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Finding The Best TV Stands In 2021

Last Updated: 15 June 2021

We have always desired for beautiful home interiors with safety features at its best. This is especially with electronic gadgets at home. When we go purchasing costly items for our entertainment, we have to invest in its perfect fit with safety as well. Getting a 55’’ inch flat screen TV can be a great dream. Before visualizing that dream we will have to check on how we set it at home.
Traditionally, we have our wooden tables and other similar products to keep them safe. However, it is always bound to get damaged accidentally. We cannot think of losing our hard-earned money and get away in vain. What is a resolution in this regard?

Have you heard of the best crafted TV Stands? The best entertainment center can always accommodate the best products. There are modern television stands designed and crafted for all our storing needs. The most convenient option again here is to even purchase it online and get it delivered at home! Here are some of the best products you can check and research on!

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Top 10 Best TV Stands: Comparison Chart

Best Overall: WE Furniture Minimal Farmhouse Wood Universal Stand for TV Review

WE Furniture Minimal Farmhouse Wood Universal Stand for TV

If you are looking for an all-round product to hold your TV and any other electronic equipment safely, this is just so ideal. It is the best TV Stand for multiple game consoles. The product also has a smart and trendy design. You can choose from multiple colors as per your home décor. The product dimension is 16 x 58 x 24 inches. It weighs 70 pounds and is very much stable. It is a comfortable 50 inch TV Stand that can easily hold up to 58 inch TV.

This perfect bedroom TV stand will be a good investment anytime and it will serve as the best entertainment center! It has all the necessary features in the right proportion.

Why We Like It?

  • High-grade MDF and durable laminate for stability used
  • Storage console has two shelves; adjustable
  • Cord management provided with all the shelves
  • Supports and handles up to 250 lbs
  • This best bedroom stand is just a good choice, for comfort and style

Budget: PERLESMITH Universal Table Top TV Stand Review

PERLESMITH Universal Table Top TV Stand
17,036 Reviews
PERLESMITH Universal Table Top TV Stand

PERLESMITH has a universal TV bracket design that is mountable. It can accommodate the 37” — 55” LCD/LED TV. The maximum weight that it can take is 88lbs. You can adjust the height very easily. It has 4 inches of height adjustment and 4 different positions to fit various sizes. The stand and the base tabletop feature can be used to mount the TV and the associated AV components. It is compatible with a variety of TV products like Samsung, LG, Haier, Vizio, and Sharp.

Why We Like It?

  • Easy to install; takes hardly 15 minutes
  • Black tempered glass protects the TV; makes it secure and stable
  • Anti — Drop Design Iron Plate provided

For Beginners: WALI Universal TV Stand Table Top Review

WALI Universal TV Stand Table Top

This best universal TV stand is highly compatible. It can hold most 22” — 65” inches TV and can hold up to 110lbs of weight easily. There are two levels of height adjustment mounting holes for comfortable viewing and flexibility. There is a 3mm soft pad on the base that prevents scratching of the floor. Installation instructions are clear and hardly take 20 minutes to fit it completely. The product dimension is as follows 5.9 x 14.8 x 1.8 inches. It is comparatively less in weight and easy to carry it around.

This small TV stand is a complete product with all the essential features in an organized fashion.

Why We Like It?

  • Compatible with VESA mounting hole patterns
  • Detachable parts are provided for fitting small size TVs
  • Extensive non-slip pad for the flexibility provided

Good comfort: VIVO Height Adjustable Rolling Mobile TV Cart Review

VIVO Height Adjustable Rolling Mobile TV Cart

TV Stand with wheels is best recommended to keep traversing places. It can easily fit 23” to 55” inch screens. It is perfect for home and office uses. The TV Stand can easily handle 55lbs weight. The floor to center of screen height is 58.5”. The 19.5” x 14.5” base and the features with 4 locking casters help keep the stand stationary or moving if required. This feature deploys its usage in classrooms and other trade shows for convenience.

This best fireplace TV Stand is highly recommended if you are looking for a conservative product with decent features.


