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How to Get the Best Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks?

Last Updated: 08 July 2021

Do you have a septic tank? Then one of your worries should be finding the best toilet paper for septic tanks. After flushing your toilet, all the waste, including the toilet paper, will be deposited in your septic tank. Everything that gets into your septic tank will affect the tank’s performance.

The wrong kind of toilet paper interferes with the functioning and effectiveness of a septic tank.

If finding the best tp for your septic tank has been elusive, you will be glad that you stopped here. In this article, be ready to learn everything about septic friendly toilet paper. Keep reading.

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best toilet paper for septic tanks

Top 10 Best Toilet Papers for Septic Tanks: Comparison Chart

Best Overall: Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Soft Toilet Paper Review

Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare
  • Contains 24 family mega toilet paper rolls; 325 sheets per roll; 24 mega rolls = 108 regular rolls*
  • 3x thicker & 3x more absorbent per sheet vs. the leading national value brand
  • Soft, 2-layer toilet paper
  • Cottonelle's thickest, softest toilet paper
  • Made with plant-based fibers - clog-safe, sewer-safe, septic-safe

Ultra-Soft: Presto! 308-Sheet Mega Roll Toilet Paper Review

71,994 Reviews
  • Includes 24 Mega Rolls (4 Packs of 6 Mega Rolls) with 308 2-ply sheets per roll
  • 24 Mega Rolls = 96 Regular Rolls (based on a regular roll with 77 sheets)
  • Leaves less lint behind (versus the leading Ultra-Premium Soft Brand, based on laboratory testing)
  • RV/Septic-safe bath tissue
  • Made with pulp sourced from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources

Flushable and Safe: Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper Review

Quilted Northern
36,337 Reviews
Quilted Northern
  • Premium bath tissue delivers softness with 3 cushiony, absorbent layers
  • Luxurious embossed texture for ultimate comfort
  • Quilted Northern ultra plush toilet paper is 3X thicker and 3X more absorbent than leading value brand
  • Flushable and safe for standard septic and sewer systems
  • Includes 24 supreme rolls of classic White toilet paper (3 Packs of 8 rolls each, 319 sheets per roll)

Highly Recommend: Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Soft Toilet Paper Review

Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare
  • Contains 24 family mega toilet paper rolls; 388 sheets per roll; 24 family mega rolls = 128 regular rolls*
  • 3x stronger & thicker, 2x more absorbent per sheet vs. the leading value brand
  • Strong, 1-layer toilet paper
  • CleaningRipples texture removes more at once per sheet vs. the leading national value brand
  • Biodegradable bath tissue - clog-safe, sewer-safe, septic-safe

Made for Use in RVs: Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper Review

Scott Rapid Dissolving
  • Includes 4 rolls with 231 sheets per roll
  • Soft, absorbent sheets are gentle on skin
  • Sewer-safe and septic-safe bath tissue
  • Safe for use on RVs, boats, and buses
  • Sustainably Sourced from responsibly managed forests; Packaging may vary

Soft & Absorbent: Solimo 2-Ply Toilet Paper Review

14,968 Reviews
  • Includes 30 rolls (5 packs of 6 Rolls). Each roll has 350 2-ply sheets (10,500 sheets in total)
  • Safe for standard Sewer and Septic Systems
  • Made with pulp from responsibly sourced trees
  • If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund the full amount of your purchase. No returns necessary.
  • An Amazon brand

Biodegradable: Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper Review

  • Pack contains 24 Rolls (338 sheets per roll) of Charmin Ultra Soft Family Mega Roll toilet paper
  • OUR UNIQUE CUSHIONY TOUCH. Available at Amazon.
  • Superior comfort without compromising strength.
  • Charmin Family Mega Roll has +25% more sheets per roll vs Charmin Mega Roll
  • A softer way to get clean and use less vs. the leading bargain brand

100% Recycled Paper: Seventh Generation White Toilet Paper Review

Seventh Generation
3,874 Reviews
Seventh Generation
  • 2 ply bathroom tissue designed for softness and strength
  • Made with 100 percent recycled paper, no added dyes, inks, or fragrances
  • Compatible with low flow toilets in RVS and campers
  • Septic safe; Rainforest alliance certified paper
  • Shipment includes 2 packs of 24 roll packs, 240 sheets per roll

Accredited by the BRC Global Standards: Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper Review

  • Tree-Free toilet paper made from sustainably grown bamboo & sugarcane, both are fast growing grasses giving you a natural, sustainable, and eco friendly alternative to traditional tree based bath tissue
  • 100% biodegradable and septic safe for all disposal systems, and perfect for RVs, boats, camping, travel, backpacking, and more
  • Soft & Strong 2 ply sheets give you the perfect combination of bamboo's strength & sugarcane's softest fibers
  • Hypoallergenic, Lint free, BPA free, fragrance free, paraben free, free of elemental chlorine, and non-GMO project verified, giving you full transparency and unmatched excellence
  • Contains a total of 24 double rolls with 300 sheets per roll. Caboo is accredited by the BRC Global Standards, FSC, ISO 14000, and is proudly panda friendly

Without the Harsh Chemicals: Quilted Northern Toilet Paper Review

Quilted Northern
  • Premium & sustainable bath tissue that provides a comfortable clean with less environmental impact.
  • 3 trees are planted for each 1 used—1 by suppliers, 2 by our partners at Arbor Day Foundation
  • 2-ply toilet paper that has soft, durable layers that flex and hold up
  • Flushable and septic-safe for standard septic and sewer systems
  • 24 Rolls / 906.6 SQ Feet (83.2m²) / 340 2-PLY SHEETS PER ROLL / 4.0 inch X 4.0 inch (10.1 cm X 10.1 cm)

Why It Matters the Kind of Toilet Paper You Use for Your Septic?

