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Finding The Best Soldering Iron For Stained Glass In 2021

Last Updated: 15 June 2021

The stained glass occupation has been around for a long while now. For efficiency and maximum productivity in this line of work, it’s crucial to make use of the best soldering iron for stained glass 2020. Unlike in past times, there is more to the stained glass methods today. Technology has opened everyone's eyes to how powered tool can be used for this activity, and this has given rise to a stained glass soldering iron.

In this age of technology, piecing together stained glass should be done seamlessly compared to the earlier days of this occupation. The best soldering iron for stained glass 2020 ensures this, as well as other requirements like regulation of temperature, fast heat-up time, and proper wattage for a stained soldering iron.

But choosing could be very worrisome, and that’s why we have compiled a list with top products out there. They have some distinct characteristics that make them preferable to one another. However, the most important thing is that they have essential qualities that you should consider for stained glass.

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How to Choose the Best Soldering Iron For Stained Glass

5 Best Soldering Iron For Stained Glass Products

Best Overall: Rapid Heating - Weller 80 Watt Station Review

Weller 80 Watt Station
2,388 Reviews
Weller 80 Watt Station

Weller 80 is an adjustable soldering iron with a range from about 4 watts to more than 80 watts. This makes it one of the most favorite models for stained glass. Its station consists of tools for stained glass solderings, such as pencil, its holder and a sponge for cleaning up the whole station. It has two pieces, a control/stand, and a fantastic 80-watt iron.

You can move it quickly, and this makes it simple for you to adjust this solder iron station. It’s also a very efficient item that produces more than 800 degrees Fahrenheit with a few minutes. This heat regulation also makes your activity very smooth. However, pay attention that it’s powerful. Crank it up to about mid-point. Otherwise, you risk melting the first joint. All in all, this offers excellent performance at a fantastic price.

Why We Like It

  • Rapid temperature
  • Decent price
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable

Cheap: Easy + Safe - TasiHome 60W Kit Review

TasiHome 60W Kit
228 Reviews
TasiHome 60W Kit

In terms of temperature control, this is the best solder for stained glass work. It operates reliably for any repair you can think of. It’s considered good because it’s a lead-free solder for stained glass. Also, TasiHome kit comes with three different tips, and this makes it possible for a broad spectrum of soldering functions.

It is also one of the safest items with a light regulator that makes you use it safely. The indicator is a red light, and you can rely on this for safety during its operation. It’s a very durable and long-lasting product. You also have a warranty to get our money back in case of any issue. Users have reported using it for hours at a time without failing. The tinted blue plastic allows you to see inside, and it is more interesting than just a solid red case. Lastly, switching out its tips is extremely easy.

Why We Like It

  • Temperature control
  • Low price
  • Extra tips
  • Durable

Convenient: Choice 100W Soldering Iron Review

Choice 100W Soldering Iron
126 Reviews
Choice 100W Soldering Iron

This is an excellent choice among stained glass soldering supplies that you can use. It’s straightforward to use, and one of the best beginner soldering iron you can find out. It is very portable and light-weighted with just about 5 ounces. It has an efficiency of 120 voltages or thereabout, with soldering iron wattage of 100.

It heats up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit in just a few minutes, and this is a temperature perfect enough for a wide range of soldering activities. The only downside is that it lacks a power LED along with some sort of indicator for letting you know that it is at an optimal temperature. However, this is nothing compared to how robust and useful this item is.

Why We Like It

  • Good temperature
  • Easy to use
  • Great wattage
  • Durable

Precise Temperature: Hakko Adjustable Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron For Stained Glass Review

Hakko Adjustable Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron
334 Reviews
Hakko Adjustable Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron

These stained glass solder irons are excellent products from Hakko. It comes in fancy blue color, and it also a very lightweight product with a wattage of 67. Its temperature is highly adjustable.

Its heating accuracy and range makes it one of the safest for solder stained glass. It is also price friendly. All in all, it heats up extremely fast, easily maintains temperature after cleaning the tip, and also between solder joints. Plus, tinning wire ends can be done quickly. Users report they barely need to touch a join right before the solder flows. It just stays flowing until you remove the iron, thus preventing cold joins.


