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The Best Tool Box Overview: How To Pick The Right One For You

Last Updated: 02 July 2021

When work has to be done, it seems that nothing stands in your way if you have the best tool box. Easy to port and providing immediate access to any instrument you need, it saves you a lot of time. The devices are always perfectly organized and clean. If such a picture gives you the only thought — 'Yeah, you wish!' — you belong to the majority of people still seeking the right tool box in the market.

The problem is that it's challenging to find an ideal option on your own. Where there's demand, there's supply, — and its variety is very vast. All manufacturers boast with their products, but reviews state the opposite. So, most men and women, professionals and DIYers, stick to the most basic toolbox and keep dreaming about something more convenient.

Our reviews express an objective opinion, which can be all positive. All the tool boxes for garage, home, and work have their advantages and disadvantages. You have to choose the one FOR YOURSELF. We, in turn, will lend you a helping hand in doing so.

Home Maker Guide created for informational purposes only. Thus, we neither endorse you in any way to buy specific products in our reviews, nor making you act like it’s written in our guides. We are reserving the rights for you to make your personal decision.



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Tool Box With Drawers

Comparison Table of The 10 Best Tool Box

Best Overall: Heavy Duty Option - Milwaukee Electric Tool Rolling Tool Box Review

Milwaukee Electric Tool Rolling Tool Box
376 Reviews
Milwaukee Electric Tool Rolling Tool Box

A rolling toolbox is a must-have for everyone who cherishes the work they do. A plumber, electrician, or a contractor, who put as much as they can in a backpack, wander from client to client, exhausted and gloomy. How will they perform on the next day or the day after that? Milwaukee Electric Tool Box is somewhere near the top of a price range. But all professionals will dig it. Once you buy it, you get much more than just a container to store your instrument. Everything is right at hand, and all can be transported easily as luggage.

If you are more after excellent quality than the low price, Milwaukee travel toolbox with wheels is a top-notch offer for you.

Why We Like It

  • Large-diameter wheels won't go astray on any surface
  • All latches, hinges, and bolts are extra durable
  • Works with other Packout units integrating into an unparalleled portable storage system
  • The handle is grade-extension and damage-proof

Well-built: Industrial Quality - Homak Industrial Steel Toolbox Review

Homak Industrial Steel Toolbox
233 Reviews
Homak Industrial Steel Toolbox

Modern tool boxes can be fine, but none gives you the feel only a classic small metal tool box does. Homak has created a storage masterpiece combining the convenience of contemporary boxes and old-school design. The advantages of their 20-Inch Industrial Steel Toolbox can be complemented with high durability of the steel finished with a powder coat paint. Besides, there are no unnecessary elements inside that might compromise the storage capacity. But it does feature a top tray that can be inserted or removed, following your needs. The box is equipped with a sturdy handle for easy movement.

One of the best toolbox solutions for trucks will always help you keep your tools at hand.

Why We like It

  • Looks gorgeous, nothing in excess
  • Damage-resistant material
  • The padlock that won't go flimsy in years or even decades
  • Has a removable tray

Flexible Platform: DEWALT TSTAK Tool Box Review

6,768 Reviews

Plastic is plastic, isn't it? Some do still think that metal toolboxes are more reliable. But not when it comes to DEWALT boxes. Made of polypropylene, DEWALT TSTAK Tool Box is highly resistant and, at the same time, lightweight. This particular unit is perfect for carrying larger items, keeping them safe from any damages. The handle is durable and will never let you down. In addition to a large section, this box has a tray that can be removed, once you don't need it. Besides, extra storage space in the lid gives you more options for organizing your instruments.

TSTAK offers an innovative toolbox organization that will make your job more enjoyable.