  • Storage tray and screen height adjustment provided
  • Easy installation and instruction manual provided
  • Sturdy frame for stability
  • Cable management is just so elegant in this tv table


  • Hardware pack for installation is not complete

Conservative but Great: FURINNO 50-Inch TV Stand Review

FURINNO 50-Inch TV Stand

Furinno has a subtle design with simple and stylish features. There is a top large panel. It can comfortably hold flat screen television maximum of up to 50 inch. The product is completely made from composite wood. There are storage bins with a non woven design that are well organized to keep CDs, DVDs, and other related stuff. There is the hardware pack with a complete manual provided for easy installation. The round edge design prevents any kind of injuries.

This product is one of the best flat screen TV stands for long term usage. It is durable and reliable, as well.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and requires less space
  • Durable for long term usage


  • Can be crafted better in design

Universal: Hemudu Universal Swivel TV Stand/Base Table Top TV Stand Review

Hemudu Universal Swivel TV Stand/Base Table Top TV Stand

Hemudu is provided with necessary stability and universal features. It is designed with a tempered base and an elliptical panel with a heavy steel. It is unique in design and very stable in texture. There is a free standing TV mount for getting the TV in place. It can accommodate TVs with from 19 till 39 inches perfectly. The necessary tools and the clear instruction manual is provided, and installation hardly takes 15 minutes. Swiveling the product left and right up to 45 degrees can extend the viewing angles.


  • Height adjustment with 4 levels provided
  • Cable management is best for organizing the cables
  • It is compatible with LED and LCD TVs


  • Very much light in weight; can be more stable

Versatile Pick: Walker Edison Furniture TV Stand Review

Walker Edison Furniture TV Stand

Best TV stands always have a unique style, comfort, and adds décor to the living room as well. It gives a comfortable space for organizing various things at home. Two styled barn doors with cabinet fronts featuring a versatile design are useful. It can close in the middle or on either side as well. Cable management and adjustable shelving are added advantages. It is constructed with high-grade MDF. The dimension is 58x16x28 inches. It weighs 87 pounds and reasonable in weight.

This modern TV stand is just the need of the hour when you build or purchase your new house!


  • Customizable arrangements create comfortable visual appeal
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and stable


  • Slightly expensive on a comparative scale

Stylish: Monarch Specialties Dark Taupe TV Stand Review

Monarch Specialties Dark Taupe TV Stand

Monarch offers a contemporary design taking you to a stylish home décor for your TV. TV stand reviews suggest a secure product with reasonable features is certainly the right choice! This is just the best in that regard. The construction is highly commendable with thick panels in dark taupe wood with a perfect finish on all the four sides. The sturdy and round metal legs give extra stability. The open shelving and drawer are ideal for all the storage options. It can easily accommodate TVs of different sizes.

The solid Wood TV stand is just the best option if you are looking for a safe and steady product with a durable use.


  • Imported and rich in quality
  • Enhances the complete look of the house
  • Cost-effective and worth the money spent


  • No proper installation and accessories provided

Best Features: Rockpoint Argus Wood TV Stand Media Console Review

Rockpoint Argus Wood TV Stand Media Console

TV Table with simple and complete features is best used comparatively. It is a perfect media storage console in a traditional design. Rockpoint is made up of high-quality MDF and with durable laminate. It has a rich look in black colored finish. Flat panel TVs up to 70 inches can be fit perfectly on it. It is extremely solid and sturdy. It can handle a maximum weight of up to 250 pounds. It has adjustable shelves for various accessories and media components.

Large TV Stands have capacity issues. This product is a perfect entertainment centre and has all the necessary features too.


  • Cable management feature provides convenience
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reasonable weight; weighs 77 pounds


  • Hardware pack with screws and others can be appropriate

Gorgeous Rustic Style: Martin Svensson Home TV Stand Review

Martin Svensson Home TV Stand

Martin is a unique product with stunning features. It ensures easy and quick assembly. There are no tools required, as well. It is rigid and highly sturdy. The traditional antique white design gives an elegant look. It is constructed with solid pine and pine veneers for durability. Two sliding barn doors provided for storing accessories. It is easy to slide and stable. The total weight capacity ensured is 100lbs.

This is one of the best TV Stands for contemporary style usage, especially among the old age people. It has all the required features too!


