviews

Delta Faucet has a pause feature which lets you go back to the same water temperature setting before you paused. This conserves your water supply and helps the environment, too. Showering your pet is easy using the 6-foot hose. Furthermore, this shower faucet system installation is no-sweat and only calls for a wrench or pliers.


  • Touch-Clean® lets you get rid of lime and calcium build-up with just one touch;
  • Spray settings: Fast massage, full-body, drenching, soft rain, soft drench plus full spray, and full spray plus massage;
  • Pause feature; Soft drench allows you to do shower tasks such as lathering and shaving and go back to showering with the same temperature setting;
  • Shower-arm mount enables hands-free showering.


  • Actual hose length is 60''.

Most Durable - Sun Rise Srsh-f5043 Review

Sun Rise
792 Reviews
Sun Rise

SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 gives your bathroom an elegant look because it is installed concealed from view. It is suitable for a new remodel before finishing the tile. Aside from looking sleek, SUN RISE F5043 is made with stainless steel and brass.


  • 10-inch rain head offers great coverage and soft rain feel;
  • Low water pressure won’t be a problem because;
  • Sudden water temperature changes are prevented by pressure
  • balance valve's cartridge protecting you from getting scalded.


  • Installation requires a lot of time and effort to achieve that sleek-look.

Pulse Shower System Review - Pulse Showerspas Kauai Iii – 1011


The PULSE Kauai III is the replacement you need for your old one. It’s got a multi-function handheld showerhead with an elegant 8-inch rain showerhead that may be used together. Plus, an adjustable brass slide bar, wire basket, and soap dish. Kauai III - 1011 is available in three color variants: Brushed Nickel, Chrome, and Oil-Rubbed Bronze


  • Choose between 1.8GPM or 2.5GPM;
  • 1011’s diverter is convenient location can be easily reached to adjust functions;
  • 5 hand shower functions: wide, jet, massage, the combination of wide and jet, and combination of massage and wide;
  • Installation can be done within 30 minutes using your pre-existing valve.


  • PULSE ShowerSpas Kauai III – 1011-III doesn’t include a mixing valve.

For Massage - Blue Ocean Panel Tower Spa392m Review

Blue Ocean
596 Reviews
Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean SPA392M functions work separately and independently to make sure the right water pressure is always achieved. It is made with premium aluminum alloy to ensure its durability. It’s a multi-head shower system that includes a hand showerhead, overhead, hand-held showerhead, tub spout, and 8 massage nozzles.


  • Features a screen where you can check the water temperatures and makes it a lot easier to get to the temperature you desire;
  • Blue Ocean SPA392 is equipped with 4 pairs of nozzles for a refreshing water massage experience;
  • The control valve has four different functions to choose from.


  • Warranty expires after a year.

Most Elegant And Contemporary - Kojox Luxury Shower System Review

216 Reviews

Kojox Luxury Contemporary Shower System has a 12-inch Air energy technology shower head. It looks and feels very luxurious with its black matte finish.


  • Features Pressure Balance Valve Cartridges keeps the temperature monitored so you won’t get scalded while showering;
  • Mixer Valve is corrosion resistant and very easy to operate with just the right resistance for better control;
  • Inclusions: 12-inch x 12-inch head made of stainless steel, brass hand showerhead and arm, 1.5 PVC hose, brass holder and water adjustment valve;
  • Inclusive of the lifetime warranty.


  • Kojox might call for a professional’s help for better and safer installation.

Most Quiet - Embather System Review

384 Reviews

Embather features carefully selected materials that are meant to last many years of usage no matter how intense you use it. Combinations of brass and brushed nickel are corrosion-proof while giving you an elegant looking bathroom.


  • Air Injection Technology lets you save up to 30% water by mixing air and water to make up the low water pressure;
  • This kit is covered by a lifetime warranty. For the first five years, any quality problem will not cost you anything, but after that period you have to shoulder the freight;
  • Includes 1-foot fixed showerhead, 71-inch hose, bras hand showerhead, control valve.


  • Installation might call for a professional’s help for better outcome and safety.

Best Shower System For The Money - Kohler Shower Systems K-76475 Review

4 Reviews

Make your experience more invigorating with Kohler K-76475. This kit includes a flipside hand shower, HydroRail-R arch, Moxie rainhead, and a 60-inch metal hose. Kohler K-76475is made with high-quality metal with a finish that resists tarnishing and corrosion. Installation takes less than an hour without making changes to the in-wall plumbing.


