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Steps to Choosing the Best Tanning Beds

Last Updated: 08 July 2021

Why do people tan? People tan for a host of reasons. Some people believe that tanned skin is more attractive than pale skin and that's why the best tanning beds are so popular. Suntanning gained its popularity in the 19th century where it was perceived as a sign of wealth because only the rich had the money for getaways and beach trips.

As a result of its benefits, over the years, new methods of getting tanned have become very popular. At the forefront of these new methods is the use of tanning beds. Various types of sunbeds have hit the market, leaving consumers confused when it comes to buying tanning beds. In this article, we're going to tell you which tanning bed, and which products and brands you should pay attention to.

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Buyers Guide: Best Tanning Bed

The sunbed mimics the effects of sun exposure by using special bulbs known as tan lamps to emit a concentrated amount of UV rays. These rays incite melanin production thereby causing one’s skin to tan. Major components of a solarium are the beds which are usually horizontal with a lid and the tan lamp.

The use of solariums has benefits like vitamin D synthesis however it is associated with skin cancer and various skin diseases and conditions including winkling.

Some popular questions asked about sunbeds are:

  • Is using a sunbed safer than real sunlight exposure?
    According to the Mayo Clinic and other reputable sources, no it is not! You run the same risk.
  • How long should a tanning session last?
    This depends on the type of solarium being used and the manufacturer’s instructions. Typically, sessions in low-pressure solarium should last 15-20 minutes and a high-pressure solarium session lasts between 10-12 minutes.

What Are The Profits Of Using Home Tanning Beds?

Getting an indoor tan despite not being the safest practice has various benefits. Some of the benefits of the proper use of safe tanning beds are:

What Are The Profits Of Using Home Tanning Beds
  • Vitamin D is an essential vitamin. It is used in bone formation, strengthens the immune system, and protects the body against cancer according to a Healthline article.
  • It helps in disguising jaundice skin and improves the appearance of scars by evening out your skin tone.
  • It boosts self-confidence and positive self-image: The author’s manuscript of Dermatological Clinic published research that showed that 81% of young adults believe that suntanning improves one’s appearance.

In addition to these benefits, the use of sunbeds is also associated with mood improvement, better mental health, and balancing hormones and oils.

Tanning Beds: How To Choose Right?

These days, there’s an abundance of sunbeds to choose from, to select the best tanning bed 2021, here are the factors to consider:

Labels / Brands

It is important to go through tanning bed reviews from reputable tanning bed brands before making a decision, some brands to look out for when selecting a sunbed are:

  • SOLAR STORM: They provide both commercial and home sunbeds. Some models are customizable, you can select tan color, install a fan, music players, and use lamps that suit your taste.
  • SUNLITE: They offer 3 different types of sunbeds for suntanning namely Standard, Deluxe, and Pro. Standard and Deluxe models are both for home use but the Standard is cheaper with few features while the Deluxe is luxurious and has more features, the Pro is for commercial use.
  • Wolff: This very reputable brand is popular not just for their sunbeds but for their tanning bulbs. Most sunbeds come with either Wolff standard bulb which emits UVB rays or Wolff bronzing bulbs that emits UVA rays.

Bulbs And Lamps

Sunbeds come with a varying number of bulbs. Some have as low as 8 and others have as high as 50 or more, the number of lamps play a role in its efficiency.

In terms of quality, there are 2 major types of tanning bulbs:

  • Regular tan lamps: They emit mostly UVB rays which are efficient for creating a base tan but it doesn’t go deep into the skin so it fades quickly. This makes them the best option for cheap home tanning beds. A bed with regular lamps is a good tanning bed for beginners.
  • Bronzing tan lamps: They emit mostly UVA rays so it goes deeper into the skin and lasts longer. It is best used by people who are experienced.

Charge Power And Energy Competence

Charge Power And Energy Competence

If you are purchasing an indoor sunbed to be used by a handful of people. Aside from being inexpensive, it is also energy efficient to buy one specialized for residential use as most of them require a 110-volt power source. They can be used without modifications and you don’t have to purchase a circuit breaker.

Portability: Ease Of Assemblage

If you are looking to buy the best home tanning bed, then a portable tanning bed is your best bet. Before making the purchase, make adequate preparation, and be sure it will fit in the space allocated. In terms of space management, stand up tanning beds are the best.

Ensure that the sunbed you wish to purchase can be easily assembled, some of them are delivered 98% assembled. Remember to read the manual thoroughly.

Substance (Materials)

The goal is to purchase cheap tanning beds under 1000, so it’s important to consider construction materials. You should find out how many bulbs it contains and the materials used in its construction. If it’s for residential use, avoid buying a sunbed made of heavy steel. Instead, go for one that uses a light-weight, low-heat electronic ballast.


Getting tanned indoors provides a controlled exposure to UV rays. Ensure that the sunbed complies with the Radiation Emitting Devices Act, as contained in The guideline published in collaboration with the Federal Provincial Territorial Radiation Protection Committee.

Additional Features

Some sunbeds come with some additional features like:

Different Tanning Beds You Can Use
  • Fan: Some sunbeds come with fans that act as a cooling system and regulate the temperature of the system when in use.
  • Facial Tanner: These are specially built to help give your face a deeper tan to help your face tan last longer and keep it from fading using UVA rays.
  • Built-in Music Speaker: Some luxury sunbeds have inbuilt speakers for you to use while getting your tan, some even have pre-installed music channels.

Different Tanning Beds You Can Use

There are three types namely:

  • Low-pressure Tanning Beds: These are the most common. They produce quick tans and emit a combination of UVA and UVB rays, with UVB in higher concentration. With this system, fast tanners run the risk of getting sunburned.
  • High-pressure Tanning Beds: They emit a huge amount of UVA rays producing long-lasting tans over time, excessive exposure poses a huge threat to skin health.
  • Tanning Booth: For this type, no direct contact with the machine’s surface is necessary as you will be standing. It also ensures that hard to reach spots like the underarms are taking care of.

Skin Protection Tips: Before Tanning

Here are some tips to ensure you protect your skin and get the best experience:

Skin Protection Tips: Before Tannin
  • Take a bath, shave, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin with a non-oil-based moisturizer beforehand.
  • If you are on medication, be sure that they don’t increase skin sensitivity to UV rays.
  • Use specially formulated indoor tanning lotions only.
  • Protect your eyes with goggles, don’t wear makeup, jewelry, or perfume oil while getting tanned.

Other Tanning Products

  • Tanning lotions: Using specially formulated lotions helps you tan faster and extend your tan. There are 3 types of tanning lotions; dark tan, medium, and light tan. The decision on which lotion to use depends on your skin type and the type of tan you wish to achieve.
  • Tanning accelerators: These come in the form of creams or pills. They accelerate the rate of melanin production and can be used before, during, and after your session.
  • Tanning applicators: Applicators enable you to conveniently apply tanning lotion to all parts of your body by yourself. There are back applicators as well as mitts that can be used.
  • Tanning bed Google: By law, it is illegal to tan without goggles because the UV rays being used are harmful to the eyes. When using a sunbed, always protect your eyes.


Getting your tan indoors grants you access to the benefits of having a tan from the comfort of your home. To choose the best tanning bed, check tanning bed reviews for reputable brands and other parameters we highlighted in this article. It is important to adhere to safety tips. To get the best from your tan, you can use accelerators, lotions, and applicators.

For quality as sunbed suggestions, usage instructions, and reviews as well as more information about the best tanning bed 2021, visit homemakerguide.com.

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