  • 4 interior shelves provided; easy to use and adjustable
  • Cable management is perfect
  • Ideal for up to 65”inch TV


  • Comparatively more expensive

Buyer’s Guide: All you need to Know About the Best TV Stands

Best TV Stands and the best TV wall mounts require adequate research before purchasing the best product. We will have to know the essential facts and the necessities that the TV Stands should serve us best. Here is a brief guide to help you better!

What does TV stand for?

What does TV stand for

A TV Stand can be used and is certainly necessary for securing and keeping your TV safe at a place. It will also additionally give space to keep your DVDs, CDs, and other associated products organized better. There will also be a good cord management feature to secure your cables neatly. Even a floating TV Stand can help you serve better.

How tall should a TV Stand be?

The height depends on the viewing mode. If you have a small couch or sofa less in height, then as you sit, the center of the television should be comfortable for viewing. Check also the soundbar under 200.

How do I know if the TV stand fits my TV?

Check and compare the size of the TV with the dimensions of the TV stand. A perfect fit should give comfortable spacing and should let the TV stay stable. Do not look for a cheap TV Stand.

How to Choose the Best TV Stands

How to Choose the Best TV Stands


Ensure the dimensions let your TV stay perfect and stable on the TV Stand. Choose the size based on the required height of viewing as well. Get a low profile TV Stand if it will suffice.


The capacity and the craftsmanship of the TV Stand should ensure that it can hold the TV in the best possible manner. It should be able to handle the weight of the TV appropriately. Even the best mobile TV Stand can help you better with capacity.


Check for the materials deployed in the making. It should be sturdy, stable, and flexible at the same time. Wood is the most common type. MDF board and PVC laminate are other options. There is also the 65 inch TV stand with good material.


Style TV Stand

If you are particular about the styling features that will add to your home décor, choose from the variety of styles provided in the online market. You will have shelves, cord managing sockets, and everything you just look for. It can add to the elegance along with the best electric fireplace as well.


If you prefer keeping additional items within the tv stands’ premises, you can always choose to have it with additional shelves.

Cable management system

Cords and cables have to be maintained for setting the connections right and that it looks organized as well. There will be perfect sockets for letting the cables stay as required.

Ease of assembly

Look for the installation manual of the individual product, look for the instructions, and the hardware pack provided for the installation and check for its usage and comfort levels.


The products vary in price from $55 to $450. You can check your affordable budget and purchase it in that range. There is also the best gaming TV stand.

Best TV Stands types

Floor TV Stands

It is the most basic type, also known as platform stand. They do not have the back, side, and the wall portion as well. It is plain and may have shelves to keep accessories. They can serve as the best corner TV Stands.

Tabletop TV Stands

It is like any other table stand for holding and fixing different products. They can be deployed to hold TVs, desktops, and other similar products.

Wall mounted TV Stands

This type does not require any floor space. The TV will be mounted along with the stand on the wall. You have the advantage of fixing the height as you desire. However, moving it later becomes difficult.

Best TV Stands FAQ

How to assemble a TV Stand?

How to assemble a TV Stand
  • a. Take the TV and remove all the connected cables and remove the screws to mount.
  • b. Fix the adapter brackets to the behind with the screws provided
  • c. Tighten the screws
  • d. Lift and hook the TV with the adapter brackets fixed on the Stand perfectly.
  • e. Attach it well until the TV rests well.

How to clean TV Stands?

Use a gentle and dilute cleaner. Apply it over the surface evenly with a soft cloth. Try to rub slowly and do not bring scratches to the surface. If the cleaner liquid is hard, mix and dilute it with water and then apply.

Verdict and Our Recommendation for 2021

WE Furniture Minimal Farmhouse Wood Universal Stand for TV is considered one of the best products in this regard. It is perfect for TV and can be used for gaming consoles as well. It has a trendy design. It can accommodate 250lbs weight and up to 58” inch TV. It is available in multiple colors and made up of high-grade MDF. Cord management is also well organized. Considering the best TV Stands, this product has the ideal features. This best TV Stands 2021 can serve multiple purposes too. We at the homemakerguide are always there to help you choose the best anytime!

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  4. Dimensions
  5. Quality
  6. Adjustments
  7. Shelves

We have distinguished few researches made on this topic, and have checked people’s opinion who have been using these items for some period.

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