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When to fertilize lawn before or After Rain

Last Updated: 08 April 2022

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The method used to create a faster-growing and healthy lawn is by using fertilizer. While it may seem pretty straightforward on how to disperse it, not everyone will know-how. There are plenty of factors that go into when the appropriate time to provide it and when it will be the most effective.

If you’re looking to create a beautifully radiant yard that grows at fast speeds, then keep reading. We will give you a complete breakdown of the best time to fertilize the lawn, including the proper months and the best time to put down plant food. So, when is the best time to feed the lawn: before or after rain?

Fertilize Lawn Before Rain

Fertilize Lawn Before Rain

Fertilizing your lawn before it rains is usually ideal if your end goal is to make sure it penetrates the ground well. It provides your yard with much-needed nitrogen to help it grow at faster speeds. Then, when it rains, it will help spread the necessary amounts of nitrogen all over your plants.

However, fertilizing before rain only works if your lawn isn’t on uneven land. What happens if you live on an incline is that the rainwater will push the chemicals into your yard. After it hits your garden due to the slope, then it will be pushed further down. This makes it run into the streets, making it useless as it’s being washed away. To prevent this, always keep in mind the surrounding environment. If you have to feed your lawn, consider doing it before the rain.

The best way to fertilize the lawn is to apply plant food before the rain. Once the ground hits around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll want to use the chemical for your grass and plants. Water helps ensure that you get an even spread of the substances and helps the plants absorb the nutrients. If the rainfall is scheduled, you should do it at least a day before it rains.

Fertilize Lawn After Rain

Fertilize Lawn After Rain

Can you feed wet grass? Fertilizing your lawn after the rain and when the grass is wet is usually ideal for most gardeners, but remember that shoes for gardening are required. “After the rain” ensures that the chemicals you put down will stay on your lawn and fertilize wherever you spread it. Although it’s a bit less effective if there wasn’t much rain. Watering your plants to ensure they have enough water to absorb the nutrients ensures that the substances will work.

The only problem with this method is that it’s also less natural, and it may not be the most effective unless you use natural lawn fertilizer. Using this method will cause less plant food to be absorbed. If you have a large plot of land, it can also be near impossible to spread the appropriate amount of water over all of your plants.

When it’s time to feed the lawn, use your chemical so that it’s evenly spread after the rain. If it was only a light sprinkle, you might be wondering how long to water the lawn after fertilizing? Just a generous sprinkle is enough for the fertilizer to work. However, if you feel like the plants haven’t gotten enough, then you can continue to water them until appropriately watered. Although you will need to be careful, you don’t push the substance around and off your lawn through water run-off.

When is The Best Time to Fertilize Your Lawn: Spring or Fall?

You may be wondering how often to feed the lawn? There is a considerable debate on which is the best time to feed the lawn with advantages and disadvantages to each side. Some gardeners swear that fertilizing in the fall works better than in the spring and vice versa. Research has proven that it’s better to place fertilizer during the spring, as the soil temperature helps it absorb nutrients. During the fall, it may be too cold, and the chemical you use needs to be a specific type.

When to Fertilize Lawn in Fall

When to Fertilize Lawn in Fall

Although some regions don’t have all four seasons, which is why you can apply chemicals in the fall. It’s not ideal, but it can help the substance nourish the plants before freezing. There is a specific type you can buy if you’re planning to apply it in the fall. Generally, you’ll want to spread it mid-October, or at least a week or two before it starts to freeze.

Once applied, all you will need to do is provide a small amount of water before waiting for the lawn to freeze. The substance will keep it sturdy and nourished during the cold winter months and ensures that it will grow back healthy in the spring. Although, this is not the most effective method and only is recommended for areas that don’t have all four seasons.

Best Time to Fertilize Lawn in Spring

Best Time to Fertilize Lawn in Spring

When to feed lawn in spring? Every gardener knows that the ideal time to “boost” your yard is when the temperatures are more favorable. This includes the spring and summer months. Depending on how many seasons your area gets per year, it’s best recommended in spring. The spring is right before plants are about to grow, making it an ideal time to put down enrichment.

The extra nutrients can help your lawn grow faster when the substance is placed down at above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Spring starts for most locations in mid-April, but it can change depending on your region. An excellent method to tell when to apply it is to check for small buds starting to appear. This usually signifies that the weather is turning warmer and that the plants need lawn fertilizer.

Watering Lawn After Fertilizer

Standard plant food often doesn’t need that much water to be effective, as long as the plants are already getting watered. Typically, you can place fertilizer on dry plants and soil and to determine how much fertilizer for lawn check the brand instructions. Although, you may need to wait up to 24 hours if you’re using particular types of plant food mixed with weed killers or other types of add-ins. Yes, there are different types of lawn enrichment for your garden, and it’s your responsibility to choose wisely.

But what’s the best time of day to feed the lawn? It doesn’t matter as long as you wait a day. How often to feed plants? Usually, the back of the package will tell you how often or you need to look it up by plant species. By the way, remember to engage in crabgrass control as well when you start fertilizing.

The amount of water and fertilizer you use will be different depending on the brand, area, and type of plant food you buy. Just remember that watering your lawn after applying fertilizer can be risky if you are using a power hose. We suggest using a sprinkling setting, that way you don’t push the plant food out onto the street and into water drains. Also, remember to use a dandelion killer if you can.


So, do you enrich plants before or after rain? Toi much rain can wash away the fertilizer before it’s able to soak well into the soil. It’s better to play it safe with your investment. Therefore, fertilizing one or two days before rain arrives can be a great idea.

As you can see, learning how to fertilize lawn doesn’t require any complicated steps. If you apply plant food before the rain at peak times, you can maximize the effectiveness and ensure that your lawn is healthy. You’ll notice a tremendous difference, especially if you consider before and after lawn care.

The best time to feed your lawn is before the rain. Fertilizing lawns in summer is not always a good idea if you live in a hot area, as the soil needs water. However, you can easily find fertilizers that can be applied year-round. Just be sure to water your lawn appropriately to maximize the absorption. Hopefully, Handyhomemaster helped you learn a bit more about the best time to fertilize lawns and gave you a decent lawn fertilizing tips.

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