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Finding The Best Stud Finder In 2022

Last Updated: 06 June 2022

Are you someone who loves to carry out home improvement projects on your own? Then there is a handful of tools that you might find indispensable. One of the most critical tools which are also probably the most ignored ones is the wall stud finder. Whether it is to find the right studs for a stronger installation or to stay away from pipes and wires, you might find these gadgets to be useful on many occasions. The designs of the gadget have evolved and today you would find some accurate ones with user-friendly features. These can help increase the safety of your project. They also make sure that you do not damage the existing wall, electrical and plumbing lines. Some of the items on this list are simple enough for the beginners to use as well. So, are you ready to hear about the best ones in the various segments?

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How to use a stud finder

TOP 10 best stud finder: Comparison Chart

Best Overall: CH Hanson Magnetic Stud Finder review

Compact, pocket-sized, and pocket-friendly, this magnetic stud finder is excellent for the beginners and pros. The simplicity of the design comes without the need for batteries. It makes use of strong rare earth magnets to detect studs. This makes it a perfect and dependable choice. The durability of the magnets brings the long life of this tool. In terms of usability, there are 2-way levels which simplify the marking. With a 1inch depth of scanning, it can spot steel studs and screws.

For users looking for a reliable option that is easy to use and light on the pocket, this makes an easy option.

Why We Like It

  • Affordable price tag
  • Convenient to use for first-timers
  • Powerful magnets for accurate sensing
  • Doesn’t need calibration before use
  • Comes with a comfortable grip
Versatile Features: TACKLIFE Stud Finder Upgraded Wall Scanner Review
2,481 Reviews
Versatile Features: TACKLIFE Stud Finder Upgraded Wall Scanner Review

With 4 different scanning modes, this one can detect the center and edges of wall studs. You can use it to scan for deep walls, identify the metal in standard walls, and also to scan for live wires. It, therefore, makes a reliable tool for the home. Built to last for a long time, this one offers both visual and auditory alerts with fast scanning. Featuring a long battery life, there is also a low battery warning that pops up on display.

If you are a homeowner looking for a multipurpose stud detector, then this is one of the best choices.

Why We Like It

  • Features automatic calibration
  • Provides accuracy in detection
  • Visual indication on display is clear
  • Easy user interface
  • Durable construction quality
Accurate Sensing: Tavool Stud Finder Sensor Wall Scanner review

This electronic stud finder is loaded with sensors adding to the precision. It delivers the ability to detect studs, traditional metal scanning, and deep scanning besides live wire identification. You can scan for studs behind thick walls and floors as well. With a bright display, visibility is excellent, no matter how the ambient light is. You can conveniently work even in a dark basement with this tool. There is a target indicator bar that helps identify the direction to progress.

With a host of scanning features and a convenient display, this is a great value purchase.

Why We Like It

  • Features a crisp LCD
  • Quick and precise detection
  • Alarm gets louder as you move closer to the stud
  • Ergonomic grip for a secure hold
Accurate Stud Center Locator: Tavool 5 in 1 Stud Finder Sensor Wall Scanner review

As an upgraded version of the previous item from Tavool, this one carries 3 different stud scan levels as well as metal and live wire scanning. You can easily use it on wooden beams, joists, and floors. Ease of locating the stud center with its neat visual indication of direction makes it a comfortable choice to rely on. Calibration takes place automatically when you start the sensing process. It consistently delivers precision in each scan. On the whole, the various features are easy to explore.

When you need a drywall stud finder with deep scanning and other modes, this one from Tavool makes a choice worth considering.


  • Convenient position and size of the trigger button
  • Loud warning signal when a stud is found
  • Identifying studs take a few simple steps
  • A reliable indication of a location


  • Calibration takes a few seconds before each scan
SpotLite Pointing System: Zircon StudSensor Electronic Wall Scanner review

Its distinguishable trait is the SpotLite pointing system. It indicates the location of the stud with an arrow-shaped light that is dropped on the stud position. Knowing where the stud is becoming so much simpler with this handy feature. No matter what scan mode you are in, live wire warning pops up. It is a device that helps improve accuracy in detection and safety in your drilling projects. The large and bright display provides ample space to indicate various attributes.

With all the essential features for scanning studs, this one also makes an excellent deep scan stud finder.


  • Wire Warning feature indicates live wire and unshielded wire
  • “Over-the-stud” indication for ease of scanning
  • Secure grip for sweaty hands
  • Visibility of the LCD is good


  • Not the best stud finder for plaster walls
Multi-utility Tool: Franklin Sensors Professional Stud Finder with Built-in Bubble Level & Ruler review

As a top-rated stud finder, it comes with a ruler and spirit level as well. Therefore you can locate studs, measure the desired spot, and also make the markings for installation at the desired angle. With the ability to locate several studs at once, it also makes a good wood stud finder. Though it doesn’t come with an alarm to provide audible warnings, there are multiple lights. This setup helps know how wide your located stud is, and you can start scanning from any location.

This tool in hand, you would not have to worry about measuring and marking the spot for drilling.


  • No extra time for the calibration
  • Locates studs rapidly
  • Includes 13 sensors for quick detection
  • Deep scanning is always on


  • With all the features it is not the best in battery life
  • No audible indication
Handling Plaster Walls: Studpop 0.5'' Deep Magnetic Stud Finder review

With its fuss-free design and strong magnet, you can detect metal objects even in a plaster wall. The strong magnet makes this the most accurate stud finder for metal. Without any complicated electronics going under the hood, it comes with a straightforward interface. There is a light price tag that brings dependable detection. There is a ball that pops when the magnet comes close to some magnetic item. This happens without any glitch, and you can easily mark the location.