  • Maintains temperature
  • Fancy color
  • Safe to use
  • Decent wattage


  • Comes in one color
  • Not highly durable

Safe & Efficient: Weller Farenheit Heavy Duty Soldering Iron Review

Weller Farenheit Heavy Duty Soldering Iron Review
299 Reviews
Weller Farenheit Heavy Duty Soldering Iron Review

This product is a safe stained glass soldering iron because you can regulate its temperature and stay protected. Another essential feature that makes it a particular product is that there are varying temperatures for you to work with. So this best soldering iron is suitable for a wide array of jobs.

The Weller 80 heats up to about 800 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a very efficient unit. Also, it has a rapid heat-up time of 700 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 2 minutes. Even though it is being referred to as a heavy-duty soldering iron, it also has the advantage of portability over other heavy-duty stations. Finally, there is a warranty on the product in case you have an issue with it upon purchase.


  • Varying temperatures
  • Good efficiency
  • Great heat uptime
  • Durable


  • No battery

Weller 100w Soldering Iron Stained Glass

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need To Know About Best Soldering Iron for Stained Glass

How to choose the Best Soldering Iron for Stained Glass

Efficiency of a Soldering Iron

This has to do with the power capacity of a unit and the range of degrees it can heat up to. A very efficient unit basically means that it is the perfect glass soldering iron. For this you have to consider the wattage and the voltage, comparing it to other ones.

Weight of a Soldering Iron

Another thing to consider is the weight. Lightweight units are the best because this means that you won’t tire out quickly while undergoing the activity. Also, you should be wary of the misconception that a lightweight unit means that it is not efficient enough.

Comfortable to Hold

Another thing to consider is the comfortability of handling the unit. One that is comfortable to handle will make it possible for you to perform your activity for more extended periods. SO look at the handle and make sure that it is effortless to hold without you experiencing any form of difficulty.

Temperature Adjustment

You will need varying temperature from time to time, and the ease of adjusting the temperature of your unit is essential to stained glass work. So make sure that the temperature is effortless to change, and when you need a very high temperature, it heats fast.


We are talking about a very delicate activity, and precautions have to be taken to make sure that you do not get burnt. So it is essential that aside from your precautions, the unit guarantees some level of safety.

Best Soldering Iron For Stained Glass Choosing Tips

One thing you have to consider fully is choosing a unit that is perfect for your operation because regardless of efficiency, there is definitely no point going through primary challenges while working on your stoned glass. This means that even if the soldering iron is regarded as the best around, it needs to offer you an option of comfortability that includes the following:

  • Make sure that its handle is resistant to heat.
  • Confirm the wattage before making a choice.
  • Its handle must fit your hand and at the same time, be comfortable when held.
  • It must be relatively light-weighted since soldering stoned glass can take long hours.
  • It must be balanced to make handling much more comfortable.
  • Finally, make sure it’s capable of producing the degree of temperature you need for your operation. This is very important, especially if you would be working on a very intensified stained glass project.
  • Also, remember that you need a suitable rheostat (temperature control) as well.

Best Soldering Iron For Stained Glass types

Best Type Of Soldering Iron For Stained Glass

There are various types, and each depends on your work needs, the volume of work, or assembly itself. Here are the main types you should know about – but note the best one for you depends on the situation.

Hence, it depends on the intensity of your activity. When working on more intensified projects, you may have to choose a heavy-duty model. For light stained glass duty, you may not require a heavy-duty soldering iron. In this case, go for one that is just good enough to complete your project.


This model would be perfect for any stained glass project you are working on. It is considered one of the best soldering irons and is mostly used in factories and industries. It’s the best option for not too heavy and not too light operations.


This is the best light-duty iron you can find out there, perfect for decent activities that are not really intensified. It is also relatively easy to use.

Best Soldernig Iron For Stained Glass FAQ

What Is The Best Soldering Iron For Stained Glass?

The best soldering iron for stained glass is one that finds the right balance between all requirements, such as safety, proper wattage, lightweight, etc.

What Type Of Solder Is Used For Stained Glass?

What Type Of Solder Is Used For Stained Glass?

Let’s talk about lead free solder for stained glass and quick setting solder. This is very important, especially if you are learning how to solder stained glass copper foil. Solder is a lead/tin alloy except for lead-free solder which is a tin-copper alloy.

