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Best Table Tennis Table In 2021

Last Updated: 15 June 2021

Getting the best table tennis table is the surest way to bond with your family, get acquainted with coworkers, and even work on your table tennis skills. It is a brilliant way to get everyone together and have some quality time. At the same time, if you are one who loves the sport, you can get adequate practice time and work on upgrading your skills.

However, with a welter of options available in the market these days, it can get quite frustrating when deciding which one to get. To that end, we have curated a list of the top table tennis tables that one can expect to find in the market today. For those who would like to gain additional information as to how to go about choosing the ideal table tennis table, we have also included a buyer’s guide that one would do good to check out. By the way, another popular game that one can look to get is the best air hockey table. Let’s start!

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Ease of Assembly

TOP 9 Best Table Tennis Table: Comparison Chart

Best Overall: JOOLA MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table REVIEW

There is no other brand like Joola when it comes to the manufacturing of top-quality indoor table tennis table. They have designed Olympic level equipment for many years, which makes them one of the best companies to get a ping pong table from.

The product in question here is a regulation size indoor table tennis table and can be used in offices, homes, and recreational centers. It is also USATT approved, which ensures exceptional playability. The equipment itself is relatively simple to assemble and takes less than 10 minutes to do so.

If you are looking to bring along the unit with you wherever you go, its lockable wheels and independent halves can be easily rolled and taken outside to play on sunny days. Furthermore, you never have to worry about scratching the floor when setting the table up as its steel legs have rubber attached at their end. The height of the table can also be adjusted to cater to players of different heights.

The wheels can be locked in place with locking devices that ensure stability when in use. If there is any piece of the equipment that malfunctions, one can call up their customer agents to avail of their service free of cost.

All in all, for those who are looking for an Olympic-level folding table tennis table, this product is hard to beat. It contains all the essential parts that one would require in a portable ping pong set, including two separate halves, adjustable steel legs, and a durable net.

Why We Like It

  • Contains a safety latch with a clamp
  • Fast to assemble and store
  • Independent halves allow for playback
  • Durable Steel Legs
  • Heavy-duty net
Best Usability: STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table Review

Stiga is one of the top table tennis table brands in the world today that are sworn by thousands of professionals around the globe. This competition-ready table is ideal for those looking to start practicing their game from the word go.

It comes preassembled for the most part, and users are required only to set it up to playing position, which takes less than 10 minutes. The tabletop can be separated into two halves, which allow users to use them for various purposes. They can be nested into one another, allowing for convenient storage as well.

The premium net that comes with this set is tournament quality that has tension adjustments. It is easy to assemble and remove the net with its easy-to-use clamp attachment. The safety latch found on the underside of the table locks the table into position, so it doesn't come apart unexpectedly.

One can easily utilize the full play position when playing with friends or the playback position when practicing alone. The lockable wheels further ensure that stability is maintained when the game is in progress. The base structure itself is quite sturdy and has a matte black coat finish while the adjustable levers enable one to set up the table to the desired height. The rubber attachment at its end ensures that the floor remains scratch-free.

Lastly, this Stiga ping pong table is well designed and comes equipped with all the necessary parts. For its top-quality parts, we would highly recommend this best table tennis table to users who want to start playing right off the bat.

Why We Like It

  • Easy to set up
  • Durable net with clamp attachment
  • Lockable wheels
  • Adjustable levers
  • Easily stored
Best for Small Spaces: JOOLA Midsize Regulation Height Table Tennis Table for Small Spaces Review

Here we have another product by the world-renowned company Joola. This is the perfect midsize table tennis table for small apartments and living space.

The set comes fully preassembled, which takes away much of the work on the user's part. Other than being an exceptional table tennis tabletop for both kids and adults, it can be used for a variety of purposes and is perfect for playing card games and board games. This is possible thanks to its foldable legs, which tuck underneath the table quickly. This also translates to secure storage and portability.

Since it is designed for indoor use, it has a slightly smaller surface area compared to a regulation-size table. However, there is no compromise on its quality, which remains top-notch and even comes with a custom net set that can be attached with a clamp screw.