  • Moxie rainhead K-99105-E is integrated with a Bluetooth speaker for high-quality audio;
  • Flipside handshower K-45425 has four spray types and is pivoted to switch;
  • 8-inch sprayface is equipped with 80 nozzles that create optimum spray patterns which result in more coverage as well as equally distributed warmth;
  • HydroRail-R arch column K-45211 ends with a diverter for easy switching between hand shower and showerhead.


  • Depending on the type of installation, additional service parts might be required.

For Commercial And Industrial Use - Moen Shower Systems Positemp Transfer 8342 Review

57 Reviews

Moen 8342 can be switched from standard to hand-shower setting. Each has separate control handles for convenience. The PosiTemp valve provides consistent water temperature and pressure. Its 30-inch slide bar easily and comfortably adjusts the height of the hand shower.



  • Concentrated showerheads deliver a luxurious and thorough bathing experience;
  • A single lever adjusts the water temperature;
  • Featuring a simple, streamlined design, this bathroom faucet set lets you easily adjust water temperature with one single lever handle, and includes a single lever transfer valve;
  • Bundled with a five-year warranty.


  • Double interlock hose made of metal but only measures 69 inches.

Best Rainfall Shower System - Delta Faucet Vero Review

Delta Faucet Vero
226 Reviews
Delta Faucet Vero
  • Rough Included: The Delta MultiChoice Universal Shower Valve (included) is compatible with most Delta shower trim kits, so you can switch out your shower fixture anytime without tearing out expensive tile or altering the plumbing behind the wall;
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty: You can install with confidence, knowing this Delta shower head and shower trim kit are backed by Delta Faucet's Lifetime Limited Warranty;
  • Drenching Rainfall: Immerse yourself in the steady, invigorating rainfall shower system mwith this overhead rainfall shower head. Experience the benefits of a spa-like overhead shower without the expense of mounting from the ceiling;
  • Protection From Sudden Temperature Changes: The Monitor Pressure-Balanced Valve Cartridge (included) ensures a consistent shower temperature by balancing the pressure of both hot and cold water, so no sudden temperature changes from toilet flushing or running appliances;
  • Easy to Clean: Delta shower heads with Touch-Clean spray holes allow you to quickly and easily wipe away calcium and lime build-up with a touch of a finger, so no need to soak or use chemical cleaners.

Shower System Buyer’s Guide – What to Consider?

People don’t only take a shower when they need to wash off sweat. It can also be an inexpensive therapy. Some models feature wireless speakers and LED lights which makes taking a bath fun. Here is the list of must-haves for the best shower system:

What Makes the best-shower system
  • Mixing valves – these units are responsible for mixing hot and cold water to achieve your desired water temperatures. Plus, mixing valves also controls the intensity of water flow.
  • Spray outlets – the best shower system has two or more of the three different spray outlets: handheld, body spray shower system, and a showerhead. Cutting-edge systems now have massage functions to let you have a more invigorating experience.
  • Control valves – they should be easy to operate and access.

Simplicity Is Classy

The best shower system 2021 is easy on the eyes and can be appreciated with just one look. It has all the functions that will cleanse and invigorate. Whether it’s with exposed or concealed installation, it should offer all basic requirements such as the continuous flow of warm water and ease of operation.

The Configuration Process

The Configuration Process

Some systems are compatible with preexisting settings in your bathroom, so installation is one hour tops with only pliers or a wrench. Others might completely call for a bathroom renovation especially if you choose a design that isn’t exposed. Sleeker looks can be achieved by installing them behind the walls concealing the other components.

Concerns You Shouldn’t Ignore


Everyone wants to have a range of temperatures from cold, warm, and hot to suit our mood or the weather outside. You might have to install a larger heating unit if you get one of those customized systems. Otherwise, a standard kit with a handheld and head showerhead can supply you with continuous hot water supply.

Flow Rate

Standard showerheads have a rate of 2.5 GPM. However, if you opt for a customized system with multi heads the flow rate can go up to 15 GPM or more. You better be equipped with bigger pipes because they will have an impact on the speed of water.


Basic showerheads at home function well with about 30psi. Don’t plan on getting a kit that demands 50psi or higher if it is not within your limits unless you are willing to add a water pump to your purchase.


Your bathroom should have a drainage that can easily take in used water. Having a multi-spray shower requires a three-inch pipe or a pair of 2-inch pipes to avoid flooding. The standard ones are compatible with a 2-inch pipe for superb drainage.

Type of Shower Heads

  • Handheld
  • Handheld on a slider rail
  • Wall Mounted/Fixed
  • Ceiling mounted
  • Combinations with body jets

Handheld heads are ideal when you don’t want to wet our hair. Some of them may be held by slider rails that can be adjusted to your height. Huge heads or rain sprays are mounted to the wall or the ceiling and drenches in seconds.

