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Best Time to Water: Lawn Everything You Need to Know

Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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Water is vital for all living organisms, including plants. Your lawn may seem like it does well year-round with just rainwater, but it can grow fuller and more vibrant if it’s been watered appropriately. Green grass can enhance the look of your home, and ultimately, lawn care can help prevent any weeds or infestations from growing.

If you’re new to owning a lawn or aren’t experienced with lawn work, then we can teach when is the best time to water your lawn. Every yard is different and requires varying amounts of H2O, but we can give a decent outline. Do not forget to put on your best boots for lawn care, your comfort is a priority!

So, what is the best time of day to water lawn? It’s a bit controversial of a topic because so many people like to do it at different times. However, there are so many factors that go into calculating the right type of day. It includes temperature, lawn size, air temperature, etc.

When is the Best Time to Water Your Lawn?

When is the Best Time to Water Your Lawn

The best time to water grass is when it’s warm outside in summer or when there is dew on the ground. Lawns benefit from being watered every two to three days, especially when they are flourishing. An average-sized grassplot will need to be watered consistently throughout the week.

The best time to do so is either watering lawn at night vs. morning. Although, you can skip watering it if it has already rained. But, you may be wondering when to water grass? The best time for watering the lawn at night is after the sunsets.

Watering grass in the sun evaporates the liquid and prevents it from growing. That is why the best time to water the lawn in hot weather is during the evening. As it helps prevent the liquid from being sucked up by the sun. A quick mention here: use a hose reel to make your life easier!

How to Water Your Lawn

Watering grass can be a big task if you’re not sure what to do. It’s not as easy as using a leaf blower. An average-sized yard usually needs at least 1-1 ½ inch of H2O per week. Standing and watering your lawn by the house is not recommended unless you have a small surface area to cover.

Installing sprinklers can help you cover a large area, but they are costly. However, they are more accurate at evenly distributing liquids when it’s lawn watering time. This not only helps ensure that there are no dry patches but also prevents overwatering.

A healthy, vibrant lawn also needs to be watered earlier in the day. As the temperature rises, the plants come to life and start to absorb and grow. To compare this, it’s similar to fueling yourself before the start of your day.

You do well if you get the nutrients you need for breakfast. It’s the same with the grass. The lawn can grow and produce healthier qualities of grass if given proper nutrition.

Think of three primary nutrients that plants need to grow. First, they must have H2O, sunlight, and get proper nutrition. As a homeowner, you’ll need to assure H2O for every inch of your lawn every two to three days.

After that, ensure that there are no structures blocking sunlight on your lawn. If there are, you may be able to supplement it by investing in fertilizer, altering when it’s time to water the lawn, and to water lawn after fertilizing.

How Long Should You Water Your Lawn?

The problem with watering using a hose is that you can’t get an accurate measure of how much H2O each patch of grass is receiving. A sprinkler can help as long as you know how much it produces. One test you can run is by placing a bowl and measuring how long it takes to fill up to ½ an inch of liquid.

This is generally the time you’d need to water your lawn. If not, the average time most people water their grass plots is about 20-30 minutes up to three times a week. You don’t need to do it every day, and if you do, there’s a chance that you’ll end up doing more harm than good.

Just focus on doing it once per day, either in the morning or at night, when air temperatures are low.

How Often to Water Lawns?

How Often to Water Lawns?

How often to do it? It’s recommended to do it at least three times per week. However, the lowest is every three days. Taking into account rainwater can also help prevent overwatering and ruining the grass. So, keeping up with weather updates assist you in planning your weekly lawn watering.

If you own a big property, then you can always alternate which days you water your grass. One day you can aim for the front lawn while the next day, you can switch to your back. It is often better, as you won’t need to continually walk back and forth in one day to finish watering both lawns.

Watering Different Lawn Types

Depending on what region you live in, grass could be a lot different than other places. The first step is to find out what type of lawn you have. Lawn types generally do need to be watered at various rates.

