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The Best Track Saw 2022: Relevant Reviews

Last Updated: 06 June 2022

Are you planning to carry out some repairs in your house? Or are you a professional who wants to keep up to date and not lose out on any projects? The Track Saw kit is the perfect tool in your arsenal! It has another name; the plunge saw. It is quite similar to the traditional circular saw but does not have an exposed blade. You can attach it to a long aluminum guide rail, which is like a track.

Does it confuse you when you look at the products available? Are you struggling to find the perfect one? You do want the best track saw. There are many factors which you should look into. Even experienced professionals may find it challenging to make the right choice.

Now, which one is the best one for you? We will give you the list as well as the features of different products. Read on to find what you are looking for. Before choosing, you should spend some time understanding fully. This track saw review would give you a good idea about the best Track Saw in 2020.

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Track Saw vs. Table Saw

Comparison Table of The 7 best track saws

We present to you a list of the best track saw 2022 with all the essential details. This information will be helpful to you while making the decision.

Best Overall: Optimum Performance - Makita SP6000J1 6-1/2 In. Plunge Circular Saw Kit Review

Makita SP6000J1 6-1/2 In. Plunge Circular Saw Kit
959 Reviews
Makita SP6000J1 6-1/2 In. Plunge Circular Saw Kit

This plunge-cut saw is a precise machine. It will give you a splinter-free mirror finish. The optional guide rail system combines well to produce accurate cuts. It has a 12 amp motor, which has a high cutting capacity. Many of the components are made of aluminum and magnesium. The electronic speed control makes it work at a constant speed even with high load. It is great with large wood panels as well as with other wood materials. This is the best track saw on the market.

This equipment is versatile and very efficient. It is one of the best track saw and will give you good results.

Why We Like It

  • Speed control dial for users to match the speed to the application
  • The cord length is almost 8 feet
  • Precise and accurate cutting results
  • Powerful machine yet lightweight

Most Efficient: Worths The Price - Festool 575387 Plunge Cut Track Saw Ts 55 Req-F-plus USA Review

Festool 575387 Plunge Cut Track Saw Ts 55 Req-F-plus USA
75 Reviews
Festool 575387 Plunge Cut Track Saw Ts 55 Req-F-plus USA

This best track saw gives the best results with the Festool track saw guide rails. You can cut perfectly straight with zero tear-out cutting. There are no wastages and no rework. You won’t find it challenging to handle. The switch and arbor lock at the same time, and changing track saw blades is straightforward. It will not take a lot of space. You can use it on a variety of thicknesses and types of wood. The spring-loaded riving knife ensures the blade is not pinched or damaged.

This electric plunge saw is perfect. It has a strong body with a strong motor. Safe to handle.

Why We Like It

  • It comes with an antistatic function. It prevents kickbacks
  • Perfectly straight and splinter-free cuts every time you use it
  • Efficient system with a riving knife and micro-adjustable depth controls
  • Very versatile and is available in two sizes and with 9 blade types

Most Precise: Dewalt DWS520K 6-1/2-inch Tracksaw Kit Review

Dewalt DWS520K 6-1/2-inch Tracksaw Kit
496 Reviews
Dewalt DWS520K 6-1/2-inch Tracksaw Kit

This compact plunge saw has a zero-clearance track feature with anti-splinter edges to make it very precise. The depth of the cut is accurate because of the correct functioning of the depth scale. It has a 1300 W powerful motor that can cut hard and thick wood quite easily. The tracks for this equipment are dual-edged and anti-slip. The underside of the track has 2 friction strips that keep the track from moving or shaking. You will find it easy to use and will get precise and accurate results.

It is among the best plunge saws. It has features like an ant-splinter cutting and a dust management system.

Why We Like It

  • There is a continuous anti-kickback mechanism as well as a riving knife to prevent any kickbacks
  • It is excellent for cutting multiple pieces in one go, which has another name: gang cutting
  • Dust management system with a dust port that can collect 90 percent of debris and dust
  • Dual edged tracks are suitable for straight cuts in both directions

Smoothest And Safest: Dewalt DWS520Ck 6-1/2-inch 12-amp Tracksaw Kit Review

Dewalt DWS520Ck 6-1/2-inch 12-amp Tracksaw Kit
114 Reviews
Dewalt DWS520Ck 6-1/2-inch 12-amp Tracksaw Kit

This track saw has a parallel plunge motion. The user can maintain smooth motion and a safe hand position while cutting. The blade has 48 teeth and is accurate with fine finishes. The anti-kickback stops the machine from moving backward. You can set speed depending on the type of material and cutting you need to do. It has a 1300 W powerful motor but is not very noisy. There is an enclosed port which allows almost 90 percent dust and debris extraction.