Why We Like It

  • Doesn't add too much to the weight of your load
  • Increased durability of the material
  • Ideal for corded and cordless instruments and their smaller bits
  • Can be combined with other TSTAK units making a convenient organization system

Perfect Size: Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Chest Toolbox Review

Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Chest Toolbox
407 Reviews
Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Chest Toolbox

Ensuring that you always have everything you need at hand, Craftsman has created a storage box for tools that will improve your working process. Their 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox is finished in classic red color and made of a durable metal alloy. The size is what you need it to be if you are not seeking for a chest to store large items, like drills. As for smaller instruments, it is very commodious, having three 2-inch drawers and a 2.5-inch top tray. Trustworthy latches are fully in charge of closing the lid.

It is a solid professional toolbox with drawers for easy access and organization.


  • The drawers will make all your instruments organized
  • Thanks to the latches you don't have to worry that it will all collapse when you carry the chest
  • The latches are reinforced with hasp and staple
  • The handle is convenient to relocate the chest quickly


  • Rather heavy
  • For inside storage only

Handy & Durable Handle: Husky Tool Organizer Box Review

Husky Tool Organizer Box
84 Reviews
Husky Tool Organizer Box

For some, a mobile toolbox still seems like a waste of money. A couple of cases and number of cans — isn't it more reasonable to invest in the tools, not in the box? But what if the tools you use daily and more than once per day are literally unbearable? Husky Organizer Box is obviously not the cheapest option on our list. But it is more than a tool chest. It has a specially designed cantilever lid with built-in containers. The latches are super resistant to abuse and wear. It won't let the box fling open.

Searching for a big heavy-duty toolbox that is light enough to carry around, place in a car, or even take on a plane? Husky has got you covered!


  • Rigid material with dependable hardware make it last
  • Sturdy wheels that are really capable of carrying the full box without snapping off
  • Light and ergonomic
  • Keeps all your meta instrument safe — no rusting!


  • Though it shows high resilience to weather, it is not 100% waterproof

Compact: Stanley 16-inch Tool Box Review

Stanley 16-inch Tool Box
531 Reviews
Stanley 16-inch Tool Box

This toolbox organizer is not large but very convenient. It can be used to store multiple tackles or a single large instrument, like a drill or a grinder. The hard plastic is banded with nickel latches creating a consistent storage unit. Stanley Tool Box will suit professionals and DIYers who often need to carry a small number of instruments around. The unit is equipped with a movable tray, which allows you to use the internal space effectively. To store small things, use two practical organizers on the lid.

This small toolbox will surprise you with its price and, more than that, with its quality.


  • High-quality plastic is light and sturdy
  • Has a padlock eye
  • Doesn't get flimsy after multiple usages
  • Cheap, but not cheaply made


  • Due to its size, it is rather an additional toolbox than a universal one

Lightweight: Keter 241008 Plastic Portable Tool Box Review

Keter 241008 Plastic Portable Tool Box
594 Reviews
Keter 241008 Plastic Portable Tool Box

Any advanced toolbox organizer allows you to keep most things you need in one place. But sometimes you need more. All handymen agree that bit by bit, small items make your set too heavy. The corded tools will add a lot to your load, too. Still, need to carry it all around? Keter offers the solution you have been searching for: the ultimate Keter 241008 Tool Box. This cart is easily portable, equipped with two durable wheels. The lids slide wide open to make everything inside accessible with no effort. Its upper bins also have a sliding mechanism.

It is not just a lightweight toolbox. Portable and spacious, it will come in handy for professional use and occasional repairs at home.


  • Long-lasting material
  • Organized inner space
  • Two-story construction for separating frequently used items from those you rarely need, and small instrument from the larger ones
  • Removable bins are easy to locate and relocate


  • Is not waterproof

Shatterproof: Ridgid Professional Tool Storage Review

Ridgid Professional Tool Storage
141 Reviews
Ridgid Professional Tool Storage

RIDGID's innovation isn't another roll around a toolbox. It's a sturdy multifunctional construction for those who understand that the reliability of such an item is worth a lot. Thanks to the latches, you can easily combine three storage boxes into the RIGID Tool Storage system, building a small 'garage' you can carry around. Each box is protected from unintentional opening. It fits everything: from drill bits and nails to a massive corded drill. This box can equally be used in the professional sphere and everyday life. It is very spacious and helps to organize the items needed for work.