Spray Pattern

Before deciding on a bathroom system check how many sprays it has. A single pattern has a soft rain setting. 2-spray can switch between rain setting and full rain setting. Three or more spray pattern may include massage setting, nebulizing mist, drizzle, pulsating massage, and other combinations added to the basic spray patterns.

Material And Finish

Such systems are usually made with brass, metal, and high-quality plastic. You have plenty of coatings to choose from to get a sophisticated look for your bathroom. It includes polished chrome, polished nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, copper, antique brass, white, and off-white.

Shower System Types

Electric Type

It only takes cold water and heats it by passing water through a heater. Hot water will never run out and no water is wasted making it an energy efficient choice. Higher ends have pumps that improve water flow rate.

Mixer Type

This one combines cold and hot water before they leave the shower head. It is ideal when you already have a combi boiler or hot-water cylinder. Low water pressure is solved by adding a pump.

SR Sun Rise 12 Inches Shower System
  • Includes: 12 Inch (30 cm*30 cm) Brushed Nickel 304 Stainless Steel Rain Shower Head and 11.8 Inch (30cm) Solid Metal Ceiling Mount Shower Arm;
  • Concealed installation Brass Shower Bracket Holder and Solid Brass Pressure Balancing Shower Mixer Valve(Contain Trim and rough-in valve);
  • L Style Handheld Shower Head with 304 Stainless Steel Shower Hose;
  • Valve protects from rapid changes in hot or cold water pressure;
  • Lifetime warranty, offer replacement within 5 years. Ten layer Brushed Nickel plated finish offers a sleek look, ensuring corrosion resistance and durable;Air energy technology offer consistent powerful rain shower even under low water pressure.

Power Type

This type pumps both hot and cold water and water temperature can be programmed for more convenience. Newer models are programmable through Wi-Fi or remote control.

Best Shower SPA System

AYIVG 12 Inch Shower System
  • Complete Kit: Including 12 inch Square rain shower head(304 stainless steel, handheld shower head(Brass, 12 inches ceiling shower arm(Brass, 59 inch shower hose(304 stainless steel,shower holder(Brass, shower mixer control valve(Brass, 6 Pcs shower body jets (Brass);
  • Standard Threads: Shower bracket holder,shower arm and shower mixer valve are 1/2'' NPT threaded. Standard U.S. connection size, ensuring easy and fast installation;
  • Easy Operation: Single lever design for effortless flow and tempreture control. You can switch the knob to open rain shower head, body massage jets or handheld shower head as you like (can not both together);
  • 6 Pieces Shower Spa Body Jets: Enjoy a Full-Body Shower,With the Body Spray you can shower from all angles and enjoy an invigorating;
  • 5 Years Warranty: 100% Satisfied Guarantee: Any reason makes you dissatisfy with this shower system, let us know and we will make it right, Full Refund or a Free Replacement, whichever you prefer.


These are wall-mounted that helps you clean your body hands-free. Quite convenient, isn’t it?

ROVOGO Stainless Steel Shower Panel
  • Anti-Limescale Function - Hard water can be high in calcium, magnesium, lime, silica and other minerals, these prevent your showerhead from flowing at full blast. This shower head are equipped with Anti-limescale function, just press the button on the center of the shower head, red needle-shaped item will pop out and makes removing limescale and other residues off in an instant;
  • 5-Function Handle Shower - The 5 mode settings provide a variety of water flow options to best suit your needs; Matching hand-shower with an extra-long (150cm, 59inch) and ultra flexible double-lock stainless steel shower hose to get to hard-reach places with ease; The chrome finish will add an attractive and stylish look to your bathroom;
  • 6 Body Massage Spray - ①Powerful body massages spray warm and soothing water onto your tired and sore muscles, thus providing effective relief from muscle pain and leaving you feeling refreshed; ②The angle adjustable jets with 50° of adjustability in any direction, can be angled to suit everyone, from the tallest to the shortest, for a truly customized shower experience;
  • 8-inch Rainfall Shower Head - ①Anti-limescale pop-out needles and anti-clog elastic nozzles for quick and easy cleaning; The rainfall spray provides a drenching experience with good water flow and pressure. Large (8inches) shower face with 90 spray nozzles gives you more coverage, for a total body experience. ②Brass shower arm adjusts vertically to accommodate users of different heights. Easily adjustable positioning with tighting knobs;
  • Solid 304 stainless steel construction - ①The panel is made of strong and highly durable 304 stainless steel, features corrosion resistant, low maintenance and better longevity; ②Brushed stainless steel produces a distinctive look with a muted luster and a pattern of fine parallel lines, it has strong decorative appeal without being too reflective, as too much reflectiveness can be undesirable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Shower System?