This is one of the smoothest machines. It is rated highly by track saw reviews.


  • With dual-edged tracks, it gives accurate and perfect cuts in both directions
  • It has a low profile blade guard, which allows you to use the machine in small and confined spaces
  • The parallel plunge system lets you experience a smooth and constant motion. No pressure on your muscles


  • The motor may seem underpowered if using OSB sheets or such materials
  • The plunge action is a little difficult to master and takes time to learn

Accurate And Straight Cuts: Festool 575390 Ts 75 Eq Plunge Cut Track Circular Saw Review

Festool 575390 Ts 75 Eq Plunge Cut Track Circular Saw
67 Reviews
Festool 575390 Ts 75 Eq Plunge Cut Track Circular Saw

This track saw comes with a fully integrated system with a high standard of finish and precision. There are dual straps that clamp onto any surface for stability and sturdy function. It takes less time to set up and start. The splitter or the riving knife is effective at keeping the cut portion open. The blade speed is around 1350 to 3550 pm, which is very good. It is also effortless to change the blades and safe as well, thanks to the fast fix system.

This is one of the best track saw system. It is easy to change the blades though they will last for a long time.


  • In combination with Festool guide rails, you can cut correctly and accurately
  • Reduced chance of any kickbacks thanks to the splitter and slip clutch
  • Non-skid and self-clamping strips prevent any jerks and mishaps


  • The price is a bit steep but worth every penny
  • It is a bit big and not very easy to carry around

Best Circular Cutting Machine: Worx WX530L Exactrack 20V 6-1/2'' Circular Saw Review

Worx WX530L Exactrack 20V 6-1/2'' Circular Saw
285 Reviews
Worx WX530L Exactrack 20V 6-1/2'' Circular Saw

This track saw is probably the only circular saw that also makes straight cuts with accuracy and control. There is a flush-mount blade design that increases visibility while using it. The bevel gauge ensures precise angles and is effective. It has a patented split shoe design that allows the blade to sit close against the track. You will also save money because it is possible to share batteries as part of the 20V power share platform. It is the best value track saw.

This track saw comes with a patent feature, ‘Extract,.’ The bevel gauge makes for precise angles and perfect cutting experience.


  • Exactrack is a patented feature that makes for easy and accurate cuts
  • WORX power share tools allow you to share the 20V batteries in tackling different jobs
  • Lightweight and accurate. Cutting with this easy and perfect


  • The guide needs to be rigid, or the result may not be very accurate
  • In the middle of heavy cutting, the machine may switch off

Best Portable System: Shop Fox W1835 Track Saw Review

Shop Fox W1835 Track Saw
94 Reviews
Shop Fox W1835 Track Saw

It is one of the best track saws for doing work without a table or panel saw. It is suitable for trimming door bottoms. It cuts full sheets of plywood also easily. It has a riving knife and plunge-cutting ability to ensure safe and accurate results. You can even use it without any guide rail, and it will still perform well. Plunge cuts allow for more accuracy because the blade begins to cut as soon as it is lowered onto the wood piece.

This track saw system is very easy to carry. It comes with a lot of safety features and gives accurate results.


  • The blade has the perfect size and speed to ensure good results
  • It has a 1-1/2” dust port as part of the dust collection system
  • Low profile blade guard and anti-kickback protection


  • Some people may find the motor a bit underpowered
  • The blade quality may not be good enough for heavy-duty work

Buyer’s Guide: All you need to know about the best track saw

What is a Track Saw?

This is a handheld machine and slides on a track as you use it for cutting. It is basically a circular saw. Some people may compare them with the best band saw.

What does a Track saw do?

You can make accurate and precise long cuts. It is light and can be used in different places for very different types of work. For more information, read track saw reviews.

The Benefits of using a track saw

There are many benefits:

using a track saw
  • The most important point is accuracy. It cuts in a precise manner.
  • It is smaller, so the machine will not take much space.
  • It can collect dust and debris.
  • The track keeps everything steady and stable.
  • Easy to see what you are cutting
  • Very little kickbacks with many safety features.

Track Saw vs. Table Saw

It is tough to choose between the two. It depends on the materials and types of cuts you want to make. What is the best saw for you?