The foldable legs are quite sturdy and do not budge when in play. The height of the table is set similar to a sized regulation table, which ensures that it doesn't hinder your game-play. The table itself is quite light and can be easily transported from one place to another.

Those who are looking to get a light, compact, and foldable table tennis table for small spaces would do well to get this product. It can be used for other purposes just as well and is quite easy to store and move around.


  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Sturdy, foldable legs
  • Light and portable
  • Multi-purpose table
Best for Outdoors: Stiga XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

Next up, we have another premium product by Stiga that caters to professionals who prefer to play outdoors. This outdoor table tennis table is built to withstand the elements and provide fantastic playability.

The product is quite durable and can correctly be stored in a garage or the patio. Its top contains aluminum composites that allow it to withstand different weather conditions without coming apart. Like most sets that Stiga designs, this too comes preassembled for the most part and takes less than 15 minutes to set up and start playing.

This outdoor ping pong table folds effortlessly and can be stored with ease courtesy of its self-opening legs. A premium net is also included in the set, which enables users to set it up with ease and begin playing right away.

The quality of this product is top-notch that can withstand various elements. It also is quite easy to fold and store, making it the best outdoor table tennis table available in the market today.


  • Robust materials
  • Folds easily for storage purposes
  • Net included
  • Built to withstand all weather conditions


  • Paddles not included
Best Waterproof Net: JOOLA Outdoor Table Tennis Table with Waterproof Net Set REVIEW
1,095 Reviews
Best Waterproof Net: JOOLA Outdoor Table Tennis Table with Waterproof Net Set REVIEW

The number of top-quality products manufactured by JOOLA appearing in this list should be indicative of the fact that this company has perfected the craft of developing professional table tennis table sets.

The feature that sets it apart from its competitors is its waterproof netting. The top is made with aluminum-plastic composite, which allows it to work well in various weather conditions. It is also highly resistant to chipping and warping. Additionally, the undercarriage has a powder coating that makes it highly resistant to rust.

Setting up the set is a breeze. All that is required is to attach the legs, and you are good to go. Its screw clamp design makes it very convenient for players to adjust the tension of the net. The 2 piece table tennis table allows users to utilize the playback mode as well. Furthermore, its wheel trolley system makes the set quite mobile and can be easily folded together for storage purposes. The wheels can be locked in place to ensure safety and stability during transport and play.

This weatherproof table tennis table is ideal for people who want to play outdoors and don't want to worry about the damage caused by weather elements. It is easy to set up, store and has a weatherproof netting system that makes it one of the best waterproof table tennis table sets.


  • Weatherproof net
  • Locking device for wheels
  • Easy to set up
  • The top surface can withstand various weather conditions
  • The undercarriage is resistant to rust


  • A little on the expensive side but well worth the money
Best Accessories: JOOLA Rally Indoor Table Tennis Table REVIEW

Here we have another quality product by JOOLA that is made especially for professionals looking to hone their skills indoors.

This portable table tennis table is a regulation size set that is ideal for use in offices, homes, and recreational centers. It is also USATT approved, ensuring that users a product of exceptional quality. One can easily set it up in less than 10 minutes and start playing straight away. It includes a 72” net set, which can easily be attached and removed with its easy-to-use clamp system.

The set is easy to store and move around thanks to its foldable halves. The wheels are equipped with a locking device that ensures stability when the game is being played. Users will also be delighted to know that it contains corner ball holders, thereby allowing players to focus on the game instead of running around after balls.

It also has two magnetic abacus scorers, which make it easy to keep track of the points. The steel legs that support the legs are powder-coated with levers made of rubber that allow one to adjust the height without scratching the floor.

If you are on the lookout for good table tennis tables, then it behooves you to check this product out. Other than the standard elements that make up this set, it includes many accessories such as ball holders and two abacus scorers, which can make it convenient for players.


