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Getting The Right Smart Garage Door Opener In 2021

Last Updated: 15 June 2021

If you wish to have a different smart garage door opener or you simply desire to upgrade, you will find our WiFi garage door opener reviews quite helpful. We will be showing you what you should consider most when picking the right wireless garage door opener. We will additionally mention the top controllers which you can consider buying.
The best smart garage door opener 2021 is highly essential in all homes. Building doors are the ones which ensure the building’s safety. Getting the right controllers make the opening and closing of the doors so quiet and you will not require much effort to do it.

You may run your building entrance controller with the switch which is set up on your building wall. This gadget additionally possesses a remote control which commands the openers via a little distance.

Depending on the length of the entrance of a building and your requirements, you will get the best WiFi garage door opener which works for you.

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 smart garage door opener

TOP ten best smart garage door opener: Comparison Chart

Best Overall: Chamberlain B970 WiFi garage door opener Review

This best smart garage door opener features MyQ technique, backup battery (can be used when there is no electricity) and can be connected to other devices. Chamberlain garage door opener is also driven by belt making sure operations are quiet and its remote provides longer range. It comes with security detectors, remote control, wall control, wireless keypad and its installation guideline. Having 1.25 horsepower makes it the most powerful garage door controller ever. It utilizes a steel belt making it smooth and quiet.

Best features:

  1. 25 HP motor
  2. Belt driven
  3. Remote that has an extended range
  4. MyQ technique

This is the best garage door opener that has many features.

Why We Like It?

  • Entrances may be monitored with phones.
  • MyQ technology.
  • The smart WiFi garage door opener offers quieter and smoother activity.
  • Remote offers extended range.
Budget: Genie Chain Drive 750 3/4 HPc Review

This best garage door opener possesses an integrated power backup meant to enable you to continue using it even when electricity goes off. This smart garage door controller also possesses the powerful five-piece rail system which snaps together making installation simpler. Installing it is simple. It has a powerful five-piece rail which snaps together making installation simple. It is also not heavy since it does not contain any extra hardware. It also comes with pre-programmed remotes which are ready for use.

Best features:

  1. Power backup
  2. Wireless keypad
  3. Powerful and silent

This is a very powerful, quiet garage door opener that does not cost much.

Why We Like It?

  • Durable and affordable.
  • Power backup gives fifty cycles from the initial electricity outage.
  • The motor is attached to a durable chain drive thus making it last longer.
  • Dependable
  • Simple installation process.
For Beginners: Chamberlain B1381 Review

This is a smart choice that offers all-round best outdoor motion sensor lights. It features three thousand one hundred LED light lumens. It is the best model for big buildings, this is why it is likely to cost high but the price is worth it. The best quality is assured and it can last for a very long time. It provides high lifting effort. It also has backup which will enable you to go on accessing your garage after electricity goes off.

Best features:

  1. Very silent
  2. Powerful belt drive
  3. Power backup
  4. Maximum lifting capability

This is a high-end brand that has many impressive qualities.

Why We Like It?

  • You may use it in closing and opening the building from any place you are through a phone having MyQ application.
  • Power backup helps you to go on accessing your garage after electricity goes off.
  • Reliable and best for attached buildings.
  • Works with entrances of as high as seven feet.
  • Silent and great belt drive gives a smooth performance.
WiFi opener: Chamberlain RJO20 opener kit Review

This WiFi garage door opener kit lets you to control a building with a phone which already has MyQ application. Its features include multiple-purpose wall access, auto door lock, internet gateway, detectors, and remote. With it, you can open and close your garage door from wherever you are using a smartphone that has MyQ app. Its installation is versatile, it can be installed in tight spaces. It comes with an automatic door lock, wall control, remote, safety detectors and internet gateway.

Chamberlain RJO20 is everything you need, it’s a complete package.


  • It features security detectors; auto entrance lock and maximum protection is guaranteed.
  • Versatile installation
  • It is mounted on the wall allowing you so much functional space in your garage and even on your ceiling.
  • Silent operation.
  • Safety sensors protect vehicles and people when an obstruction happens.


  • No backup battery
Remote control: Chamberlain C450 door opener with WiFi Review

You may control a building with this best garage door opener with WiFi from any place using a phone, make sure you have MyQ app installed already. Its lifting power offers a high lifting effort and its long-lasting chain drive offers dependable performance. Its structure is 18 by 10 by 6.4 and its motor is put on the ceiling. It is a chain drive opener making it powerful. It also comes with a seven feet rail kit, installation unit, and other tools.

If you want the most affordable garage door opener which is reliable, then this model is the best.