Track Saw vs. Table Saw

Track Saw is the best when you need to make the cuts away from the workshop. If you need extended, precise, and fast cuts, then it is better to have this tool.

Table Saw is better when you have to make repeated cuts of the same size. It is more powerful and can cut thicker pieces of wood quickly. For a big workshop, this is a better option.

With one, you can take the machine to the wood piece while with the other, you have to bring the wood piece to the machine.

How to choose the best track saw?

Maximum Speed

You should choose a machine with a speed of around 2000 RPMs. It is better to select the one which has variable speeds. Different speeds will allow you to cut through different materials with more efficiency.

Bevel Capacity

Check the maximum angle to which you can tilt the base. Bevel cuts are important for a variety of carpentry and woodworking jobs.

Motor Power

A powerful motor means that you get better results. If you buy a cheap track saw with low power, it may save you some money but will not do the work well. Look for a minimum of 9 amps of motor power.

Track and Cord Length

Track and Cord Length

You can shorten or lengthen tracks as per your requirement by using extensions. Make sure that the extensions fit well otherwise, it will affect the accuracy. If you buy a single long track, then it may be difficult to work in tight spaces. It is the same with cord length. You can use extensions, and track saw adapter, but they have to match perfectly to prevent any mishaps.

Exact alignment

Alignment is very important while cutting. While selecting the right tool, look for the one which will give you accuracy and precision. The machine should align perfectly with the best results.

Long Cut Potential

Long Cut Potentialh

You choose a machine only after you understand what your needs are. This tool is powerful and is perfect for long cuts. Thanks to the guide rail, it makes precise and accurate long cuts.

Electric Brake

Certain features are must-haves when it comes to a powerful tool like this. Electric brakes will make the machine stop much quicker. It can be really helpful, especially for a beginner.

Riving Knife

A riving knife or a splitter is necessary for safety. Some people feel it is of no use, but it ensures that there are no kickbacks and also prevents the blade from getting pinched.

The Best Track saw Types

The Best Track saw Types

There are many types of Track Saws. Read the track saw reviews to understand more.


As the name suggests, these come with batteries. They are portable and can be taken anywhere and used easily. It is good to use a product that has both options to get more flexibility. Dewalt also has a good cordless track saw.

Mini Track Saw

This is nothing a smaller version of the product. When you are working with smaller pieces of wood or doing a smaller project, then this is perfect. Many people have this as a backup saw.

Dual edge Tracks

Some machines come with dual-edged tracks. It allows for easy cutting both forward and backward.

With Clamps

Mostly there will be clamps to hold the tracks in place, but there are some which can be easily used without clamps.

Also, look for the following when looking for the best.


Some come with their own tracks, while some others require you to buy the tracks separately.

What is a Track Saw

Riving Knife

Riving knife or splitter is a good feature if safety is important to you. Some machines are available without this feature.

Speed and power

Devices that have higher speed and motor power will definitely give better results.


Preciseness is very important. Some cutting tools may cut through thick wood but may not be very precise.

Verdict and Our Recommendation for 2022

When it comes to woodworking projects of any kind, a lot of cutting is necessary. The challenge is to do it accurately and efficiently. There are many options available, and it can get tough to find the right tool to fit your requirements. After testing and researching extensively, we, at HandyHomeMaster.com, have concluded that the Makita SP6000J1 is the best – it will cut with high precision and accuracy. This best track saw 2022 is also quite safe, easy to handle and gives good results consistently. Go ahead and make it a part of your tool collection.

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The main difference between the two is in the way these machines cut. A circular saw is portable and has been in use for a long. The device with a track is better when it comes to accuracy and smoothness of finish.
Track saws are mainly designed to make accurate, straight, and smooth cuts. Best table saws are great for making narrow rip cuts.
Engage the mechanism and remove the arbor bolt. Now remove the old blade and install a new one. Then tighten the arbor bolt, and it is ready for use.
When compared with other machines used for cutting wood, it falls somewhere in between the table and the circular one. You need the best saw horses for good results.
How We Tested
We tested each machine in a variety of ways. We cut different thicknesses and types of woods. We checked the motor power and speed. We tested the various features, but safety issues were our priority. We checked the weight to see how easy it was to carry it around for portability. After testing all the features, we feel that the Makita SP6000J1 6-1/2 in. Plunge Circular Saw Kit, with Stackable Tool case and 55 in. Guide Rail is the best track saw. Read more on homemakerguide.com for more information.
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