  • Easy to set up and store
  • Includes net set with clamp attachment
  • Has corner ball holders
  • Has Magnetic abacus scorers
  • Durable Steel legs


  • Does not include paddles
Best Value for Money: STIGA Space Saver Compact Table Tennis Table Review

Next up, we have another STIGA product that is designed specially to fit well in cramped spaces. It is a mini table tennis table that is preferred by people who want to enjoy their game without sacrificing the limited space that they have.

There is no assembly required with this set. One can start playing straight after unpacking and unfolding. Though it is smaller in size, it still has regulation height, ensuring that you get a product that doesn't compromise on quality. The two independent halves make it easier to store and move the set.

The playing surface is quite smooth as it is lined with silkscreen striping that provides the perfect finish. The steel legs have leg levelers that ensure the floor doesn’t get scratched. The product includes a heavy-duty net and a post set that allows you to adjust the string tension.

This is one of the best table tennis table for home as it doesn’t take much space yet manages to deliver all the essential elements that one expects from a foldable tennis table. It is also one of the cheapest options available, and users would do well to get this cheap table tennis table for their homes.


  • Easy to store
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Sturdy steel legs
  • Net included


  • Cannot play solo
Best Multi-Purpose Table: Martin Kilpatrick Ping Pong Table for Billiard Table Review

If you are looking for a pool and table tennis table then this product should appeal highly to you. Manufactured by Martin Kilpatrick, this 2-in-1 table caters to people who don’t want to get a separate table for billiards and want to save space.

The product is available in three different colors. A blue, green, or a black table tennis table can be purchased. It is a regulation size table that comes with a net set. The table itself is quite thick and provides terrific bounce. Adhesive foam protects the table from damage and ensures long life.

The table connectors ensure that the table doesn’t separate mid-play and provides much-needed stability. If at any time you discover an issue with your ping pong table, you can get it replaced quickly.

All in all, this product comes highly recommended by people who love to play both billiards and table tennis and want one table that can allow for both games to played. Thanks to its protective pads and table connectors, you can expect nothing less than the best from this wooden table tennis table.


  • 2-in-1 table
  • Protective foam
  • 3-year warranty
  • Available in 3 different colors


  • Is quite heavy
Best Junior Table: Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table Review

Last but not least, we have a quality product by Butterfly Junior. It is a small table tennis table that is designed for portability and easy storage.

It doesn’t require assembly, and users can simply unbox, unfold, and start playing. A net set is included as well that fits the table. The table itself is slightly larger than a mid-size table though it is not a full size table tennis table. The product is quite portable as it is quite light and has two wheels on the inside. The table can also be utilized for other purposes, such as playing card games on it.

The product comes with a 3-year warranty ensuring that users don’t have to worry about paying extra if the product comes undone during this time period.

This is a high-quality junior table tennis table which should suit players of all types. It doesn’t require assembly, is wider than a mid-size table, and is easy to transport and store.


  • Protection pads included
  • No assembly required
  • Net set included
  • Corner protection pads


  • Paddles not included in the set

Buyer’s Guide: All You Need To Know About The Best Table Tennis Table

All You Need To Know About The Best Table Tennis Table

Now that we are done with the review let’s take a look at the aspects that need to be considered when deciding on purchasing a pro table tennis table.

Is Ping Pong And Table Tennis The Same Thing?

Though there are various debates surrounding ping pong vs table tennis, in essence, they are the same sport. The only difference in terminology comes from the level of the players. Amateurs who play for fun call it ping pong, while professionals are looking to make it big in the sport called table tennis.

How Much Space Do You Need For A Ping Pong Table?

How Much Space Do You Need For A Ping Pong Table

For a regulation size table that is 9 by 5 feet, it is best to have a clear space of five feet from the end of the table so the players can move around.

Do Ping Pong Tables Come In Different Sizes?

The ITTF rules state that a ping pong table should be a perfect rectangle 1.525 m wide and 2.74 m long. That is roughly 9 by 5 feet. Its table top should be 76 cm above the floor.

What Are The Equipment Of Table Tennis?

What Are The Equipment Of Table Tennis

The most basic equipment that one requires for table tennis is – the racket, the ball, the net, and the table.