Without batteries, with a simple design, this helps consistently find metal objects behind walls and floors.


  • A quick and reliable indication of the target
  • Easily glides on walls
  • Convenient design for holding
  • Works on all types of walls


  • Weak detection through tiled surfaces
  • Leaves scuff marks on walls
Clear Indicators: Homder Stud Finder Wall Scanner review
1,809 Reviews
Clear Indicators: Homder Stud Finder Wall Scanner review

With clear indicators for battery level, scan mode, and direction of movement, this one is simple to use. Therefore if you are new to using these tools, it is worth considering this product. You can toggle easily between different scanning depths and metal scanning modes. With this, you can tackle beams, joists, and a variety of other targets. It also helps the ease of locating live wires. With its accurate sensors, it brings down the time taken for determining the objects behind walls.

As a reasonably priced model, this one is loaded with some handy elements making it a useful stud sensor.


  • Backlit display for easy readings
  • Both sound and visual indications
  • Quick automatic calibration
  • Easily indicates stud center


  • Feels a little slippery to hold for a long duration
  • Not the most durable in construction
Best Value: drtulz Multifunctional Wall Scanner Detector with Digital LCD Display review

As a 5-in-1 scanner, this one carries a competitive price tag. Besides metal and AC wire scanning, you can also handle 0.5, 1, and 1.5-inch scanning features. It features a beautiful, brightly lit LCD. The high definition display provides a clear indication of the center and also indicates the battery level. All over textured grip provides a secure surface to hold even with wet hands. It is a power-efficient device which also comes with an auto-off feature to turn the device off automatically after 60 seconds of inactivity.

As a powerful performer, this one is easy to hold and easy to use for home and professional setups.


  • Sturdy construction for longevity
  • Audible indication of calibration completion
  • Accurate deep scanning
  • Comes with a battery


  • Struggles with wood studs in some walls
  • Calibration is a little slow
Convenient Autocorrection: Zircon Stud Finder Wall Scanner review

This is a tool that learns and gets better with use. Calibration happens automatically. Once you start scanning if there are slight detection errors observed, the tools automatically correct the calibration letting you progress uninterrupted. This adds to the precision of locating objects. Both deep scan and conventional scan modes work as promised. Though slightly slow, it is a multi-functional tool on the whole. Its convenient features and durable construction make this a long term purchase for the home improvement projects.

As a handy tool with easy scanning, this one makes an excellent digital stud finder for home use.


  • Good contrast LCD
  • Switching scan modes is easy
  • Live wire scanning happens in all modes
  • Loud alarm included with a visual indication


  • You can only choose between center finding and edge finding variants
  • For the price you pay, it comes without a battery
  • Battery consumption is high

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need to Know About the best stud finder

What is a stud?

What is a stud

These are vertical frames found behind the visible portion of the walls. It helps give the desired shape and structure to the walls.

Why do I need a stud finder?

This helps the width and center of the studs. Known to be the strength of the wall, these would also be the ideal places to tether mounts for stronger installation like that of the best TV wall mounts. These tools also help locate wires and other objects on the wall.

How does a stud finder work

Some use magnets, and some rely on sensors. Actual operation depends on the type of tool you choose.

How to use a stud finder

Magnetic ones often do not have any special steps. In an electronic stud sensor, you place the device on the wall, wait for calibration, and then move in the indicated direction.

How to Choose the best stud finder

To find the best stud finder, 2020 here are a few aspects to compare-


If you have a large wall to scan, you need a good stud finder, which is light in weight and also the best cordless drill to complete the job.

Scan depth

You can use the best drill bits, knowing how deep you would be drilling. From the stud, detector specification learns the depth of scanning allowed. One with deep scanning mode is a reliable choice for the long run.

Ability to scan different objects

Ability to scan different objects
  • Metal – like metal frames or pipes
  • Wood – for slats and studs behind walls
  • Plastic – pipes running in the walls
  • AC – live wire detection for safety

If you are working with something like the best hammer drill, the impact would be high. Therefore you should be careful to avoid plastic plumbing pipes and wires behind walls.


The scanning modes, calibration function, quality of build, and others put together with help gauge the value of the device for the price you pay. Types of sensors used also have an impact on the price. An infrared stud finder or ultrasonic stud finder might be slightly more expensive than a simple magnetic variant.

Best stud finder types


Magnetic stud

This measures the density fluctuations in the wall with the help of built-in sensors. For the best professional stud finder with multiple scanning abilities, electric variants make a better choice. For professional use, you can also pick a stud finder with a laser level for efficient scanning and marking.


These include either stationary or moving magnets to detect metal objects. Strong magnet variants can work as a reliable lath and plaster stud finder.

Verdict and Our Recommendation for 2022

These stud finder reviews are to help you be informed about the best ones in the segment. These are performers in different aspects. Whether it is a large scale home improvement project or a simple task like hammering a nail for a picture frame, these tools can make your job simpler. Considering the value for money and the many features, our favorite choice is the affordably priced CH Hanson Magnetic Stud Finder review. It is one of the best options for homeowners and is quite accurate every single time. This makes it the best stud finder 2022 recommendation from us. For more such interesting reviews and products, suggestions visit HandyHomeMaster.

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In most cases, they are 16 inches or 24 inches apart. This helps identify the position to start scanning to look for these structures.
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