A professional who has gone the whole way from buying a mini plastic toolbox to obtaining this one will appreciate every feature of this storage option.


  • Manufactured from high impact resin
  • Boxes can be used separately and simultaneously
  • Has large metal latches to keep the construction together
  • Boxes stack easily, so no effort is to be wasted
  • Keeps all your instruments away from dust, rain, or whatever that might spoil them


  • Not compatible with other systems, but what else do you need?

Multipurpose: US General 99729 6 Compartment Drawer Organizer Review

US General 99729 6 Compartment Drawer Organizer
104 Reviews
US General 99729 6 Compartment Drawer Organizer

This compact toolbox is a wonderful contribution to your tool warehouse. It can be placed inside a tool chest. And it is really easy to say whether this toolbox is what you need because the manufacturer has provided you with the precise dimension of the item. This makes it perfectly compatible with any drawer of a corresponding size. US General 99729 6 Compartment Drawer Organizer is made of strong plastic and suitable for storage tackle and building materials. It will also be of use to painters, tailors, architects, etc. The organizer takes no effort to relocate wherever you need it.

US General Organizer is a lovely alternative to other options when it comes to your professional needs or garage tool storage.


  • Multipurpose
  • Made of sturdy polypropylene
  • A very affordable item of the top quality
  • Fitting most tool chests and boxes


  • No lid, so if you need it to be portable, put it in a toolbox

Designed For Women: Apollo Tools With Tool Box Review

Apollo Tools With Tool Box
4,805 Reviews
Apollo Tools With Tool Box

Sometimes, we just need a quick solution to our DIY ideas. This will surely be a toolbox with tools. Apollo Tools presents Original 39 Piece General Repair Hand Tool Set with Tool Box. It is hard to tell what is essential here. First, it gives you all the instruments you might need at hand, organized, and protected. Overall, it contains 39 pieces: from scissors to a Steel Claw Hammer. This product is a part of the Pink Ribbon initiative. That is why it is finished in the pink-black color scheme.

Not every lady will appreciate a toolbox with wheels, you know. This set is for those who need it as it is (handy and durable for home use, inexpensive, and pink), not for professionals.


  • Company has gone the extra mile by donating 50 cents from each kit purchased to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation - Pink Ribbon initiative
  • A perfect gift to a woman: thoughtful and practical
  • This kit contains tools irreplaceable at every home
  • An extra-durable toolbox will be a great addition to your household


  • While some tool handles are ergonomic and suitable for frequent use, others are not

Buyer’s Guide: Best Tool Box

How to Choose the Best Tool Box

Above, we have enumerated the most important features to take into account when you pick a toolbox. Also, focus on the goals you have in mind. You may need the best portable toolbox or tool organizers for a toolbox.

How to Choose the Best Tool Box
Choose by the size and number of items you are going to store. The specifications might be of great importance, too. Some boxes are perfect for electricians, but not suitable for builders, and vice versa. From this very point of view, you can also choose a toolbox with drawers or without any compartments.

The Quality Of The Material And Construction

The Quality Of The Material And Construction

As you know, a toolbox can be made of metal, plastic, resin, or wood. It doesn’t mean that one material type is in any way better than the other. But quality really matters. If you can’t decide between metal or plastic boxes for garage tool storage, for example, it is always better to choose superior plastic than lousy metal.

The Inner Organization

A toolbox might have many compartments: drawers, in-lid containers, separate bins, removable trays, etc. The way they are combined and located should be convenient in the most natural way. For example, it will be inconvenient if regularly used items were more accessible than those you do not constantly need. The organization should be based on your work goals, too. As such, an automotive toolbox should have smaller containers than the one in which you are going to store your universal tools. Similarly, the best toolbox for trucks will be different from boxes that fit smaller sedan models.