How To Choose The Best Table Tennis Table?

Choosing the best table tennis table 2021 requires one to consider the following features:


The size of the ping pong table will depend on the playing area. The table measures, in play position, 9″ by 5″. Add to that 1″ for net brackets, and you have yourself the full dimensions. If you don’t have that much space, you can get a mid – or mini-sized table that is 3/4ththe said dimensions.

Playing Space

Ease of Assembly

Five feet of clear space from the table is enough to play comfortably on a regulation-size table. Or, the table can also be taken outside if it is an outdoor table to maximize playing space.


A 2-piece table can easily collapse in the middle and can ease the storage process.


High-quality tables have a coating of aluminum composites, which allow it to withstand all weather conditions. Many coats of paint are applied and sanded, which grabs and kicks the ball better.

Frame Strength

The undercarriage supports the table, and the table legs determine the frame strength. Getting a product is sturdy will allow players to be competitive and play intensely.


There are various safety features that manufacturers have started including that has dramatically improved the overall safety of playing on tables. These include safety locks, protective corners, playback positions, and even easy transportation.

Ease of Assembly

Ease of Assembly

Most of the tables now come pre-assembled for the most part. All that buyers are required is to join the two halves, screw together the legs, and clamp the net to the board.

Additional Features

Some other features that some table tennis table companies provide include a warranty, rackets, ping pong balls, fixed or detachable net, playback option, and the like.


Price can be an essential part of the buying process, and the bigger the budget, the better the features that one can expect to get.

Best Table Tennis Table Types

There are four types of table types – mini, full-sized, conversion, tops, and novelty. These vary in features, space utilization, and price.


Indoor table types are designed to be compact, foldable, and portable. They may not be full weatherproof but have all the essential components that make them ideal for indoor play.


Outdoor table types may be a little more expensive as they have extra coatings of aluminum and paint that make them withstand different elements. Most of them are also portable.

Verdict and Our Recommendations for 2021


The best table tennis table 2021 has to offer in our review is the JOOLA Professional MDF indoor table. It is also USATT approved, which ensures exceptional playability. The equipment itself is relatively simple to assemble and takes less than 10 minutes to do so. This includes the time it takes for the net set to be attached, thanks to its clamp system. If you are looking to bring along the unit with you wherever you go, its lockable wheels and independent halves can be easily rolled and taken outside to play on sunny days.

We hope that through this article, you are now well informed as to which aspects must be considered when buying the best table tennis table if you are interested in checking out other guides such as how to get the best foosball table.

At homemakerguide, we do our best to provide you with crucial information regarding best-selling products out there. We hope you found what you were looking for here! Thank you for reading.

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h3: What Are Ping Pong Tables Made Of? The tables are generally made of wood, plastic, concrete, metal, or even fiber-glass.
Yes, these tables can be stored easily in a garage as most of them can be easily folded and made compact.
A simple way to clean a ping pong table is to use a spray cleaner or to use a cloth that is dipped in a vinegar solution. Dry cloths can be used to wipe away dust or debris.
Yes, one can easily paint a ping pong table. There are various table tennis table reviews as well as DIYs that take you to step by step through the painting procedure. Some of the best colors that we would recommend for designers and DIY experts are white, light blue, or green.
As mentioned before, the table measures 9” in length by 5” in width. An extra inch can be added to include the net width.
How We Tested

Our team of experts and professional table tennis players spent hours playing on and assessing the different tables reviewed in this article, especially the top-rated JOOLA Professional MDF indoor table. From measuring the dimensions to the speed at which the various products can be assembled were tested, the professional players even assessed the strength of the table by playing some fierce games on it. Lastly, security features such as locking wheels and protective corners were also evaluated.

Our team of experts timed the duration it takes for the whole set to assemble. It took less than 10 minutes, as advertised, to do so and start playing. Furthermore, we tested the durability of the net, the ability of the two halves to be set up to allow individual playback, as well as the various lock and latch systems that keep the table stable. We also found this tennis table quite easy to move around and store. All of this easily makes this product the best table tennis table available in the market.

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