  • Security: Code encryption blocks hackers.
  • High remote range of as high as 1,500 feet allows faster entry and exit.
  • Can be controlled with a phone.
  • Long-lasting chain drive.
  • MED lifting power.


  • If your entrance is above 7 feet high, you will need an extension kit to use it.
Smart opener: Nexx Wireless Controller NXG-200 Review

This smart garage door opener Alexa may get activated by tapping/talking. It even possesses the leading connectivity, using an antenna, internet, and Bluetooth, you will access the building entrance even when you are not connected to Wi-Fi. With the Nexx home app, this model allows more than one user to open, close and monitor a garage door from any location. It sends notifications instantly when the door is opened or closed. You will even get alerts if you forget to close the door.

This is the best garage door opener that works with a mobile device and allows more than one user to monitor the garage.


  • Works with other gadgets, for instance, Google Assistant. You do not require a hub.
  • Simple installation process.
  • Closing, opening, scheduling and monitoring buildings can be done from anywhere.
  • You can safely share with relatives or other people.
  • No hidden charges, activating voice is also free.


  • You require an extra adapter.
  • No geofencing.
Universal: Genie Aladdin Controller Review
1,890 Reviews
Universal: Genie Aladdin Controller Review

This universal WiFi garage door opener helps you to access an entrance with the phone, it can even work with other gadgets, for instance, Google Assistant. Through the detector, this controller monitors the position of your entrance, you can receive alerts whenever someone shuts and opens your entrance. This is an excellent device to use when you are far from home. It sends notifications when a person closes or opens the garage door. If the installation is done correctly, you can control up to 3 doors.

This is the best model to use if you want to control three doors.


  • Ability to monitor the building using phones.
  • It is possible to control three building entrances.
  • It is possible to set when to close entrances.
  • You can set up virtual keys for other people.


  • Installing it requires an electrician
Easy access : Chamberlain MYQ-G0301 opener Review

This model allows you to get alerts when your garage door is opened or closed. To start, you only need a router and the MyQ app. This model is also compatible with any brand that was created after 1993, these are models that have safety detectors as per Chamberlain. At the moment, MyQ can work with Xfinity, Nest and SmartThings systems. This allows controlling entrances by using Siri. It also creates scenes making the light go on when the door opens.

This is the best multiple use model for controlling remotely.


  • You can access your garage with a Smartphone remotely.
  • Easy to install
  • Guest access allows other people to control the garage. With this, you can give access to your family members or friends.
  • Easy to upgrade


  • Installing it requires hiring an expert
Budget and easy to install: Refoss Smart door opener Review

This is a very stable model which sends alerts to remind you to close your door or just to keep you updated about your building. It is compatible with many openers that we have in the market these days. This is among the cheapest models that exist and it requires wired installation. Once you find an expert to install it for you properly, it functions perfectly and sends a notification whenever a door is left open for long. It can be controlled with devices like Google Assistant and IFTTT devices.

If you do not wish to spend a lot of money for a basic controller that you can use with your phone, consider this model.


  • Compatible with devices like Google Assistant, a hub is not necessary
  • No hidden charges
  • Allows you to control your building remotely
  • Easy to install


  • It needs wired installation; you may need to hire an electrician to install it for you
Multiple-users : NEXX Garage NXG-100b Review

Using Nexx controller, you will control the building opening through changing Wi-Fi and the entrance controller into a single device. With this single device, you will be able to monitor your building from anywhere you are and the remote controller may get activated by using voice or through tapping. This controller works with Google Home as well, you can use voice commands to close and open your door. And like other big brands, Nexx allows several users and the app has a calendar that enables you to see the person opening the door.

This is the best model that uses voice commands and allows multiple users.


  • Works with gadgets such as Google Assistant, hub is not needed
  • The leading encryption technology
  • Multiple-users control
  • Remote access


  • It requires a wired installation
  • It is expensive compared to other models

Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Require to Know About the best smart garage door opener

What is a Smart Garage Door Opener?

It is the gadget that controls access to smart buildings from iPhone or Android gadgets. Using the best wireless garage door opener, you are able to control and give access to a building while you are far.

Smart garage door opener benefits

Smart garage door opener benefits
  • Makes you relieved of the safety of your building.
  • You can close and open your building opening from wherever you are.
  • Is suitable for anyone.
  • The installation process is simple.

Are Smart Garage Door Openers Secure?

The best smart garage door opener is highly convenient however it can again be the weakest point in home security. That is so since they might be hacked through wireless networks that they are linked to.

Setting up the garage door openers

You can do it by holding their learn button until the light indicator blinks. While it is blinking, press your remote button. Testing remotes can be done by pressing once to know whether an opening will move.