The Price

It is a very subjective issue in the choice of the best tool chest, box, or organizer. Even the price tags on the items on our list can vary by hundreds of dollars. No wonder that plastic organizers for tool cabinets are considerably cheaper than professional tool kits or rolling storage systems. Thus, you should compare the prices of similar products and evaluate the price-quality ratio. Please mind that a box for tools should last for a long time. So, it is usually reasonable not to buy cheaply made items to save some money.

Best Tool Box Types

Portable Tool Box

Portable Tool Box

Portable toolboxes are the most numerous and diverse group. In fact, these are all boxes that can be moved from one location to another. They might or might not have wheels. If they don’t, such boxes have a practical handle for you to carry it around. It should also be lightweight because you are going to fill it with a rather heavy instrument.

Tool Box On Wheels

The best toolbox 2021 and its counterparts have all-terrain wheels about 8-9 inches in diameter. They are usually produced of resilient material, which makes them next to unbreakable. Different in sizes, functions, and the organization of the interior, they are stackable with other boxes from the same manufacturer.

Tool Box With Drawers

Tool Box With Drawers

The fact is that drawers are very convenient for multiple purposes. They allow you to organize your instruments in the best way. You don’t have to apply extra effort to get something from the box, like removing bins or trays, etc. As for toolboxes that have them, they can be wooden, metal, or plastic. If you need a portable version, pick the plastic or metal ones. Pay extra attention to the drawers slides. There is nothing more disappointing than having to repair a slide in a relatively new toolbox.

Metal Tool Box

Metal is obviously heavier than plastic. But it is still suitable for large toolbox options, except for lightweight carts. To make sure that your metal toolbox is safe from rust, choose the one with powder coating.

Plastic Tool Box

These items are the most popular worldwide. They are cheaper and lighter as compared to others. As opposed to a popular misbelief, plastic can often be more damage-resistant than metal. It hugely depends on the manufacturer and the technologies used in the production of a particular box. So, picking a high-quality waterproof toolbox made of plastic is a good deal.

Wood Tool Box

Wood Tool Box

A wood toolbox is a basic storage option for home and garage use. They have many variations from the simplest ones to those with drawers. In the contemporary world, they are unsuitable for professional use if you need increased mobility. Larger boxes are not portable at all. But, as an addition to your workshop or studio storage system, they might work well.

Our Recommendation for 2021

Anyone needs a storage box for instruments, no matter how often they use them. It will help to organize the space and is indispensable when you have to transport instruments from the garage to the house or workplace and vice versa. It is also important that such an organization will reduce the time it takes to find the item you need right now. HomeMakerGuide has come up with a list of the best-seller options of the year. These can meet any purpose you have and make your life easier. The best toolbox 2021, according to our chart, is Rolling Tool Box by Milwaukee. This portable cart is multifunctional and very well-made. We have also described other advantageous options for your convenience.

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Should we say everything? Of course, the attitude of different homeowners to DIY-projects is different. But there is a tendency to be as creative at home as you can get. Besides, it helps save tons of money. While instruments make you productive, the best toolbox will make you even more productive, at the same time, reducing stress. How? For example, a toolbox for garage will not just make the place look tidier, but will allow you not to waste time looking for tools all over the garage. The price range of such items can vary a lot. So, every homemaker decides for themselves whether it's worth spending top dollar on the best toolbox from the professional collection. You can sometimes choose one of the best tool bag options, which will cost much less.
We have reviewed many such boxes. They are all of the first-rate quality, but some of their features vary. A portable rolling toolbox is usually compatible with other units. Together, they make a mobile system. The price of each box and system might be very different too. So, you should estimate the box by the aspects described in the Buyer's Guide below. Our best toolbox in this and any other category is Milwaukee Electric Tool 22’ Rolling Tool Box.
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