These are the three basic types of solder used for stained glass:

  • 50/50 50% lead/50% tin – frequently used in lamp and box assembly
  • 60/40 40% lead/60% tin – commonly used in lead and copper foil assembly
  • 63/37 37% lead/63% tin – often used for decorative soldering

All in all, the higher the ratio of lead to tin, the easier the solder will flow at lower temperatures.

Can You Use Lead Free Solder Stained Glass?

Can You Use Lead Free Solder Stained Glass?

Yes. With lead free solder stained glass, you will get a very high temperature that will provide you with optimum results.

How To Clean Soldering Iron?

You can clean this unit with a sponge, or a damp cloth material or wool. But make sure that your unit cools up before cleaning it. This is a safety precaution. For rust stuck on the tip, you can damp your cloth material to wipe it off.

How Long For Soldering Iron To Heat Up?

A very efficient unit should be able to heat up in just 30 seconds.

How to Use a Soldering Iron For Stained Glass

What Is The Best Soldering Iron For Stained Glass - Our Recommendation for 2021

This homemakerguide list contains a lot of good soldering iron for stained glass activities, but the recommended one for 2021 is Weller 80 Watt Station. It is lightweight, which is a key recommendation for stained glass soldering. Furthermore, it has a very rapid heat-up time and can be used for beginners too. All in all, it is a very efficient tool that produces more than 800 degrees Fahrenheit with a few minutes. This heat regulation also makes any activity very easy, and its other features and qualities make it the best choice.

That was it! We really hope you found the best soldering iron for stained glass 2021 has to offer – for your needs.

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If you planning to do soldering professionaly you should know that soldering with lead, other metals, flux containing rosin, produce dust and fumes that are hazardous if inhaled. And it can result in occupational asthma or worsen existing asthmatic conditions; as well as cause eye and upper respiratory tract irritation.
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Jack Daniels
10 March, 2021
I've been soldering stained glass professionally since 2005 year. And the best tool in my humble opinion is a 100 watt Weller with an internal thermostat. It's important to keep a steady temperature. My second one is an Essico but I don't use it now. And I would like to draw your attention that better buy $100 Weller with a rheostat than cheapy 25-30 watt irons and lost your money and nerves with these pieces o'crap. By the way the best stained glass suppliers are Warner Stained Glass, Delphi Glass and Glass Crafters and they sell tons of soldering equipment, tools and flux that are not bad worth the investment.
12 August, 2020
Write more, thats all I have to say, you are great!!
3 August, 2020
thanks a lot to the creators of this site! i bought an old house with a beautiful, large garden. i do love them but they both require much attention and work. that’s why i often hop on homemakerguide.com to look for some good tips and find the necessary tools. now, i want to try soldering stained glass, so i need the right tool for beginners. hopefully, i’ll find it here!
James Walker
24 July, 2020
for the first time I hear about something that only people will not come up with! 😄
Michael L. Marin
7 July, 2020
I was hunting for a good soldering iron for a really long time! I read tens of reviews and struggled with the decision. Finally, I went with Weller 80 Watt Station. This tool is great for both hobbyists and professionals, it’s compatible with a variety of stained glass soldering tips. The station is nice and solid, I think it’ll last for a long time. I do like that it fits in a tiny toolbox along with gear. I recommend it to everyone!
1 July, 2020
hi there! great post! i’d just add that if you want to buy a soldering iron, choose the one with the iron holder - a platform with a spring, or get this holder separately. this way, you hardly burn yourself and the tool won’t roll around. also, ensure that the soldering iron features a heavy-duty construction so that it’ll last longer for you.
23 June, 2020
So difficult to find a quality soldering iron, I hope your article will help me!
13 June, 2020
Hi everyone! I like this article a lot! I’m here because my retired dad is taking stained glass classes now, and I want to buy him a soldering iron for stained glass as a birthday present. Could you guys recommend me the best model for a beginner? Thank you!
27 May, 2020
Thanks a lot for this post! I like the products reviewed here, they all look good and quality. Before I came across this article, I had read tens of similar ones, and I must admit this post is the most informative and detailed! Now, I just have to choose the best soldering iron brand for me!