The first type of grass you’ll see is warm-season grass. These types thrive in hot regions and often require liquid every three days. The amount of H2O is around ½ inch to 1 ½ inch per three days, which is the best time to water a lawn in summer. They thrive on less liquid, most likely due to the enhanced nutrient-rich soils that are found in these regions.

The second type of grass is cold season grasses, which usually thrive all year long. They tend to be found in the Northern regions and start to grow in the springtime. If well maintained, they typically last till the last few weeks of winter. Cool grasses need to be watered through the spring, summer, and fall months, along with being watered every two days. However, you should only water lawn after mowing.

Watering Different Lawn Types

Typical Mistakes When Watering Your Lawn

As a homeowner, there are many mistakes that you could make while watering your lawn. However, it’s not uncommon for most of us to slip up and make a mistake. There’s no manual or instructions on how to care for a lawn. Thus, we usually do the best we can. So, here are a few of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when watering the gardens.

1. Watering The Lawn During Midday

Watering your lawn midday is not only wasteful, but it also hinders your lawn from absorbing the water if it’s too hot out. As you sprinkle liquid onto your lawn, large amounts of it will evaporate even before your yard has a chance to absorb it. The best way to water lawn is either during the early morning or in the evening before the sun comes out.

2. Overwatering

Most of us are probably guilty of watering your lawn every day, thinking that it’s helping. The minimum of H2O that a lawn need is at least twice per week. However, seven days a week is pushing it. It’s better to water a lawn two good times with sufficient liquid per week rather than seven short bursts of H2O.

3. Using the Wrong Sprinkler

There are multiple types of sprinklers out there, but the most common are sprinkler systems that are oscillating and shoot straight up into the air. The problem with this is that it allows the liquid to evaporate. On the other hand, pulsating sprinklers move horizontally, which will enable the liquid to rest on top of the grass. It prevents issues with absorption, including wind, evaporation, etc.

4. Watering All Plants Equally

It seems like a simple solution to just water everything in one go, but not all plants need the same amount. Each type of plant may need more or less H2O depending on what species they are.

5. Using Automatic Settings on Sprinklers

Again, it seems like it’s a good idea to follow the auto settings on a sprinkler. However, auto-timer on sprinklers tend to overwater your plants. They don’t take into account the weather if it’s already raining, or if different plants need more or less H2O.

6. Not Properly Placing Sprinklers

A common issue is that your sprinklers will cover a bit of space, but have gaps in between where they water. The issue with this is that some patches of grass will be well-nourished, while others will look like they are dead. To fix this problem, ensure that every inch of your lawn receives an even amount of liquid.

Lawn Watering Tips

Lawn Watering Tips

Now that you’ve had a chance to learn how to water your lawn and avoid mistakes properly, we’d like to give you some tips. It can be tricky to identify your lawn type, get the right amount of liquid, and keep on schedule. Here are a few tips that can make maintaining your lawn a bit easier and what time to do it;

  • Always measure out your sprinklers flow rate to ensure that you’re not underwatering of overwatering your lawn.
  • Account for the weather and if you get extra rainfall.
  • Only water your lawn early in the morning in the middle of the night, never during the day.
  • Don’t do it more than 2-3 times a week.
  • Take into account all of the plants and the amount of H2O.
  • If all else fails, use organic fertilizer, weed killers, and make sure that the grass is getting enough sunlight.


Maintaining the exterior of your home can be stressful, especially if you don’t know where you’re going wrong. By educating yourself about grass types, watering, and other factors that influence the look of your lawn, you can easily fix your mistakes. Every homeowner has probably found themselves in at least one of these issues.

Just remember, do it consistently, but not every day. If anything, tackle other factors if the water isn’t helping, and there seems to be no change. You’ll notice right away the improvements by how green and vibrant your lawn looks. Hopefully, HandyHomeMaster has helped you discover the best time to water the lawn with our lawn watering guide.

What are your thoughts on this? Drop a comment below! We’re eager to know your opinion!

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