Why It Matters the Kind of Toilet Paper You Use for Your Septic

Septic tanks are pretty easy to maintain. Inspection and pumping once in three years is okay. However, if the tank has unwanted objects in it, it would be a different story. Unsolicited materials, such as solid matter, can interfere with your septic tank’s working. Solid matter stops the waste treatment from working effectively. A Septic blockage is ridiculously expensive to fix. To avoid such costly costs, be proactive, and prevent blockage from happening.

You need to use the best tip for septic to keep your septic tank in good condition. Once you flush the toilet, the waste travels through the pipes to your septic tank. The solid material will settle at the bottom of the septic tank to form sludge, with the liquid content settling on top of the sludge.

Now, you do not want that sludge to accumulate quickly. If it accumulates quickly, you will need to pump your septic tank regularly. So, logically, an ideal toilet paper for a septic tank dissolves into tiny particles. The ability to dissolve into small particles is not all. There is more toilet paper for septic tanks that we are just about to look at.

Considerations for the Best Septic Tank Tissue Paper

With all the toilet papers in the market labeled ‘septic tank safe,’ you probably are confused. Have you ever wondered whether all these toilet papers are actually septic safe? You’ve probably read loads of toilet paper for septic tanks reviews to try and find out the safest papers for your septic tank, and which are not.

If it completely decomposes or is capable of dissolving to tiny particles, consider it suitable for your septic tank.

Buying Guide for the Right Septic Tissue Paper

Purchasing the already acclaimed best toilet paper for septic tanks 2021 may all be fateful if you are not particular with factors to consider when shopping for septic safe toilet papers.

Keep in mind the following factors as you shop for septic safe toilet papers.


Buying Guide for the Right Septic Tissue Paper

Usually, most septic tank safe toilet paper brands are friendly to the environment and eventually decompose. The issue is, however, finding an environmental-friendlier toilet paper, those that would decompose faster. Look for biodegradable toilet paper made of cotton, bamboo, and wood fiber. Such TP papers made from natural resources are usually free from harmful chemicals and bleaches.

Faster decomposition of waste is what you want for your septic tank.

Thin Over Thick Toilet Paper

Thin toilet paper, also known as single-ply toilet paper or 1-ply dissolves like a charm. 1 ply tissue papers are the best for septic tanks. Do not go for tissue with several layers as it will take time to dissolve. This can quickly fill up your septic tank, or even clog your pipes.

Recycled Tissue Papers

When choosing a septic-safe tissue paper, go for one that is made of 100% recycled materials. Standard toilet papers contain lots of chemicals, which often interfere with the functioning of septic tank bacteria. See, septic tank bacteria are good for quicker decomposition of waste. You don’t want anything interfering with them.

Toilet Paper for Septic You Should Avoid

Toilet Paper for Septic You Should Avoid

Most toilet paper for septic tanks reviews will tell you that any toilet paper that goes into your septic tank and doesn’t decompose or decomposes slowly is not suitable for your tank.

Toilet papers that you should avoid are:

  • Thick and layered tissue papers;
  • Chemically infuse and bleached tissue papers;
  • Non-biodegradable tissue papers.

Overall, make your choice from the 10 best toilet papers for septic tanks 2021, and you will not regret it.

Common Questions & Answers About the Best Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks

What are the Alternatives for Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks?

The best substitute for septic safe toilet paper would be paper napkins and paper towels. They are not as soft as standard tissue, but they are a friendlier option. Just ensure that they do not contain menthol before using them.

How About Biodegradable TP for Septic Tanks?

Biodegradable toilet paper is the best toilet paper for septic tanks. Other than being friendly to the earth, it would be suitable for your septic tank. Biodegradable toilet paper is less bulky, which means it dissolves faster. Also, since it will decompose more quickly, it will slow down build-up in your septic tank.

However, biodegradable toilet papers are expensive compared to standard toilet papers; but it is entirely worth it.

Should I Use Flushable Wipes as TP for My Septic Tank?

Flushable wipes do not get close to being the best toilet paper for septic systems. They can end up blocking your pipes and system. Also, they contain lots of chemicals that are harmful to septic tank bacteria.

Final Thoughts

Caring for your septic tank is not all about regular inspections. It is also majorly about what you let into the system. You now know that allowing the wrong type of toilet paper down your septic tank could be a costly nightmare. Yes, you initially shopped for septic toilet paper that is safe and good for your skin, but now you know that there is more to look for in toilet papers. Here at homemakerguide.com, we recommend that you get the best brands of toilet paper for you and your septic tank. Use the factors to consider above to shop for septic tank safe toilet paper as it is one of the best maintenance hacks for your septic tank.

Do not be quick to pay for toilet paper. Read the best toilet paper for septic tanks 2021 reviews before settling for one. Your septic tank, and in the long run, your wallet will thank you for selecting the best toilet paper for your septic system.

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