Ways of Choosing the best smart garage door opener

Door height compatibility

Ways of Choosing the best smart garage door opener

See if the smart garage door controller is compatible with an opening. You must additionally ask yourself, what size garage door opener do I need? Many of the latest controllers will provide wider compatibility with existing systems and companies. However, we suggest that you check thoroughly if your current unit is over twenty years old.

Lifting power

A ½ horsepower building, for instance, can lift nearly three hundred pounds. That is the average weight for a 2-car steel opening. 1 horsepower opener lifts nearly four hundred pounds. If the horsepower is great, it will be faster to lift an opening. But there are a few which are designed to lift fast.

Opening speed

The average speed of building openings is almost 7 inches per second.

Max number of doors controlled

MyQ controls a maximum of two openings. A 2nd sensor will be needed if you wish to control two garage openings through MyQ.


There are controllers which use Bluetooth and there are others which are Wi-Fi enabled. If you are using your home Wi-Fi, ensure you have a strong signal otherwise you might have issues. And if you choose the Bluetooth-enabled type, you will have a few features.

Ease of install

You need to consider how easy or how difficult it will be to install a WiFi garage door opener. Ensure you have the necessary skills and the patience needed to install.

Extra features

Extra features

This includes features like:

  • Video monitoring: We have a WiFi garage door opener with cameras. There are others which make use of add on gadgets or 3rd party items in order for you to see your garage.
  • Multi-user support: Look for a building door opener that allows you to open it using your phone.
  • Security code: Models that use unsafe fixed code systems can be opened by hackers. So, ensure you look for the best smart lock which allows you to change the code.
  • Auto close: The universal smart garage door opener can close automatically if you forget to close it. You only need to select the time to close it in its built-in timer.


We recommend creating a budget to avoid spending more than you have.

Best smart garage door opener types

Chain drive

Chain drive

In this home automation garage door opener, the motor functions to rotate the steel rod which is threaded. This is where the trolley rides. It has few moving parts making it simple to use.

Belt drive

This garage door smart opener is the same as chain drive but instead of a chain, it has a belt which functions on the troll to pull or push doors. It is made up of materials such as fiberglass, steel reinforced rubber, and polyurethane. The belt drive is quieter to use and it costs more than the chain drive.

Jackshaft drive

This smart garage opener mounts beside the opening on a wall. It raises the opening through a 24-v DC motor which drives the cable and pulleys and raises the opening, the motor gets reversed.

Another good thing about this best WiFi enabled garage door opener is that the overhead space is emptied for storage or for garages that have low or high ceilings.

Verdict and Our Recommendation for 2021

good WiFi garage opener

Once you thoroughly check characteristics like entrance height compatibility, how to connect, opening speed and various extra features, you will be capable of selecting a good WiFi garage opener for any building. We present the Chamberlain B970 model as the ideal one to buy. You may also consider any of the remaining models which we described in here. Most designs and safety characteristics are what adds to the usefulness of the best smart garage door opener. There are a variety of models lately thus making it difficult to determine the best smart garage door opener 2021. But we believe we have done well making your selection process easier. With the homemakerguide reviews, you are capable of making a good choice for a smart home.

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This is the technology that enables you to monitor, open and close the building opening. You only need MyQ app or site and internet to do that.

The steps followed are:

  • Hold the learn button until the indicator light starts blinking.
  • As blinking is taking place, press the remote button.
  • Test your remote by pressing and see if your opening will move.

Security Tips to Protect Your Garage

  • Lock the entrance at night.
  • Never leave your house keys inside your car.
  • Never leave the entrance remote where anyone can find it.
  • Ensure you lock your car and set the alarm when it is on the driveway or in the garage.
  • Put a ladder in the area of a smart home garage door opener. Depress all tabs at the lower section of the cover at the backside of the unit and pull out the cover to bring the antenna out.
  • Make those screws that connect a wire antenna at the unit loser and remove the wire. Put the wire at the end of the antenna extension to the screw and tighten it.
  • With your ladder, put the antenna wire at your ceiling. Tighten it after every 12 inches using protected wire staples and a hammer.
  • Put the long stem of the antenna bracket at the ceiling or the lower section of the joist using screws. Screw the last part of the antenna wire into one side of the given connection coupler at the bracket. Screw the base of the antenna into the opposite side of the coupler.
  • Next take the remote control back. Install another battery and cover it.
Yes. Chamberlain Hub can do that. You will get all the exact features and capabilities and access to Chamberlain app.
How We Tested
To come up with the best ten smart garage door opener reviews, we spent the whole day testing various models. We wired and rewired different kinds of door openers. We opened and closed entrances using a Smartphone and voice commands. We also controlled them via smartphone apps and home automation routines. The ten we have talked about were the fastest and easiest to install. They are also compatible with most doors that people have.
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