Some people are now shifting from basic showers to some kind of a rain shower system. The best shower system has heads, handheld shower, body spray, valves, volume controls, and water outlets. Having one elevates your showering experience to a spa experience. You can buy all the components separately to get a unique look that also matches your personal style. Or you can take a look at bundled options.

The number of valves of the system you find may vary. There could be a single valve to control both flow rate and temperature. The thermostatic shower system will be your best choice for safety and optimal performance. Dual handles conveniently control both aspects.

What Is A Thermostatic Shower System

How Does A Shower System Work?

It draws water from a water source. Cold water goes directly into the cold pipe, but some water is heated before it makes it to the hot pipe. Cold and hot water are combined by a shower valve before released from a showerhead.

What Are The Best Parts Of A Shower?

A multi-head system has the best parts. Handheld shower with multiple spray shower system patterns and the best rain spray can be your favorite part of your shower. It feels just like natural rain and it completely drenches in seconds. A multi-head system is also great. It has so many choices that can fit whatever kind of bath you want to have for the day.

What Is A Thermostatic Shower System?

Thermostatic types combine cold water with hot water to achieve a safe temperature or bathing. The temperature is maintained at a constant level increasing comfort. Plus, no water comes out if there are failures detected on the cold or hot water supply.

How To Keep A Shower System Clean?

Overtime hard water residue will find itself in your pipes. If it’s gone very serious you might have to call a plumber for a consultation or possible replacement. The good news is that you can clean showerhead to make them last longer and to retain their high functionality. Blockages keeps the heads damp or wet between uses which encourage the growth of mildew, bacteria, and mold. You can keep stainless steel components sparkling clean by using vinegar, lemon, or sodium bicarbonate.

Power showers

You will need:

  • Microwavable container
  • Small basin
  • Soft cloth
  • Old toothbrush

Here is what you have to do:

  • Detach the shower head.
  • Soak it in a warm water and vinegar solution.
  • Use an old toothbrush to scrub away stubborn limescale.
  • Rinse thoroughly and put it back.

How many litres a minute for a good shower?

If you are a fan of powerful showers, your boiler should deliver at least 12-15 liters of water per minute. And accordingly, the larger the shower head or the number of nozzles, the more pressure you need to provide.

A Must Have For 2021

Type of showerhead

Delta Shower System is the best shower system for 2021. It has a thermostat that locks the temperature at 40 degrees making sure no one gets scalded while taking a bath. Add it to your Amazon Cart now. All the items in this list are top rated shower systems from the best shower system brands which make you a winner whichever you decide on.

We also have a review about the best water ionizer aside from thermostatic shower system reviews./p>

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5 April, 2021
People are often advice Riobel. What do you think about this brand?
5 April, 2021
to: Sergio

It's is a Chinese brand but items are well made and engineered. By the way Grohe is a well known brand but a lot of the parts are made of plastic, and not made to last. (Many parts Made in China as well).
14 August, 2020
At first, I was a little nervous about purchasing a brand that is new to me, but I looked through all the reviews and YouTube videos and I ended up buying a shower system by Moen. So, what can I say? I made the right choice. It works great, it looks great in chrome color too. The price was also excellent 😊 Thanks for sharing!
Thomas R. Dunn
11 August, 2020
you helped me to choose the right system during the bathroom renovation, very grateful to you!!
28 July, 2020
i have taken a long time writing this review, as i wanted to be really accurate after my husband had installed the shower system. By recommendations, we’ve bought Embather shower with saving tech. We’ve got it 2 weeks ago. It was quite challenging to install it, we had to rebuild the bathroom. So, in general, it’s a quality shower system and works well. I would recommend this to anyone
19 July, 2020
I looked at your several shower system recommendations and finally chose Blue Ocean panel system. My decision was based on such criteria: 1. A handle shower has several functions. 2. It provides a massage to my body. Just this feature persuaded me a lot, as I want to relax after a busy day. 3. Its price is affordable compared to others. Thanks a lot!
29 June, 2020
Hello there. When I searched for the best shower system, I wanted to have something that will last for a long time and settle in my modern bathroom interior. When I ran into this article, Kojox luxury system caught my eye. After carefully having balanced all the pros and cons, and reviews of course, I bought the shower and was really–really happy! It looks so luxurious and works great. Thanks a lot! Recommend this site!
Arthur Lacroix
11 May, 2020
I moved to a new apartment and needed just an ordinary shower system to give the bathroom a modern appearance. After long searches on the internet, I have finally spotted a nice post with a good overview of faucets. Thank you so much for sharing such fresh information. I have found what I wanted!